Capricorn Woman Loves a Scorpio Man With A Girlfriend: Is He Confused?

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Dear Elsa,

I am a Capricorn woman in love with a Scorpio man. But he says he’s doesn’t feel the same way, and that he is committed a Libra woman. He always says, “We should have met earlier, I seriously like you.” And he takes so much interest in me all the time, indulging me in all his activities and sharing all his stories with me.

He says he can’t leave his girlfriend for me, but still expects a lot out of me as a girlfriend! Once he even said that he loved me and he’s really attracted towards me! But now I don’t know what has happened to him. He wants me to express all my emotions to him every time. He really likes the attention I give to him, but he does not reciprocate.

What should I do? I can’t leave him, because I have tried to do this earlier and he also said he also cannot stay without me now. I think he’s confused with his emotions. But I need your precious advice. Please help!

The Un-Girlfriend

Dear Un,

I don’t think this man is even remotely confused. He’s got you confused though and most likely, it’s deliberate. This man does not love you, he is using you. But this is actually irrelevant. What you should be asking yourself is this:


Since you’re not asking that, I will. What the hell are you doing? What are you doing fawning over some guy who has told you in plain language, “Sorry babe. You’re not that big a deal. Perhaps if we’d have met at a different time (lie), things could be different (lie).”

“But we didn’t meet at a different time so now I can’t be with you (I am a victim) all the time, but how about I take my pants off and you take care of me… this might help me not feel so bad about all this…”

“And, babe? I feel like talking today, so you just listen to me like a good girl. I don’t give a shit what is going on in your life but until you figure this out, I’ll be happy to use you because this is just the kind of prick I am.”

“And hon? When you do figure this out and start to ask to questions? Or if you ever ask me for anything – and I mean ANYTHING – you will never hear from me again. Because the fact is, I am a player and you are a fool and although I know you’ll be hurt, that’s too damned bad. Because you know what? This is what happens when fools meet players.”

I am sorry. And that is his voice calling you a fool, not mine. I feel bad for you. Real bad. And I just want you out of this.

Dump the guy. And maybe think about getting yourself some therapy because “falling in love” with someone who treats you so poorly is a sure sign of of severe dysfunction. Surely you are worth more than this. 🙁

Good luck.

4 thoughts on “Capricorn Woman Loves a Scorpio Man With A Girlfriend: Is He Confused?”

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    Little Miss Hermit

    Is it just me, or do Scorpios resort to “timing” as an excuse more than most people?!?
    They have so many options that if you’re not in the exactly right spot in the space-time continuum, you can just forget about it. LOL!^^

    I could care less about timing myself. Worst case scenario: I’ll just wait it out…

  2. wow…cap woman here going through the same issues with scorpio male. he pulls me in than tosses me out alll the time. im done thought..i really played his funeral in my mind…that realtionship is so dead. he plays the victim way much! its heartbreaking especially when they say they love u but treat u so bad…so sad. but what goes around comes around….

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