Can Sagittarius Men Truly Love?

sagitarius horse davinciDear Elsa,

Can Sagittarius men truly love?


Dear Doubtful,

I suspect your Sagittarius man can love, but he must remain in motion. If you love a Sagittarius, you’ve chosen to love a wild horse. If you attempt to corral a wild horse, one day you’ll wake up to find they’ve jumped the fence.

A wild horse is a wild horse. When it opts to run free, it doesn’t mean to injure the person who built the corral. It’s just the only way for the animal to feel vitally alive.

So if you want to love Sagittarius, you must leave the door open at all times. This is just the way it is. To restrict a Sadge is akin to preventing a Virgo from reading a book, or a Pisces from dreaming. It’s unthinkable. Imagine a chained wild horse. What’s uglier than that?

So yes, of course a Sadge can give and receive love – but not if it means they’re tied down. If you love him, these are your choices:

  • Love him as he passes through.
  • Set up home with him, but leave the door open, understanding he’s going roam from time to time – and that does not mean he will cheat.
  • Travel together

My sister has her Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Sagittarius. Her advice re: Sadge men? “Ride ’em while you can!”

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36 thoughts on “Can Sagittarius Men Truly Love?”

  1. I’ve been digging into your archives, and found this. WHY? Seems the energy of Sag is on my brain, and in my heart. My wild horse brother who passed this time last year is sending me messages. Reflecting on the life and the love he and his wife created I see so clearly how she loved him knowing he was a wild horse … to the very end. She was his corral, but, yes … she kept the gate open and lived her life fully (Taurus!!) Now, I see how his sons grow with the lessons from a wild horse, and a bull. The experience is transformational. You asked, “What’s uglier than a chained wild horse?” or a Virgo deprived of a book/Pisces prevented from dreaming?

    How would you add to that list of ‘uglier than…’ when it comes to Scorpio?

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    What Elsa writes is the gospel truth. I am a female Sagittarius sun and can tell you that nothing frightens, angers and makes me want to bolt more than ANYONE- lover, boss, friend or relative who tries to restrict my freedom.

    Never try the “If you go on that vacation the relationship is over” type of ultimatum and manipulation with a Sagittarius because your bluff will be called. However, Sag can be vulnerable to the more subtle, insidious type of fake-benevolent manipulation and control the water signs tend to excel at. But then again, when the sex is great (often the case when fire meets water), Sag may put up with it temporarily.

    1. LOL, I’m a Sagittarian and I agree with you. The worst thing you can do to me is restrict my freedom or back me into a corner. I’m also very independent — never married, never wanted to be married, which seems odd given that I have Taurus rising and moon in Libra. The best thing one can do for me is give me the freedom and flexibility I need, and if things feel right, I’m not going anywhere.

      Oddly enough, I don’t know many Sagittarius men. I can think of only a handful I’ve come across in my life, and I’ve been around the block a time or two.

      1. Then, you would probably not be comfortable chaining anyone else either, right? But it doesn’t mean you are made of stone and don’t feel love in your heart, your life. Perhaps love of a different kind then.

    2. I hate to say it, but water really means it. They are looking for emotional support. And sag is not the one to provide it. That’s all. I’m not saying I ever got it, so I had to give that up. I had to do it for myself.

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    I’m sorry for your loss, Mokihana. I would think to answer the what’s uglier than a chained wild horse question as it relates to Scorpio might be a Scorpio having a trusted friend deliberately blab a secret or in any way threaten anyone they love. Even more than themselves. I’m not a Scorpio sun just the moon but that would be one guess.

