How Venus in Capricorn Can Help You Find Love

wime and cheese
And cheese. Cheese helps too.

On January 8th, Venus will enter Capricorn. This is not a transit most people find particularly exciting. Love in a business suit. Oh joy. But there is another side to this placement. It means real, practical love.

It reminds me of the old Grimm’s fairy tale, “Choosing a Bride.”

Life as a young herdsman was hard. Resources were scarce. He woke up every day before dawn to tend to his animals, and he usually had only a hunk of bread and a flask of milk to eat all day. At night, he shivered in his thin clothing under the stars. It wasn’t a bad life, but there was certainly nothing to spare.

Eventually, the young shepherd decided he wanted to marry. He had saved enough money to build a little cottage, and he wanted to find a wife who would help him create a more prosperous life.

One day he was in the market speaking to an older woman, who was bemoaning the fact that she had three unmarried daughters. The shepherd excitedly asked if he could meet them and see if any of them would make a good wife for him. The woman happily agreed and offered a little advice. “Sit down with all of them and give them each a small wheel of cheese. Watch what they do with it, and you’ll know who to marry.”

So the young man came to dinner that night and did what he was told. He placed the cheese in front of the oldest daughter and nearly passed out at the sight of her. She was the most gorgeous girl he’d ever seen. He was sure she was the one. But he watched as she took the whole piece of cheese and ate it in one bite, never cutting off the rind or offering to share. The young man knew at once that this beautiful girl, used to being handed whatever she liked because of her beauty, would never be the generous, prudent wife he needed.

He then placed cheese in front of the middle daughter. Before she could take a bite, she launched into a witty story and dazzled him with her sparkling repartee. This woman, the young man thought, would be perfect. She was brilliant and lively and he’d never be bored a day in his life. But just as he was about to ask for her hand in marriage, she took a knife and began cutting the rind off her cheese. In doing so, she left inches and inches of good cheese attached to the rind, which she carelessly threw out. The shepherd shook his head sadly. The wife he needed was industrious and prudent, not wasteful. He simply didn’t have the resources to make up for her thoughtlessness.

Finally, the shepherd presented cheese to the youngest daughter. He was wary, for she was extremely plain and barely uttered a word. But she thanked him politely for the cheese and immediately took to cutting off the rind neatly and cleanly, leaving no good cheese attached. She then kindly offered him a piece as well.

The young shepherd was overjoyed. He’d found her. He’d found the careful, generous, industrious wife he’d been searching for. He dropped to his knee and proposed on the spot. The girl accepted, and they were wed a few weeks later. Working together, they built the shepherd business into a full working farm and prospered. They spent the rest of their lives happily together, proud of their accomplishments and grateful for the steadfast partner they had found.

This story illustrates the beauty of Venus in Capricorn. It may not be the most exciting or romantic placement, but that is beside the point. Romance is cheap. Chemistry is easy to find. Gorgeous people are a dime a dozen. Real, stable, supportive love means so much more. Venus in Capricorn teaches us that there’s nothing hotter than someone you can count on. With commitment and practical support, there’s nothing you can’t build. That sounds pretty sexy to me.

What do you think of this story? Do you think practicality matters more than excitement? Where is your Venus?

17 thoughts on “How Venus in Capricorn Can Help You Find Love”

  1. Tracey C Doherty

    Natal Venus in Scorpio 4th house. Progressed: Venus in Capricorn for several years now in the 5th house. I like the progression. It is what I want: a practical love – to receive and give, and live it. Great read. Thank you Midara!

  2. Natal Venus (Taurus) trine Saturn (Capricorn) here. Love is steadfast and loyal. I’ll stand by you. And I expect the same. Love is considered, not easily won. If you’re my friend (or lover) you’re a keeper. Casual dating? Yick.

    Thanks for looking at the bright side, Midara.

  3. I have natal Venus In Capricorn. Love has alluded me. I watch shows and movies and crave the same sweetness and deep fortitude of some couples I see, and cry because I have never had that. Maybe I am fooling myself. But I believe a Sterling love can be real. I don’t know what keeps twisting and killing my relationship. I’m told it’s all my fault. But if that Farmer gave me the cheese, I’d have done the same as the youngest daughter. What is life without sharing?

  4. My natal Virgo Venus is in my 7H. Like a Capricorn Venus, my Venus shows her love via unsolicited acts of service and words of affirmation (Mercury-ruled Virgo).

