Who Wants To Be A Capricorn Rising?

goat by ray aucottIn one of my recent videos (What Does The Natal Chart Reveal?), I made an offhand remark. I stated, “No one wants to be a Capricorn rising”. Someone emailed me about this, which I don’t mind by the way.  Essentially the question was, what’s wrong with being a Capricorn rising?  I told the gal there was nothing wrong with it; if you happen to be a Capricorn rising.

I’d thought for years that I had Aquarius rising. When I found out I was actually Capricorn rising, it was likely being “demoted” some how. It was heavy. Who wants to be “dirt” and “slow” when they can be “light” and “smart” and such? That was my thought. I was like, twenty-five years old.  Oh God! I don’t want to take on this burden!

But I am a Capricorn rising and I adjusted to this in about a week. I’m glad I have Cap rising and I suspect my peers would share my views on this for the most part.

If you have Capricorn rising, you tend to have good posture and control of your body.  A lot of dancers have Capricorn rising. Structure.  You have a presence.  You walk in the room and by God, people know you’re there.

You have a natural authority about you.  People take you serious, even when you’re ten years old. Do you doubt me? This is funny…

I started school, early, after teaching myself to read at four years old. My first grade teacher realized I could read, They tested me when I was five years old. I could read on a seventh grade level. Due to this, I skipped second grade.

passbookI arrived in third grade at six years old. They promptly made me the “banker” of the school. Yes. The local bank would come into the school and set up savings accounts for the kids. You see the tell there? I was not one of the kids! I was one of the bankers! My job was to sit with bankers and stamp the paper passbooks to record the deposits the kids made.

I was the authenticator! It’s not real until I said it was real. Is this not nuts?

When I was seven, they made me the Captain of the “Safety Patrol” of the whole school.  This is even dumber because I am as reckless as they come! But they slapped a distinctive belt on me and they gave me a literal badge of authority. This, even though I was one of the youngest kids there and scared to death half the time.

You see the function of this. If you go to court against a Capricorn rising, you will probably lose. It’s the posture. It’s the way Cap rising carries themselves.  You tend to look like you can and will fire people!  If a person (like a judge) looks around the room for who is most likely to be “credible”, it’s going to be the Cap rising. This is true, even if the person lies like a rug!

There’s another advantage! You read that Capricorn is old when their young and young when they are old. This is true! How else could I walk into a bar when I’m fifteen years old, claim I am twenty-three and be believed?  But now I am old and young part comes into play.  There is a youthfulness about Capricorn rising when they’re old. Compensation for what is often a shit-life!

Bottom line, I don’t think people who choose to be a Capricorn rising but if you are a Capricorn rising, you’d probably opt to keep that way, given a choice.

Do you have Capricorn rising? Any of this sound familiar?

Goat photo by Ray Aucott on Unsplash

45 thoughts on “Who Wants To Be A Capricorn Rising?”

  1. Haha, I can see some similarities. Learned to read when I was four too, reading things ahead my age. Didn’t skip a grade tho, that concept wasn’t instilled in here. We had no lockers so I was the keeper of stuff- phones, money, jewelry during p.e class. It was crazy that even the only scorpio in the class would give her phone to me instead of her friends because I never snooped through phone messages nor I could be persuaded to (by her friends). Just didn’t care and minded my business. Nothing ever went missing, not a single cent. The last funny thing was during practice, as a student. Kids ought to give flowers to the principal during a celebratory day. In this new school, there were the kids, some teachers, the school principle and us, a couple of students. The little girl came straight to me and gave me the flowers. ?

    1. Cap Rising here also. I was a precocious reader. I was trying to read Sidney Sheldon in 6th grade. Was comfortable with adults more than my peers. Yes I can relate to the sense of responsibility that is a constant for a Cap Rising. I have finally recognized that Saturn’s lessons are necessary and timeless.

      1. That’s wiser, to understand and accept the lessons. I’m not there yet. Saturn and uranus are in mutual reception and uranus/neptune in capricorn might pinch the mold.

  2. I am Capricorn rising and I confirm mostly. As I start to be old, when I read about “youthfulness”, you really made my day 🙂

  3. I am a Cap rising and that has kept me alive and functional, given my moon in Cancer and four planets in Gemini (sun mercury Venus and Uranus). My Cap rising has allowed me to face and overcome obstacles, have a successful career and weather my somewhat difficult personality and sometimes questionable choices. My Cap rising is the adult in the room and has enabled me to support myself financially, spiritually and emotionally. Thank god for Cap rising!

    1. I have Cap rising and a Cancer Moon, too, and can definitely relate. My Sun is in Aries, so I sometimes feel like I’m rebelling against myself with Saturn acting as a strict dad, lol. I do wish I had another rising sign because this one is depressing, but I know it’s saved me in a lot of ways.