  4. Sadge men… Love them but I stay far far away. I had such feelings for one years ago and I had to stay away because I could see that he would never be faithful (not sure what other placements he has as I’m sure that plays a huge role too). We are somewhat still friends and boy has he been through a list of women while being in relationships. He’s cheated on all of them. He just can’t keep it in his pants. Wild horse for sure. I’m almost fascinated with the whole thing because that sure must be exhausting. lol

  5. This is one of the classic subjects in astrology, for me. I have never been in a relationship with a Sadge guy, but yes, has tons of Sadge friends and loved a couple. The ones I’ve loved have their Suns in my 4th house, and they were “love them as they pass” situations, people who definitely have a place in my development, and on whose development I had a place, but the timing or even the place weren’t right. But there are still warm feelings, for the one “who got away” and for the one I actually discussed this with.

  6. Why am I logged in as Candela? Yes, they can so long as you trust ’em enough to let ’em go their way and they ll honor your trust if they love you. I was in a relationship with a sag for 5 years.

  7. The first man I truly fell in love with (Real adult returned, sexual love) was a married Mormon Dentist who was a bit older than I. He pursued me with a long burning intent, I had just turned 21. He enjoyed the passion of the affair and the candlestine nature of it. We worked together, as we got to know each other the fights began and they were intense. I ended up leaving, taking orders across the ocean. Once I arrived at my new home, he phoned me begging me to return. I returned for a visit, and he couldn’t see me because he said he was suddenly ill. We remained in touch on a friendly basis for years afterward, sometimes I would meet him for hookups. He was always interested in communicating.

    My self esteem suffered once I became a single mother, and I lost contact with him. 13 yrs. later when I had a new found self esteem, I contacted him again. I was so stupid, assuming he would just love to see me for another visit. We skyped, and eventually I realized he was mean, biting, nasty and horrible to me. I understood what a Sag man could be, sort of like a wild horse in a way. I let that wild horse go, met a guy who wasn’t a Sag at all and realized what I needed was different than what I thought I wanted.

    Love a Sag man with an open mind. He is still married to his first and only wife, and probably always will be.

  8. chained wild horse sounds horrible.

    they are beautiful when free. i see this with sag dominants. travelers and adventure. also 9th housers.

  9. I think the placement of planets has a huge impact. My bf is a sag but has moon, jupiter and venus (rx) in scorpio. Jupiter, moon, venus, and sun in 8th house. He loves deeply, is loyal and committed. He has never cheated but has been cheated on many times. He loves emotional connection and doesn’t have that typical sag need for freedom.

  10. My true Love Saggi Sun – we’ve been in love and married 27 years. I’m Aquarius sun, we both LOVE AND NEED freedom, so it’s easy for us both to honour the freedom (not straying). Freedom to be, play, laugh, choose, travel, love. We travel together, we play together, talk together – Saggi needs the gym, I need the beach walking with our dog. It works well. He’s deep and loving, loyal. I feel it’s very important to respect each other’s needs this way, and we both needed freedom to choose.

  11. Sag rising, I NEED freedom fortunately my mate is a equal freedom seeking Auquaian which also blends well with my Libra Sun. Best way to insure I will never do something is to tell me I have to.

  12. I have mostly dated Sag men. Married two of them. Now you see em, now you don’t. They were my nightmare realized but another woman found a way. I just mostly wanted to beat them with a hammer 😉 Attracted to that glorious fire though!! Moth to flame!

    1. Oh yes, the Sag sun man I used to date wanted a breakup-constantly-and-get-back-together kind of relationship so on the breaks he could fool around. He found himself a girl for whom that arrangement is delightful.His idea of being “tied down” and “shackled” was being asked to do the dishes once in awhile and take showers EVERY day.

      Better her than me, LOL!

    2. haha I still feel the same, maybe even more so.

      I feel like if I say something I will burst someone’s bubble, but I can say it with my whole chest. They cheat. If you think they don’t cheat it is because you have not caught them yet. They are good at it. Professional cheaters. The risings are as bad as the suns. I know, I know… not your partner. Okay. Yes. If he travels for work, he has or does or is. This is what they do. I don’t believe this about the women. They somehow find a way to not be this way.

