Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn, January 12, 2020 – Stellium

Saturn conjunct Pluto January 2020I originally posted this in 2015. That’s how long I’ve had my eye on this! The graphic is amazing, isn’t it? Saturn will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 22 degrees on January 12th, 2020.

It’s been nearly 30 years since we’ve had a mashup of this magnitude in Capricorn. If you were into astrology (or born) circa 1990-93, you know what I’m talking about (see Mega- Capricorn).  I remember those years like they were yesterday!

Last night, Orisis Wife remarked, its been 735 years since Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto were in Capricorn, simultaneously. I was struck by this so I asked for details. She explained the three planets were in Capricorn in 1285.  They were not conjunct, like what we’ll see in 2020. Crazy, right?

If you have planets in Capricorn, near 22 degrees, this will be a deeply meaningful time for you.  People with planets in the later degrees of the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra and Cancer) will also be impacted.

If you have a stellium in near these degrees, in any of the Cardinal signs, that goes double, triple…exponential.

Where does this stellium fall in your chart? Are you ready for this?

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  1. That is pretty dramatic and unusually perceptive of such a youngster as yourself to pick up on. I associate grace and beauty with the number 22. THis happening on your Saturn return I see as a gate for you having to do with this phenomenon that already has been at play for years and will continue to be in effect for years. The slow outer planets bring change like a big ship turning – it’s slow but massive. Saturn return is more of a completion than a beginning. At 28 we achieve the standard of spiritual capacity that we will live with for the rest of life. The work leading up to the return is when one makes the good and bad choices that will effect the turning of the ship. I advise you to set high standards for yourself leading up to that point because you’ll never be able to live these months over again. Avoid petty interactions, arguments, superficial love affairs, frivolous escapades. Capricorn is self discipline and Pluto/ Scorpio are sex and death. There is a rare but real phenomenon of people dying on their 28th birthday. But this is like being chosen by the angels. Only the good die young. There are different kinds of death, personality death, romantic death, sexual death, and of course your good old basic death. But sex is regeneration too. Have no fear. Read the bios of great persons who have achieved things that you admire and set a high course for your heart and you’ll land where you’re supposed to.

    1. Dagaan, could you clarify what you mean when you wrote: “At 28 we achieve the standard of spiritual capacity that we will live with for the rest of life.”

      I personally do not equate Saturn with spirituality unless it is in Pisces, in the 12th house or is in aspect to Neptune. I certainly would not place a cap on spiritual growth. There might be lessons the soul has to learn, but the growth of the soul is timeless and eternal.


  2. Hi Mara –
    I’m 68. I was aware at my Saturn return that that was taking place. And I remained aware of it’s passing as the next few years went by. I’m a quadruple Capricorn sun/venus ascendant/cap ascendant/ Merc.
    I sensed that up to the return – which I celebrated by inviting two warrior friends to a sweat bath ceremony – I took it all very seriously, being a Cap! – up to the return, my psyche had been unconsciously straining to achieve a level of clarity – like a purity of a flame – and this had been driving all aspects of my personality to aspire, strain, reach for the highest level of a sort of intensity of one’s personal flame. But after the return this dwindled. I felt I had reached for and achieved the capacity I had been able to achieve and some sort of work was done. I noticed this over the next few years. Some critical drive in me to be the best me I could shifted – I no longer felt this uncontrollable aspiration to match some conceived standard. This was all mostly on the unconscious level. I was initiated into Siddha yoga about a year later and it was very effective and I gained access to Shakti which I cultivate daily now – engaging it is the great adventure of my life. There is no end to how far I can go into this – but the level of intensity by which I could approach this had levelled off after the return. So, I sensed that the return is the end of an inherent human aspirational drive to achieve a capacity for spiritual identification. But maybe it’s just me. Do you know how to superimpose the Sat/Pluto conjunction on one’s chart? Thanks, Dagaan

  3. Hi all,
    It will occur in my 5th House and Trine my Taurus MidHeaven/Sun and Taurus Venus in my 10th House.
    Will be a very interesting time I believe/think and hope good!
    Best wishes,

  4. Dagaan, I have always found Capricorn Ascendants to be interesting. Earth Ascendants in general seem methodical and deliberate in their approach to life, which belies the instinctive nature of the first house (Aries). The 1st is the new beginning of life and having had Sagittarius in or on your 12th house cusp tells me that spirituality was a natural expression of one’s soul, a personal truth versus a man made one.

