How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Virgo?

Virgo goddessWorking with a client with a zero degree Virgo sun, I had to consider the impact of his Pluto in Aquarius transit. I have not been able to stop thinking about it, which offers a clue.

For newbies or anyone who may not realize it, Virgo is inconjunct (or quincunx) Aquarius. You can read more about the nature of that aspect below.  But for this post, I want to focus on how Pluto in Aquarius might impact Virgos since it’s becomming obvious to me and guess what? It’s interesting!

If you’re looking at this in relation to your sun, moon or other planets, know that this aspect is usually given a tight orb. Three degrees, max. That doesn’t mean you can’t see or feel it coming four degrees out. I’m just giving you some kind of measure.  We’re talking about Pluto here and regardless of who Virgo might be dissed in astrology, these are sensitive people, kind of like a tuning for or many an antenna. So in this case, I would give this transit three degrees applying and two degree separating. As Pluto moves out, you’d be dealing with the aftermath.

Virgo is a thinker.  When Pluto aspects planets in Virgo, obsession is likely to be featured. You can think obsessively but this may also take the form of OCD, germaphobia and such.  I know that doesn’t sound good but it must be said!

On the upside, Virgo will be able to think deeply and when you marry the typical Virgo brain to lighting-fast Aquarius and Pluto-type keen instinct or insight… well you see what I mean. Virgo is going to be one to watch. It’s like boosting the signal of a person who is already high-strung and intelligent.  There’s going to be an affect.

This is Satori’s post on the quincunx.

The Quincunx Aspect

So tell me, are there any Virgos out there, starting to tweak?

39 thoughts on “How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Virgo?”

  1. I don’t want to think about Pluto opp uranus in early Aquarius. 6 degrees. And maybe I will not live to tell the story of Pluto opp Pluto MH at the end of aquarius.

    As far as the Cancer/Virgo quincunx, 8-11 degrees will be my quincunxamania. Cancer moon * Virgo sun jupiter. It’s all right in there with the Leo uranus thing at 6. I have no clue. Something to ponder. It seems like alot to think about.

  2. wow, good post on the energies of virgo /aquarius. ^^
    i always love the two together in a chart i notice, like the writers and actors. h.g wells comes to mind, virgo sun/aqua moon writer of time traveling. he always wanted to “fix’ the outcome and “save” the woman he loved; the genius of repeat repeat until u get a different outcome.

  3. The other inconjunct worth noting is between Virgo and Aries. This is becoming significant later this year with all of the time Mars spends in Aries. Effective use of finite resources ( Virgo) is linked to Mars and Aries – right action – which is the domain of Pluto.

  4. That’s interesting.

    I’m a 5* Virgo sun with Moon in Aquarius. I also have an 11th house stellium and many planets in aspect to Uranus. So this will be something to think about.

  5. Using Placidus, I have an 11th House stellium starting with Moon at 28 Cancer, then Sun, Uranus Mercury in Leo, followed by 12th House Pluto at 4 Virgo, and Mars 8 Virgo. So I have Saturn and Pluto currently opposing my Moon, then Saturn will go on to oppose my Leo stellium, then conjunct my Chiron, as transit Pluto eventually comes into orb to quincunx my natal Pluto, then Mars. My reading of Pluto in Aquarius is that it (already is) ushering in the Age of the Machine, with most if not all of us losing personal power to A1 and techno surveillance. As an earthy, spiritual and intensely private person, I can’t tell you how much I have dreaded the coming of this era. Do I join the facelss masses, have that chip or whatever inserted into my body, my every waking moment tracked and recorded, or do I – can I – find a rock to crawl under and hide for the rest of my life?

  6. So with natal Pluto at 5° Virgo and Jupiter at 6° Aquarius, I should expect to bug out in a grand way? Having gotten through this much of 2020, I’m looking forward to future battles. I learn so much from all this insanity.

  7. Hitting me deeply with my mom’s body and health withering away and her putting off the inevitable by being mean to me. Aquarius moon, Virgo sun, Venus, Mercury, North node, Pluto.

