How Will Saturn In Aquarius Affect The Celebrity Culture?

marilynSaturn will ingress into Aquarius near the end of March, 2020. It will retrograde back into Capricorn in May, then reenter the sign, late December, 2020. At that point, Saturn will remain in Aquarius into 2023.

Being a Capricorn rising, I’m sensitive to Saturn transit. I can see this shift coming in all around me.  I keep reading about the “death of celebrity”. Brightly shining STARS are a Leo phenomena.  Saturn in Aquarius will put a damper on the light. Er… control the ego.

Changes like this come in a cold front.  They’re not sudden, if you’re paying even the slightest attention. I mention this because I’m picking a random point to begin to make my case. It’s not the beginning of the decline!

Many people are disillusioned with Hollywood, to say the least. In some quarters, celebrities are loathed for a variety of reasons. You’re up one day and the next day, you’e toast!

Then, Ricky Gevaris (Cancer with a Scorpio moon, Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in Capricorn), pulled this at the Golden Globe awards, January 2020.


This last week, the Oscars hit and all-time ratings low. If you check the ratings of this program over the last 19 years, they average around 40 million viewers.  This year they had 23.6 million. That’s a haircut!

I expect this trend to continue and I think it’s normal, akin to a correction in the stock market.  Your gigantic ego is out of vogue.

What are you noticing, along these lines?

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  1. Just last night I listened to a lengthy rant about Kevin Hart. “As Told By Kenya” was on YouTube, picking apart the interview Kevin was in. She was talking about how he claims his kids are so important, but they never see him. His wife has to remind him to take a shower. He cheats a lot. She said whatever he’s working so hard for, hustling for–he’s never going to get it. So he needs to stop doing that, go home and focus on his wife and kids.


    1. Wow, showing one thing and doing another. I think sometimes they can’t ever get enough. Having a family and money isn’t enough for them. Can’t get famous enough, or have enough admiration or something, I don’t know.

      1. She is! Makes sense, she can see right through other’s BS. Don’t get her started on the Kardashians and their “black slaves”! LMAO

  2. I don’t think people trust them anymore. They should have been toast after Polanski and Whoopi Goldberg, and even now after Weinstein. But I think people are waking up to it more and more, how gross and corrupt they are (myself included) and their charisma won’t keep them immune. It’s pretty clear they are part of a “ruling class.”

      1. I’m just off the phone with a 19 year old male client. He feels the stars he mentioned were inauthentic. I thought it was pretty cool, we’re seeing the same thing.

      2. What do you think of Timothee Chalamet and some other new actors?

        I think Indya Moore and Saoirse Ronan are certainly compelling. Also Lakeith Stanfield and Issa Rae. Kumail is finally getting his due because he’s amazing.

  3. I love a good movie with a good story or a moving performance. Else wise, I can do without the celebrity.

    It was kinduv weird that they voted Parasite, based on economic disparity, best picture while marching around dripping in gazillion dollars of garb. Just seemed strange to me.

    But I think celebrity is important to the masses. Like Harry and Meagan(sp?). I do not know why this holds people together. It’s just not real to me.

  4. It’s been a club for those with something to hide, and are good at hiding it, or were.

    So much is coming out, with many attempts to shove it back down. There’s a massive circle-jerk with big companies, actors/actresses, banks, princes/princesses, heiresses etc.

    The veneer is fading. Thank fucking goodness. I can’t stand to see people worship other people, memes, colleges, teams etc. It’s so hard to watch how you can take a snippet of something and venerate it without knowing it or them fully.

    1. I’d argue people just like, pass around, and speak in memes. It’s become our vocabulary. So we do kind of worship them. A lot of gen z people communicate by sending memes to each other all the time. So yeah we do kind of worship them. Some think memes are funny and stand up comedians aren’t!! That blows my mind and makes me so pissed. They just have more experience with memes. It’s become a thing.

  5. Also, a Sun in Leo, Madonna, is slowly learning that her ex-fans don’t want to go to her tours anymore when she’s always 3 hours late! She’s went from 30,000 fans in one huge stadium to only like 3,000 on a small stage. Her newest album (released last year) flopped! At least one of her kids don’t want to live with her anymore.

    It sounds like Madonna, the ultimate Leo, is learning that her minions want nothing to do with her anymore. Learn humility you woman!

  6. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Ive been feeling Saturn in Aquarius coming on in my 5th house for the past 3 months or so…
    Ive become more grounded since Uranus in Taurus has been dragging across my moon in my 8th house. This will now crush any romantic dreams or aspirations in my 5th.
    “Work work work” this Virgo says.
    I needed this and it feels homey since my South Node is there in my 5th. I do feel Im coming to my senses more. Im going to find my Saturn Return a relief in alot of ways after the initial deconstruction.
    My poor Leo North node will have to be put in a corner for the next 3 years tho. Thats ok. Im thinking this 3 years time will put my house in order so my leo soul will be able to play in a more grounded and secure house after this.

  7. I think all the big egos will get a setdown they will feel long after Saturn leaves A.

    It’s also about SoMe. Woop many profiles have a me. Myself and I approach, and these will probably feel the effect of this transit as well. The more we get closer to this shift, the more I find myself decluttering my SoMe stream.
    I have deleted 3 of the biggest SoMe apps on my phone. Taking a SoMe break. Keeping to the shadows. Being me, not everyone else, and going offline, not online.

    I have Aquarius ASC on 2 degrees…. I feel it. Oh, I feel it.

  8. MMM, I have Aquarius.

    Now that means the end of elitist individualist superstars, Aquarius sees no point in them at all. What makes you so special, you are just another human being. Take that, Leo.

    But watch out for the Aquarian tendency to elevate “types” not individuals. That can be just as dangerous.

    Aquarius is no more perfect than any other sign.

  9. Elsa

    One of the primary ways I think Saturn in Aquarius will strike is by closing down the FAKE celebrity culture of “The Influencer”. I am thinking specifically of a man (known as an “influencer” on IG and FB I know who is full of ego and building a fake career on really doing nothing but seeming like he is helping people while he tries to connect himself to as many known actors and actresses, celebrities and wealthy people as possible to build and maintain a multi-million dollar fortune and make people love him. He is clearly massively needy and full of ego. It is all built on posting about every aspect of his daily life including his sex life and telling people that if they, too were focused on the right things “they could be as great as he is”. He does not mention all the devious things he did to get where he is and he is rather unethical. He cheated on his girlfriend in 2019, she found out an left him and he turned it around into a “woe is me, I’ve been abused by demanding women all my life” and “she is such a user” and then proclaimed the Sun in Scorpio woman he cheated on her with suddenly came into his life out of blue because he was “chasing greatness”. His fame and fortune is all built on thin ice and “black hat” sales and marketing tactics. He happens to be a Sun in Pisces with a Moon/Venus/Mars in Aries and a well-known bad anger problem (beat a man to a pulp on a basketball court and ran before police could catch him). Anyway, I think he and his “influencer” ilk will be getting some BIG wake-up calls during Saturn in Aquarius as affects the celebrity culture.

  10. I agree with the gist of it all but I can’t help finding Judi Dench sweet, talented, cheeky-graceful with a soothing and calming voice. Can’t remember any film at the moment but I saw her documentary about trees. Too wholesome and informative. She’s a saturn in aquarius. I don’t know how her return is going to be but I wish her a smooth one. It’s clear that if not saturn in aquarius, then pluto in aquarius would transform something for celebrities and masses. To which I don’t have any objection whatsoever. Just leave Judi Dench out of it. ?

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