    I have a software that allows me to do bi-wheels and tri-wheels.


    1. Hi Mara – Phew, what a relief that you have the software, I thought you’d hacked my computer. Kidding. So then, did my description of the saturn return resonate with you? The image I tried to relay was so clear at the time and I’ve held to it all this time. Perhaps a better image is that at 28 the size of the wire carrying one’s spiritual sight is set, the amount of electricity that one can process is set. Having bi-wheels and tri- wheels can you tell me where the Sat/Pluto conjunction falls in my chart? If it’s not too much to ask. 1/5/51 7:42 AM Long Beach To now my fascination with the conjuction has been geo politically which I see happening very clearly – all the priests getting busted, the executives getting fired for sexual misconduct, the colors black and purple in fashion over the last ten years and all the skulls people tattoo on themselves and that are a fad in art. I think all this is that conjunction. Truth as a global collective karmic imperative applied to the sexual expression of love is how I see it. One astrologer saw Pluto as the base chakra of the spine with the Sun as the head – so that these aligning was an activation of global kundalini. Yikes!

      1. Dagaan, I ran your natal chart. I see that Saturn has been transiting through your 12th house along with Pluto. You have been going through some deep and intense soulful transformations. Pluto is currently sitting on your Ascendant (24 degrees 47′ Capricorn) within 1 degree of completely crossing over. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction will be roughly within 2 degrees of your Ascendant (which I consider significantly tight). The Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer highlights your 7th house cusp. Are you currently married or in a significant relationship?

        The Solar Eclipse in December will hit your natal Mercury in your 12th house which will highlight your 5th and 8th houses as Mercury is the ruler of those houses. You speak of Pluto being Kundalini energy and that could very well be that these eclipses trigger some sort of energy. Jeffrey Green always saw Pluto as being in the lower chakras of the body, so it is interesting that another astrologer pointed this out too.

        Next month, shortly after the new moon at 15 degrees Aries, Mercury will move into 19 degrees Pisces, transiting Saturn will be at 20 degrees Capricorn, and they will form a yod to your Pluto at 19 degrees Leo. Again your 7th house is being emphasized. Relationships with others seems to be a heavy theme in your chart. The 7th house also rules the 3rd sibling, if you had/have a 3rd sibling. The 7th house also rules the 2nd child, if you had/have children.

        I could drone on and on about your chart. LOL…

        1. Hi Mara – Wow. This Pluto/SAturn thing really is going on personally with me isn’t it. Pluto on the ascendant! So, I’m projecting Plutonic energy to others. Sinificant as I’m deeply enmeshed in a newly forming tiny housing co-op with virtual strangers and we’re deep in conflict. I do have an eerie sense of the power this conjunction represents – for everyone. A deep level of personal, sensory truth is about to be/ is being activated. No relationship. My strongest relationship energy may be being on the threshold of giving up all desire for a relationship and going all the way into internal practices. Pluto ‘within one degree of crossing over’ from the unconscious to a conscious Pluto. Showtime for the underworld! LOL. I do have a 3rd sibling and a second child. Thank you so much for all this info! I do the I Ching daily and recently got ‘ A dry poplar sprouts at the root. An older man takes a young wife. Everything furthers’ (I’m 68) so, love may not be done with me yet! Good God, I AM the Pluto/Saturn conjunction! There has been so much talk about Ascension since ’12 – this could be it’s activation. I’ve always loved the name Mara. I can’t return the astrological favor so can only wish you well. Dagaan

    2. Hi Mara – You said that in my case Pluto got to within one degree of my ascendant. Does it actually cross the ascendant? It must do so as it just keeps going round? Thx. Dagaan

  5. Hello Dagaan, Pluto will/is going back and forth over your ascendant. As an outer planet it takes time to actually move forward. As transiting Pluto touches your ascendant, it changes the way you approach life. It gives you a new strength and in many cases makes you appear formidable to others. Pluto is power, and while Pluto transited your 12th house it transformed aspects of your soul, removing those aspects that have not served your well-being. As Saturn joins up with Pluto, Saturn will slow down and solidify and fortify those transformations you’ve made.

