Mars Aspecting Jupiter in the Natal Chart

masksMars and Jupiter are strange bedfellows. The Lesser Malefic and the Greater Benefic don’t really have that much in common. Mars rules our anger, drive, and ambition. Jupiter rules our sense of joy, perspective, and our beliefs. Having them in aspect in the natal chart can be hard to manage!

A hard aspect like a square or opposition can mean that a person has trouble reconciling their drive and their perspective- the two energies are competing. Or it may be that they have trouble creating a unified worldview that can accommodate both the beauty of life and the injustice. In other words, their anger and their joy get in each other’s way.

And then you have someone like me, who has the two planets in a trine aspect. A trine is an aspect that lets the energy between the two planets flow freely and easily. I always had an inkling of how this played out, but even I didn’t know the extent of it.

A while ago I was talking to a lovely, perceptive friend and mentioned that I was feeling a little down. She lit up and said, “I know how to fix this! Whenever you’re depressed, all I have to do is get you angry about something stupid and you brighten right up!”

My mouth dropped open, but I realized she was right. All these years I had never known that about myself, but she had not only realized it, but had been using that knowledge strategically for years!

Whenever I’m upset, she comes in with a low-stakes irritation that she knows will get me ranting:

“Hey, what are your thoughts on that 13th zodiac sign?”

“Okay, but what if Black Moon Lilith really can be reduced to just sex and evil?”

“Maybe adults shouldn’t watch cartoons.”

She drops the bait, and off I go. She lets me babble angrily for about 5 minutes, and then afterward I always, always feel better. It’s like activating Mars gives Jupiter a little jolt to wake him up. Mars and Jupiter don’t always get along so well, but they don’t have to be in conflict. Sometimes a little dose of anger brings a lot of joy.

Who else has Mars and Jupiter in aspect? What is it like?

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  1. I have this aspect and I never realized this about myself until now. You are absolutely right! I also have my moon in Aries in the 12th house. What you have just revealed for me is very helpful information. Thank you so much Midara. As I’ve started to recognize your unique voice, more and more, I look forward to seeing posts from you.

  2. My husband and my daughter have the conjunction. Can’t say I understand much except they both are super powered and untiring at times

  3. Mars sextile Jupiter here, same as you, but I just realized it now when I read it. 🙂 I actually like this aspect, the way it manifest, I have a friend who always know how to make me angry, she lets me yell for about hour and then I feel better, but she is not aware of this aspect or astrology in general.

  4. I noticed mars/jupiter aspects tend to seem like dying of laughter (not that others don’t, but it’s very big and noticeable, they remind me of a lunar saggitarius aspected by jupiter), like mars conjunct jupiter, mars square jupiter, some are knee slappers, some are literally falling out of their seats and tilt their heads way back or bump into things and have small accidents because of their laughing. Like jupiter= laughing and mars= action? I have Mars biquintile Jupiter, such a tiny aspect What are you even doing here> my mars is otherwise all squares.

    1. Yes! Very insightful.

      Jupiter trine Mars, with Jupiter in Taurus on my ASC. Very quiet for a Sagittarius Sun. But make me mad or make me laugh, and I’m suddenly an extrovert.

  5. I have a sextile between Mars in ♊ and jupiter in ♈. I don’t like to get angry but I do like a good quality discussion. I am tolerant at other’s opposite opinions as long we have a good natured conversation. Can’t stand being yelled at or other ways to aggressively persuade me to change my views.

    1. Me too EXACTLY; although my Mars is also conjunct my Gemini Sun. I relate to what Midera writes as I have to immediately jump in and debate when I disagree with a perspective I think is foolish although I never considered it therapy. We’re you born in 1951as well ?

  6. Just like Dori, suddenly realized that my Mars is sextile Jupiter. I always forget about this b/c more often think only about its position, in Libra in 12th.
    I imagine that the sextile might help compensate for the usual wishy-washy avoidant style of this misplaced planet.
    And, I do have moments when I have sudden accesses of activity or reactions (although that sounds more like Uranus).
    Perhaps Jupiter brings enthusiasm, much needed to spark action. But the rest of the time facing decisions, actions etc. feels about as fun as going to the gallows.

  7. I have this aspect in a trine in synastry with my BF.

    We like a good discussion! And then, it always kinda wakes us up. It’s also like…. When I am angry at something or someone, his Jupiter steps in to make things better by making me seeing things in another view. Or divide the good from the bad (his Jupiter is in Virgo, mine is in Capricorn square my Moon).

    So, high energy here. Although, when I want to take action on something, needing control, he always stops me in my tracks because he needs to THINK about the options. Makes me so darn MAD all the time LOL! Moreover, his Jupiter also trines my BML, which plays into being a big story!

  8. My 4H Gemini Mars quincunxes my 9H Scorpio Jupiter. You are right, when something is bothering me I do tend to talk, indepth, with a trusted friend about an issue. Afterwards, I usually do feel better. If that doesn’t work, I’ll start researching the issue. The quincunx aspect adds an extra monkey wrench in efforts of reconciliation.

  9. That’s an interesting read!
    I have mars sextile jupiter (3 degree orb), 2nd to 4th house.
    This has manifested in my self by the presence of incredible support thru my paternal side of family. I m truly blessed. They keep me afloat.

    Also since in terms in anger (since mars rules it) I have mars in Capricorn so I dont like holding grudges, when angry I go into this disconnect mode and like to channel that energy in something productive ( i also have moon in Capricorn).

    Transit wise, pluto is exactly on top of my natal mars at 22 degree, with the approaching square from mars. I can feel a mini storm brewing inside me. For now I think I will keep my head down and let this pass

  10. I have Mars in the 1st in Libra trine Jupiter in the 9th in Gemini. I can so relate to this, Midara, its so true for me too.

    “A while ago I was talking to a lovely, perceptive friend and mentioned that I was feeling a little down. She lit up and said, “I know how to fix this! Whenever you’re depressed, all I have to do is get you angry about something stupid and you brighten right up!”

  11. Mars is also about Boundaries. He needs to be taught and brought along about what is ok and what is not. He is a protector and a sword master if trained correctly. I love Mars. I have Mars in Leo on my ascendent. He needs to work for a proper King or all bets are off.

  12. My triple sadgie has mars opposite jupiter by exactly 1 degree. They are also part of her grand square (squaring her saturn/neptune opposition). It comes to mind that early Sagittarius’ that were born in 2005 (like her) will have this/their fixed grand square lit up by uranus, then add in the square when saturn & jupiter move into aquarius. It’s not just her, I mean anyone born around that time that has a point (in taurus) will also have this grand square in their chart and it’s set to be lit up by the fixed square coming in.

  13. Yeah that sounds about right – Jupiter in Libra 26 – Mars in Scorpio 26 and Sun in Sag 25 degrees. The times that combo of sexiles and semis is lit up by transits of slower planets is actually WILD but ultimately GREAT STUFF. I TEND TO PROVOKE so that I have a reason to RANT. Makes me feel alive. People around me taught me its not a good strategy and I see the point. I should be running marathons or something like that to compensate but I enjoy a good discussion. Aquarius daughter bellows back at me, Aquarius son leaves the room and Leo daughter says : Mom, stop it. I love you.

    1. “I TEND TO PROVOKE so that I have a reason to RANT.” I get that,Su, and see how that shows up in others. Jupiter in the 11th House (Sag) trines Pluto-Saturn-Mars triple conjunction in Leo. There’s a character from an old “Pie in the Sky” Series. Hillary Smallwood makes me chuckle to wander if she’d have had a Jupiter-Mars thing going on. Helps me see the thing in me and that’s a gift.

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