Venus, Mars, Uranus T-Square: September, 2018 – Violent Upheaval

rhino chargeWe’re all thinking about Saturn turning direct in Capricorn. Meantime there’s a T-square forming. We’re bound to see vicious attacks with this, along with a lot of surprising turns in relationships, both personal and professional.  Money stuff will be impacted as well.

The T-square involves Venus, Mars and Uranus.  It’s a complex mess and it will be with us through the end of September.

At the moment, Venus is in Libra, squaring Saturn in Capricorn, and opposing Uranus in Taurus.  It’s a mash-up between Cardinal and Fixed signs.
Within a week, Venus will enter Scorpio. This is not a great thing seeing as Venus is at home in Libra and in detriment in Scorpio.
September 10th, Mars will leave Capricorn for Aquarius. This will increase the odds of an ambush.  Keep in mind, Capricorn is controlled and tends towards restraint. Aquarius is a rebel. Mars in the sign will act on impulse.
The effects of this will peak between September 10th – 14th but it will be with us all month.
If you have personal planets at very late degrees of  a Cardinal sign or very early degrees of a Fixed sign, you’re bound to be affected.
If your birthday is in September, this will show up in your Solar Return chart.
With Uranus involved, where, when, who and how is unpredictable but I can give some idea how to deal with this – be ready to react quickly and give people SPACE.  It’s just no time to pick a fight.
This will be particularly true once the planets are in the Fixed signs. There are people out there, taut, pent up and frustrated.  Once you’ve got a rhino charging you, he or she is not going to stop until contact is made.
Violent potential aside, expect change in relationships.  New alliances will form; possible thunderbolts (aka, love at first sight).  Stock market volatile.  Change in fortune on both love and money fronts.
What up in your life, September, 2018?

52 thoughts on “Venus, Mars, Uranus T-Square: September, 2018 – Violent Upheaval”

  1. It’s strange. Mars is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is in Taurus which is ruled by Venus and Venus is in Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto/Mars…

    Venus/Uranus doesn’t sound bad. More like windfall luck. But Mars worries me a tad. It’ll play out in my 2nd/8th/12th houses. Let’s just see, we can’t live in fear of things that MIGHT happen

      1. You’re right. Traditionally it’s bad juju. I thought more in lines of Venus being the lesser benefic and together with Uranus maybe something in lines of inheritance.

        Or like a crazy stalker finally acting on his impulses!

    1. anonymoushermit

      Its in its detriment in Scorpio. Venus isn’t happy there, generally.

      So ‘it’s not the luckiest’ Venus sign/placement, to have. I don’t think it means a lifetime of bad luck, or anything like that. It’s just a hard placement for love, and Venus, in general.

      1. it’s my favourite venus though. I find pisces venus (exalted) also having bad luck with love. i guess it depends on the person(s) and their lives. September is always a month of changes, i notice over the years. It’s the change of season too.

      2. Avatar
        Hildegardes Girl

        It may not be the luckiest sign in Venus but most certainly one of the deepest and most loyal. As Elsa said in her post about Venus in Scorpio, bring us your crazy.
        In this world there are plenty of taker-ons…lol

  2. Well, there is currently a competition being held for the position of general manager in my company. No one is expecting a result, people are thinking the position will remain vacant for a long time from now. We get the answer on September 14th. To be clear, the company is corrupt to the bone and our last manager, a very gutsy one, was ousted by the ‘old guard’ that threw a party after he left. I am curious but I will also be in vacation most of September.

  3. I have natal Venus Scorp/Mars Aqua. Also natal Saturn in early Taurus. 5th, 8th, 12th houses.
    I don’t intentionally ambush people but they always say they never hear me walk up to them :/
    Am waiting for confirmation of my job contract renewal – supposed to have heard by Sept 10th.
    Wish me luck!

  4. The peak of this T-square is ominous as it occurs during the anniversary of 9/11. I’m sure that national security will be heightened as it usually is during this time period.

    1. Oh dear. One of my associates is having surgery that day. Is that good or bad? Or does it depend on how the transits hit her chart?

  5. I’m not looking forward to this venus in scorpio retrograde, coming up so close behind the mars retrograde. I am just getting back on the uncomplicated path….. daggers in the dark again soon.