    I meant to respond to your earlier message, but I got busy. My new boss is 72. He is a remarkable man. He recently got married a few months ago and just had his honeymoon in Austria. He is one of the few men who truly has integrity. He spent 28 years as a pilot in the Air Force. He flew in Vietnam and flew into outer space. He is a cool cucumber and not much ever rattles him. I figure if he can find love and get married at 72, then certainly both you and I can find love. Just saying…

    It is funny to me that you love the name Mara. In Slavic mythology, Mara is the Slavic Goddess of Death. LOL… In Africa there is a river called Mara and it is infested with crocodiles. Mara is a name that conjures all sorts of interesting images. 😀 Best,
    Slavic Goddess of Death, Mara

  6. Hi Mara Goddess of Death – I wouldn’t have thought Mara meant something dark – it sounds like an early form of Mary – which I think means sea. I’m fascinated with the dark side and have actually lived it more than most. I’ve had an extraordinary experience of the Raven. The way I got introduced to astrology was that, having had a traumatic childhood, in my early 20’s I began loosing my personality on certain days, widely spaced apart. I would loose the ability to speak or relate. After a while I knew when this was coming on and would avoid people for 24 hours or so until it passed. I discovered that this was happening at the dark of the moon. I’m Capricorn rising and sun with an old crescent Sagge moon, only one sign away from Cap – my theory is that when the dark of the moon happened, it was so close to my nearly dark moon that it eclipsed me. It became and still is my conviction that men, all men, have their period on the dark of the moon – a death/rebirth, when the feminine is removed from the equation. No reflected light. Because if happens to all men and the earth at the same time, it’s not so noticeable. I used to feel full moons and ‘black moons’ so intensely that my whole life was built around anticipating their passage. The Winter Solstice is still very powerful to me. I go into complete withdrawl from the world for the six weeks until St Bridgit’s day (Groundhog Day) if I can pull it off. I’ve read that this is a practice of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (a Cap) and other Hindu spiritualists. By the end of Cap the intense peace and experience of Shakti has ended for me but a meditative vibe is still in the air until February 2. My whole year revolves around this experience. Anyway, learning that this phenomenon was happening on dark moons caused me to study the moon and then look into astrology. I developed an entire religious practice based on lunar cycles in the birthing and dying of the personality – flavored by the revolving God – sun – Goddess- Moon pairings through the signs and have had mystical experiences with the moon, but then who hasn’t! I went to a lecture by a very well known astrologer/composer who was quite old at that time but whose name is not Googling. But he was too far over my head. I’ve written songs about the moon cycle and learned that this was a Druid practice. I love chatting about the mythical dramas of astrology if you’d like to correspond some. bluestarwheel@gmail. I’m surprised to learn from you that Pluto is getting so close to me. I wrote a novel, up on Amazon Books, entitled In Pluto’s Shadow. How dark is that!

    1. Taken as a whole, I do not find Pluto the least bit dark. I think we all find ourselves transitioning into who we will next be. We are eternal beings unfolding and evolving.

      Your moon’s nodes fall in your 2nd/8th houses. The N.N. in your 2nd house in Pisces is about your path to what you value. Because your Pluto is in the 7th house, you are learning about how you value yourself within being in a relationship with others. Neptune in Libra in the 9th house again (to me) reinforces the spiritual need to understand your relationship to others. Venus in Capricorn in the 1st house (opposite the 7th house) is about you looking at fulfilling your needs and what you value in the traditional sense (Capricorn). I so love the earthiness of Capricorn and in the 1st house it is so…solid, stable, sure footed, etc… Which is a sharp contrast to my Gemini first house. I’m easily distracted with a curious mind, a need to explore, and to understand how my thoughts create things (for better or for worse). 😀

      Any who…I would love to read your book. I will have to make a point of purchasing it in the near future.

