How Valuable Is Astrology In Judging Compatibility?

TripleCappy writes regarding an astrological formula for finding love:

“I just think it’s interesting that if you’ve ever seen Indian marriage ads for arranging marriages (don’t ask me why I have!?!) . . . up there with caste and income/job is the astrology. It’s *highly* important.”

TripleCappy – You’ll definitely do better matching people using astrology then you will without it. But we’re talking about finding the one (I think). One quirk throws the whole thing off.

For example, say there’s a pair astro-twins with whom I am highly compatible. They are exactly the same except for one has dark hair the other, a blonde.

Guess what? You better give me the dark haired one or I am going to pine into eternity. Astrology only goes so far. There is also free will to consider.

A chart is a map of energy. It gives no clue as to how the owner of the energy is going to use it. One person has a brain and they use it. Another person has the same brain and they let it go to waste. Physical body, same thing. One person cares for their body, another does not. These things affect attractiveness.

We also talk about projection a lot, around here. Say you have astro-twins who share a chart with a lot of oppositions. One of them gets on top their tendency to project the other does not. Consequently one of them is fit for relationship and the other one, not so much.

Based on stuff like this, while I would agree, the Indians are on the right track using astrology to judge compatibility. But I don’t think it is nearly enough. And there is another problem that should not be overlooked…

The skill of “astrologers” varies and it varies widely. Who is this astrologer-person evaluating your love?

As far as I am concerned, nothing trumps what your own heart feels. I stand by my claim – atrology is most useful after the lock has found the key and vice versa.

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7 thoughts on “How Valuable Is Astrology In Judging Compatibility?”

  1. Elsa, you just addressed my poser from another posting, which was what about all the other (potential mates) people around the world that are born the exact same minute? Thank you.

    There’s the physical, (dark hair/vs blond hair) the chemical/phernome/attraction and then there’s how that person has evolved and made choices along the way. Right on.

    Don’t they use a completely different type of astrology in India, so I understand.

    To me, (Western, Chinese, Vedic?, Numerology whatever) it’s just another map, another way, system or level of interpreting the same things.

    I am hoping that the sequel to nurse story has only a beautiful ending for you.

  2. there’s a huge difference between someone you might find interesting/fun/get along with and The One. (assuming such a person exists. i’m more likely to think “one of the five” or whatever, but good luck running into more than one of them in a lifetime….)

  3. , just do a quick run of the Venus Mars line-up for a thrill, this is after we have already decided to drink. But our society still places Astrology a bit out of cosmic reach of ordinary retail. It’s possible to grow up in Europe or the United States and not ever learn that astrology is part of nature.

    I have not been to India, but my Indian friends tell me astrology is as available there as dry cleaning is here. Dry cleaning is just a service which we assume usually works. Or it’s a little bit like, mail order (not male order). We might buy a sofa from a catalogue and order it with custom fabric. That’s a kind of a “normal” thing for us to do in our society. Of course there are the people who say I have got to see it before I buy it, but a lot of people go through some weeks of curiosity wondering if they will love their sofa which they hope to keep for an undetermined and good amount of time, maybe a lifetime, who knows. During the weeks before delivery, you can convince yourself that no matter what you’ll just find peace with that sofa. Delivery day is nerve wracking, but slowly, by golly, the sofa becomes your sofa which you take care of and collapse onto sometimes. You stop analyzing if you should have gotten the leather instead of the floral, because by damn you have the floral.

    So assuming the Indian astrologer is truly out for the greater good, and makes sure that both Venuses and Marses are turned on, both Suns and Moons are working together, both Mercuries are talking, both Saturns are in for the long run, both Neptunes are providing some magic and Pluto and the Nodes are making the couple grow — I think there is a willingness in India to love the partner they get based on a culture which acknowledges cosmic connectedness, which is as normal as dry cleaning and mail order is for us. We just trust no one is throwing any weird stuff onto our blouses in the back room, we just trust we will like the sofa we order.

    Our Western society seems to be mostly set up that we go out in the world sniffing around for a prospective partner, it’s just our way. Astrology can provide awareness of self and other after the smells are approved. If I am impatient because my partner is a winey baby about getting the flu and then I open his chart and see every planet in the sixth, then I have compassion for that person’s heightened awareness around their body. Or if I learn that I am having some tough transits myself, I can have compassion for myself and see why I am so impatient with my winey baby.

    So astrology is GREAT for judging compatibility, especially after the horses have decided to be led to drink.

    1. Perfect perfect! This is EXACTLY how I think. The sad part is the person you know by astrology and in your heart is right for you and you for him dismisses it and continues their path because you have brown eyes instead of blue. Its the way the universe works sometimes but its no less painful or lonely .

  4. My boyfriend and my best male friend have practically the same charts. Just a few hours difference, there rising sign is different and therefor the houses. My boyfriend is ‘The One’ and my mate is ‘interesting/fun/get along with’ as you say. I met them both within a few months. I’m not attracted to my mate and being into astrology it really interests me the subtle differences between charts that make all the difference. I wonder if an astrologer faced with both of there charts would have determined the right ‘one’ for me. At the end of the day Elsa is right, noone can feel what you feel but you.

  5. I think it’s interesting.
    The oppositions do something to a relationship.

    I was just broken up with by my BF of 8 months.
    Our charts were exactly the opposite. The sign of his 7th house was my ascendant and vice verca. The same for the rest of the chart.

    He had Neptune in Sagitarius in the 5th opposite Venus and Mars in Gemini. Peter Pan syndrome anyone?

    When I threw a fit, he stormed out and 2 days later, after no contact, he broke up with me on Facebook Messenger, saying he could not see a future with me if this was happening e.g. if we had a child and we lived together and he could not get through to me, and I wouldn’t talk to him.
    He said he had just wanted more time with me, be there for me, as I took care of some problems during the Fall of 2018 and (in his eyes) pushed him away – but in reality, if I HAD opened up and given him these things (it was heavy stuff) – he had run for the hills, he didn’t like things to be too heavy or negative.

    In reality, he didn’t really want to get to know ME, the REAL me. He skirted on the surface, and sometimes I went into these “It’s really interesting right now – I am telling you about heavy stuff and you just nod and dabble off to the next topic” I could say.

    He didn’t really want to be in the negative feelings. He just thought he could hug them away. No can do. You need hugs yourself, but you can’t admit it, bro. And please understand you will never have the stable family you’re craving, as commitment is simply not your thing, as well as REALLY get to know stuff about the other person.

    I’d like to know a person who wants to SEE me, and get to know me. It’s a heady feeling and a deep one. Saturn is in Cap, and my 12th house. I need to take responsibility for the Peter Pan tendency – most of all in myself.

  6. They use Vedic astrology in India which is a little different than Western astrology. Their compatibilities are different because they view the placements a little different. For example, go over to astrosage and put in your birth details and pull up your chart then read their interpretations of your placements. Some are different, some are more detailed and precise than what you find in Western astrology. First of all, they use Sideral which means many of your signs could be totally different then in Western, you might be a Capricorn Sun in Western but be a Sagittarius Sun in Vedic or your Venus might be in Scorpio in Western but in Vedic it is in Libra and etc.

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