I Am Nothing Like My Natal Chart

Hi, Elsa.

Over the years I my experience has shown me that astrology pretty much always works…but sometimes I may not get it. Sometimes I have to wait a while til I can grasp it. So it’s not astrology, it’s my capacity to understand that is the limiting factor.

But I have been having a hard time with my 3 planets in Aries. I don’t see the qualities of Aries showing up in me. I am not pushy, irritable, in a hurry. I am not brave, I am not on some big heroic mission. I am not particularly enthusiastic.

With Uranus conjuncting my Mars, I’d expect sparks! Nothing. I am soooooo boring. And even actually relieved that I am no longer pushing myself to go out and be daring. 

I am not really asking you about my situation – I’m sure I will get it eventually – my question is this: do you always see astrology working? If you don’t see what’s happening, how do you deal with it? Are there parts of your chart you don’t get? My husband has some mystery spots in his chart too. Does this ever happen when you look at someone’s chart? How do you deal with a big gap between the chart and the person?

Stellium in Aries

Hi, Stellium!

I don’t know you or your husband. I’m a little concerned this might be offensive, but you’re asking what I think…

Based on my experience, I think the chart is always right.  I would qualify that if I had ever seen an exception. I have never seen an exception!

When there does seem to be a discrepancy, it’s usually due to one of two things or a combination of both.

1. People have blind spots.
2.The understanding of astrology and/or the chart reading skills are weak.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on with you, personally. But some things are detectable from your post.

First, not all Aries are pushy. Some of them are excellent leaders and brilliant tacticians. One of their tactics may be that they move slowly on a target, and not push at all.  Aries energy can be refined!

You also mentioned your natal Mars conjunct Uranus. This energy is illustrated in your post as you challenge (Mars) astrology (Uranus).

I could go on, but you get the idea. It reminds me of this gal who came on here once, insisting she was a Scorpio because her Leo Sun was conjunct Pluto.  Man, she had a fit.  I saw an ego (Leo) on steroids (Pluto). A killer ego!

She thought she was deep and…I dunno. Smoky and mysterious? Whatever!

Provided you have proper birth data, you are what your chart says you are, whether you can see it or not.

Are there things in your chart, that you can’t identify with?

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49 thoughts on “I Am Nothing Like My Natal Chart”

  1. The deeper I get into astrology the more I realize how valid it is. I cannot explain why astrology is real . I just know that is. The layers fascinate me. I still have much to learn. I am Grasshopper.

  2. I don’t know, I can see the Stellium-in-Aries’ point. There are spots in my chart that I don’t get at all, and I have had at least two reports done, plus my (and I will be the first to admit it) ‘weak’ chart reading research. So I am certain I have blind spots; but, I do wonder about the accuracy of my time, like perhaps even though I have a certified copy of my time, there are times I still doubt it.

    1. That book was AMAZING, the best book I ever read on Neptune. Daunting, because it’s like a billion pages, but opened up a world of understanding of Neptune for me.

    2. I didn’t read it, but I understand Neptune anyway. I should because it is my chart ruler and conjunct my Sun and I react to Neptune transits in an almost exaggerated manner.
      Neptune square Venus in a female chart shows the ‘why I’m always with the wrong guy?’-type.

  3. Sometimes I just want peace peace peace and will bend over backwards to make it happen….for a little while anyway. That seems so Libra to me. I have nothing in Libra. I usually can see both sides to an argument. I really don’t get my Jupiter and Jupiter opposite Neptune.

    That said, I have learned so much here and the things I don’t understand are because I just don’t know enough to read well.

  4. To me the most obvious aspect of Aries in my life is their childlike enjoyment of simple things and faith in their experience.

  5. I used to have trouble seeing my stellium in Leo because I didn’t understand it due to limited astrology knowledge (I’m not extroverted…) and I was suppressing/denying parts of it.

    1. I’ve seen lots of posts here from “shy Leos”. Think of you Leo energy. It may not be on display “on stage” but it is there!

      I’m an Aquarius so not Leo, but my sun is in the 5H, Leo’s home. Show off sometimes? Yup, that’s me. And brag a little, too *hangs head* It’s the energy, wherever it is displayed.

    2. I have a stellium in leo too, and I felt opposite of a leo. But 4 of my planets in leo are squared by satutn in the 8th house so I guess that dilutes the leo qualities. And my moon is pisces which I feel way more than leo.

  6. Sometimes people want to identify with or cant come to terms with their qualities.

    I wanted to be an intense brooding mystery of things because of my moon conjunct pluto in the eighth all in scorpio plus Saturn in Scorpio as well.