  7. Avatar
    HIldegarde's Girl

    Capricorn is predominantly in my 4th house but rules my 5th house by a few degrees All my cardinal planets are earlier degrees except my Libra Mercury at 19 degrees in 1st house. Cancer Mars in my 10th.
    Im expecting a BANG as it leaves Capricorn in 5th and enters Aquarius in the 5th house where my Saturn sits at 5 degrees. Does it signify endings or beginnings? Will it resonate in my entire 5th house even if Capricorn constitutes only. I wish you had a report that can outline what each of us could expect. Is it the deluxe transit report?

  8. btw i’m Taurus ascending , so this transit is happening in my 9th house (whole sign house system, in other house systems it’s my 10th house)

  9. This conjunction will happen inside my 4th house. All these three “guys” will aspect my Sun and Moon… To add to the mix, Uranus is transiting my 8 house and of course hitting Sun and Moon on the other side. This energies are very intense for me already… and it will come more. I really don’t like such a concentration of these 3 big guys inside my 4 house… I don’t even dare to think about it! I prefer not to… cause I really don’t know how to prepare for this.

    1. Distilling the advice from some of the best astrological tarot readers on You tube,of which there are many for the month of January and throwing that into the 4th house pot might prove useful.Leave to simmer in your psyche and hey presto ! Your personal recipe for home and hearth catastrophe should gain a little clarity.Personally, your tactic of sticking your head in the sand seems a smart one, and one that I have adopted,along with doing my upmost to enjoy this summer-it certainly being my last- and arming myself to the teeth-this hellish duo converging upon my natal Mars.The Autumn will bringconstriction(illness, prison ?) as Saturn closes in until my ‘Winter of Discontent’ turns thermonuclear with Pluto’s arrival ! On the bright side at 57, at least I will be spared my Saturn return which,given it’s position in my natal chart and my experience of my life to date would be like experiencing a karmic crucifixion !! Probaby played out on the Earth plane by me having one,or possibly both legs amputated below the knees due to my worsening diabetes(my left foot is mostly numb now.Right foot is rapidly numbing in sympathy despite meds,exercise and diet.Was I a camp guard at Auschwitz in a previous incarnation ? It would seem a distinct possibility !

      1. Thank you, I’ll definitely do some search on youtube to see what the astro tarot readers have to say… I’m still a beginner in this territory and there is much to learn. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best! I’ll for one try my best to focus on the present moment and what needs to be done here and now! Wish you all the best!

  10. sun and south node at 22 degrees capricorn (9th house)
    saturn at 22 degrees libra (6th house)

    still learning about it all… such a long intense transit.

  11. Im scared. My world is falling a part around me i have zero support from friends or family. My IC is exactly 22 cappy. The ruler of 4th is getting hit by uranus in the 7th.. i have natal venus n chiron conjunct that transiting chiron keeps going back n forth over and I keep looking for ways to kill myself. Last time saturn crossed my 4th house i placed my daughter for adoption and lost my home.

    1. Dear Ava! Please go and reach out to someone for help! The planets can’t make us do things – that is our choice. So please be kind enough to go see a Counsellor who can get you through this difficult time. There is a reason why you are alone. It’s because you can do this! I am rooting for you dear!

    2. Ava, I understand the feeling of your world falling apart. I have undergone some very deep psychological changes in which I would like to share with you.

      My mother passed away, then my sister, then my brother. An 11 year relationship ended, my house foreclosed on, and I couldn’t seem to land a job. I pulled away from my remaining family and even my friends. I felt unbelievably alone.