  6. Natally
    MC in 26 Cancer,
    Mercury 21 Libra in 12th house
    Venus 27 Libra in 1st house
    Asc at 22 Libra
    Neptune 7 Scorpio in 1st house

    My 58th birthday is September 25 and I’m approaching my 2nd Saturn Return. I get my 2nd set of spinal TSF injections on September 10. It’s been 5 weeks since the first set worked and reduced the sciatica pain from a 9 to a 4 in the left leg and rarely any in the right.

    My question for Elsa is: when is a good time to order my solar return report and a consultation with you? LOL, like NOW?

    1. A few weeks ahead is a good time frame. That way it’s close enough you can relate, rather than concerning yourself three months prior… 🙂

      1. My Venus (19) and Jupiter (26) are in Scorpio as well. 🙁 On the bright side, we will be having a Venus return when it hits natal Venus. Crossing my fingers that will soften the blow…

  7. OK, so I was going to confront my step son who has not spoken to his Dad since he got divorced almost 20 years ago. Maybe I will hold off on that. With my husband so ill he should really come and make amends or either let his Dad makes amends if that needs to be done.
    I could lose my temper, which is very easy to do when fighting for the ones I love.

  8. I have Uranus 28 degrees in cancer 1st house. I already have Uranus square Uranus transit happening. This may be a catalyst for something?..

  9. I’ll be having a birthday in September, and am in a position where I can be legally fired at work. I’m hoping not to be, as I would prefer to leave on my own terms, but que sera sera.

  10. Holy hell, looks like I’m gonna have Venus in 12th house opposite Uranus in 5th house in my Solar Return chart (according to, anyway). Both squaring Mars. Huh. O_o

    1. I am not liking my SR chart too much either. From what I gather, my home life is going to be under fire with Moon, Mars, Lilith, and the SN there. And Uranus is gonna be in my 7th house. So, this next year is going to be a doozy.

  11. Trying not to get nervous. I’m in the process of buying a house, and escrow closes on 9/14. Have Taurus Moon at 0’43”. Uranus has been “mashed” with it, as Elsa says, for quite a while.

    Good luck navigating this T-square, folks. Let’s compare notes after it is over!

  12. Just an addendum to Elsa’s original post
    On Sept 10 – a day after the new moon:
    T-Venus (0 Scorpio) Inconjunct Chiron (Rx 0 Aries)
    T-Mars (29 Cap 52) sextile Chiron (Rx 0 Aries)
    T-Venus (0 Scorpio) sextile Saturn (2 Capricorn)

  13. Judy, I will be putting my house on the market- I hope the sale (or buying in your case) and all that leads up to it will not be too bumpy a ride. Best of luck to you!

    I missed the window to sell successfully earlier this year I guess but it couldn’t be helped. I contacted my realtor after Mercury in RX but that may not have been helpful enough to save me from this T-Square.

    Also my ex and I who have been friends since our divorce and ended up living together for reasons I won’t go into, are seeing tremendous pressue on our friendship and I would not be surprised if by the end of September we split it up. T- square will be in both our 12th, 6th and 3rd houses. Or maybe will be forced to move.

    1. Need more details. Do the transiting T-Square planets aspect any of your natal planets? And which houses are affected by the transiting T-Square?

      1. Avatar

        Sun in Taurus in 10th house, moon in Aquarius 6th house, Uranus in Libra 3rd house…when I get a moment I’ll see where the t-square transits…

  14. @Dawn Hoping for the best with your living situation. May you have the inner resources to handle whatever this Tsquare brings

  15. Money has been pinched for about a year but I’m finally seeing some movement through government grants to start a website about handling your finances. (How ironic!) Would love to start a new relationship to add some icing to this cake!

  16. Gathering my nuts for winter and squirrelling around doing some repairs. Uranus natally in early leo, ninth house. It does seem as if the worlds of those around me are crashing and burning in one way or another. However, when I went through similar stuff earlier in life I don’t think I got so dramatic about it. Then again, in my case, who woulda cared. Notta one.

  17. What about the empty leg of the T-square. Isn’t that where to find resolution? Late cancer early Leo completes the grand cross. Look to that house or planets. The empty leg in my chart falls in house 2/3 cusp. Late Genini rising here.
    Get thee Mars to my 9th house please & thank you.

  18. I am 9n the fixed cross with my Sun at 0 deg. Taurus on the midheaven, conjunct Mercury… The Mars Uranus Square has been lethal for me and I have lost it and walked out of my job each time… Since I have been there a long time and contribute a lot I am accepted back with adjustments being made, but am terrified what is going to happen next time with the planetary alignments as they are… Frustration has been building for a long time and although the adjustments have been positive I still feel on the back foot….

