How Will The Saturn & Pluto Conjunction In Capricorn Affect Libra?

I had a gal with a stellium in Aries ask me how the stellium in Capricorn would affect her. She was expecting to get squashed. Er… not really. I addressed her question here:

How Will The Stellium In Capricorn Affect Aries?

Libra postcardOn the same day, I was working with gal with Libra in her chart. She’s trying to keep her marriage together. I’ve been working with her for a year.

This gal has really applied herself. She’s made an honest and tremendous effort to become more aware of what marriage really is.  She’s worked (Saturn/Capricorn) to take responsibility for her shadow (Pluto) at is plays in her marriage (Libra).  This has been a boon for her.   She’s come to understand deeply, her husband’s experience of their relationship is different from what she imagined or assumed.

It’s  a humbling thing to find out but the knowledge is worth it’s weight in gold.  She is a completely different person at this point.  She’s educated herself and now stands with a Master’s degree in relationships.

Now I don’t know if her marriage will be ultimately be saved. It what she wants so I want it for her but I told her something, radical and factual…

If her marriage does fail, she will be okay. She will retain her degree, her mature outlook and the integrity she’s earned via her hard work.  She is now a woman, completely able and equipped to be a loyal, committed (Saturn) partner (Libra) til death do we part (Pluto).

If you have Libra and you’re struggling with the planets Capricorn, work to respond to the pressure to grow up and/or be more realistic, not just about the limits of your partner but your own limits as well.

What Libra doesn’t want wisdom in the field of relationships? Now is your chance!

This is a Venus/Saturn exchange, by the way.  If you struggle with love being real, I’ve addressed this in depth in this workshop.

Find Your True Love & Soulmate – Workshop Transcript

26 thoughts on “How Will The Saturn & Pluto Conjunction In Capricorn Affect Libra?”

  1. This Cap stellium is squaring my 8H Libra NN and 2H Aries SN. I’ve always struggled to find a balance between my independent nature and couple issues.

  2. Hi Elsa,
    Could you do a “How Will The Saturn & Pluto Conjunction affect people who have it natally?” article? I haven’t seen this covered anywhere – hope it isn’t an irrelevant question -, and as a 1982 native, I am very curious!
    Thank you! šŸ™‚

  3. Libra with Saturn always struggle because Libra like things to be nice. And pretty. (most of the times – then there is the 50 % of the time when they don’t. It’s Libras yes?….)

    But Saturn likes things to be real.
    and real is not always pretty.
    Real is to have the pretty stuff torned away and see reality.
    I am a Libra Moon, 8th house. I hate all the messy stuff, but boy have Saturn taught me some lessons the past 15 years in my relationship. He is in my 8th house, conjunct Pluto.

    I know where this is going.

    Looking forward to read your post about this constellation, Elsa šŸ™‚

  4. Elsa,
    Does the Capricorn conjunction at 22* only applies for 3rd decan Libra’s?
    Thank you for your cosmic weather messages!ā˜†ā™”

    1. I’ve worked with a number of Libra moon clients, recently. Invariably, they’re trying to shore up their relationships and secure their families.

  5. My son has a libra pluto Saturn conjunction now going to be square this upcoming Saturn pluto conjuction in Capricorn. I believe most people born in 1982 as late October are all going to be effected. Meanwhile my son has a stellium in libra while moon is 29degrees Capricorn being born 24th October 1982 at 8p.m. malta Europe time
    He is a gemini ascendant 21degrees how is this going to effect him as I am really worried about him having progress Saturn also coming up to his natal sun 1degree scorpio. I can tell you he is going through a real rough time

  6. Understanding this is a slow transit that lasts a long time, how much of an orb do you use for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction aspecting natal planets of points?

    1. It’s quite potent. I would say at least 4 degrees, applying and maybe 2-3 separating. This would be “tight orbs” in my mind.
      Other astrologers may tell you 10 degrees.
      Good luck!

  7. I will be having my solar return in capricorn ebing my 6th house . My birthday is next monday 3rd february 1952 having natal 14degrees leo . Do you forsee a disastrous year having a stellium in my solar return being my natal 6th house as i m really worried

  8. what do you mean by that . As you can see in my solar return ascendant there is a stellium if my solar return sun 13aquarius happens to be there. Is there going to be major health issues

  9. dear Elsa I have my solar return 19 capricorn Jupiter being 14degrees capricorn I do not know how it is going to effect if it is going to be conjucnt ascendant as there are 5 degrees apart. Also Pluto 23 degrees and Saturn 25 degrees capricorn sun 13 degrees aquarius mercury 29 degrees aquarius all being in the solar return ascendant. So I do feel as if I am doomed having at the moment progress moon in scorpio being 8degrees which is going through my fourth house at the moment. Is there any hope if my progress moon will conjunct solar return ascendant qhich is 10degrees scorpio Thanks Elsa

  10. BTW it is really showing 10 degrees mid heaven in my solar return and progress moon will be conjunct solar return mid heaven within 2 months time. I meant mid heaven not solar ascendant. Thanks Reetah

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