Homer Simpson’s Birth Chart Revealed!

Homer simpsomA recently-discovered Easter egg has been making its way around the internet, and it shows the birth date of none other than Homer J. Simpson. On May 12th, 1956, a legend was (fictionally) born. Being an astrologer and a huge nerd, I couldn’t resist running the chart to see what there is to find. And I was shocked by how perfect the chart is. Here’s what really stood out:

1.       Donuts for life. Homer has the Sun in Taurus, and it is a perfect fit. While I am usually all about busting astrological stereotypes, it can’t be denied that Taurus can be a teeny bit lazy and hedonistic. And Homer’s work naps and perennial love affair with donuts is a perfect example.

2.       Hijinks explained. While Homer is a well-known couch potato, there is more to his nature. He is glib, changeable, and, dare I say it, mercurial. So it only makes sense that Mercury, the planet of communication, and the Moon, planet of inner needs, are in Mercury-ruled Gemini.

3.       Marge is his soulmate. Homer has Venus in Cancer. Cancer is known to be soft and family oriented, and Venus rules what we look for in a partner. Is it any wonder, then, that Homer ended up with kind, motherly Marge? She accepts him for who he is and loves him unconditionally, just the want a Cancer Venus needs.

4.       Hijinks continued. If there’s one thing Homer is known for other than his laziness, it’s the wacky hijinks he gets up to. He seems driven to shake things up. And when we look for drive in a chart, we turn to Mars. With Mars in the sign of revolutionary Aquarius, we see what makes Homer truly tick.

5.       No consequences. One thing that is quite unique about Homer is the way that he never entirely seems to grasp the consequences of his actions, if indeed there are any. He lives in a world where the harshest outcomes of his behavior seem to simply float away, and everything turns out all right. This is shown in the chart by both Jupiter, planet of luck, and Neptune, planet of fog, making at least five major aspects. He is all Jupiter and Neptune all the time, and this insulates him and makes for the hilarious stories we see every week.

As you can see, even though Homer is a fictional character, the birth chart still works!! From the laziness to the wackiness and everything in between, all of Homer’s nature is captured in the chart.

Have you ever run a chart for a fictional character? What do you think about Homer’s chart?

11 thoughts on “Homer Simpson’s Birth Chart Revealed!”

  1. Avatar

    So much insight when I read this article but it’s like… Shouldn’t I already know these things. Venus is a relation to a mans experience of a woman. Huh, that’s true! I should already have had that insight.

    Anyway… yes, I love doing charts of the actors playing characters and seeing how the chart reflects through the character. A good example of this is the second season of ‘iron fist’. Just for starsigns. There are others where the character shows the whole chart.

    This has reminded me to do something on something in this area. Where my output sometimes goes off into mega deep stuff that people aren’t always going to enjoy that much. It is a nice simple fun angle to talk about occasionally.

  2. I have run charts for a few stars on reality TV; specifically, The Bachelor series. Their birth info is available online. I want to know where their Venus is posited and their overall personality.

  3. anonymoushermit

    They synchronicity is real. I just watched a Simpsons episode yesterday for the first time in 16 years! And then today, you have THIS.

    I must be in the Twilight Zone!

  4. Hilarious and pungent! Does Homer’s chart account for his long-life? Would that be just one more Jupiter application? My husband, a HUGE Simpson fan for decades is sitting on the cooler with the iphone reading this post, “She’s one sharp cookie!” (that would be you, Midara).
    Yes, anonymoushermit … I’m there in the Twilight Zone, too:)

  5. Fun idea! I only found Rapunzel’s birthday, which is also apparently 12th May. She can is a bit feisty so she could have fire in there somewhere. I also got stuck on a whole anime birthday database and found characters born on my birthday but I don’t know any of them, which just reminded me I haven’t seen an anime in decades which also reminded me I’ve got old.

  6. I often run the chart of my newest story/blog. Astrology gives me such great material to infuse the character of the story or the blog. Sometimes, I have run a chart before a story is born, but as often as not I chart the story once born. It is fascinating insight. Especially, for me anyway, to look back at how the story grew.

  7. I did the chart of Angelica Pickles from Rugrats lol. She’s the main antagonist on the show and she’s an Aries. It’s always the Aries who end up being the bullies isn’t it :(? And that’s not always true. I have Venus, Mercury and Juno in Aries and my sun on the Aries/Taurus cusp and while I can be a little brash and mouthy in my relationships, I always do it because I care lol, kind of like Angelica.

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