The Quincunx Aspect

off balance see-saw“What goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that is down can come up.”
–George Burns

The aspect of the quincunx (sometimes referred to as the inconjunct) is usually not characterized as a major aspect, but I think it should be. It’s measured as 150 degrees from point to point, and most astrologers keep its orb small, two or three degrees. By orb one means only two or three degrees off exact. I’ll err a bit further if it’s the Sun or Moon involved or an important planet like the chart ruler.

The glyph for the quincunx looks like a picnic table viewed from the short side, or a see-saw. It’s a challenging aspect. It has a similarity to an opposition in that both ends require attention and the challenge is to balance. In larger terms you can see them both as see-saws. With the opposition, the fulcrum of the see-saw is low enough that the planets on each side can touch their feet to the ground at the same time. It is possible to balance with each being on equal footing. In the case of the quincunx, the balancing point is so far off the ground that only one side touches down at a time.

In terms of how the planets in a quincunx interact, it is very much like that big see-saw. In the example of Venus and the Moon in quincunx, a person would find it impossible to satisfy their wants and their needs at the same time. To understand you can contrast this with Venus and the Moon in square or opposition where a compromise can be reached by learning to accept something that’s not your natural ideal. With a quincunx between Venus and the Moon that’s too big a stretch. The solution here is to accept that you can have one and then the other, back and forth in succession, but not at the same time.

Do you have a quincunx in your chart? How does it manifest for you?


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  1. Moon to Pluto. You wrote about this before and when I realized it what was going on it was like a smack in the face.
    My moon has not the first clue what’s up with my pluto and vice versa. They don’t get eachother at all and it can cause quite the duality sometimes. I’ve got a ton of Neptune vs Pluto issues. They fight eachother in my chart. LOL

  2. Venus at 26 Scorpio, Moon at 26 Gemini. It’s true, you cannot have lighthearted communication and intensity and depth at the same time. I have a few friends for one thing and one friend for the other.

    And many do not get this dichotomy of mine. They either meet the Moon or Venus while being unaware of the existence of the other. It annoys me to no end. I dislike being one dimensional

  3. Jupiter, the focus of a yod, so in quincunx with both Mars/Asc and Saturn. For sure, a hard to satisfy combination.

  4. @ Satori, I agree that the inconjunct should be regarded as a major aspect, and now that I have discovered them in my chart, I see very much just how influential they are in my life.

    I have the following with these orbs:

    Sun – Mars 3.5
    Sun – Saturn 0.5
    Sun – Pluto 6 (runs into the bi-quintile?)

    Mars – Chiron 1.9
    Saturn – Chiron 2.1

    Yes, I have issues with authority, LOL. Learning about these has given me a lot of insight into some of my behavioral patterns and tendencies. Interesting! I just hope to be able to master them better…

  5. – What do you all feel is the best way of overcoming the obstacle of the inconjunct?

    I found this link with the following description:

    A quincunx is what we call when at least two planetary bodies are 150Β° degrees apart. This aspect is also referred to as the inconjunct. Many astrologers consider this aspect to be minor; however, it is not a minor aspect, and the impact can be greatly felt.

    It basically represents an an unpleasant blend of jerky stop and start energy that cannot seem to merge. It sometimes things flow well, but then it doesn’t. Unlike the conjunction when two planets join forces, working together, the quincunx is just the opposite. The two planetary bodies involved in the quincunx will forever waver back-and-forth and can never blend or work together. If utilizing energy from one planet involved of the inconjunct, the energy from the other planet will remain inaccessible at that moment and vice versa.

    In synastry, it is guaranteed that two people having a quincunx involving the luminaries will never stay together because they have nothing in common. In synastry, this aspect found amongst personal planets represents nothingness, which is even worse than sharing a bad aspect.

    The tighter the aspect between two planetary bodies, the more powerful the quincunx will be and the more intensely it is felt. It is considered a quincunx within 10-12Β° degrees orb if a luminary is involved. If the Sun or Moon is not involved in the aspect, an orb of 8Β° degrees is still considered. The further away the planets get from one another, the less impact it will make.