  8. I am a Scorpio but I have a lot of Virgo in my chart: 1 degree Jupiter in 12th conjunct ascendant which is 2 degrees Virgo. Venus in Virgo 15 degrees in 1 st house and Pluto in Virgo 23 degrees in 1st house. Scorpio is 3 degrees in 3rd house which is ruled by Libra. Saturn in Aries 8 degrees in 8th house. What’s Pluto in Aquarius gonna do to me?

  9. I live in Australia (born in Sydney) and I have Sun in Virgo (8th house) Aquarius rising 13 degrees. Moon in Capricorn (12th house). I am 63 and am looking to retire in about 3-5 years. How will this Pluto in Aquarius transit affect me? Thankyou!

  10. give me a couple years when it starts rolling closer to all my planets in the 12 degree zone… rn i’m just sooo glad it’s off my sun, finally!
    this does help me understand some of my quincunxes a little better…
    obsession isn’t inherently bad- it’s often how scientific breakthroughs are made 🙂

  11. I have pluto in Virgo on the one degree. Lots of things are happening with me and ‘other’ people.

    I have always thought that worry is a big Virgo thing. I am trying not too.
    I can’t fix everything…that’s Virgo too.

    My niece is 24 days sober ( Saturn Picses transit is part of this too). A good start.

    Her pets (Virgo) a Staffy and a yellow-beared dragon are safe and being cared for. Have you ever written about psychic animals? That dog Bentley, was no ordinary dog…

    Change began with Pluto Cap. Conj. her Uranus at 29 ( critical degree) in the 12th.

    I am trying not to look too far ahead.

  12. My Moon is not only at 0 degrees it’s conj. Pluto (both in the 9th House). I have not been sleeping well, so feeling disturbed a bit. So perhaps my moods will go from up to down and not always come up? I also have been moving away from being dependent on an online Meditation Sangha I have been with for almost 2.5 years. I am trying to build up my own practice and not be so reliant on the daily online experience. I do have a lot on my plate though now too so doesn’t fit in as easily as it did. I think Pluto is already restructuring my “friends” online and it will be interesting to see where that goes.

    My S.O. is a Virgo with a 0 degree Pisces Moon, but I don’t know how this Pluto in Aquarius aspects it-I think he has been very sensitive to many comments or discussions lately and is feeling quite overwhelmed with things right now. Luckily, we are going to go to an Art museum on Thursday, so I am hoping this will refresh us but especially him. I found an Airbnb too on a nearby farm in near some woods that I hope we go stay at to get away from the stress of life even if for two or three days.

  13. I have a Virgo moon @ 1 degree in the 12th house and then a Virgo ascendant @27, so I’m probably going to be affected at the beginning of this Pluto cycle and at the very end.

    I just feel sorta uneasy. Been trying to get my coworkers into astrology so they learn along with me in learning.

    How can you tell if it’s applying or separating?? By degree?

  14. Avatar
    Aquarius Lurker

    Virgo sun with 5 degree Aquarius ascendant here. As Pluto closes in, I am increasingly self-absorbed and at the same time find myself so boring. I want out. But instead keep getting pulled close to look at myself and the same-old same-old tricks I get up to. Now I get why actors act! They get to try out different personas, and everyone around them plays along and afterwards congratulates them on their ‘depth’. That must feel great. I’m envious

  15. it’s not fair to accidentally have a wrong email address entered and lose everything I’ve written, sigh. This knowledge of the animal ‘Inconjunction’ has given a BIG AHA moment to myself, my husband and my son. I wish I had known of this earlier, but I trust in divine timing.
    Thank you!

  16. Pluto transit Aquarius 7th house will quincunx my natal 3rd house Uranus, electric, shock-mind, starting 3 years from now. Gut flash vision a person /relationship
    will cause some kind of mental revelation in my life.

  17. Virgo sun 16 degrees; Aqua moon 8 deg; Aqua rising 22……been dealing with huge family change and clearing both physical space and emotionally (a parents death, the last one to pass) over the last 6 months. Coming to the end of the process but feeling like I have a completely blank slate to fill now. Family dynamic has changed to the point where it is unrecognizable. My relationships with siblings have gone awry, feeling like they are unlikely to return after this chapter. As Sartori wrote…. Pluto “What goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that is down can come up.” Is that it ??