    But, I find that I always try to spin negatives into positives and I love to make people happy and that’s my midheaven in Sagittarius.

    I came to terms with the fact that I’m bubbly; I just have had to go through a lot of shitty situations and people tend to come to me a lot to vent or for advice which I’m always happy to listen with my pisces rising and sun in virgo I like to help!

    It’s all in my chart and the more time passes the more the picture becomes complete!!!

    🙂 -Pepe

  7. “First, not all Aries are pushy. Some of them are excellent leaders and brilliant tacticians. One of their tactics may be that they move slowly on a target, and not push at all. Aries energy can be refined!”

    I would go as far as to say that MOST Aries people aren’t “pushy”. And this is because they don’t need to! They have such a natural authority in them people will just be happy to follow their lead.

    For instance, I used to work with this Aries guy who still holds the company sales record for a month. He did 8 times more money in commisions than an average salesperson, and 4 times more than a really good one. People would buy anything from him. Many would come, a couple of days later to tell they didn’t say yes when he closed the deal. Well, in many cases, I had heard them say yes. Obviously, I didn’t tell them this, but went through the contract if needed and made them speak directly to the guy. After this, most people backed. He had 10 per cent return rate, maximum. Someone broke his sales record a couple of months ago, but it was later discovered he such a high return rate for our best paying product it made company to revise the policy for sales of it.

    1. “I would go as far as to say that MOST Aries people aren’t “pushy””


      It’s sort of like all the unclean Virgos, lol. It’s just not that simple. Astrology (people) are not flat, as I used to say.

  8. I would consider Sun conjunct Pluto an “honorary” Scorpio. The person will usually exhibit a lot of Scorpio traits. My son has Sun in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Scorpio – yikes! an intense Scorpio energy.

    In my own chart Jupiter is conjunct my Sun in Libra. I am well known for my bluntness – I’m always the one naming the elephant in the room and saying out loud the thing that everyone else is thinking. Not a Libra thing, but very much a Sag thing.

  9. Are there things in your chart that you can’t identify with?
    My answer is all the time. I have a hard time seeing how my chart fits with my life, but I see how it fits me. What I mean is that I am cancer, yet some of my closest friends end up being aries, or libra or aquarius. It makes me question, how is that right given all the water in my chart??
    Now that being said, the more I learn about astrology, the deep I go and can start to see how, well, I do have mars in my first house, conjunct merc & my asc & SN, so yeah, aries is a natural fit friendship for me. I have a rogue venus and when I need that energy, it draws libra in. I know that Uranus makes quite a few aspects in my chart and when I need that energy, well, my niece, my sag & I are all peas in a pod together.
    So it’s a yes & no answer, yes I can’t identify with parts until I dig deeper and learn more (hello major pluto aspects) and learn more about my self & how my chart energies play out.

  10. Sometimes I think I’m not very Capricorn-like because I tend to relate to more of the fiery parts of my chart (Aries Moon, Merc/Neptune in Sagittarius) but then I think about how I will use the very last bit of toothpaste in the tube, baby my nicer clothes so they last longer, or how I am instantly turned off by men who interfere with my career goals, and I immediately remember that I am definitely a goat at heart. A fiery goat with a neurotic perfectionist streak and a fidgety temperament (Virgo stellium, 3rd house Sun, 6th house Moon), but a goat just the same!

  11. Hah. I know a lot of Sun/Pluto folk. My mom, my partner, my best friend in grade school, many of my ex-roomates. None of them were mysterious. Just bossy. Power struggles galore.

  12. I’m a cancer. For a very long time no one could guess that I was a cancer. Not even me. I exclusively subscribed to my virgo ascendant and Sag moon. Although people expressly note that I am tenacious, determined and strong willed. My sun is in the tenth house and heavily aspected. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and pluto all make aspects. O the surface I am calm but underneath is a sea of emotions churning. Few people know how sensitive I really am. I am very loyal and will endure any hardship for those that I love. I have excellent intuition and I use it to help me further my career aims. Like collective need and even need of an organization and my supervisors. So I suppose that’s the cancer. I like security 🙂 And kids immediately take to me. I guess I have some “momminess” lol. Anyway, my chart makes more sense as I mature. I always seek to master my energies and make the best use of my personality.

  13. I have a really cool example of this.
    My first boyfriend was a Moon in Sag in the 5th house with a Leo Sun in the 1st! That should be a fun social knee slapping kind of guy right?