  19. So, in spite of this warning, I picked a fight with my partner on 1 September. He said something that I simply could NOT ignore. Venus, Mars and Uranus didn’t really touch anything in my natal chart, except the usual fruit salad of wide or minor aspects. But I have to say that most of the aspects WERE quite positive.
    Misery followed. He was contrite – apologised – then I apologised for being excessively cutting in my reply to his faux pas, and by yesterday it was all over.
    I think I need to thank Saturn. Never EVER thought I’d do that! Not in a month of Sundays!!
    So, this was a fight that could have led to a break-up. But neither of us want to do that.

    1. Well.
      I let something he said set me off all over again. I’m sorry to say – that **I** turned out to be the rhino…
      Said a whole lot of things that had been stewing for years. On the 14th. Things are tense.
      From 13 to 15 September, there was an aspect pattern in the sky that I’ve never noticed before. For want of inspiration, I’m calling it a negative kite for now.
      The only thing it has in common with the standard kite, is its “spine” consisting of the Mercury/Neptune opposition, and a skinnier kite shape. Instead of being completed by the third side of a grand trine and a minor grand trine at its head, Mercury has two 135* angles coming off it and linked by a square between Mars and Uranus (in place of the more usual trine as a cross-piece). Mars and Uranus link to Neptune with two semisquares (instead of sextiles).
      Tr Mercury is on my natal MC. Tr Neptune is on my IC. Pretty fundamental stuff with fairly tight orbs.
      I do hope that Elsa has seen this configuration before and can give a few general comments on it (I’m NOT fishing for a free reading here!). I DO hope my description isn’t so muddled that everyone just scrolled past.

  20. Oh. My. God.

    The beauty drama community on YouTube is acting these energies out, NOW. (I follow Peter Monn, that’s how I even know about this crap, lol. I need to just watch his vlogs and skip the drama channel.) People in that community are vilifying him, like they did Jeffree Star recently. The beauty drama YouTubers are basically turning on each other and the nearly the whole community appears to be destroying itself. What a mess.

  21. Greetings All,

    I lost my dear friend-brother-lover on September 17, 2018. This T-Square was actually a Grand Cross if you are inclined to include the North Node in Leo. At the time of his death, the event chart shows the Moon and Saturn conjunct in the first house and squaring the MC/IC axis and Chiron. In his chart, Mars was transiting his first house and Uranus was transiting his third house.

    Eric died quickly and alone, in an “accident” – a car crash that doesn’t seem to ever to have been publicly investigated or explained.

    Just a week before his death, a small girl-child came up to him in a restaurant and said hello. She smiled at him and he greeted her. But after looking into his face for several moments her face changed – it’s difficult to say just how I know this – but it seemed to me that she saw he’d made a choice to end his life. The expression on her face was so painful to me that I just started talking, blabbering even, and she quietly left to rejoin her parents.

    It’s almost 7 months later now (April 15, 2019). I’ve done a lot of emotional processing since then and I am mostly ready to let him go.

    But still I can’t help but wonder if his death occurred by his conscious or subconscious choice, and not just by some fated “accident”. This thought really hurts my heart because I can’t help but wonder if I was culpable in some way.

    Any thoughts or insights are welcome.

  22. Why on earth would you be culpable? Empaths often feel this way as they pick up on other peoples feelings which they believe to be their own… So sorry for your loss… The decision to end one’s life always happens on a soul level, probably part of an agreement with the self when you have learned all you need to, or completed the work in this life, is my opinion…

    1. Avatar
      Hilldegardes Girl

      Because as empaths they feel a sense of responsibility to act. They were in tuned. Like seeing the upset guy in the corner loading a gun and then not calling the police. People with gifts feel a sense of responsibility for those that dont. Maybe our culture should stop dismissing them so much and embrace these walkers amoung us.

  23. Thank you for your insights, Hilldegardes Girl and Fixed Cross, they are much appreciated.

    I suppose he was ready to go and the energies of the moment were in support of the transition.
    Earlier that day we were talking on the subject of “waking up” and I remember saying something like “If all I wanted was to end my suffering I would just kill myself. I want more.” He just nodded in reply.

    Whew. Well then astrologers, can anyone else corroborate the Mars in first, square Uranus in third house transit as an indicator of accidents?

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