What Happens When Neptune Transits Opposite Venus?

Neptune God of SeaHi, Elsa.

How can I handle Neptune transiting opposite natal Venus? Is it possible to keep the rose-colored glasses off in terms of relationships? Or should one channel energies into creative projects?

Venus in Virgo
United States

Hi, Venus.

I don’t think it’s possible to do what you’re asking, nor do I think it’s desirable. We have transits for a reason.  

Neptune’s transit opposite Venus will offer you the chance to see “the other” in new ways. For instance, let’s say you tend to tick boxes, looking for certain qualities, when evaluating other people you interact with. This is fine, but it’s also quite limited.  The Neptune transit will allow to see the beauty and appeal of not just a larger group, but of anyone.

Is there a danger of being tricked. There is!  But the risk is worth gaining the ability to see people in a new way.

For example, some years ago I was on the cross-trainer in the gym. I have Venus square Neptune. I wear glasses for distance, but I don’t need them to have a conversation. I see well enough, I used to leave them in my locked rather than have to wipe sweat off them all the time.

So I was on the cross-trainer and across the room, there were three women walking on treadmills.  It was early in the morning so the gym was pretty much empty. But there was this cluster of women walking next to each other, each of them had a different body type.

I was watching them and it hit me; each body type had appeal.  There is someone out there who would be attracted to each of these women. Someone who would love them.  This is the magic. It may take a Neptune transit to show you this truth.

Again, in real life.  Recently, my 17 year old son visited me. He’s in college and he’s becoming quite tall.  He said there were numerous girls who would not even consider dating a short man. I know he’s right, in that age group.  But he’s not right.

“I’ve always been most attracted to shorter, dark-haired men,” I explained. “That’s always been the type that turned my head…men with big noses, as well.”

The college age girls may not realize they could not only love a short man, but be phenomenally happy with him. So you get the idea.  Your Neptune transit will open you to new realms.  To resist this would be a mistake.

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12 thoughts on “What Happens When Neptune Transits Opposite Venus?”

  1. THIS IS THE WAY TO WORK WITH ASTROLOGY!!! I really love this way to deal with it! I think this is the way as it was meant!

  2. I have this Neptune opposite Venus transit going on in cadent 3rd/9th houses. (My Virgo Venus is in the 9th house, widely conj. Pluto @ 9 deg. orb.) Not exact yet for a couple more degrees.

    Passivity/receptivity has such a bum rap nowadays (feminism has a lot to do with that IMO) however it’s been much more beneficial during this transit (for me) to be more receptive/passive and NOT act & also have faith in God while I’m doing it. (Part of this transit for me has also been about accepting physical limitations too.)

    My everyday communication style is passive anyway (Neptune conj Mercury) so that facet of it hasn’t been hard.

    In other ways it’s been more difficult but has been helpful to say to myself. Just. Stop. Yes I realize that being actively passive is an action in itself.

    Really interesting (3rd house word) seeing how this transit has been unfolding. So far, God is giving me house with a pink (Venus) bathtub (Neptune). I’ll eventually get a pink toilet (Pluto Venus) to match it. Never realized just how much art I own. (Lots) Getting rid of/donating much of my possessions.

    With Neptune-related transits it’s always helped me to remember physics: “Gases are the only state of matter that can be compressed very tightly or expanded to fill a very large space” Still don’t know what my Neptune square Neptune transit was about though. 😀

  3. Im a Venus in Virgo I have this transit approaching and I already feel the tide coming in. Im desperately trying to stay awake but Im afraid I wont be able to hold on any longer. Here we go!

  4. Avatar

    I suppose Neptune square Venus is not getting what you want instead of not seeing what’s there in the opposition (which leaves room for compromise). Is this correct?

  5. Thank you for this! In the 2nd round of the Venus Neptune opposition and I have to say it’s giving me a fresh look on many things, especially creativity 🙂

  6. Dear Elsa, thank you so much for sharing your understanding of transit Neptune opposition Natal Venus! My initial feeling about this contact was actually hopeful and in alignment with your assessment despite all the negative astro-chatter out there. Your wise words: “the ability to see people in a new way,” are encouraging! I plan to make your words my manta going forward during this transit informing my art, my relationships and life events as they unfold! Thank you again! ?

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