Pluto In Capricorn – Death Of Business Redux

pepsi-gmoWhen Pluto went into Capricorn, I wrote extensively about the death of business and the black market, both on the blog and in the forum.  Having a packed 8th house and Capricorn in my chart, this is a hot topic to me. If you’re interested, you can check the Pluto in Capricorn or the Business tag or search the site. I’ve seen this coming for ten years.

Pluto is turning direct in Capricorn. This means we’re heading into new territory. Remember, Paula Deen. She had built an empire and then WHOOSH. Wipeout.

I don’t care what your politics are. This is about the death of business. It’s gender-neutral, race-neutral…businesses large and small have and will fail. Mine may be one of them.  But right now, I want to talk about the NFL and my ex-employer, Pepsico (Frito-Lay). I want to talk about Budweiser.

Here’s a poll stating that 44% of people say they will turn off football if the protests against the National Anthem continue. I am linking Breitbart but this is a Yahoo poll.

You may or may not take the story serious or feel that people will follow through, but I’d say this: some of them will follow through. They will turn off the games and punish the sponsors. Sales will drop for everyone involved and this will happen as the cost of everything goes up and people have less money so spend.

Do you really need a six pack of pepsi? Probably not. Certainly not, if you’re broke.

I don’t buy a lot of soda but when I saw the label above with the genetic messing around…well, it changed everything. I highly doubt I ever lay a hand on a can of Pepsi again.

My point is, there’s more than one negative factor, if you’re looking what might affect the bottom line of these companies.

I also wanted to mention my husband’s math. If you’ve been reading here awhile, you probably know he’s highly skilled in this area. He’s predicted the economy would contract to an alarming degree. I’ve always agreed with him. We both think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

The movie industry is another dying business.  A lot of people feel the movies are recycled junk, but also, I lived in Aurora, Colorado when, James Holmes, murdered my neighbors in the Century 16, the only movie theatre I’d been too in nearly 20 years.  This affects people.

Now you add to that, the random bombings and the younger generation’s familiarity and affinity with the small screens…well, you can see where things are headed.

Cable is dead. Netflix looks good, but they better keep their prices very low, and their content varied. I really think people are done with flipping channels with nothing to see.

This brings me to facebook. The young people are already gone. I guess it’s okay, because older people tend to have more to spend, but for how long?

McDonald’s is in the news for outsourcing jobs. The public will punish them for this.

Again, not everyone will punish them. Some people don’t know and others don’t care, but when your business is already declining, it’s amazing how fast you can go into a death spiral.

That’s what I see ahead. Death spirals, large and small. I can’t believe the arrogance of so many people out there in the public where they can be observed.  If you’re up, I highly recommend you work hard to stay there because if you go down, you may never go up again.

What do you see, with Pluto going deeper into Capricorn?

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  1. This is a really tough one to answer especially for an optimist like me. I agree with you though and, like you , I have been keenly aware of it for at least a decade. And this dynamic between Pluto and Saturn – UGH – hard to say but my intuition is on Pluto who will level the business field flat. I’m up⬆️?now and have been for the last 15 years. (Taurus in the 2nd) Invested in hard assets, mostly real estate and some gold and silver. I ‘m currently watching agriculture very carefully. Been working since I’m 14 and President Obama says I have to work now until 67 to get a payoff HA!$
    At least my kids and grandkids will always have a place to live (mortgage free) and food to eat hopefully not GMO. Forgot how many more years we got left in this transit – we should be close to half way done. When Pluto hits Aqua – the collective consciousness will resurge. Uranus will be a formidable opponent I’m thinkin.
    Aries Rising

  2. I just don’t understand. Are you saying that every business is going to go thru a transformation process? It’s not going to be what it was. I just have a really hard time with this Pluto stuff. Even with myself it transiting my first house for so many years.

  3. I grew up in my parent’s small business & am also interested in this. I know, watching the local small businesses around here, the owners have been having to bust their asses twice as much just to stay viable. Word-of-mouth has also been very important in Saturn/Neptune fog (at least in my neighborhood to help people decide what businesses to use or stay away from.

    As far as the NFL goes, it was founded Aug 20 1920 Canton Ohio (HUGE Leo stellium, and a Scorpio Moon conjunct concussion [Mars]). 1920 so has Pluto in Cancer…. been having Pluto opp Pluto. Also prog Venus/BML in Cap opp Pluto.

