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  1. Hi Elsa and everybody,

    I am Virgo with Leo rising. I love children so much that I can’t even hear them cry for candy. I feel sorry for people who suffer of a natural disaster, but not so much for individuals any more after being hit by Saturn. Was it Saturn or people? I can’t figure it out. Nobody ever feels sorry for me. I project confidence even in my deepest pain. But I am okay with it.

    Thank you Elsa, and all of you, for your thoughts.

  2. Well, I should say I am always surprised when someone shows me compassion. It literally fills me with tears.

    I think it is because I had a very un-compassionate mother. I know she loved me, but she used very harsh, Capricorn-like methods of showing it. There was zero coddling.

    But yes, fortunately, I have come across others who show me compassion, and I have to fight my embarrassment when it happens.

  3. Scorpio rising, sadge moon in hard aspect to Saturn and conjunct my mercury, neptune, sun and venus. I get a mixed bag compassion-wise. Those close to me are the people who are able to see through the scorpio rising and sadge optimism and who are compassionate with me, but not coddling. I hate coddling. I love advice though and do my best to welcome and really hear all of it.

    I try to be compassionate towards everyone, but I’m pretty sure that my version of compassion isn’t always welcome or popular. I am empathetic, historically too much so (Neptune in the first, conjunct my moon)and have learned not to take too much of other people’s negative energy on. That plus my impatience with folks who know how to address their issues but refuse to do it means there’s not a lot of sympathy to go around. Compassion? Sure. Sympathy? Not so much.

  4. “People who feel compassion for you may take actions on your behalf that are not right for you as well.”

    @Annalisa, I have certainly experienced this as well. I think it is the Saturn Neptune signature – Compassion can be a burden!

    It’s like gal trying to help me not ruin my wedding with my energy, LOL. She was trying to help me?!?

    Same thing with the last gal who blew up on the boards here. She was “compassionately” trying to tell me what thoughts to have in my head and how to express them.”

    Sometimes compassion looks eerily similar to control or oppression and in my case, this is more often than not so as far as I am concerned you can be the one they feel sorry for, you poor thing. 😉

    I remember how pissed you were at these people, do you? You felt they were using you – feel sorry for you to avoid having to look at their own sorry lives.

    You really were disgusted.

  5. I agree about compassion. Sometimes “compassion” and “kindness” are just another way to control!!! I have seen it and am wary of those who give too much…

  6. I’ve seen a lot of loss through my job, people whose lives are forever changed by death and illness. I’ve developed a huge sense of compassion and sometimes I feel blessed to be spared.

    I don’t feel sorry for people who refuse to fend for themselves and live off society. I’m not talking temporary help (especially in these unemployed times) I mean permanent lifestyle. While I may feel sorry for their children, I don’t feel sorry for them.

    I know paralyzed people who have managed to find a way to make a living. So what’s their excuse?

  7. I feel sorry for more people than I should have. I heard a story about a man convicted to three life sentences for two murders and as the prosecution and victim’s family kept calling him a ‘monster’ I felt sorry for his soul. I thought what if this man who obviously made a real bad choice believes he is a monster all his life (he was crying at some point) and then when he dies he condemns himself to a hellish experience. I feel sorry for anyone and Moon is Pisces will tell you why. However if you’ve wronged me I will forgive you but it will take time. Being Catholic also supports my world view. I feel empathetic for people at the drop of hat, too much actually but I don’t mind as long as they don’t take advantage of me. Being Moon in Pisces, I don’t soak energies that much probably because I have alot of air in my chart but it doesn’t stop me from trying to help the situation or sympathizing. I especially grieve for children but I overall sympathy should be constructive and should change the situation for the better. For instance, donating to a cause out of a sympathy is a good thing rather than saying ‘I feel so sorry for them’ and not doing anything about it. Just my two cents.

  8. Sun in Tauro, neptune in MC scorpio
    no body respect me, ha ha ha XD
    my key word is “resistencia”,
    i feel sorry for stupid-violent people

    saludos¡¡ from México

  9. No one feels sorry for me. But I usually feel sorry for everyone else.
    Sag rising with Libra Sun and Moon. Saturn in Pisces opposite Uranus/Pluto conjunction with Virgo midheaven.
    Most people see me as happy, confident and secure. Which tends to piss some people off. Bosses tend to be threatened and insecure, sometimes attacking for no reason. I work hard at my career and give it my all. Could do without the unneeded attacks from the control freaks though.

  10. People don’t feel sorry for me. They may recognize that I’m going through a hard time but they think, She’s strong, she’ll push through it.

  11. i do feel compassion for all life, even if people seem cold, i know deep down they had not known love in the same way perhaps, or given the compassion they so desperately needed. I think kindness/compassion is intertwined/linked. Without compassion, the human connection is broken.

  12. Cancer Moon conjunct Asc. compassionate waves for humanity at this time….with no one else’s washing over me. Sorry for myself and regretting all the stupid decisions I’ve made to spare another’s pain. Most regrettable for not being in a better position to help in any meaningful way, the unspeakable evils that are hi-jacking the consciousness and souls of our most vulnerable individuals. Sun in Aries wants to do SOMETHING….

  13. Perhaps mercury has a part to play in this, or venus (or both) as in how your style of communication attracts or doesn’t compassion. but cap/saturn definitely play a part.
    I attract no compassion, or if I do, it’s the type that comes with exploitation attempts of my weaknesses. Cap MC. Saturn 7H opp Mars. Merc 12H Aries conj venus sq Neptune in cap. Limits limits, get up and stop whining, or, “I’ll help you” (says Svengali). my chart is all tied up so I can’t isolate a single aspect. That venus/merc is part of a very itchy yod pointing to pluto, involving moon/Chiron in the 2H, with sun/AC midpoint. No I cannot attract compassion, I should not attract compassion, I better not attract compassion (NN also 1H trine MC).

  14. I feel other’s pain as it would be mine. Chiron in 7th, moon conjunct neptune but it won’t show if my petrified saturn in 1st is more active. If my moon in 1st is more active I will burst into tears then seek a place to hide. People who are at mercy of absurd life pains,vulnerable people, all of them. Sometimes I think about people who were wrongly accused of murder and died alone in jail, the world against them, truth never revealed. I don’t think I evoke any emapathy- whoever saturn dominant, lilith in 1st ever did
    ?? maybe annoyance or attention seeking. I hate pity too. But I believe people can have compassion. The most I got was- others have it worse, suck it up. Which by the way- horrible way to comfort anyone. If one man is missing his hand, you don’t go and tell him look this other person lost both hands and he still smiles. People go through pain and loss differently and they deserve to be cared for and understood regardless of the amount of their loss. I too agree that too much of it can backfire. Help with no strings attached. Kindness can turn into a burden and it’s not kindness if you expect something in return, it’s a business deal.

  15. I don’t feel sorry for people who always have something to complain about, and just want people to feel sorry for them but won’t take any initiative to solve their problems. If it’s totally out of their control, that’s one thing, but if they created the problem and now want to have a pity party, nah. I used to try to be helpful to people who wouldn’t help themselves, but found I was just enabling. I still can’t help myself in helping in some small way, but I need boundaries or I get used.

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