How Well Do You Handle Criticism?

criticism say nothingI’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with criticism, over the years.  I’ve learned to never criticize anyone or anything unless my opinion is solicited. I’ve also learned how important it is to accept criticism. In fact, it’s a great fortune when someone with a fine mind shares their thoughts with you, even if they’re not cushy.

I’ve  also learned to set aside criticism from people I don’t respect while placing a higher value on criticism received from people I do respect. I’m pretty happy with the state of things.

Virgo is known to be most sensitive to criticism.   It’s worth keeping this in mind if you’re dealing with someone with planets in the sign.

How well do you handle criticism?  Do you offer criticism? Why or why not?

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  1. I’m not sure I handle it as well as I could; but I’m real good at giving it, lol!! Something to work on, I guess. I no longer give critisism, I’d have to be pretty seriously solicited to do so and even then, it’s only in small doses.

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    Anna in Canada

    I have 3 planets in Virgo and I’m critical but people often asked me for advice. They rarely like it though as my advice tends to be blunt and to the point.
    When Saturn in Virgo transited through my 12th house and hit my Uranus, Mars and Pluto, it was tough. I was hit with a lot of criticism re both my personal and professional lives. I listened to most of it but applied very little of it to myself. Why? Because in most cases, the person voicing the criticism was PROJECTING their own insecurity or jealousy issues onto me. I made huge, brave changes in my life during 2007 and 2008 and my actions scared the hell out of some people. I was fortunate to have access to one fine mind: a Scorpio colleague who gave me excellent advice even though it stung a little to hear it.

    1. Ha ha – I also have 3 planets in Virgo and people often ask me ‘What do you think?’ or I’d like your advice on something.” And yet when I give them advice/my thoughts, they go mental! I am honest and to the point and I don’t try to hurt their feelings but they can’t handle the ‘truth’. Subjective, I know. I learned to lie. Now when I’m asked my opinion by someone who doesn’t know me very well, I smile and say vague things that don’t offend. I don’t like being like that but when I say people get angry with me, it’s like a full blown nuclear explosion – they never speak to me again. For things that seem quite small, to me. Oh well…

  3. I don’t handle criticism well, but I value it if I believe it is sound. I only offer criticism when solicited.

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    This is inrerstkng because it’s
    Leaving Virgo sends in into my 6th natal house. I’m thinking that for ne criticism was most of my life over powering I just DID NOT handle it productivly. It’s time in Virgo opened those wounds to be cleaned out as it goes through my 6th house I expect to start a type I’d physical therapy I guess u could say to rehabilitate me and how I use this constructively:)

  5. I don’t mind criticism, but- I have to admit, I consider the source. If it isn’t someone that has some ‘history/experience’, then I let it go in one ear and out the other.

    Having an Aries Sun, I have to admit that I always think ‘I’m right’… so sometimes I have to consciously pay attention to others criticism and not just ignore it.

  6. Most of the time, I ask permission before I offer suggestions. I think I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to unsolicited criticism/advice. I think I’ve become better at receiving criticism, as I try to concentrate more on the message than the messenger. The challenge can be discerning whether or not there’s a deeper agenda to sift through.

  7. Like Teresina, I don’t handle criticism well. I have saturn aspecting both my sun and moon, I am my own worst critic. I don’t need other people adding to this. LOL

  8. In my experience, most of the people voluntarily offering criticism are morons or worse. Subsequently, I treat them with the indifference they deserve. If the criticism is deliberately malignant, I treat it with the contempt it deserves. If this is not enough, I can retaliate. That typically means setting up a trap and watching the self proclaimed expert trigger it himself. A careful analysis of the person in question usually reveals Ego related weaknesses easy to exploit. I can publicly offer the target some sound advice or instructions, knowing full well that anything coming from me will be laughed at. The target then proceeds to prove his point by doing everything exactly as he sees fit, which inevitably leads to a disaster he could have easily avoided by taking my advice. I can tell you it’s hilarious, watching a moron try to squeeze a square peg into a round hole, while all the people he meant to impress are watching him fail miserably. That’s what you get for criticizing a Capricorn unfairly.

