Mercury In Sagittarius – Open Your Mind!

mona lisaRecently a gal left a comment, I don’t recall where. But she said that most people liked to hang with people who agreed with them. I read something like this and it really makes me think. This is because I’m just not like this way myself.nk I

The day after I read the comment, I heard a man on the radio talking about life in Soviet Russia. It was old recording from the 1960’s.  He was talking about having an open mind.

If you lived in Russia at the time, you were not allowed to hear or access anything from the outside. It was not possible to have an open mind.  There are a lot of consequences to living this way,

Matter of fact, I bet you’d never guess that I had to cover this in my Finding Love With Astrology video class! I did! Because if you’re constantly failing on this front, it’s probably one of your problems. It may even be the problem.

If you doubt this is a serious topic for me, here’s a post from 2015, referencing a post from ten years prior.

Mercury & Independent Thought

I was raised by Aquarian parents, in concert with my grandfather, Henry, who had a large stellium in Sagittarius. Mercury is in Sagittarius at the moment. It denotes an open mind. But Jupiter is also heading into Aquarius.  The transit will definitely encourage people to branch out.

Do you have an open mind? If not, are you interested in developing one?

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  1. Yes and no – My Cancer Mercury is heavily aspected and in the 3rd house. It trines Uranus but squares Pluto. It has a nice sextile from Saturn and is conjunct my Sun.

    When I’m around like minded people I feel emotionally secure and do need that. But at the same time, listening to people who have other, interesting and logical thoughts to share, is another way I will feel at home. I just like to learn. But admittedly, I can get very stuck sometimes.

    Recently I spoke with a friend who had an entirely different reality from me concerning a topic – and I mean that, our perceptions are reality and hers was wildly different from mine. I initially started to argue (in a friendly way) with her points, but then I just shut up and listened. I didn’t end up agreeing with her, but I did understand her. Figuratively, I felt my mind expand on the topic, and I was definitely affected in a positive way by that interaction.

      1. No, it’s more that I often can’t comprehend other perspectives. Like “why on earth would you think that??” Then it’s explained, and my tendency to be closed off becomes apparent to me, and I am humbled. I’ve had this experience a lot in the last 5 or so years and it’s been helpful.

  2. Yes, I’ve felt a little stagnant with my current company for a few years now, as much as I do enjoy my friends. Need fresh blood.

    Nodes are on Sagittarius/Gemini axis, Aquarius rising. Ready for some major environment changes and I’ve been taking the steps to accomplish them!

  3. Dolce’s got a point, logical mind. I have to be able to digest what is being offered and sometimes what is being offered doesn’t make any sense. Influencers in general can be problematic. The cause is based on emotion, not reason, so I am unable to find a logical thought pattern. My mind is open enough to say, this exists. These other realities exist for people. I accept that. I shouldn’t be expected to believe what they say. Acceptance is my idea of open mind.

  4. My Progressed Mercury is in the late degrees of Aquarius. I was born with Mercury in the early degrees of Scorpio. The question of whether I have an open mind, or would like to develop one is a good one. I am curious and deeply so. And, I am also fixed in my sensitivity to too much stimulation and hide (a Capricorn Moon) to tend to my emotional insecurity.
    Your question though, leads me to explore the potential I have with the next 5 yrs or so of a Progressed Aquarius Mercury plus the transit of Mercury and Jupiter coming to be open and curious (rather than fearful of) to live with an open mind.
    As notch put it: “My mind is open enough to say, this exists” … and that could make 2021 a year of change in a significant way.

      1. Another good laugh out loud. I understand that completely.
        Acceptance is like that. So aaaaah. And then uhhhhh, oh no where did my brain go?

  5. Scientific openness is important if it brings one closer to the truth or innovation.. the ability to scrap cherished ideas.. openness for openness sake is yeah ok.. it’s important for learning

    I don’t have the most open or abstract mind at all.. discernment and insight are virtues I want to have

  6. Sag asc, moon and venus. but scorpio mercury. I have always been open minded about most things. I dare to tread where most wont allow themselves to. I try to see both sides of a situation. Mars in libra. But. The last 4 years has taught me that no matter how open minded I have been there are just some peoples ideals and devotion I can not wrap my mind around. No matter how hard I try.So maybe that is my mercury in scorpio coming into play.