      Every single Sag or Sag rising I have ever come to know, or half know or hear about has cheated on his wife or girlfriend. She just doesn’t know. They come galloping in all Jupiter and such, you just think you are with this ‘lotto’ person. The jackpot of dudes. They are great providers. You will always hear that. My (insert name) is a great provider.

      Some say I am jaded as I married two of them. Well, I am sort of…. I mean the momma’s boys got sent back to their real wife lol…. mom. But that isn’t it. I watched my Sag uncle destroy my aunt. My best friend literally pass from a broken heart because of her Sag husband. Then watched her Sag kid cheat on his first two wives… I could go on, but it is so boring. Especially for a sign that is supposed to be known for this golden freedom and all this Jupiter-ness. The sign of freedom and higher learning.

      Bores me. They F everyone that will sit still long enough to let them. Then they move on. But not before they blurt out some of the most god-awful nonsense, I have ever heard claiming to be the teller of truths. lol

      Mine kept me under lock and key and on a short leash because they were cheaters and they suspected everyone else was too. Also, they were hot heads and violent and I have boxes of hospital bills to prove it.

      They are able to earn money, but they have no good idea how to keep it. They overspend. They run up charge cards and they spend on their self. They are very selfish. You will get a 10th of what they do when it comes to spending the household money.

      Oh, the world traveler…. is a bore. Boring in life. Boring in the bed. Boring in conversation. Why? Because it is all about them show.

      The women are great. The men are …. just let that broke horse run. Not worth what you will find out if you actually look. Because that man has or actively is cheating. They love their momma! I am Sag karma.

      The women are not like this.

      If you really want a Sag man. You want to marry him? Act like you couldn’t care less. Act like you don’t. Pay no attention to them. Be the one person that they will never get in bed or to the Church to exchange vows. Be that one they can’t F. They will take it as a personal challenge, and you’ll be married in no time. But do you want to be? He will be sleeping with someone else in a month.

      A nurse once told me more Sag men die from prostate Cancer than any other sign. (I don’t know if I believe this is true) Sure enough though my uncle that tortured my favorite aunt’s heart did. He suffered in the worst way before he died.

  13. I can’t do it. My current S.O. has Sag rising and ONLY that position in Sag and that is about all the Sag I can handle… Sag in a superficial way, not genuine Sag.

    I’ve been with two Sagittarius moon men, one whom had it conjunct his Sag sun. Both were unreliable (one of them would even leave abruptly right when we were in the middle of social engagements with friends or on our way together to plans) and cruel with words, horrible flirts. The one with Sag sun was also doing coke behind my back together, the other physically abused me which caused me to leave him. The Sag suns live in filth. I’m sorry, but I truly believe these men are horrible people, particularly if their moon is also there.

  14. @Gabrielle B and @ Cinthia – it sounds like Aquarius and Sagi is a great match. My uncle (Aquarius) and aunt (Sagi) were lovingly together since their teens – they travelled together, went camping together, had tons of common friends etc. My aunt (Sagi) once told me that when uncle proposed to her, she replied to him “but why? aren’t we just fine as we are now?” (that was decades ago, unmarried couples were unheard of back then).

    I only had one sort of long relationship with a Sagi myself (I’m a Plutonic Taurus with Virgo stellium) – it was hell for me. He was a flirt, unreliable, mean, messy… not for me!

    1. I thought about that earlier comment about sag and aquarius. Aquarians like to belong per my experience. That could be attractive to sag. And I do get the flirt part : D.

  15. “Imagine a chained wild horse. What’s uglier than that?” My Sag stellium (sun, mercury, mars and neptune) needed to hear this! My cancer rising wants security and sag ends up being tied down. Not easy. But you just reminded me of something here…

    1. Natal moon in cancer. Natal NN in sag. Leaves me feeling like I came in with dependency issues or something. I balance my love for my home with getting out and continuing the quest. NN progressed into scorpio. Saturn progressed to sag. I have it balanced much better now. Natal sun in virgo squares sag NN so yup I love temping, contracting for work. Have done it all my life. The soul of a gypsy I suppose. Love experiencing different work environments.