  4. My 3 y/o nephew is Cap rising. When he was just 5 days old, we’ve met eye to eye. I was singing to him and in one moment he opened his eyes and looked right into mine, it was a glare that I will never forget. It’s wasn’t baby glare, it was deep, intense, I like to say that he dug in my brain and like he knew everything about me. He is Scorpio Sun, Cap Asc, and Moon as well. Actually, he has Cap stellium and people are a bit scared of him. He is not one of those cute kids that smile at you. Oh, no. He will stare at you and get into your brain, and I love that about him. Just sometimes I feel like there is a burden on his shoulders, something heavy in him, but I’m not worried. He will always manage, but I don’t think people will always understand his intensity. I have the same intensity as he does, so I know it can be hard.

  5. Thank you Elsa, I needed to read this. For years I thought I was a Sag rising, only to find out a few months ago that my birth time was actually off by an hour. I am a Capricorn sun so having both my Asc and sun in Cap felt like a blow. It felt like it took away my sparkle or something. Capricorn just seems so boring compared to Sag. Thanks for sharing the good aspects, I’m sure there are many

  6. When I think of Capricorn rising I think of a person who is going to get to where they are pointing. A slow and steady inexorable rise to the top. These are people who will never let temporary failures defeat them. They carry on.

    So in that way, Capricorn could be better than Aquarius rising who, though brilliant, can be scattered and distracted and not very goal-oriented. At least that is the way it was for my husband who was one of the smartest people I have ever met and yet never accomplished much.

    1. Aqua rising often come across as just odd. ? Then again everyone’s idea of success is different. Mine is being able to order from a menu without being concerned about the price and napping at midday. ?

  7. haha, too funny! I also thought I was Aquarius rising, but then found out I was a Cappy rising in my mid-twenties, and was pretty depressed for a week or so. I was a very mature and extremely quiet young thing, and I have noticed it’s a strange phenomenon that people actually listen to me, given my Piscean sun flights of fancy and my Gemini moon incessant chatter! Great article 🙂

  8. Zero degree Cap rising. Yes, I do have good posture haha. Im just shy of 5”3’ but people are always surprised to hear that because I appear taller. I also skipped fifth grade and started kindergarten at 4. Ive been told a lot that I look “so put together “, even in times of great chaos in my life like Pluto and Uranus transits.

  9. I have never known a Cap rising to be fat. So that for me, is a huge incentive to be a Cap rising, if ever I could choose, which I can’t and it’s too late now; speaking as a Scorpio rising with Uranus in 1st with progressed AC to Sag. ?

    1. As a cap moon and rising this gave me a chuckle. ? I, personally wouldn’t trade my placements at this point in time.

  10. My sister. Capricorn rising. Mars in Gemini. She can get away with anything. People believe anything she says, except me, I know better. Entertaining, however. Me, I always get caught. Gemini rising , Mars in Capricorn.

  11. I agree. Maybe not the best posture, but body control – yes. Charisma, I’ve been told, on good days.
    Growing up and being grown up I’ve been told so many times “you’re so serious”. I used to hate that, I’m an Aquarius you see.
    But now, a bit older, I realize there are benefits – I can turn on the Capricorn professionalism for a job interview if I want to.
    I’ve noticed it matters to me that I’m taken seriously and bothers me when I’m perceived as incompetent in some way.
    Also I find it easier to talk to older people, I feel like I can be more childish around them, than someone my age or younger.

  12. am a cap rising. but i was dumbest student in class till i was in 5th grade. When i entered 6th grade i suddenly became a class topper overnight. not sure what in my chart could have caused this phenomenon.

    i want an easy life… where things/love get handed to me… but that will not happen… so i shall enjoy being a cap rising with sarcasm to help

  13. Even for those of us not having Capricorn Ascendents – Saturn
    is foundational and profoundly significant.
    It governs the functioning of the four chart angles and the process of change and becoming whole as we move thru our embodied experiences in time and space.

  14. Cappy here,born with an old soul and slaying in the later years,just because,
    The day is short and so much to do! Forever the fantasy that there’s someone there that sees how hard I’ve worked but she’s in the mirror with two thumbs up
    Because who’s gonna love you if you don’t love yourself first , I mean really what’s the other option

    1. I see you Cappy! I only know one Cap rising in real life – we’ve been what Aussies call “mates” for 13 years – and he’s the hardest worker I know. He doesn’t complain, and just gets on with it.

  15. This is weird but, I have always thought I was aquarius rising, however things are happening in my life that make me think pluto is crossing my ascendant right now. Before she died, my mom mentioned that they tried to deliver me through the birth canal but could not pull me all the way out so I had to be removed via C-section. Is it possible… if I took my first breath when they were trying to pull me out the first time, I was actually born up to 20-30 minutes sooner?

