My Mother – Food For Your Soul

My mother is expected to die within six months. This is a formal estimate. The woman who would know has intimated to both, Annalisa and I that she expects her to die much sooner. We still don’t know specifically what she is to die from so we are left to guess.

I quit calling myself because I just can’t deal with indirect communication. This woman says things like, “You know what that means,” instead of, “Your mother is dying,” which irritates me to say the least. “What is she going to die from?” I ask. “Are you a hospice?” These are questions that apparently don’t have answers.

I spoke with my mother and as always with my mother… well she’s a double Aquarius and she does not like people hanging around, especially dense people like me. She says she’s sick, she says she’s happy that I’m happy and she believes I’m blessed. She says I should continue to be happy and not to worry about a thing.

Now if that were your mother, it might be a guilt trip but this is my mother and she means it. My mother wants space, space, and more space and she’s not going to turn into your mother just because she’s dying!

“Just go be happy, Elsa. This is in God’s hands,” she says. “God’s in charge and He knows what He’s doing…”

Now would you like to argue with my mother? I’m not going to argue with my mother. My mother the anomaly.

You can read about her (briefly) here. You can read about her father here – Henry.  You can read about her mother here. That is her picture circa 1946 or so.  It’s her birthday and the gift bag reads, “Food For The Soul” because ours is a metaphysical family.  You can also read about her in my book if it is ever published. She’s in there.

As for the astrology – I have Neptune in Scorpio on the MC and a Jupiter Moon.  Our mother has beliefs. I’ve inherited this tendency.

It is already hard to argue with me. When my mother dies, it will be even harder because I will carry her legacy. Look at that girl. Does she look like someone you want to argue with?

We got our intellects from her, by the way. She’s the brain in the family, except her daughters inherited. She likes to rattle off our IQs.  She likes to say and do and think whatever she wants. You can piss off if you don’t understand. I can’t imagine how I became incorrigible.  Big mystery.

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  1. No, I would not like to argue with your mother. I can see why you would not argue with her either.

    I’m sorry to hear this news ((Elsa and Annalisa)) yet I know you will all be fine. With a legacy like that, you’re golden. And I’m glad you got to speak with her. Just want you to know you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

    I had a very independent mother too!

  2. Elsa and Annalisa.. so sorry to hear about the news. Your mom sounds like she has that “IT” factor. And it definitely was passed along!

    BTW, I also have an Aquarius mom. WHOA!

  3. Thanks everyone, I just have to add this: Annalisa is having a different experience than I am. I have a chart of trines – she has a grand cross. She is the one who is there, combing my mother’s hair as gobs of it fall out into her hands.

    Um…this is another thing we learned well from our mother – people are individuals. I don’t speak for my sister, is what I’m saying…and I don’t envy her either.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about this Elsa and Annalisa. It’s something that you just can’t prepare for. My mother too is on the way out. It makes it difficult for the siblings because everyone processes it and deals with it differently.

    I am the type of person who wants space, space, space also (Gemini moon), so I can understand, her point of view. I don’t think she wants to hurt anyone it’s just her comfort zone, at least for me it is.

    Peace to you both. I also love what your Grandfather said, very very wise.


  5. God Bless you Elsa, sister and your beautiful mother! It is wonderful to see you have such close loving relationship.

    You have to play the cards that you were dealt and it sounds like your mom is a gem!

    Thank you for sharing something so personal with so many. I share your sentiments and metaphysics.
    Neptune MC/Jup on asc in Aqu…
    You are blessed!
    Much love….

  6. Indirect communication makes me insane. You’d think with a Pisces Mercury my communication style would be nebulous, but I like clear and true answers when I ask a question. I can see why you have to just let it be.

    I will do what I do best – pray.

    Peace and love to you and your family, Elsa.

  7. “I can’t imagine how I became incorrigible. Big mystery.”

    ::snort:: LOL ! I know that this is an intense time for you guys, but I couldn’t help responding to the humour in that statement. And its truth. ; )

    I hope everyone can be at peace with what is, my heart to yours and your family’s, Elsa.

  8. Love to you both! I understand the situation and I also understand how each member in the family can respond their own way which is correct for them. Henry would approve!

  9. Love to you and Annalisa.

    And, no, I would not argue with that girl. Oddly, I have enough aquarius to know better.


  10. This is clearly a very emotionally complex situation for all of you, and thanks for sharing; each family is so individual and stories like this make it crystal clear.

    My feelings are with you all at this time but especially with Annalisa who needs her strength so much to heal herself after her own gruelling treatments. But maybe she’ll thereby be more able to empathise with your mother, and reach her with some comfort.

  11. ((((Elsa and Annalisa))))
    Prayers for you both. I hope some kind of healing comes out of this for both of you and your mother.

  12. Having gone thru this transition with my Libra mom a few years ago, I see your mom’s acceptance of her death as a huge blessing. My mother made the whole experience much easier for her family and I, for one, was very, very grateful.

    {{{{Elsa & Annalisa}}}}

  13. I admire the strength you exhibit in sharing such personal insights. Powerful and compelling. Frustration palpable. Truly empathize with you and your sister.

  14. My grandmother just passed at 91 this week, and I hope that her “legacy” transfers to me. She endured some tough circumstances and prevailed, never losing her zest for life. She was what we’d used to call a “tough broad.” I could use a little of that “toughness” right now, as well as the zest for life.

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