      And as much as I love my digs here, there are times even though less and less as time goes on, that I just want to pull up stakes and hit the road again. That’s when saturn tells me, wait a minute bucko, there are consequences.

      1. I think what I am working at now, in the work environments, is knowing when the gig is up. I’ve ridden some really bad situations to the bitter end. Older now, I really don’t want to suffer the gnarl for some illusion of security.

  16. Yes, I was young, exhilerating, exciting, unpredictable, howling at the moon. No wonder he was attracted. Eight years later, I was older and he was eyeing someone else young, exhilerating, exciting, unpredictable, howling at the moon. Exciting for him, boring to me. However, I will say he was a good lesson in independence and going for the gusto. Not so much stability wise, to the point it was taking me down. Bearing all the responsibility and such. But man oh man did his eyes sparkle. Siz siz siz-a-ling.

    1. Oh, that reminds me of Sag sun/moon Peter Facinelli leaving his wife and 3 daughters for the 10 years younger Jaimie Alexander.

    1. My sag guy was still carrying a picture of his mom in his wallet. Kept him warm on his journey. That kind of love can fuel that horseman.

  17. Gave this some more thought. Didn’t realize how many sags I know, have known, well. The first common denominator that hit me was a deep sadness. That did not seem right. The only thing that made sense in my nut brain is that belonging is supposed to be a human need, from what I’ve read. The thing about the sag is that they belong everywhere but nowhere in particular. And as elusive as that can seem I wouldn’t want them to be any different. I don’t always agree with their choices, but it’s their trip on the planet, and who am I to stop them.

  18. I spent some time with a double sadge man last night. We’ve known eachother for four or five years now. At first I was ok with a fling. But I would like it to evolve. It seems like every time we get close to really connecting he runs away. I try not to take it personally but it does hurt my feelings sometimes. Somehow I’m always excited when he comes back though:)

  19. Let me tell you about Sagittarius men. My cousin dated 3 Sagittarius; one MLB pitcher, a professional basketball player and a police officer. They are the worst pieces of shit ever invented. They are complete narcissist with the inability to love anyone other than themselves. Other than their charm, they have absolutely nothing to offer anyone. They are lazy, boring and cheap. Oh boy are they cheap! The police officer would complain all the time about not being able to afford his house, the house that he got only because he manipulated an ex-girlfriend into helping him get. A year after he got the house he broke up with her. The MLB pitcher was chubby and unattractive and spent most of his time on Instagram cheating on my cousin. The basketball player was a player but my cousin read into his BS before he could really get his claws into her. Sagittarius are bad with money so don’t expect to live the good life unless you are willing to pay for it. They do ok in life, but not as good as they could because no one (men and women) likes them. They’re as selfish as a kid in a sandbox who tells the other kids they can’t play with his toys. And what is this obsession they have with your mother. The police officer bought my cousin’s mother more gifts than he ever gave to her. Oh, but that was because he was trying to win over her mother. And for those of you who say that they move on quickly after a break-up, well that’s not exactly true. My cousin blocked the basketball player from her Snapchat. When he found out, he texted her asking why she did that and asked her to unblock him. He reads every snap. The MLB pitcher had his sister follow my cousin on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. He wants to know her every move. And the police officer, well two days after he broke up with my cousin he called her with some BS and then a week later came by her job, but she wasn’t there. Now granted my cousin is a model and actress and has been in several TV commercials this may have something to do with their obsession, but I doubt it. I think they just enjoy a game of cat and mouse. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Sagittarius men.

  20. I’m a quadruple badge but somehow I missed the “roam free” train. Not a cheater or a maneater, I actually prefer to be alone to go on solo trips and haunt the town. I tell my mens upfront that I need space and to trust that I’m not going anywhere. So far, that’s only worked with one Aquarian but he has so many water placements I can tell it bothers him.

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