    Fair and constructive criticism, however, is extremely useful and welcome. Unfortunately, that’s a rare phenomenon. Too many people using criticism to hurt other people have given criticism a bad name.

  9. I have Saturn and north node in Virgo in my 6th house and my moon in Leo. I don’t handle criticism well but I’m learning to accept it slowly. The problem is when I get criticized by people who think they know better but when called to do it, cannot do it as well as they can criticize. That’s the biggest problem I have, especially in business.

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    the laughing goat

    I have 3 planets in Virgo and criticism can crush me. It is sad to admit but I do look for validation from the outside. I used to think that I needed “feedback” but I have discovered that it’s validation that I seek from others. Which in turn has left me vulnerable to shitty people. This is leftover damage from my childhood that I am currently trying to scrub from my psyche. Transit Pluto 12H trine natal Pluto 7H. And I don’t readily offer criticism as I think I could crush someone and I won’t do that. I just say it to myself and let it be because I can be pretty ruthless.

    Side note – I do love my Virgo energy though.

  11. Virgo rising here, with aquarius moon in the 6th, and Cancer Mercury in the 11th… sometimes my aquarius side helps me to ignore criticism, sometimes it doesnt.

  12. Gosh, I have faced so much criticism in my life for not being like the others, I think I have a callous(sp?). And hell no, I don’t criticize. I just offer helpful suggestions. Tee hee tee hee.

  13. I view criticism as an opportunity to improve things, especially since most people seem reluctant to criticize me…And I try to view it objectively, and determine whether it has a sound basis, which it often does….

  14. With Saturn in Virgo opposing my Pisces Sun, I am always feeling criticized!

    You might not know it with my Cap ascendant and my 3 personal planets in Aries providing good cover, but inside my Pisces was always dying: wanting to evaporate be invisible or melt away.

    In my youth I seemed to always somehow put myself in situations to be criticized. Now in my wonderful maturity, I have figured out how to hide!

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    6th house planets in Scorpio. I am VERY sensitive, but I’ve been learning to stay with the shaky feeling when someone who works with me (who supervises) gives me criticism. I ask for feedback instead of waiting for it, so I’m not a sitting duck. Ugh.

    But also, I have learned to trust my spide-y senses and NEVER go back to places where my presence or effort is unwelcome or never up to snuff.

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      I appreciate you pointing out who the giver of the criticism is, Elsa…. and where they are coming from. So that you’re taking it with a grain of salt, a bigger grain if it’s a person who just doesn’t like me or my style of working, and has already decided who I am. Thanks. I will go where my hard work is helpful then.

  16. When you criticize someone, what is happening is that you see in the other person your own problems – basically you criticize yourself. So if you have a good attitude towards critics that means you have a chance to deal with yourself and correct some aspects. If your attitude doesn’t accept well critics that means you still have a long way to see yourself the way you are. Usually, your partner will tell you how you are because your partner manifests your problems.

  17. I’m a Virgo Ascendant, and I loathe being criticised. I can end up feeling crushed and diminished as I have a tendency to be hard on myself anyway and it’s difficult not to take everything that the person says as the absolute truth (which it might or might not be). I’ve also got Sun square Saturn, which doesn’t help ….

  18. I admit I hate it even if it’s constructive. My Sag moon makes me look for the positive and not what I see as negative! Pisces Asc and Leo stellium in the 6th. My Gemini Sun does eventually go over the facts. Haha

  19. I admit…i am a strong virgo with a stellium in my 1st house. I critise so much and i have no friends… I make them feel bad always…I hate myself for that but it comes automatic…

  20. Virgo metes out criticism. I wouldn’t expect they’d be the primary candidate to take it badly. I’d put that on the water signs, pisces, cancer, too sensitive to take criticism and too merciful to give it. Capricorn can take criticism I’d wager in order to improve but it’s like rejection and does hurt. I’m of the you can’t handle the truth school in most cases, even if radical honesty is a cool idea.

  21. Whatever you criticize virgo about, they are already WELL aware. There is a hope that somehow youve hidden it, or kept it under control. It’s already been observed, catalogued and corrected mentally for the next time so when someone points it out it can be annoying.

  22. I’m comfortable with criticism if I respect the person giving the criticism and believe them to be intelligent.

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