Voice Of Taurus – “I Want To Be Scorpio” Take 2 – UPDATED

rhino charge“No, I want to be a Scorpio!” the soldier said.

“But why? I already told you that you are a Scorpio (Moon). Why do you want to be a Scorpio?”

“Because I don’t want to be a bull!” he shouted.

“But why not?”

“P, do you think I like looking like this? Do you? There is something to that. You yourself said you did not want to look like me.”

“Well I don’t but that’s not what I meant. I meant I want to have a waist! I am a woman!”

“Well I am a man but maybe I’d like a waist too. I want to have a waist and I want to be mf Scorpio and that’s all I have to say on the subject!” he bellowed.

Are you mad about your Sun sign?

Er… I have been informed the soldier does not want a “waist”. He said he was being a smart ass… which is now obvious to me.

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  1. No, I like being a Cappy, but my ex desperately wanted to be a Scorpio too. He was born prematurely, and was convinced that he “should have been” a Scorpio since his due date originally would have put him on the Scorpio side of a cusp. Instead, he was born a frustrated, unhappy middle-of-the-sign Libra. An astrologer once tried to explain that even if you’re born prematurely, the date of your birth is not an accident, and he wasn’t deprived of his birthright Scorpio status, but I don’t think he ever really accepted that. As an astrologer, what do you think, Elsa? Would someone born prematurely somehow muck up their stars by showing up early? Would they still show characteristics of the “due date” birth chart?

  2. “No, I want to be a Scorpio!” the soldier said.

    Since I’m a Scorpio with a Taurus moon, I am not getting what the problem is.

    Seriously, does the common run ever go ‘Ya know, Taurus moons are notorius for being really sarcastic and cynical?’ No, they do not. Instead, they want to exclaim to the high heavens about teh evil evil Scorpio mojo, and then they want to get you off to the side and demand Teh Psycho Sexxor, and if you don’t give them the Teh Psycho Sexxor they’ll call the police on you. Of course, if you do give them Teh Psycho Sexxor, they’ll call the police on you. Nota bene: Teh Psycho Sexxor is not so much with the fun.

    So really, he’s better off.

    [‘It’s not worth the trouble dude!’]

  3. I was supposed to be a Leo, but I was born prematurely (three weeks too early). And perhaps being a Leo would be easier, because it seems to me that Cancerians are not particularly liked (a lot of stereotypes about them – needy, smothering, overemotional etc., even some people here classify them as a type to be amputated;)). I do have these qualities and I sometimes hate them. Leos are generally associated with positive traits. And I’d loooove to be more self-confident, even an enormous ego wouldn’t be a problem 😉 It would be also nice to be a Sag or an Aquarius – I would be more independent and I wouldn’t care so much what others think of me.

  4. I am a Taurus with Scorpio rising. Heck, I am glad to be a Taurus. I am proud to be a Taurus. I feel like I am as complicated and intense as I’d like to be and if I were a Scorpio… I don’t know. Would life be more fraught with drama? My Taurus Sun at least, allows me to chill out. Or rather, the lazy Taurus side of me stops me from getting myself into trouble 🙂

  5. Going through a Taurus moon progression here, and have come to appreciate it.

    I didn’t really understand Taurus before – but I understand it, I feel, a little better now.

    I am still me doing the things I do, but now when I’m tired, I go to sleep. In fact, I can go to sleep almost anywhere, and almost whenever I need to. I prioritze rest highly – I just need it.

    And it feels so good. I think this came with the moon progression. I still needed this much rest before, I just didn’t feel it was important enough.

    Now I give myself permission – and I think it is one of the best changes ever.

    It’s nice to be able to be so easily pleased by something so simple.

  6. invisible79, I’m a Cancer too, plus a few other planets in Cancer. You don’t have to be a different sign to stop caring what other people think of you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I read this blog and I like it. But, bottom line, these are random people you don’t really know, online. If someone thinks any sign should be amputated, then that says more about them than you. Life goes on.

  7. No – i´m awfully glad i wasn´t born an aries or a leo! And i like scorpios, but i wouldn´t want to be one, it seems to be strenuous.

    The only thing is, i´m gemini but i look taurus. (jupiter, ruler of the ascendant in the bull). Nice slender legs, but broooaaad shoulders, and lots of cushions around where my waist was supposed to be. Looks like a sofa… feels like one too, i guess.
    Change that? Naaa, too lazy.

  8. Gemini rising, but would love to be a Gemini sun. Any of the air signs actually. I think I have too much ‘serious’ Capricorn, and not enough lightness.

  9. Sag sun with venus, mercury and mars in Capricorn. I’m happy with sag sun and have come to love my Cap stellium over time.

    Re: Soldier has no waistline…neither do I! Its my tausrus Asc showing

  10. I like my scorpio.. but I like it even more tempered with all the Libra I have. I get the whole “I want to incinerate this person” but then am unable to do it (unless its reallllllyyy necessary) because of the Libra.

  11. I used to want to be a gemini or a sagittarius. Or maybe a libra. I get pretty depressed in the winter have a fair amount of saturn influence, but I figured out how to work (haha!) it and now I find if I do the work I’m very supported. So I like it. Cause I like to work. Plus I like my capricorn bone structure.

  12. Being a Leo sun and Scorpio Asc. and Moon, I have always wanted to be more . . . even. Not so many emotional highs and lows, not so intense, more practical and stable, especially with money.

    I have NO Taurus. Five planets in Leo, three in Scorpio, three in Cancer, and one in Sag and Libra each, that’s including NN, Asc., and Midheaven. But you know what – I love Taurus, esp. the men, the deep, rumbling way they speak, the endearing way they sometimes misprounounce words, the way they make everything look more comfy and yummy, and the way they COOK – man they are some good cooks!

    So I guess, if I could switch, I’d switch to Taurus. Or maybe I should just marry one!

  13. Elsa, I have been thinking about this since I read. Taurus is still new to me – but more and more I’m noticing how easily pleased I can be by simple things. I do think this is part of the Taurus moon progression – because I habitually overcomplicate and overthink.

    For instance, today I am working from home, which I rarely do. And a package came. Just randomly, UPS showed up. And I am never home to “just randomly receive stuff”. Not in almost 8 years since I finished school. Usually, when I get packages it’s a big ordeal – I’m not home when they deliver, we play tag with sticky notes on the door etc.

    But today I was “just there” when a package came. This is how it used to be when I was little and my mom worked at home when she would get packages almost every day.

    And I sat there opening that box (and I do think, if I’m not mistaken – “likes having/getting stuff” = Taurs), thinking to myself. “This is cool. This is SO cool.”

    Pleasing me is almost never this easy. And if being pleased by simple things is a Taurus trait – I can’t think of many better things. Seems like a short path to happiness! (Though I’m sure, the Pluto on top of my Mercury, thinks – it can’t be that simple…)

  14. i can’t think of any other way i’d rather be, really. i’ve got an interesting role to play, in the scheme of things, and i’m happy with that…

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