  18. My natal moon is 0 Virgo in the 5th H. Transiting Pluto at 0 Agua in my 10th H.
    My 10 H has been getting a real workout of late. With Saturn finally leaving it after several years of challenges , tears,and blocks, now my focus will have a similar theme, that of changes to “who I am and how I present myself to the world”. Perhaps Saturn transiting the 10th H was the rehersal for Pluto taking up residence in my 10th for a good many years” in front of me.

  19. Hi all,

    I have Moon, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo; just because I fast 23 hours a day, eat one meal, add generally avoid carbs does not make me obsessive 🙂

  20. I have Pluto on my sun right now but I have my AC, Uranus, Pluto, moon at 6, 14, 16, 18 Virgo, respectively, and Mars at 27 Virgo. It will be years before Pluto aspects my Virgo planets, but my AC will be touched in 2027. What might that be like?

    1. I hesitated before replying because my situation is not a replica of yours but its mirror image. Could be helpful in the reverse? Anyway, here goes. Pluto will oppose my Virgo sun in 2027, and is now about to conjunct my Ascendant. So far the effect of having Pluto at the Ascendant is being able to see what is harsh about my own character, and realizing I can’t escape being ‘me’. I’m going to have to deal with it somehow. So your case could be the mirror image of that? Perhaps you will start seeing terrible things about others and will have to grapple with it, for example. And what about you? Any tips on what I might experience when Pluto opposes my sun, based on your Pluto-Sun experience?

      1. The Pluto sun conjunction has driven me to take a deep dive into who I am, what I believe, why, how…all that. I’ve been feeling it for months leading up to this, even some last year. It’s been really interesting and in some ways, it’s made me more open to new things, where I compare what or how I believed before, with new information or analysis I have now.

        I’m thinking that Pluto opposite sun might have you reflecting, learning about your relationship to, with, and among others, your place there.

        Also considering other aspects in your chart that could make this transit more supportive to you. I have moon Pluto natally. I don’t know what it’s like to have another kind of moon, but I think this is supportive of my current transit. Like, it’s a little relatable. Also, my sun is trine my Mars (I always forget about this lol) but I think this has also made me a little less fearless in seeking knowledge.

        1. Thanks! That’s very helpful. Picking up on your idea of the others and where I fit in: because this is Pluto, and Pluto transforms, maybe other people’s views of me will be transformed – they might want me out of their lives! Yikes. Sorry for being morose. My AC and Mars are both trine Pluto, so as much as I’d like to, I can’t sugarcoat Pluto because I know its power too well. I’m usually optimistic (Sadge moon). But that’s gone out the window since Pluto entered in cool Aquarius…

          1. It’s ok! For some years I was petrified by Pluto coming for my sun, because it was also coinciding with my second Saturn return. See how that could be worded: “Pluto is coming for my sun”. While it’s true that Pluto does approach and cover it, I think that type of description is self-defeating. In addition, I had a consultation with Elsa. Looking at the totality of my chart, as well as other things happening in my life, my attitude towards it, she was able to alleviate any potential fears. It also reminded me of something she said in a previous consultation (paraphrasing): All the experiences you’ve had leading up to this planetary event are preparing you, or have prepared you for this. Knowing that, you can use that to help navigate. And hopefully we’ve all learned from our life experiences.

            Just some food for thought 😃

  21. Maybe we’ll get some better fashion from you babes. Cause the redo of the redo is kinda wack. Also I’m lacerolla lol I’ve always wanted to do fun stuff like fashion design. Lace being my favorite pattern

  22. I have Virgo ascendant 11° and a Virgo stellium with Venus 0°, Sun 1°, Mercury 3° and Pluto 28°. Transiting Pluto will conjunct my natal Mars in Aquarius 13° in the 6th house on the exact day of my second Saturn Return in April 2031. A year after that transiting Pluto will conjunct my North Node in Aquarius 14° also in the 6th house so I’m expecting to be greatly affected by Pluto’s transit through Aquarius starting this year and over the next decade. I’ve been at a crossroads involving work over the past few years and health problems I never had before are starting to show up.

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