  6. I have 7.

    All are within 0-2 degrees. Most of them are exact. Blah.

  7. Love this post!

    My Sun and Moon are quincunx (though not in exact degrees- about 4 off). It’s nasty. I cannot “live my sun and satisfy my moon” for shit.

    I also have an exact Mercury/Uranus quincunx, but that doesn’t bother me nearly as much. Both of ’em boil down to “I think weird,” so it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

    “Venus and the Moon in square or opposition where a compromise can be reached by learning to accept something that’s not your natural ideal.”

    If you ever want to post more about this, I’d be interested… I’m not sure what to make of that phrase, but it sounds interesting.

  8. I just have Venus inconjunct Neptune-Asc. I often fantasize about a mate that would listen to my “boring” stories, do crossword puzzles in bed with me sometimes, sit and talk with me when I cook, take me somewhere I can dress fancy without feeling ridiculous, give me backrubs, tell me “boring” stories, cook while I sit and talk to him, be my exercise buddy, let me tell him when I have a crush on someone else without getting crazy jealous, this list just goes on for about 25 years. But I know that if I ever met this guy, I would call my girlfriend and be like “OMG, this guy is such a puss!”
    I’ve always said I wish I had a clone so I could marry her! (I know, ew!)

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    gods left hand


    the inconjunct is a mixed blessing, it depends on the houses into which it falls, it will create some mess if we don`t choose to integrate them

    like if you have quincunx between 5th and 10th, you must create separate spaces for those activities in your life, a “battlefield” for the career and “garden” for the sensual side

    and it makes sense, why the hell would you want to fight your lover, or sleep with your business partner, yes I know it`s a “crazy” world out there, but let`s just not forget to separate hollywood fiction from real life

    our chart is not our destiny, it`s the raw materials, it`s the transits and progressions that activate and evolve it, nothing is perfect, so don`t expect it to ever run smooth

    on the other hand, now we got Neptune transiting it`s domicile, this means that people with planets in Libra and Leo are up for some strange surprises in the coming years; the Uranus-Pluto square is going to be the “shock”, while the Neptune inconjunction is going to be the “added surprise”; you know like in the tv, call us now ad we`ll deliver you this extra kick in the butt

  10. @ Sue – interesting. Sun in cancer/12 inconjunct Saturn in sag/5. What comes to mind is a self behind the scenes, family, ancestors, spirituality on the one hand, and on the other: obligations in mutable sag in the fifth – performing, creativity, teaching. Possible energies that cannot seem to merge: Being behind the scenes/responsibility in the spotlight. I don’t know if this is true for you at all?

    I have the opposite (almost): Sun in sag/6 inconjunct Saturn in cancer/12 (7/8 degree orb).

    Being with others, I tend to merge with them to a point where I can’t breath and I just have to break out and be on my own. Relationships versus alone-time is one of my things.

    Other inconjuncts:
    Sun inconjunct Asc(0.2 degree)
    Sun inconjunct saturn (8 degree)
    Moon inconjunct saturn (6degr)
    Mercury inconjunct saturn (7 degree)
    Jupiter inconjunct pluto (2 degree)
    Neptune/NN 5 inconjunct saturn (7degree)
    Asc inconjunct black moon lilith (1 degr)

    … so all the luminaries are involved. With saturn. Stepping into my own authority is a major challenge here – I’m trying… And forgive myself for not always succeeding πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks, @ ibi. I do need alone time (Sun in 12) and sometimes struggle with my management job, having to mingle and socialize with employees (Saturn in 5, obligations/responsibility in the spotlight).

    I haven’t seen a Venus quincunx Mars story here but have one to tell. My one-time crush-turned-lover with Venus quincunx Mars had a platonic live-in gal pal he loved, and he could only relate to me sexually. The platonic beloved gal pal won him (?) with his Venus sextile Saturn.