    On the contrary… he was timid, anti social, stubborn, moody, nerdy and did not ever seem to smile much. Definitely no life of the party in this man. But…. guess what was sitting on top of his Moon in Sag? Good ol’ Saturn. Moody as hell with his Asc and Venus in Cancer and Mars in Taurus, made him stubborn as all hell.

    So here you can see where the chart energies mutate to what is offered to us as definition for a certain aspect in the natal chart. Astrology is a beautiful puzzle. It’s a gift to mankind. It takes time and patience to decode. I’ve noted in my early years of study, it’s hard to read yourself or someone so close to you, as the objectivity is not there. You should start with either a famous person or an extended friend. Take it apart and piece it together. It’s a fascinating tool, once you see it open to you and can get a glimpse of the picture you are piecing together!

  14. Not all Aries are pushy, and not all Libras (like me) are flirty, chatty, fluffy and sociable. Having Sun, Moon and Mercury in Libra one would think I fit the average Libra stereotype. My Sun is conjunct my IC though, so while I have natural, effortless social skills, I use them to keep people at a distance more than anything. I’m extremely self-protective of my inner core and deepest emotions. I come across as polite, kind and easygoing nonetheless. So yes, people are layered and complex.

  15. There used to be things about my chart that didn’t fit…… Then I found out my birth time was all wrong, as in I was born morning not night, huge difference but after I got over the shock and dismay it actually made sense. I’ve now got a 3 planets in the 12 th and a moon Neptune square, and boy do I feel that.

  16. In the times I knew only a few things about astrology (and there are still a plenty of things) I always thought that the description of my Sun sign did’t fit with me as a person. Then I learnt about Moon sign and Ascendant. That was a hint. And the time came when I first calculated my own chart. And read a couple of things about stellia. Sun meshed up with Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Moon is equal to a f*cking big Sun. Takes time to figure it out by yourself. And a “nice” square from Neptune to Sun, Jupiter and Saturn makes it hard to figure you out by others.
    In other words, my birth chart fits me and my life pretty much.

    1. They are things you might not want to see about yourself, truths that you might not want to believe about yourself because you think they are negative or …. something. They are not bad, just coming to terms with yourself.

  17. Thank y’all for all these insights. Since joining this site I have learned a veritable fuckton. I am still deciphering my natal. Was always incredulous that I have no Scorpio in my chart. Well fuck me running I have Pluto conjunct Uranus in the second trining sun, Venus and Saturn and sextiling Neptune and squaring Mars, Jupiter, N. Node, Vertex.

  18. Plenty, I have a ton of planets either in my 12th or conjunct Neptune. Relating to my chart takes work and a lot of meditating 😉

  19. “With Uranus conjuncting my Mars, I’d expect sparks! Nothing. I am soooooo boring. And even actually relieved that I am no longer pushing myself to go out and be daring.”

    The person admits that they have a history of pushing his/herself to go out, and be daring… But, claims they are not like that at all, but are the opposite.

    This is a classic case of someone pretending to be someone/something they’re not, and their Saturn Transits will force them to drop the boring person act.

    1. “My husband has some mystery spots in his chart too.”

      Considering the person is clearly at a point in life s/he likes to live in denial of facts even about him/herself… These “mystery spots” are probably either just the everyday Neptune/Pisces/Twelfth house ones… And/or details about his/her husband that s/he is in denial about, not wanting to fully get to know his/her spouse, or the spouse being the one covering it up (f.e. lying about it, or just not opening up about it).

      Also, s/he left out the HOUSING of the Aries-Signed Planets. If they’re in the Twelfth House, then it should be a no-brainer that s/he is in this situation.

      Thankfully, only Nessus is in my Twelfth… But, my Jupiter is in Pisces, my Moon is on the Pisces side of the Pisces-Aries Cusp, and my Part Of Fortune is in Pisces, Conjunct my Jupiter this last one. And, everyone has a Neptune. Mine is in Capricorn, in my Fourth house… Trine Nessus (Virgo – 12H), Trine Sedna (Taurus – 8H), Square Sun+Pallas (Virgo – 1H), Square Mercury (Libra – 1H), Square Moon (Pisces+Aries (Pisces Side), 7H), and Sextile Pluto+Venus (Scorpio – 2H). (My guess is that my mother lies about my paternity, or that I was adopted, and that I’m more Asian than I’m allowed to say for why I’m obviously more Asian than I’m allowed to say. (I did not know most of my life how Asian I am. I had a leaning, but I knew I’m not allowed to explore that kind of thinking, so I didn’t do it.))

