Learning From The Sign Opposite Yours Or Other People You Hate!

bonnie and clydeWhen people first get into astrology they make statements like, “I hate Virgos” or “I love Sagittarius”.  Invariably you run into a Virgo you like and a Sagittarius you don’t like and this resolves itself.

If you continue to study and watch life unfold, it becomes apparent we all carry and contain the energy of all the signs and planets. I may have a packed 8th house but I am detached about something. I have Uranus in my chart somewhere and Aquarius rules one my houses.

In reality, I am detached about a lot of things, I just don’t advertise it. Someone who hates Virgo may tend to devalue mental process… even though their ability to make such a statement is Mercurial!

If you go beyond this point you begin to realize the sign opposite your own holds keys that are important to your own development. You may even find yourself desperately seeking instruction from the person on the other side of the fence.

As an example, I have a reputation for being effective.  Mars (Aries) is coarse and off-putting to a certain segment (Libra). But then a transit comes along. If you’re weighted towards appeasing everyone, all of the sudden you’re scrambling for someone to teach you the exact skills you’ve denounced, perhaps for years or even a lifetime.

Libra, coming up against a real threat, will want to learn to fight and win, while Aries may be pressured to find out just what manners and partnering and reciprocity can to for them. This pattern is  consistent through the signs. Taurus seeks Scorpio and Scorpio seeks Taurus and so forth.

If you have bad-mouthed your opposite sign, this process will be humbling. But if you have valued people who oppose you and built relationships with them, these bonds will particularly valuable during a period like this.

What signs are emphasized in your chart? What could you learn from the sign opposite?

19 thoughts on “Learning From The Sign Opposite Yours Or Other People You Hate!”

  1. I have planets in Pisces and have been learning from Virgo for a few years now. But I am also Sun Aquarius. How can I learn from Leo? I don’t have their natural charisma. Is it about loving and valuing yourself?

    1. I am a Sag, my opposite is Gemini, which ironically I think are the two most alike concerning opposite sides! ….although I am terrible at details…..

    2. I have tonnes of Leo and I’ve been told by my daughter who has a Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Sun that a) I’m childish (I think she means child-like ?) b) has an unbelievably healthy and strong self-esteem for someone whose parents didn’t give it to her

      I hope this answers your Q about what Leo is about. Leo is also known for creativity and generosity to self and others. ?

  2. anonymoushermit

    Good writing.

    I find that Aquarians can just learn to ‘be’ sometimes. And I say this as someone who has a Venus in Aquarius. They can learn from Taureans on how just to accept their environment as it is, instead of trying to reform it, or change it.

    And Taureans can learn to accept things that are ‘weird’ or out of their realm of likes, acceptance, and understanding. I believe shadow Taurus can be very insular.

    I always saw this combo (Taurus and Aquarius) as a mesh against tradition (Taurus) and the future (Aquarius)!

    1. Your observation on Tauruses’ providing Scorps with how to accept their enviornment instead of changing or reforming is stretching my armor; hadn’t looked @ it that way.

  3. Excellent. And humbling insight . I have plenty of Scorpio including South Node. Tauruses are my recurring opposites in relationships. I weird them out for sure but need SOME stability which bulls have in spades.
    I’ve just had to hold my ground with an old bull to grow my own backbone?Hard work but necessary experience … maybe for both of us.

    1. You might learn a lot from oppositions in synastry or it might devolve into a tug of war! Seriously I have met many Aquarians but even with Uranus conjunct AC, and Aqua IC, I can still distinctly feel my 4 Leo planets when I interact with them. ?

  4. Yes to all of this! My best friend’s sun is exactly opposite my own and conjunct my north node. She’s a Gemini, and we’ve been friends for 15 years. I’ve always helped her dream big, and she’s always brought me back to what’s in front of my face. Here are the facts, Jen. Stop making up stories, while I’m like, Alana, go out there and get what you want! Worse thing that could happen is it doesn’t work for you and your try something else. Honestly, I think the “opposite” signs have a lot in common, only they go after if from different sides of the same coin.