    Prog Moon is in a grand Earth trine with Jupiter and Venus/BML. Fits the protests against national anthem. Saturn will be involved in that moon trine when it progresses into a Moon/Mars/Saturn grand Earth trine next year. Do not know if Americans still repulsed by ingratitude these days but used to be.

    Will be interesting when NFL Prog moon goes from linebacker (29 Taurus) to Gemini in a couple years.

  4. My husband works at Lowe’s here in the country and the store is in dire shape. They’re 2 million in a hole because no one is buying enough from them. Well, around here, coal mines have been shut down and those folks were the big spenders. Kmart is closing it’s last store in our area in December due to no sales.
    Another thing, I was listening to a radio show when a caller called in and was talking about how restaurants are closing across the country since people are not really spending money.
    And the crew/managers of one of our restaurants here, left and went out of state. That was sad, they were great.

    This all comes back to [Life as we all know it, is changing.]

    You are right, more will go.

  5. Pluto in Capricorn can be a good thing. I think it can give you some clarity as to what really important in life.

    I have this transit in the fourth house. I’ve seen family die and see what’s left. I am also seeing how my roots are connected to my ambitions in life. I am learning to evaluate myself differently since my roots are dying (which have been toxic at times, and have affected my seld esteem)

    This transit has trined my 12th house and 8th house (north node)

    1. It’s already begun. What was gripping was about his findings is the degree of contraction. Business contracts and then contracts again and then contracts again…etc.

  6. One of the things I have noticed my is in the past several years my husbands work has become condensed and concentrated by the huge number of lay offs. The work load is still there but there are fewer people to address it. They are not hiring anyone new so the workforce is getting older all the time as well and the stress level is damaging their health.
    Another example: My adult children have been venting about their jobs and the picture they paint is not pretty. One of my son’s and his wife work for a consignment company that handles the shipping and handling for Michelin Tires. Michelin has 3 plants in the USA. Two of those plants have been cleaned and refitted with new more efficient equipment. The plant my kids work in some of the equipment is 50 years old or better and there is still asbestos insulation in the plant that the EPA is putting pressure on them to close down and remove. That plant is the main employment source in the area where they currently live. My son who is the spot/shuttle driver (class A CDL) is looking for a job while he works. He got the word that he may have a job in a different town in the same state but away from where they currently live.
    I personally think there is going to be a noticeable change after the November 8th elections. Whoever wins the Presidency better know their financial business cause I have to say it is about to get really ugly.

    1. The plants with the new equipment are most likely slated to stay open. The others, they’ll run the machines and employees into the ground and then move their operation to Mexico or wherever.

      This is just logic.

  7. Pluto will hit 15 degrees one last time on October 13/14, 2016, and on. After that, it’s the second half of Pluto in Capricorn. We are right at the peak of Pluto in Capricorn right now!

    It won’t hit 15 degrees Capricorn again, the middle point. I wonder how people have done the first half, because I doubt the second half of Pluto in Capricorn will be a smooth ride.

  8. Looking back I realise how optimistic the Pluto in Sag years were, while the past eight years of Pluto in Cap have been constant upheaval.

    Like Elsa, I don’t begin to believe the economies have been sorted as politicians try to suggest. You can’t just iron out those kinds of problems by throwing good money after bad money. None of the politicians have been willing to take their medicine for the bad decisions that were taken previously. They just keep trying to fudge round things so their name doesn’t go down in history as the one who broke things. That guarantees it’ll eventually all blow up.

    The upcoming US election shows an example of the no-win territory we’re headed into. Elect Trump and his messages of hate and extremism will start to divide people. Elect Hillary and she’ll continue to pull for the vested interests so that by the time 2020 comes around, the Trump-type politics of hate and extremists will be the only solution for the common people.

    But historical astrology shows us that we should expect this to happen. The big institutions are at the height of their power and Pluto in Aqua will cause them to crumble. Hopefully we’ll see community becoming stronger as individuals realise the big institutions really aren’t here for them.

    1. Unfortunately, if people were going to pull together, they’d already be doing it.

      People have not been taught to pull together, to love their neighbor and such. So I would not expect this, except in spots.