  20. aries rising moon Gemini sun leo, im a go getter,walk fast,at work everything is fast n furious,my aim is to have PATIENCE,especially with slower astrology persons,this is my aries asc, oon Gemini chatter chatter,then sometimes quiet actually listening,but if person boring switch off,leo sun happy happy,just like my flower the sunflower partner scorpio asc, moon pisces, sun cancer,FIRE N ICE,hard work with this watery person, but also learning to be more slower,in decision making, oh so hard.must of crossed paths for a reason,teach water to be a bit more jovial,dont be so serious lol

  21. Great comments on this question, so many insights. I see now there is probably no ‘pure’ Aries… I have Mercury, Mars and Venus in the 4th in Aries. Each of those planets is conditioned by aspects from another planet that significantly effects the pure Aries expression – for example Venus is in inconjunct Saturn. Mars is opposed by Neptune. Mercury is squared by Uranus.

    All this Aries has gotten me into so much trouble – and fun – over the years. When I was younger I was extremely reactive. No filters, no restraint, just a raging fire. Reading this string made me realize, “hey, I’ve matured!” So maybe I would add that to Elsa’s list. Maybe with maturity you express a higher octave of the energy that may not be the most obvious, most basic expression?

  22. I was born under Sagittarius. I was over a month early.
    I fit Capricorn to a T, and my entire natal chart is nothing like me. Could being born early have messed with it?

  23. The other thing to consider is polarity, particularly with nativities showing three or more planets in one sign. Three planets in Capricorn have I, but very few of the stereotypical attributes of Capricorn, at least in adulthood (I did have them in childhood). Instead what I have and value as an adult is a lot of Cancer, even though I have no planets in the sign.

    What I often say to people is that planetary energy runs on a continuum, which is what polarity is. So the more planets one has in Capricorn, the more likely the home-loving, nurturing Cancer energy will bleed through and make itself known. The more planets in Aries, the more likely one will see the “timid” refined energy of Libra expressing itself.

    The book Sextrology does a fairly decent job of explaining this without actually using the term polarity. For example, it described male and female Cancer as being very business-oriented and career-focused (archetypal energy more often associated with Capricorn). It also talks about the discriminating, judging, evaluating quality that Piscean artists or creative types bring to their work – this is clearly a Virgo association.

  24. I can identify with all my placements, except one: my Mars in Gemini in the 11th house. I don’t act like an Air Mars whatsoever, I could see myself as a Fire Mars though. My natal chart is Fire dominant (with my Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Venus, Jupiter being in Fire signs). One of my close friends has her Mars in Aries and she doesn’t represent her Mars sign either. We used to joke about that we should just exchange them because that way they would be absolutely fitting for both of us. ?

  25. Awesome insights Elsa! You always read between the lines and I love that about you.

    But as a note, I’ve always found when people deny their placements, they tend to project the opposite sign. It’s that polarity–balancing out ones weak/blind spots. They believe themselves to be what they think they’re projecting. Think of the dorky kid daydreaming that he’s a ladies man with the prettiest, most popular girls in school. ?

    I’m a Leo rising and look like one but believe my Aquarius descendant is more prominent in terms of my outward personality. I’m eccentric and aloof and I have weird habits (like a lifetime love of astrology) and forward-insights that are sometimes 5-10 years ahead. Draconic astrology gives some insight into this phenomena because it tells so much about our soul’s persona.

  26. Oh, there are definitely parts of my chart I can’t see play out in my life/character. I was actually told by an astrologer, well asked really, what happened to me that I got so quiet (i.e. in the meaning of silenced). Upbringing would be my guess. 🙂 But I guess it’s all there in my chart, some things are probably stronger in effect than others.

  27. Once a friend of mine said that he should be a Sagittarius, but as much as he could figure out together with other friends he rather has the traits of a Libra. I got his chart and it shows a very clear Libra rising. He’d better asked somebody, who knows the difference between Sun signs and astrology.
    I know myself very well, so there is no blind spot in my chart. But what it says about the world around me is sometimes mysterious. My Seventh house is crowded. Bullies and enemies? Yes. Even too many. Business partners or spouses? No. Never. Why do I only get the bad part?
    Saturn rules my Eleventh house. Only few friends? Yes. But what about the lunar North Node in my Eleventh?
    Sun rules my Sixth house and consequently I’d indeed wish to be an entrepreneur. Failing due to lack of money. But my Sun is also in the Eighth house, so I should easily find investors. But where are they?

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