      I want to say that while things feel hopeless, nothing stays the same forever. Everything changes. There is a positive lunar eclipse happening in January. The north node is attending and I do believe that things will turn around for you.

      I just want to say that life is worth living. Find the beauty in where you are at and realize that you are an eternal being (we all are eternal beings). Look to appreciate things around you like a sunrise, a flower, a lizard, a rabbit. Find the beauty that is around you and you will see that the reason you see beauty is because you are beauty…wonderful, eternal beauty.

      Breath in and breath out and tell self that this is not forever. Tell yourself that nothing stays the same, everything always changes. Know that you are amazingly wonderful and stronger than you know; you’re an amazing eternal being and you are loved beyond measure.

      1. Thank you both for your caring comments. It feels like I’m doggy paddling in a stormy ocean and I am asked to carry bricks then another brick is added then another .. my arms n legs grow tired. I get we have to do things alone. But even elephants and other animals gather around and help when one is struggling. I can’t get thru this on my own. If someone doesnt take the bricks soon I’m afraid I’ll go under. I do have a therapist as post appt made it’s just getting myself there.. its finding something or someone to care enough about to motivate me to keep doggy paddling.

        1. Dear Ava- I know exactly what it feels like. And I hear you. I was in the same boat as you- actually I still am in regards to family. It’s the greatest wound inside and I don’t think it’ll ever go away. I totally get it.
          What I did instead was to create another family of close friends who support me, love me and are there for me. Being alone is very difficult and stressful, but look at it as an opportunity to show yourself what you are made of. That’s what this to me is all about- I am being asked to be strong.
          But I do not want to invalidate your experience. You sound like someone who is totally overwhelmed. But please – have faith. You are bright, full of insight and understanding of what’s happening! Trust that there is a hand that guides and in our darkest hours we get a reprieve. You are so worth it – don’t ever give up! You will find someone, but not out of need, but from strength born out of having survived the hardest thing ever. I am holding you in my heart. Just take it one minute at a time- and I am glad you have a therapist. The rest will come. Have faith. You’ll be able to breathe again. Ditch all those bricks too. Then you can swim upstream again! Lots of love!

          1. Avatar
            Katherine Caldwell

            Suri – I have had a similar thing…My mother, father, and sister died, then my brother almost died (still waiting to get a kidney), and broke up an 11 year marriage! Life is totally overwhelming for me right now, too, just as Ava says. My nervous system feels like it has been punished to its limit, and everything exhausts me. My faith comes and goes. Some days are actually starting to feel normal, but I know the stellium will hit my Sun, moon and mercury (Sun at 22 degrees libra, and the others at 7 and 8 degrees). I wonder what is in store for me, and if I will even survive it! If I do survive, I hope to be so much stronger

          2. Thank you Suri for your kind words. For all of you sharing your pain and that you made it thru. Maybe for those that do take their own lives we came into this world knowing we agreed to it maybe thru it others grow from it. Or maybe my pisces moon would like to see altruism in taking my life when really I feel like a coward. Saturn n Pluto make me feel like I’m in a rock and a hard spot and the rock is squashing me. Not sure if its chiron dancing back forth over my venus n chiron conjunction or that for awhile I had Saturn squaring my venus .. I just feel so alone. Naked with scars standing in front of the world being judged and no place to hide. My pisces moon Libra rising and Neptune oppose sun wants everything to be pleasant.. sweet .. kind. Beautiful.. and everything is dark.. ugly.. painful .. too real .. too too painful.. cruel

    3. Ava
      Theres no way I can top what Suri and Mara gave to you. All I can say is that things will fall together at the end.
      I cant begin to imagine the pain you are going through. I lost my mom and best friend. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope this all passes soon for you. ((Hugs))

      1. Seems to be a theme when the exact conjunction of Saturn n Pluto hit my IC will be the anniversary of the sudden death of my mother. Everyone keeps speaking of the loss of their mother and last time Saturn hit my IC I placed my daughter for adoption. I recently had that wound reopen by hackers pretending to be her. Made the hole in my heart hurt even worse. I think how sad it is when someone like Robin William’s dies or Lee Thompson and I think if they couldnt make it thru how can I. Listen to everyone open up about their pain loss and struggles helps me not to feel so alone. And if you kind people can make it I can find a way. Thank you

  12. Dec 20, 1284. a cap Stellium with to close conjunctions. Huge earth energy! with Virgo and Taurus involved.

    Sat & Pluto @ 26 degree Capricorn, opposing Uranus rx @ 27 degree Cancer.

