Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: How The Subconscious Works

Well now that was unexpected. I am just back from picking up Vid at the bus stop, I went to get him on my scooter.

I pick him up in a city park parking lot and as soon as I’d pulled up and parked another mother made a beeline for me. I had no thought in my head as I swung my leg over to get off the bike and get Vid’s helmet from the back there so when she asked about my daughter well…

Well I told her. I told her short story, end game. I told her my daughter’s current status leaving out… everything. I thought to tell her this was personal and ask she not spread it around but I realized that was ridiculous. It’s not personal, at least not the way I was saying it and the more attention I gave to the thing the more talk I’d inspire. Further, I was telling her and guess what? I didn’t even know her name.

I mean I know the woman, sort of. Our kids have gone to this (these) schools together for years and surely we’ve introduced ourselves but how am I going to remember her name when I can’t even recognize the principal who was instrumental over a period of years?


In the end the kids got off the bus and she went off, no doubt she’s got some folks she has got to call. Not that I blame her, she’ll be doing me a favor. As I think about it (this happened 10 minutes ago) the information I gave her was pretty much perfect. It’s the truth but does not leave a lot of questions, at least not questions people are going to ask. I reinforced the bits I thought important be disseminated. You know. She tried to control my story the way people do. She tried to tie her type bow on it which of course has no resemblance to the reality of my life. I didn’t let her do it.

If you are going to be out talking, then talk. But if you are going to gather information from the source itself, then damn it get your quotes right.

Bottom line I am glad this happen but it does leave to marvel over one piece.

I did think of the potential this could (would eventually) happen some days ago and at that time I was not too happy about it. I thought I might tell someone it was none of their business actually.

The odds I would do that in real life are very low, I have Libra. However I gave myself permission to do this if I had the mind to but I’ll tell you what happened instead because I am pretty sure I know.

Knowing this would happen eventually, someone would come digging, my subconscious went to work on this. 10 days later when the woman shows up (she could have been anyone) – The story comes out exactly as it should.

I have a kick ass subconscious, I’ll tell you what. I have always had a kick ass subconscious but since making friends with it some 15 years ago via THREE years of therapy on a weekly basis, I trust myself in these matter implicitly and I’ll tell you what that means.

It means I don’t have to think about this any more. I don’t have to go over any details or turn anything in my mind because I am sure whatever I said was perfect… I have infected the agent with the information I would like to have out there and I can be on my way.

Er… this is what they call “using other people’s energy” by the way. Win /Win is always best and that’s what this situation is. She got what she wanted and by God, so did I.

5 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: How The Subconscious Works”

  1. At least she had the balls to come up and ask. And I’m glad it’s out there now and you don’t have to think about what you’ll say or do or not say or not do any more. That ship has sailed and it’s gone and you don’t have that to bother with. Love ya, Elsa. *hugs*

  2. I am glad you have infected the agent! You did some 8th house energy using, sounds like. Now you don’t have to hold on to the “version” of the facts anymore that you weren’t sure how to share…. it’s out there and they will interpret it at will, and it won’t be your burden. (hugs)

  3. Elsa this post is amazing. I’m especially interested in hearing more of your philosophy on ‘other people controlling others’ stories’ as you put it…this has been happening to me my whole life and it never fails to drive me to intense frustration.
    I get so fucking frustrated I cry, man.
    Then the person will tell me how I feel “You’re angry” or “you’re looking for closure”or whatever the heck.

    I do trust myself…but maybe not as much because as soon as this happens to me I feel completely dis-empowered. It’s so crazy.

    Maybe it’s a 1st House Moon? Or 12th House Neptune? I don’t get it. I want to be unaffected, but it’s so hard.
    And I swear to you, I came home not 5 minutes ago from my closest girlfriend’s house wondering why this is the way it is…started with my Mum when I was a kid and continues with so much frequency I wish I had the brain to figure out how I draw this to me!

  4. I should say that the girlfriend I was visiting does NOT do this…I was speaking to her about the very issue, is all.

    Thank you for being so adept at tuning into the Collective, by the way. Your use of your energy is inspiring.

  5. Reading this post August 2022, fascinating- stealth psychology. And the comments, have to agree I have this condition ( to a lesser degree now I am older) of letting other peoples narrative about me, affect me.( the anger I understand- how did I let this person get through my boundaries and dump their shit on me!) I can shrug it off pretty well and take it in if I look at the motivation. There are. of course those who give well meaning insights. I agree with the disempowerment, however I have learned to use the psychological manipulation in reverse- expose motivation. It’s tiresome and sad, but as you age less necessary.

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