    1. Yes, it’s possible. I would go with the first breath! How unusual! But I doubt it would be a 20-30 min time gap. I mean, I don’t know your story but I can’t imagine having a baby stuck in the birth canal for that amount of time!

      1. Okay, I calculated it. I would have to have taken my first breath at least 19 minute before my reported birth time. It’s a long-shot, I agree. People joked that I looked 35 back in hs (I dunno how many x I got mistaken for the teacher), but that could be the venus/saturn conjunction.

        1. People weren’t all that accurate recording birth time decades ago. Unless you had another family member present, or a big clock on the wall, there’s wasn’t a way to be doubly sure.

          I would go with whatever feels right. ?

  16. My late Husband was a cap rising, with an Aries sun. A mans man he had a very strong personality that people respected. He could be very funny as well which helped with that intimidating presence.

      1. His moon, mars and Saturn were in Virgo. I tend to gravitate to Virgo moons. This Capricorn Pluto transit was his undoing. And mine as well.His moon was in the 8th house. His asc was in his 12th. He passed away 8 days after his birthday in 2019

        1. So interesting! My Moon is in Cancer, but my daughter and bf both have Virgo Moons. I’m very sorry that you lost your husband.

  17. I was blessed to be a Capricorn rising with a 1st house Saturn (double whammy!) and have always been described as too serious and responsible for my own good– Resting bitch face and always being the one expected to step up and take charge of whatever situation I find myself in. I was also blessed with a Venus/Neptune conjunction trining a Cancer moon so you know I believe in fairytales, unicorns, and have been hoodwinked by the big bad wolf many times. —BUT that Cap rising/1st house Saturn has saved my butt more times than I can count from being/doing something totally stupid. The older I get the more I realize just how much of a blessing it is.

    1. Can relate a lot to to your description with cap rising and saturn sitting in my 1st house and unicorns with a moon/neptune conjunction but foolishness doesn’t evade me at all since mars in aries squares my cap stellium planets. I sincerely wished it didn’t. If you don’t mind, may I ask a bit about your saturn return, was it ok?

  18. Cap rising here (“that gal”) and so thankful — it must be what has kept me on my toes and striving upward. My mom taught me to read before I started school, but was criticized for it! Skipping 2nd grade was discussed but nixed as I was “so tiny and shy.” A serious only child of quiet older parents, I essentially skipped the “teenage years” until the midlife crisis decade. Now in my 60s, eccentricity is expected!

  19. I have a Cap rising, Leo Sun, Aries moon. I did not like being young. I was overweight and insecure. At 50, I had a gastric bypass and I feel that is when my good life began, I finally felt normal. I am the youngest of 5 and it seems I have moved into the “parent” role for my older siblings, a role I’m happy to take on. Makes me feel good that I have the energy and good health to help them as they age. I am newly widowed after 42 years of marriage, and looking at a totally new life at 67. I feel so much younger now than I ever have.

  20. It’s so nice to see Capricorn get some love through this post. It often feels like the so called feminine signs are looked at as boring or whatever, and the masculine ones fun and exciting. But there is so much to the feminine ones, notably Cap here. (I’m guilty of having wished to embody my Aries rising more than my Cancer sun, way back when. Now I don’t bother with that, but I do get it!)

  21. Woke up today on the cold side of the sheet and I’m feeling quite good about having a capricorn rising. Don’t ask why. There’s something good about it. Maybe it’s the salt and the sea and the mountain. Maybe I like people’s sparkle and smiles in their eyes when they see that I’m not dead inside. The unexpected is how they describe it.

    1. I remember playing this game in my childhood that no other kid played and it was no one’s idea, it just came to be naturally involving grownups. I would go to their garages and ‘inspect’ their things, tell them what was going well and what they needed to fix, or where to put it and make a verbal note to them because I would remember and come back to check. And of course multiple interrogations on the side. This inspector “job” at the respectable age of five would give me remuneration in all sorts of walnuts, jams,
      and cookies. But I frankly haven’t met such a young inspector as myself. 😄

  22. How on earth did I miss this?! I have been around here for a while, but didn’t see this til today. Face it, it’s rough being young as a Cap rising. Wish I had understood I was a Cap rising from the get go.

    If you are a parent of one, help them understand this is why they are always serious, why they don’t understand ‘fun’. Do not tell them to “Go play”. They don’t know how.

    But getting old is great. It’s the very best. And dying is something not to be dreaded at all.

  23. i love this so much – im going to save it as a favourite! I used to hate that I was a Capricorn…serious, stable, loyal….I wanted to have the crazy spontaneous fun that everyone else seemed to be having but now as Im older, I appreciate the fine qualities of being a Capricorn! love it!

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