  7. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I used to be more open minded; I miss that. Transit Pluto is conjunct my Natal Mercury 12H… thoughts anyone?

    1. Hey you laughing goat you. For what it’s worth, I had that transit early days with my natal libra mercury, probably made me morbidly weird, not knowing the mud that I felt was being slung at me was just a planetary transit experience. The more recent square definitely made me more discerning, more quiet. I think all things scorpio are packed with the power of water and energy needs to be directed somewhere. I also think when some others sense that, they need to challenge that to take it down, be in control. I suffered some outrageous public verbal assaults during that time. I did not get it, but I was focused on the work and research I was doing. Thinking back on it, what I most remember is the people who reached out to me because they were in touch with their own personal power. I changed some lives, and the connection with those people saved my life at that time showing me the way, unbeknownst as it was to me at that time. Solid. They read it differently than those who wanted to kill it. So, for me, as with any pluto transit, the trick is not to get caught up in the mudslide and focus that energy. Gotta have a focus, a true focus, without a need for coddling and kind words. I am feeling the splat of mud some now with pluto in tight opp to venus. Lessons learned are invaluable at this time. Thanks for the reminder.

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    I feel this post deeply. There’s more to learn—- far more to learn. I’m not great with disagreement so I appreciate and admire it when another person sees disagreement & works with it & sees that it’s just part of being human… thanks for writing this blog, Elsa TRULY THANK YOU

    1. You’re welcome!
      I realized I didn’t really finish my point.
      From my specific perspective, with my specific background, while it is understandable, it’s also mind-blowing to me that people would choose to limit their access to the outside world.

      Here we have the internet! We have the opportunity to talk to people all over the world and what do we do? Find a cubby, crawl in and shut the door?

      I wonder what the ratio is… how many people are like me as opposed to not like me. I have no idea the answer to that question.

      Here’s another analogy:

      Eat at McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s..

      Would you not be missing something?

  9. Hahaha on me. I finally get mercury neptune. I don’t know what anything means. Like open mind. I don’t know what it means. That’s what has been taking me so long on the posts here. I give up. Just take care of business. This is not the time to think I think. Ahhhh. Mercury takes a vacation.

  10. Looking at my chart aspects to Mercury, it looks like one door opens, one door closes, one door opens and then closes, one door just won’t open and one door is closed but then opens. Confusing? Yes, but I’m the one making those decisions. I have Mercury in the First in Sag, and 10 degrees away is Saturn. It’s trine Uranus in the 9th (Leo), Square Pluto in my 10th and conj. my ASC but Square my MC. I have Juno in my 7th trining Chiron in my 3rd (Aquarius) and Jupiter in Libra in my 11th. See what I mean?
    I love the idea of meeting and talking to all kinds of people, but one on one, more than on the Internet (I get flummoxed when I think how many may read this!); I did that and got into a Terrible mess in a private group. Lesson learned. Here I can read opinions, post my own, but am not get personally involved. I learn a lot here and try to really understand peoples point of view. So I do have a fairly open mind but I keep my options open to disagree. I like a good argument but for me it is more “let’s try to help each other learn something here”.

    1. Dawn, I too find that a credit to this site. Can participate, learn from the fearless leaders as well as the responders. I know those other groups that you are talking about that want to terrorize people’s personal on the ground lives. I don’t get it. I think there are ownership problems there. Like they want to own me, f_ck with me, show up at my house saying weird shit. What are they? Jehovahs Witnesses or something?

  11. @notch
    Not sure folks in that group I mentioned wanted to show up at my house…but it was like a Soap Opera on steroids behind the scenes and I got dragged in being new to the online experience. I made friends but worse got attacked from behind. Some I take responsibility for but it was unknown to me what was actually going on. Back to “Open Minds”.

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