Happy New Year! Jupiter in Taurus Gratitude!

happy new yearI want to wish everyone a happy new year! I have to tell you, I have not felt this supported in eons. I know where the feeling comes from!

It comes from the tangible support, a number of you chose to offer.  I am talking about MONEY.

I realized this morning, this is related to Jupiter in Taurus. I want to tell you what’s happened as a result of your generosity.  My back does not hurt!

Sure, that sounds crazy but are you aware of Louise Hay and her phenomenal book, “Heal Your Body”.  Back pain is tied to “lack of support”.

Well I don’t get a lot of support. I know some of you imagine otherwise, but if you’ve read any of my stories, at all, the persistent “lack of support” is hard to miss, excluding the crazy lucky Jupiter Uranus happenings in my life. I am telling you, your real life support has literally relieved, pain that has plagued me for two decades.

I’m talking about Astro Fairy, who has diligently paid for at least one consultation for someone in need, once a month for some time now.  I am also talking about the few people who supported me all along in small and not so small ways.

But I am mainly talking about the people who decide to respond to this:

Blog Pass? Or Multi-Dimensional Gift That Flows In All Directions?

I wasn’t thinking about Jupiter in Taurus when I wrote that, but I see clearly now. I was asking people to give in a way that would grow and expand.  It’s like writing something to hopefully help someone get a job.  Other people can read it and also be supported… and in fact, this has already happened.

I just want you to know, you did something big here, collectively.  Today, I actually feel, I have the chance to maintain the health of my spine for years to come.  Six months ago,  I was hoping for a door out of here.


Happy New Year! Elsa 🥳 🥂✨


30 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Jupiter in Taurus Gratitude!”

  1. Happy New Year Elsa. Good health for you.
    And above all the effort and energy you put into your writings and presentations to us.

  2. Great news, Elsa! You have the healing and support you richly deserve.
    A very Happy New Year 2024 to you and yours and may many more blessings flow your way.

  3. I Love Louise Hay’s work and so glad you are finally feeling supported and appreciated for all the great astrology work you do! Happy New Year to you!

  4. Happy and healthy New Year Elsa!! I am a true believer in the mind-body connection and have been using Louise Hay’s book for decades, to help myself heal. I am happy to read that you recognize your many followers do appreciate and support your work. We all need to know that what we do makes a difference and is appreciated.

  5. Happy New Year, Elsa! Somehow I missed the October post, but now that I’ve read it, I’ll make a contribution this week. I’ve learned so much from you and Satori over the years – thank you!

  6. Happy new year Elsa!! You’re a gem and I know we’re all so happy to be here to love and support you. Thank you for all the work and energy you put into this space for all of us to come and learn from you. You’re my favorite astrologer and have inspired me in countless ways. Enjoy the new year!

  7. Wow! Even Scrooge (moi!) ponied up!!
    Feels so good!
    What a brilliant idea. Love this.
    Guess we won’t have to give up the forum now?!!

  8. Dear Elsa, I read your daily emails with avid interest every morning. It is a huge part of starting my day. I appreciate all the work you do putting together these email blasts. I’m loving what you are saying about the back pain and support. I’m fortunate to be having my Jupiter return now. It will complete when Jupiter gets to 16 degrees of Taurus this Spring. (I forget exactly when it gets 16 degrees) Your support means so much to me. I’m so happy that you also feel supported. Many new year blessings to you

    1. me too,always catch the emails even when I’m not v. active on here …Great news re your back … love lou hay!elsa you rock, astro fairy, you rock, blog pass purchasers you rock 😁❤️❤️❤️ we all rock, wishing you all a fab 2024

  9. I also appreciate your work. I just ordered a yearly works and left a note with it. I am grateful for your work. I too, am having a Jupiter return along with Pluto aspects that will be making a huge difference in the coming year. So thank you for all you do and being an astrologer for so long myself, I truly have respect for your no nonsense way. (As spoken from my Venus in Capricorn). Wink wink!

  10. Happy New Year! Elsa

    Thank you for your amazing insights and dedication to astrology.

    May 2024 bring you and your readers many wonderful blessings <3

  11. Yes!! It’s our pleasure to support you in ways we can! I’m still reeling from the back wash but soon a chat (thank you Astro Fairy) will be happening 🙏❤️
    Happy Mew(we have a sometime kitty that’s influencing my new:) Year Elsa and Satori
    Our best, Moki and Pete

  12. thank you Elsa. i enjoy your astrology posts & would like to support you. i had an astrology blog which i enjoyed doing for years. you were the first! happy new year!

  13. Well Dang! I missed the whole blog pass post, but think it’s a wonderful idea. I know I try to leave kofi tips, especially when I get nuggets that ‘spring me from my cage’, boost me forward, irritate me into seeing what I’ve been missing :), etc. You are of value to me and I try make sure to show you that in a way that is helpful.

    I also wonder if being behind a pay wall would help you with the ‘trolls’? Or what about the idea of a partial pay-wall? Like the last 12 months of blogs free, 13+ months back you have to pay to access? I’m sorry if that makes more work for you, I don’t know a thing about blogging, just an idea I’ve seen.

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