      1. True – I forget how different America is to here.

        Over here in England, community is much stronger even when we’re trying to leave Europe!! Government cutbacks have led to cuts in services and threatened with the loss of libraries, communities have volunteered to run the libraries themselves to keep them open. People do organised litter pickups and beach cleans. Likewise I’ve seen stories of pubs in villages that were going to close down being bought out by the community so that everybody is a shareholder and the village still has a pub.

        There is a phenomenom here called “parkrun” that has grown massively over the past five years. A *free* weekly 5K Saturday morning run in a local park open to anyone who wants to take part and then everybody goes for coffee and a chat afterwards. Each event is run by volunteers and there are now hundreds of events around the country. My local run sees over 500 people turning up every week. It has led to many people who never thought of themselves as runners getting into running. Parkrun is also a success in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and some other countries but despite trying for the past five years it’s not been able to crack America.

    2. Trump is not spreading hate, this is what the media wants you to think. We do not hate the people they are trying to bring into our country. We want jobs for ourselves first and if the immigrants do the right thing that is fine. Trump does not hate anyone, the liberal media are desperately trying to slander him.

      Hillary is a mess, but she is a dangerous mess. She is the one that wants to declare war on Russia and she will rule with an iron fist.

  9. I went to an Economics Class last week. Now, I have studied the subject a bit, and most of what we went through was familiar ground. But the lecturer – who was really good, in a really unconventional way – had a notion about who gains out of inflation, why it’s kept high, that immediately made sense and was eyeopening. This is related to how money is made, today, as it’s not not bound to any concrete token of exchange, such as gold. It really makes sense, looking back at how the cost of housing, food, everything, rose in the early 20th Century, and on the other hand, how it has risen since 1970’s, when fiat money was introduced. This probably isn’t new to many people, but I had some transits indicating intellectual breakthrough that day, so yes, there it goes.

    Astrologically, this is quite uncanny, too. Fiat money was launched back in the 1970’s, with Pluto in late Virgo and early Libra. We have been going through exact squares of that epocal change since 2008. I’m pretty certain I’ve read about this somewhere, but I have to check this out again.

    Anyhow, based on what I learned, I don’t expect anything to get better before it gets REALLY bad. At least for the people who don’t have the skills to survive in a World where money has, suddenly, a very different definition than it used to have. Doesn’t mean there will not be some kind of monetary unit as a tool of exchange – these have emerged, separately, in different cultures, at different times. But yes, I do expect Corporate Culture to be dead or dying by the time Pluto hits Aquarius.

    1. Candela – this is interesting stuff about Fiat currencies – it’s not something I’ve read about previously.

      Having just read up on Wikipedia, it appears the Nixon took the decision to leave Bretton Woods and the gold standard in mid-Aug 1971. Special interest to me as that’s close to when I was born. I suggest the grand trine in air (Saturn in Gemini, Mars in Aqua conjunct NN, Uranus in Lib) is key but also neptune was just into Sag and stationed.

      As you say we’ll always need some sort of monetary token to exchange our goods or services fairly. Linking it to gold was convenient because that was valued as rare. But values are forever changing. The move of Uranus from Aries to Taurus is predicted to be the death of the Euro and certainly it seems like there will be changes in currency in some way. Maybe Bitcoin will take off.

      The thing I’ve noticed with money over the past decade or so is that money-makers now charge their services based on what the other person can afford rather than a standard price for their time and skills. I’m sure that’s always existed to an extent but it just seems to have become rampant recently.

  10. Elsa- I see this too- but what do you think will replace this?…
    I love hearing you and your husband’s thoughts- and I would really love to read a post about the transformation (Pluto) side of this.
    what do you think will be “phonixed” out of these ashes?…..
    ( ask’s the Jupiter girl)

  11. I’ve reached the point in my life I dreamed would come. Where the kids are in college or at their own jobs, my husband and I are able to live on the pensions we earned and the money we saved and do what we enjoy. He’s gone from a 30 year career as a military officer to a substitute teacher and volunteer math tutor and I have time to write my first novel, versus just short stories I tossed in a file folder. But in writing and studying writing and meeting other writers I’m getting an education in publishing and book selling. And its not a pretty picture for writers who hope to make a buck off of the hours they put into their work. If you buy a book on Amazon for $1.99 how much of that do you think the writer – who may have taken 2 or 5 years of their life to write – receive in royalties? About a quarter. And every year more and more people like me turn our hand to the craft. Writers are having to become part of tours like rock bands do – weeks and months away from home – because sales of their albums bring in money but not to the artist. Pluto in Capricorn.