  12. I have moon in leo, inconjunct mars in capricorn….its giving me a headaches.every day i need to fight with myself , to cool myself down.i really feel the tension in myself, and sometimes its almost impossible to control it.It feels like i have to punch something, or do something ultra crazy in the moment, in order to release the tension.Sometimes my reactions are very fast, i just feel something in my throat, and i feel anger and fear at the same time , if im provoked….sometimes i feel like i can conquer the world sometimes i feel like i cant move….its really frustrating.i would like to solve it somehow, it adds weight to my everyday life.i really have to hide myself sometimes because of that tension, because i dont want people to think im weirdo, because im not…help, if anyone knows what im talking about.i dont want to have girlfriend, eventho, girls really likes me.i dont want that anyone see or sense that in me, because i wont be able to explain them.

  13. I have two yods, both include my Moon in Gemini and my Saturn conjunct Neptune in Capricorn. One consists of Moon in Gemini sextile Ascendant in Leo and they both inconjunct Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn and the other consists of Saturn and Neptune sextile Pluto in Scorpio and they all inconjunct my Moon in Gemini. Then, I also have Venus in Sagittarius inconjunct Jupiter in Cancer. I do notice that I have a tendency to view the world as I’d like it to be rather than as it is. I also notice that I have trouble knowing how I feel until I’m isolated from others, I also used to be uncomfortable being by myself but now I’ve found it to be helpful to my sanity. I have definitely idealized love and romance and I used to have difficulty in establishing a relationship, but now I’m in one and our Suns are inconjunct exactly within 3 degrees. I have scoliosis and crooked teeth but they haven’t been a hindrance so far. I’ve been very interested in spirituality, psychology and transformation, which has been helpful in understanding my emotions, though I would say that I look at my feelings in a very detached and intellectual manner.

  14. The seesaw explanation really helped, I’m a aries saturn in the 1st inconjunct jupiter in virgo 6h house. Im interperting this as my inability to be displined. Im a triple capricorn so you would think I would be structured and I’m not. I only delve on the surface of my life never digging deep and accomplishing what I think I want. When jupiter is activated I live large, feel optimistic, get things done that have been on my mind but. My health is good but I take horriable care of myself. When I really need to be displined I find myself feeling that its drudgery and become easily overwhelmed and resentful. I need to find balance that sound like it’s impossible to find…only acceptance. Bummer!!!

  15. Can someone please describe a venus quincunx mars aspect in synastry? What is it like? It’s a difficult aspect to you, a deal breaker? Thank you!

    1. Someone else can chime in but for me that is a toughie for sexual chemistry. Venus person will be uncomfortable and perplexed by the Mars person’s sexual approach. Venus square or opposite Mars is challenging enough.. you didn’t detail the rest of the synastry, but yes it would make sex challenging, I’d believe. Saturn contacts, positive Sun/Moon contacts would add substance.. but I’d say sex is a big part of relationships for those who aren’t asexual.

      1. Thank you, Kri! It’s a crush. I found out too late that he was interested. Then life happened and now he creeps into my mind. Seeing him and his cute eye-smile doesn’t help. But I was also really curious about this aspect as inconjuncts seem just so odd. There is a tight sun trine moon, venus trine sun, but also heavy saturn moon contacts and pluto square moon. Well, there goes that. At least I am seeing a pattern in this synastry for the attraction (my natal venus is square saturn and opposite pluto among other things).

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    Shimmering Light

    Great Article. I have 5 quincunxes. Venus-Moon is one (thanks for the explanation above!). The other 4 are in a double Yod, i.e. one apex planet (Jupiter retrograde) and Uranus-Pluto in a sextile with Mercury-Sun.

    My experience of quincunxes/the Yod is like when you’re driving and, despite looking in the wing mirror, you are surprised when someone overtakes you because…you didn’t see them coming. In other words, a blind spot. So, for me it’s a case of having to turn my head and pay attention to that which is out of my field of vision. Easier said than done though.

  17. I have Sun, moon, South node, mercury and pluto quincunx Pluto. But Ascendant opposite the transit pluto too. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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    James Slattery

    Sun in Gemini inconjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, 4th and eighth houses. Some things I need to feel secure in a relationship are granted to me by a partner but in an on/off fashion. Money, sex. assets and self esteem all figure in this.

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