What Depletes Your Energy?

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We’re in a difficult period right now. You may feel yourself, fading. I learned from Scorpio, there are times you have to pull your horns in.  But that’s not the only sign the loses energy.

Mercurial types can see their brains get fried.
Libra gets out of whack.
Cancer has no choice but to retreat.
Caregiver types have to constantly monitor their output… etc.

It helps to identify people or things that deplete your energy so you can limit your exposure. In some cases, you actually avoid all contact.

It can be a person or the news or a website but it can also be an addiction or distracting habit you have.

It’s just as important to identify things and people who replenish you. Let’s discuss this.

What depletes your energy? What replenishes it?

21 thoughts on “What Depletes Your Energy?”

  1. This post is so apt. I’ve been thinking about this. I have a current addiction to looking at statistics for social media. I find it draining and I came here to your blog to get informed. I’m also seeking advice from others and it’s helping me stay balanced.

  2. Logging onto news sites and twitter while drinking morning coffee, need to stop that, I’m usually angry and a bit depressed before the day has begun!

    1. Listening to music or reading something nice might help? I used to have an hour in the morning where I’d do yoga and not check my phone. I did the Louise Hay morning meditation.. it sort of put me in a good vibe..

  3. I feel like I’m in a prison (Sun conj Saturn?), but the only person who can get me out is me.
    Paradoxically I dream of DOING NOTHING for a while, just sit and stare out the window.
    So, what is draining me? It’s me. I deplete myself.
    Also I tend to avoid contacts. The few people I know drain me.
    I don’ really like to run away, but…
    My Mars is currently opposed by Mars and squared by Jupiter in transit. Like, I just want to hibernate.
    I feel I have no energy left at all. Wake me up next spring.

    1. It feels like humans are sliding off the map. Or we’re in a burning forest.

      Datsun, do you feel like you’ve mastered your 12th house mars? My Pluto transit has felt like a cliff edge.

  4. Satsun. Same here.sun and mercury in scorpio 12th house. Libra in Mars 22 degrees. I will be officially a senior citizen next month. I am getting way too comfortable just staying inside during this epidemic .

  5. Depletes: 6th house Capricorn Moon/Jupiter has a tendency to go overboard caring/taking care of and giving to others on a daily basis. Replenishes: Learning to balance this with my 12th house Cancer Sun by taking time alone (usually at home) has been a life long lesson that I am getting the hang of.

  6. Avatar

    Really good post.

    I have strong feelings about political issues but reading about current political news beyond 5 minutes completely ZAPS me of energy. I vote but that’s it. I DON’T talk about politics with friends family, unless they bring it up & are incessant.

    What else—-Disappointment: mine and others. Kills me.

    Let’s not talk about how the world is ending in one way or another. Let’s figure out what wasn’t working, and do something that helps. Uranus in Taurus is causing some straight up topsy-turvy stuff. Straight up.

    1. People with kids and the kids themselves are getting the most dark. What shitstorm are they gonna see? In their mind there’s no room for denial or optimism.

  7. Interacting with too many people at the same time or interacting too often with the same person, and in the literal sense – can’t cope with summer heat- melting and messes with my blood pressure big time. Replenishment- a good night sleep, a shower, listening to music, walking in my yard, watering the flowers and feeding the wandering kitty. I feel very calm before a storm, I love that smell, the dark clouds and the wind and being outside when it’s like that. It feels great.

    1. I have Uranus sextile my Ascendant. I have often met new and exceptional people, who are not afraid to let their freak flag fly when I needed it the most. It is one of the most liberating things ever!

      Conversely – I have Libra 8th house Moon. I noruish myself with energy from other people and deep partnerships. Unfortunately it is in a square to Mars, which has attracted a lot of angry people into my life. As a counterpart to that, deeply sexual encounters also noruish me but that is scarce at the moment.

      What I can’t stand is blockages from others. And unfairness simply kills my spirit. Control does too. It killed my interest in my profession a year ago. Haven’t found it yet!

      With Saturn conjuct Pluto natally in the 8th, I am BOUND to meet blockages. Am doing it now with the Capricorn squares to Libra. The key is to take it in but not let it get to your soul and get personal. That can come soon enough when Saturn in Aquarius will square my Stellium of personal planets in Scorpio.

      Lack of freedom (9th house Stellium) kills me literally, as my Sun is in the 9th. Lack of freedom in love and beliefs kills my feelings and beliefs too. So, 2021-2024 will be a blast. I can feel it. But nevertheless – Uranus in Taurus will make sure to crave freedom in thinking and ideas. Personal stuff. I am ruled by this, and it will square Saturn. Both are in some of the most stubborn signs. Sigh.

  8. Yelling, noise and violence make me shrink back. I hate it even if it’s “necessary”. I like constructive co-operation and hunour!

  9. I think animals are important in showing us a bigger world. Right now I am fascinated by horses and have been reading books about them and watching films such “Buck” about the horse whisperer.

    Just cuddling with my two cats also de-stresses me. Every day one of them does something amazing which I get to relate to my partner.

    1. Buck is amazing:) He’s got a cool chart too. We used to have horses here on the property where I live. I don’t ride, but I loved hearing them walk around and eat, the most soothing noises.

      As far as cats, I think Eckhart Tolle said that hes known many Zen masters and all of them have been cats:)

  10. I sat with this question for a couple days. It’s a big question and a good one and I wanted to be truthful about it. So the things that drain my energy the most are energies that attempt to pin me down, define me or put me or my thinking in a box, because I spend my energy there trying to get free of the constraints. Of course ultimately those constraints are in my own mind, but still, there are groups and people and “information” that represent or trigger that for me.

    When I’m alone or with someone accepting, I can remain free and undefined and it’s blissful and effortless and takes no energy to just BE.

  11. I had to sit with it for some time too. I came to the conclusion that the energies that are the most draining for me are represented by my south node in Libra, 3rd house. People pleasing – specifically diplomatic communications, and perfectionism – especially refining things to excruciating detail for others. These things can be so very satisfying! But leave my energy level at empty.

    If I look to my north node in Aries, 9th house, for replenishment, that would mean I am energized by that which is new, coarse, incomplete, singular, wide open, free thinking, uninhibited, and wild. This is true!

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