  12. yup I see BIG businesses and smaller ones too going bankrupt and I haven’t even researched outside of the countries, but in Europe, V&D (a big department store that has existed for over 40 years long went bankrupt, lots of people laid off) and also one of the alcohol businesses, called “Mitra”, (we always liked their selection, much much better and you can find special beers there that are imported from Germany, Belgium ect than the other liquor stores that sell more of a “packaged” kind of beer selection that isn’t really special.

  13. I just looked up on google all the companies that have gone bankrupt. It is just showing mostly U.S. and one of them is “Circuit city” which we’ve heard about. Also, I tried to look at bankrupt companies in other European countries and apparently Italy has been facing at least 1,000 businesses going bankrupt since 2013.
    so it’s been starting since then. the more lucrative European countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and U.K, are facing this too, but not as intense as southern Europe.

  14. The mall where I live is a joke. The locals actually reminisce about it on FB. Once the carousel, the food court, and the movie theater left, the mall split in two. A big name sporting goods store wanted to join the mall….but splitting it was part of the deal. Stupid. In a few years, rumor has it the mall will close anyway.

    Food Lion, the last in town, just closed. Couldn’t compete with Kroger and Walmart.

    1. Spending has changed. I know mine has as it has for the people around me, too. Frivolous spending is a luxury of the past. I really think twice before I lay out the cash.

      Shops are all hit hard by online shopping. Just because you cannot see the company does not mean they are not there (that’s a pluto thing). And movies are readily accessible in the home. Maybe people are hiding out with pluto in Capricorn? Not getting out as much? Fear of being a terror target? That’s what the media tells us. Be afraid. Myself, I just don’t seem to be interested in being out and about as much. What for? No reason to.

  15. The job market is booming, though, so I am not quite getting it. I thought it was my imagination, but a friend went to a get-a-job seminar at a local college. The placement office people said they have never seen a hiring craze like the one on now. I am always amazed by the difference in experiences between people. There is movement though, buyouts, shutdowns, start ups. Seems to be balancing.

    I did hear some commentary that big corps are not the ones hiring. It’s the small to midsizers that are doing all the hiring.

  16. Avatar
    Joy Shayne Laughter

    I see lots of gardening and backyard chickens. I see lots of neighborhood and affinity-group potlucks. I see lots of swaps – real swaps, no “money” changing hands because dollars are worthless. I see people waking up to “local.” I see people abandoning “jobs” for “work.” I see the US economy being kicked off the fiat-currency standard and grudgingly going along with the new gold-standard currencies being built by the BRICS banks and alliances between Russia and China, the new economic powers. I see many many people getting the amnesia that goes along with fundamental change — ie., they immediately forget how the old financial system was screwing them, and bawl about how bad it is lose that good ol’ dollar. This amnesia will allow them to hate the people who have been thriving quietly under the radar and now come forward with help and instruction for living in a completely different world.

  17. U know I adore u but I do disagree re movies & cable as I am an entertainment journalist –there are more shows on cable now than ever & they are all quality shows. And film is still strong too. I think every industry evolves…xxx

    1. I was referring to the cord cutting in regards to cable (providers), and these big budget movies that suck.

      People don’t, won’t, can’t pay $70 a month for cable anymore. And many people have stopped going to theatres, completely.

      1. Its’s an evolving business but I do t think either biz will ever die…candela, the person under my post, mentions how it is changing but in a good way…

        1. I agree. The problem here is my poor writing. I use “death” in the title but am writing about contraction. Of salaries for example. NFL players negociate their salaries based on the profit they generate. Less profit, lower salary.

    2. I am/was in network business, and have to say cable/landline is simply outdated technology to be replaced. So, companies shutting down cable connections doesn’t mean they are going out of business, at least if the National legislation allows them to switch to technology based on wireless mobile network, which are enormously less costly to maintain, and also less costly for consumer. They are faster than old cables, dug to ground 40-50 years ago, and are becoming much more reliable, too. This means they are cheaper for consumers, too. You can get a plan with a 4G mobile network, maximum speed 100 Mbit per second, no data transfer limit for under 20 € / just over 20 US$ in my country.

