Moon Conjunct Neptune And The Desire To Merge

You know how you hear Moon Neptune wants to merge… and Scorpio exchanges energy? Well here is the soldier’s Moon Neptune in Scorpio talking. It does not get more textbook than this.

“You in my business yet, P?”

I laughed.

“I’m just checking. You know back when we were in Charlotte when we first met up?”


“You asked me if I wanted you to give you some space and I couldn’t believe it. The last thing in the world I want from you is space.”

“Yeah. Well you told me you didn’t like people in you body space so I thought this would be smart. I was trying to be considerate of you and respectful.”

“Well I don’t like people in my space, that’s true. I hate people to get in my space but you’re not people. You’re someone I love and I want to be as close to you as I can get. I would like to have you with me just as close as you can get to me at all times. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind it if we were Siamese twins. Yep. As far as I’m concerned, we could be Siamese twins for all of eternity and that would suit me just fine except for it’s not long enough. Eternity is too short for us, P.”

“You like to plug in.”

“To you? Yep.”

“Okay, so do I. And we can do it but you know we’re going to get kicked back into the world. Right back out there to land on our heads in pain of wake up.”

“Yeah, damn it.”


9 thoughts on “Moon Conjunct Neptune And The Desire To Merge”

  1. I have Moon/Neptune conjunct in Libra – the merge part; and Moon trine Uranus – the space part. In general I prefer more space than merge, and this has gotten stronger over the years. Time to myself is pretty important & I have always been very particular about whom I allow physically close. 🙂

  2. feh. venus and neptune are triney. actually, i have a venus/neptune/pluto/saturn kite thing in air and fire. mostly fire.

    i like to fall in deep. if i do anything. most of the time i’d rather be far far away. except when i do decide i really really like someone. (which is rare.) i guess it can be a bit of a shock. i’m kind of extremely reserved. until i get to know someone well enough to decide i like them. and then i don’t _want_ boundaries. much. at all. though the cautious part of my brain keeps putting the brakes on. (saturn, i guess. it’s a good thing. usually.)

  3. neptune-mercury-moon in sagittarius/scorpio sun/venus-pluto conjunction in libra/12th over here – definitely want to merge.
    even with mars-uranus in the 1st, they’re in libra…and i can always create time and space to do my own thing to make them happy.

  4. Moon in Pisces, wants to merge. Moon in 9th house, wants freedom. Moon trine Neptune, wants to merge. Moon trine Jupiter, wants freedom. Moon opposite Pluto, wants to merge. Moon opposite Uranus, wants LOTS of freedom.

    Am I a confused and contrary puppy, or what? 😉

  5. @tinkerer – poor you. Here´s another pisces moon that can relate. Conjunct saturn (closeness is pain, unless i merge completely. But then I´m the other?), opposing Uranus (FREEDOM!!), square Sag rising (don´t stand between me and the horizon!), opposing Pluto (deep under the skin is where it starts, not where it ends!).

    At least Gemini sun has a fun time merging with themselves, as we´re two already. Oh, square moon, did I mention that? Talk about confused…

  6. I have moon conj neptune.. I feel a need to learn to be centered and not merge. I get lost in other people. If i’m in a group and people are talking, i listen to them and forget I exist. I forget to comment or talk.. I just watch them. Also plutonian people mess me up big time. They suck my identity. I’m serious, this is a problem for me. I wish I was centered. I’ve felt centered a few times in my life and it makes me feel protected. I like it.
    Maybe I didn’t understand what you meant by merging, maybe it’s something else and it feels good. The merging I’m talking about doesn’t feel very good.

  7. I also have Moon/Neptune in Scorpio. I realised that I don’t have people I have persons (very few, close individuals who I love stronger than life). The Siamese twins imagery fits me to a tee.

  8. This was freaking hilarious ! 😀 I have moon/Neptune in exact conjunction in scorpio and it was like hearing myself talking .. 😉

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