    Sun @ 6 Cap
    Jup @ 8 Cap
    Mars @ 12 Cap

    Venus rx @ 20 Cap
    Merc @ 21 Cap

    Moon was @ 12 degree Taurus that day.

    Neptune rx @ 25 Virgo



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    April 25 – Mamluk sultan Al Mansur Qalawun begins a siege of the Crusader fortress of Margat (in modern-day Syria), a major stronghold of the Knights Hospitaller thought to be impregnable; he captures the fortress a month later.
    June 14 – Trần Hưng Đạo leads Vietnamese forces in victory over an invading Mongol fleet of the Yuan Dynasty, at Chuong Duong.

    January 6 – Archbishop Jakub Świnka orders all priests subject to his bishopry in Poland to deliver sermons in Polish rather than German, thus further unifying the Catholic Church in Poland, and fostering a national identity.
    April – Chios is captured by Venetian raiders from its Genoese lords; it is later retaken.
    Easter – The Second Statute of Westminster is passed in England, reforming various laws; it includes the clause de donis conditionalibus, considered one of the fundamental institutes of medieval law in England.
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    The county of Champagne is integrated into the kingdom of France; the region loses its haven characteristics for foreign merchants, and the fairs of Troyes quickly dwindle into economic insignificance.[2]

  14. My progressed Sun right now is 22 degrees Capricorn and will be all year. In fact, it will be conjunct Pluto (moving with it) for the next 2-3 years. Also, my Progressed Sun is on my progressed MC.

    Man, this is so built up, I wonder what I will wake up to on Jan12-13.

  15. Sun at 21 degrees Crab, Midheaven at 19 Capricorn, North Node at 26 Capricorn. It’s been quite a time so far, and I do believe I’ll notice the conjunction.

  16. My birthday coincides with this conjunction, which will hit my natal Cap stellium of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. At present, I plan to channel the energy of the day by attending an academic (Jupiter) conference about the preservation (Saturn) of a dead (Pluto) language (Mercury). And then go out to dinner! Happy Birthday to me–and to all whose birthdays fall on January 12th. The message is: Take heart! (Sun)

    1. Sounds perfect! My birthday is also that day! I’m looking forward to it, I have to say. My natal sun and South node are at 22degrees cap. Whatever it is, it’s big. Happy birthday to you for then!

  17. I got sober in 1992.I was 29 and it was the beginning of the rest of my life. Very difficult time but with long term good consequences. I’m a Capricorn sun and Cancer moon, not sure the degrees.

  18. My ac/dc is 15Can/15Cap, 7 degrees off the conjunction. I’ll be grazed I suppose. My brother though has 22Cap Moon in 7th, so it’ll be a direct hit as it were. I see it affecting our relationship, which makes sense. I see him getting more emotionally cold in a way and I worry for him, he is my little brother after all. Pluto and then Saturn each ran over my moon in early Cap a few years ago, and it was tough, and I can’t imagine the two at once exactly conjunct.

    1. I hope he swims with the stream or ocean in this case, and makes it thru the other side. I have 22 Libra rising and chiron going back n forth over my venus chiron conjunction with uranus tap dancing all over my saturn in the 7th .. n capricorn is my 4th house soooooo I’ve lost all my relationships. My living situation changed greatly.. creating new n different friends… all while I feel like I’m being ripped in two. My venus is 12 aries

  19. My best girlfriend has a Jan 12 birthday, w/her sun conjunct mercury and venus in her natal 8th. I’ll just leave it there….

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