    It’s like a ying/yang. I hope everyone can find that person who helps you balance out your perceptive.

  5. Being with two Tauruses in my life has been a learning, yet deeply hurting time. I have Chiron in Taurus, so my biggest lesson is to see the wound and see that in this wound the healing and solution lies.
    Chiron is conjunct Algol, the harsh fixed star that embodies the myth of Medusa.

    Tauruses has figuratively cut off my head, clad me in snakes and turned others against me. I am sorta feared by them I guess, they fear the snakes but they are stubborn creatures who would benefit from seeing their own faults in the mirror – something they need Scorpio for.
    I am heavy Scorpio with 7 or 8 planets in either 8th house or the sign itself.

    The first Taurus relationship (my mom) had Chiron on my Ascendant.
    We don’t talk anymore, she cut me off (projection/transference thingy).

    The second was an ex with the composite having both Saturn and Pluto squaring Venus. It was very… Cathartic, let’s put it that way. Like a giant karma pimble you simply need to extract.
    So… Of course Pluto squared my moon at that time. I got really estranged from my mother, and that started the now demise of our relationship when Saturn came after and squared it from the 12th…. Cut off what you can’t heal, huh?!

  6. I am a scorpio , Taurus and I usually have a good relationship.
    Leos have been my only struggle. I do appreciate their enthusiasm.
    They can lift you up. They can also knock you down just as quick.

  7. I have an Aries stellium (Sun, Venus, Saturn, NN & Chiron); both my ex-husband and current boyfriend are Libra Suns. Obviously, my marriage didnt work out, but I’m in a good relationship now. My boyfriend does tend to be much more passive than I am, which gets on my nerves. Having my SN in Libra, though, helps me understand him I think. When things are going well with us, they’re so good since we definitely balance each other.

  8. I have a Pisces sun and Scorpio rising. Growing up I had great Taurus friends, but as an adult it is mainly Virgo friends.

  9. I have strong Libra and my last best friend had strong Aries. Neither of us despised the other’s energy. I’m not sure exactly what we each learned from the other (will have to think about it) but holy moly did we ever have FUN together. We talked a lot, explored a lot, and LAUGHED a lot. I just remember a lot of PLAYFULNESS. These words – fun, laughter, playfulness – are not usually part of my life so it is clear that all came from her. Not sure what I brought her.

    I miss her.

    My best friend prior to that had strong Leo. So, both these two friends: *FIRE*!!! Which I sorely lack in my chart.

  10. I am made of predominantly Pisces and Aries and I admit to being attracted to both Libra and Virgo. Sometimes both signs annoy me- Virgo is too uptight, lets stress overtake them, worries too much, can’t seem to go with the flow, not to mention when they are unhappy, they can be critical of everyone and everything. And sometimes Libra cant seem to say anything outright, pussyfoots around every single thing and can’t seem to ever make up their mind about anything.. so much maybe, maybe not which drives me nuts, I’m like-wait the f*k up- did you not tell me yesterday that you liked that but now you don’t? What is it? You like something or you don’t. “Yeah well but, but, but, but….” No buts! But for the most part I like them.

    Both of these signs also really inspire me and teach me a lot. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

  11. I am very much a Cancer, and my Virgo husband is all 10th house. Never have I learned so much from someone. He says the same about me. I’d be completely closed off to some of this if it weren’t him, but someone else, making me confront it. It helps when it’s someone you love and respect. I hope that’s not cheating 😉

  12. Hello. My Sun, Mercury (R) and Venus (R) in Gemini, with Sagittarius Rising with Saturn (R) and Uranus (R). I am very energetic and scattered, though my physical body isn’t that athletic. My mind can range from being silly, mundane to badass deep. The push and pull is intense though. haha

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