    1. I have been wanting to write a post on Venus signs and love languages. I think you’ve inspired me to get it done! 🙂

      1. Yay! I’ve been looking into the astrological correlation with the love languages. I’m stumped on a few. It’s looking like ascendant and ascendant rulers, more so than Venus, are influencing some of them. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  5. Love the story, I’ve been all of those characters — woodswoman and each of those daughters. You live long enough, that happens … I count it as a blessing along with Jupiter’s influence to tell the stories! My natal Venus is conjoined Jupiter in Sagitarrius in the 11th House. Seeking out the bright, big pretty things and people in life has been my journey. That changed after my 2nd Saturn return. Consolidation became the order of my days and nights. I keep telling the story.
    My partner and husband — my committed relationship — has grown and evolved with the years and experiences. He has an 11th House Venus as well, widely conjunct Pluto in Leo. He was after a love –woman/partner from a culture that would blaze his world. He got me. With his Virgo practicality and Saturn in the 12th House we keep reinventing our story.
    Venus in Capricorn transits the 2nd half of my 12th House, crosses my natal Moon and ASC, then into the 1st half of my 1st House. This is good news, a good time to notice and invest in lasting love/resources and release the roles that don’t hold up a grandmother.
    Nice mythology woven with astrology. Two of my favorite tastes!!!!
    I have a Capricorn Moon, with a need to be secure in spite of, or perhaps to harmonize/to call on the practical.

  6. LOL, this tale MUST be about a Capricorn man. It’s so like them ?

    I have Mars in Capricorn and a lot of progressed planets in the sign too. My progressed Sun is about to enter Cap in 2 years time.

    I even have Juno in Capricorn.

    So, you would not be surprised to know my BF is a straight A Capricorn Ascendant.
    He shows love in kind acts. No artsy fartsy language or heavy seduction here.

    When we dated, he assisted me buying new speakers, and visited me so he could set them up, making sure all the wires sat in the right place.

    He pays for food and goods, he buys me pain killers before my period begins, he drives me anywhere I need to be (he wants to make sure I arrive safely)
    He fixes my blog for me, he help me with my internet… You name it!

    He is a very proud man, he likes control, he likes to be the MAN. He’s also quite bad at asking for help or input…. Men or just Cap?! 😉

    But his reliability make me feel like we can build something, that I am taken very well care of, and I feel very secure with him.

    This 4 X Scorpio girl don’t need anymore <3

  7. this is a great story 😀 i’m so like the middle daughter xDD i’ve wasted alot of good icky parts. i would never please a prudent money pinching man. but it is a great story and @Anette, YES it does sound like a very strong Saturnian man looking for a wife xD
    i hope you make more venus series on these stories, Midara! they are really interesting ^^

  8. You absolutely nailed it, Midara.
    I have been with a venus in Capricorn man for 31 years. He’s never let me down. If he says he will do something, he does it. He washes dishes, does laundry, cooks. Fixes everything broken thing. He put in a sink. Built me bookcases. Painted my room.

    He’s practical and frugal and always working, working. This year he was awarded a cross of merit from France for his work in photography. (kind of like Legion of Honor, on a lower level.)

    He isn’t flamboyant or dramatic. Just rock solid. And exactly what I need.

    1. Me and my belly strongly second this! ? venus in taurus here (moon,rising in cap) and I really dislike food waste. Apparently that makes me strong relationship material, cheese rind strong.

  9. My handyman is a Cap Rising with Aquarius in the 1H. He is in the perfect profession – he systematically and creatively solves every kind of home repair issue. He’s never failed me.

  10. Makes a lot of sense. ? I have a natal capricorn venus and being able to count on my partner is very important to me. Which is also why I don’t decide to enter relationships so lightly.

  11. I love your writing too, midara. In mine and my husband’s wedding chart we have Venus in capricorn (a stellium there actually) and have had that type of marriage for nearly thirty years. Interesting, thank you.

  12. Both of my children (7 and 16) have Venus in Capricorn and once in a way, I see this side of them; they may choose something because it appears to be “a good deal” rather than what they truly want. Sometimes they are willing to settle for a “sure thing”, eg. the promise of something they know I can deliver – as opposed to striving for some intangible object in the distance.

    I have a Venus in Leo conjunct Saturn and I like the grand romance. While I have been married to their father, who has Venus in Gemini, also conjunct Saturn for almost 20 years, I don’t think I would trade the sparkle of chemistry for plain ol’ “oh well, it works.” I’ve had that for the past twenty years and can sort of understand how I birthed 2 Venus in Capricorns. But I wouldn’t do that again.

    No siree. The Venus in Leo like the initial encounter best and if we had our way, every day would feel like the first time.

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