How To Lose The Interest Of Each Zodiac Sign!

zodiac signs dressI’ve written about Libra seeking escape from strife and it’s true. If you’re going to be disgusting and gross and make fart jokes, Libra is going to walk.

Mercurial types, Gemini and Virgo, want constant variety and mental stimulation. Aquarius is not going to stick around to be bored.

Scorpio wants meat, preferably raw. If you don’t have energy that’s concentrated, you’ll not have Scorpio in your life.

Aries is repelled by weakness or people with a glass jaw. Cancer does not hang around to see their family insulted or disrespected, even if they insult their family themselves all day long.

Leo wants an audience. It’s appropriate to clap or tip the busker. Taurus is not going to allow you to waste their money or bug them into eternity. Capricorn is sensitive to rejection and if you embarrass a goat in public – you’re fired.

Pisces will stay interested in you, even when they’re not interested in you, so long as you don’t tell them to snap out of it, or get out of bed at the crack of dawn and look alive! You lose Sagittarius when you’re too similar them, or if you try to wrestle them onto a short leash.

What sign are you and how does one lose your interest?

69 thoughts on “How To Lose The Interest Of Each Zodiac Sign!”

  1. PurpleStarGirl

    When someone doesn’t stimulate my mind or proves to be fake is how you lose my interest. Or when you act like an ass or show how arrogant you are.

    For me it has to do with my Venus in Aquarius sign rather than my Sun sign.

  2. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    “Capricorn is sensitive to rejection and if you embarrass a goat in public – you’re fired.”

    BINGO!! I think humiliation is a form of abuse – it’s intentional harm.

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    Ronald W Laswell

    I really dislike posting a comment when there are already 300 others before me. How do I know you will even read this? I don’t! Even on other postings of yours, I’ve wanted to say something but did not because I don’t like “being lost in the crowd”. Pisces ASC; Pluto, Saturn, Mars in Leo in 6th House – you make fun of me, and you will never see me again! I have unfriended many people on FB because of that! Don’t make fun of me!!! Sun at first degree Taurus.

  4. Saturn’s sign and house might be worth considering too.

    Because when our fears are triggered we fight or flight, and losing interest is an expression of both.

  5. “Taurus is not going to allow you to waste their money or bug them into eternity.” – Taurus sun/AC, check!
    My Venus Aries/Taurus Mars combo really runs off if you bodyshame yourself (or others). Lack of self-confidence/self-esteem is a big no-no. Whatever you think is wrong with you, if it is more important noting than all that is beautiful and special about you… then your miserable and will contaminate my energy! Also I have moon in Gemini and saturn/pluto in scorpio. Dont be flat, dont be pedantic, dont have the truth stuck in your a**. Be full of possibility, be ugly if you must, and tell me all about it! My uranus in sag detests controlling types. If i say they are friends, thats what they are, so stop acting out of i dont text back within a quarter of sec, every minute, ok? Aries venus does the pursuing ☺

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