      And, when your connection is this cheap, this actually increases the likelyhood of people using different entertainment services. You can get HBO and/or Netflix for other 10 €. Many people here, who never had old school cable channels, because it was really expensive here, are now using entertainment services here. And in Far East, this scene simply exploding. Companies like Tencent are buying companies in developed countries, The US included, with revenues they get from hundreds of millions of Chinese, who never owned a landline phone, or even a cell phone, but got a smart phone.

      So, “on demand” entertainment is very much a booming business, and will continue to be so in the next 10 years or so, at least, when The World catches up with the technology.

  18. This makes depressing reading. I live in rural Ireland, which has been declared dead but far from it. The businesses that do well around me are ones local people have set up themselves, that in some way answer a need. For example, the local fruit and veg shop opened a coffee shop, which is unbelievably lively because it gives people a place to meet up and chat. One of my neighbours cuts hair and teaches yoga in her house, another minds children. You get the idea. Nothing fancy, but services people need.

    1. Welcome, Mary. Small businesses like this might help a family survive, but they are not going to be able to hire anyone, offer them insurance or pay enough tax (if they pay tax at all) to support their neighbors, give much to charity, etc.

      I just know that a pound became 12 oz and now it’s 10 oz, for the same or higher cost. 40 gallon freezer bags is not 16 gallon freezer bags, same or higher cost.

      Blah. People aren’t stupid.

      I bought 5 pounds of ground round the other day, came home to package it in 1 1/2 pound portions to freeze.

      This is when I found out I had 3 pounds, 10 oz of meat.


      1. Couldn’t one interpretation of Capricorn be about “Small business to help a family survive”? Needing to progress to Aqua to be able to something more to the community.

  19. From what I’ve HEARD Pepsi is a disgusting company. I don’t know if it’s true but that label kind of confirms it. Look up the ingredient, it’s horrifying. They use aborted cloned stem cells to manufacture their ingredient

  20. Try this on: Pluto, the greatest force for Transformation, insists that what is false will be burned away and what is true remains. You cannot live by the false. You must align and commit to what is true.

    You can also put a womanly face on Pluto and name her Kali-Ma:​

    “Burner of all that must go so that life can give birth to life. She is the wolf-woman coming, hard and strong and asking you for more than you want to give, but only because she loves you.

    “She knows that your greatest self can only rise from the ashes of the lesser you.

    “Kali means dark mother or black one. She is most often depicted in her destructive form — a bloodthirsty goddess, killer of Shiva and eater of babies. The demon goddess, the goddess of death.

    “But Kali is more than that. She is not just ruler of death, but of life, too. The early Tantric texts identify Kali as Mother, the primary and primordial creator, the womb of the Universe. All things rise from her and disappear again into her; endless cycles of birth and death, creation and destruction.

    “Kali is Om, she is Shakti, she is existence.

    “Understanding destruction as an exquisite and essential element of life, this is not the tender feminine, this is tough love to the core. This is purification by fire.”

  21. I worry about the stock market and all the baby boomers retiring now or in the coming years. Everyones retirement is in pensions anymore…when the market crashes, we will have nothing left.

  22. The pressure of Pluto forces us to consider how we are living our lives. What is real? What is smoke and mirrors? What has been a pretty illusion all this time?

    In the sign of Capricorn, we are made aware of the difference between “real” and “smoke” in the areas of society, money, government, “respectability,” social relationships, etc. Also joints, like the knees. How flexible are you? Can you bend, flex, be humble, sway and allow?

  23. NFL boycott seems to have taken hold. I read that 10% loss in viewership equals 30% loss to the bottom line.

    Apparently, the NFL has to deliver the audience they sold the advertisers. If they fail, they must compensate them.

    On one level, I’m spellbound, watching this. But also horrified.

  24. Avatar

    We have a finite supply of high net energy sources on this planet. Energy drives economic expansion. Population overshot that resource. Now everyone has to get by on less and less per capita. Less per capita means less ability to pay off that debt. And debt greases much of our financial system. Lots of defaults coming our way.

  25. Seen recently:

    Family Christian Stores has gone out of business. (I guess “Jesus junk” went out of vogue)

    hhgregg is going out of business (bankrupt)

    Archiver’s scrapbooking stores went offline (their stores closed in 2014–bankrupt).

    People have less money to spend, or they bought a whole bunch of crap during the glory days of Pluto in Sadge and don’t need anymore.
    One of these days all we’ll have left are Super Walmarts and Goodwills.

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