I’m Confused By Composite Charts

The Birth of VenusHi, Elsa,

I am trying to understand composite charts and having a hard time wrapping my mind around this concept…

I have a composite chart of a relationship with a packed 8th house: Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter conjunction in 8th house- square composite Venus in 5th. Sun and moon in 4th, so this is a serious relationship.

I admit i am quite nervous about these aspects. How do you think a 8th pluto square 5th venus composite can be handled? I read all over the web that this is unmanageable. I love your positive and wise insight that energy is neutral until directed.

Do you have any good advice for me where to direct this? My confusion is because this is composite- and most astrologers say that there is no way to work or change composites – because they are the concept that you can not change….as opposed to synastry which is manageable.

curious lilith


Hi, Curious.

You’ve touched on a number of things here. I’ll address what stands out to me. Others can comment.

First, I don’t know who these “most astrologers” are but the idea you can’t work with a composite charts seems ludicrous to me. Ludicrous and defeatist.

“I can’t do anything with my hair! I guess I better shave my head – it’s hopeless.”

Come on! You work with what you’ve got!

Secondly, you state that this is a serious relationship. It is? It’s only serious if the two people decide to make it serious. We have free will, see? If one person tries to leave a relationship, what are you going to do? Wave a paper at them and tell the it’s serious?

I’m not trying to be mean. I’m trying to tell you that you’re upset over “air”.  Over something fictitious.

Now in regards to Venus in the 5th, what’s wrong with that? Sounds creative to me.
And what’s wrong with Pluto in the 8th, his natural house?

I suppose the two people might kill each other, but I would be more inclined to expect them to express their collective energy (pluto) creatively (5th) in a way that benefits both (Venus).

Check out your Composite Chart Report.

Got a question?  Ask here! Please mention your location (city, state, country, province…whatever). I think this adds something to these posts.

25 thoughts on “I’m Confused By Composite Charts”

  1. …wow elsa. it sure soundes like a mean response to me .
    like acting out pluto square venus. just wow.
    anyway- good luck curious!!! hang in there

    1. Mean? Not really. More like clarity.

      Venus square Pluto needs to be acted out and challenged.
      I have this aspect written all over my chart.

      May I suggest a light for that fog? lol

  2. My boyfriend and I have a composite 8th house stellium too! Only our sun is there along with Saturn, Mercury and Pluto. Some people would say that having Saturn so tightly conjunct the sun means that we have a cold but binding relationship.

    Honestly, anybody who saw us and saw how often we kiss each other would never call us “cold.”

    I also don’t think Elsa was being mean. She is a pragmatist, who tries to give you information you can use.

    1. Yeah, I definitely did not mean to be mean and stated this. I know and like this woman.

      This is really a saturn neptune problem. It’s going to be a big theme for the next two years.

      She says she’s confused (I actually edited out some of her other statements that conveyed this). I was trying define things for her. People thrive hard aspects in their charts or synastry all the time!

      My husband and I have a composite grand cross. His Saturn squares my Mars. I could go on and on. You can most definitely manage if it be your will.

      I don’t like it when astrologers suggest to people that charts are stronger than they are. 🙂

      That’s the bottom line.

    1. I too agree with Maxy. The reason I am here is I love Elsa’s cut-to-the-chase clarity. (I always need to be reminded to “snap out of it” and take an active path). ~Fresh air~

  3. Pluto/Venus… hubby and I have the trine in our composite. The Venus/Pluto square is so hard for so many because Pluto brings an intense pressure for change to the mix, and from what I have seen, most people tend to fight change tooth and nail. Elsa is right, 5th house Venus is a sweet aspect, very creative… Think Hades (Pluto/8th) and Persephone (Venus/5th) here. Some versions of the myth say that Persephone was not kidnapped, but went willingly into the Underworld with Hades. Where is Ceres in your composite? It may well be that Ceres is the potential “kidnapper” here, not Pluto. Maybe you, as Persephone, are right where you want to be, and are supposed to be. The Ceres placement might indicate circumstances where you might be distracted or “pulled away” from the serious transformational work of Venus/Pluto. There may be difficult times in your relationship with a Venus/Pluto square , but who doesn’t have difficult times of some type or another?

  4. Also, hubby and I have composite Chiron/8th at an anaretic degree (29 Aquarius), as well as Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn in composite 6th/Capricorn. Does our daily routine sometimes seem grueling? Yes. And our Pluto/2nd/Virgo touches all that 6th house stuff, too. My husband pays out a buttload of alimony every month, and I sometimes resent it. But with Sun/Mercury in 5th/Sagittarius (also both making aspects to Pluto), we are always reminding ourselves to play and have fun together, too. It all balances out, and I think you can find that place for yourselves in your relationship too, CuriousLilith. 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t have thought it’s mean if you hadn’t specified it’s not meant to be mean! Because possibilities are just that before make them happen. Obviously, a relationship can be important and transforming, even if it doesn’t “happen”, but that’s just one example on how Composites are “workable”. They don’t even make sense if you don’t compare them to the charts of the people involved. Because obviously, this already tells a lot more about how the said relationship would affect people involved.

    For instance, I remember being asked to look at the chart of a guy and whether this could be an important relationship by a friend. I did so, and also checked composite and synastry. I remember composite being really nice, really romantic. Loads of 4th and 5th house planets. But something that caught my eye was that there really wasn’t much response to this girl’s chart, apart the Outer Planets, which were basically shared, because they were the same age. What happened was that they had a couple of nice dates, but weren’t exactly exclusive yet. Then the guy went away for the work. While he was away, my friend met another guy, who she connected with intensively, almost immediately. They are now married, with children. Their composite isn’t as nice. There are some “heavy” aspects and house positions. But they also have stuff like composite Moon hitting their Axis/Personal Planets, also Composite Moon that connects to Personal Chart Venus.

    Also, transits and progressions are just as important with Composite Chart as they are with Personal Chart. My first important relationship fell apart with Saturn transiting on Composite Ascendant (which also is conjunct my Ex’s Moon and opposite mine…). My Husband and I became parents with Jupiter conjunct our Composite Sun in Cancer. Obviously, this was something that was very beneficial for our relationship!

  6. My boyfriend and I have an 8th house stellium of sun, Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter all conjunct one another in the 8th house. We have venus in the 7th house but it’s loosely conjunct the 8th house stellium.

      1. Honestly, I’m not really sure how it plays out. It’s difficult to understand. It’s not bad though, it’s quite nice ☺️

  7. If I may add my two cents, I think Elsa is showing here that anything is workable and doable in a relationship, if the two people are aware enough to conquer it.I’ve had the most wonderful composite chart with one relationship and he just cut me off and walked right out of it. His bottom line was, I took too long to make up my mind and he withdrew. So, people have free will. I thought that composite would glue us together, but it did not. On the other side of the coin, I had a relationship with emphasis on the 12th house in Virgo composite. Here the Sun, Venus and Pluto lined up one degree apart. Also had Saturn Oppose Mars. He was my true love. Or so I thought. As soon as we conjoined, everything went downhill fast. It was love that was dark. If anyone has seen the movie War of the Roses…. it was indeed that. It ended ugly. I had a son with him so I needed to accept it and forgive it to move on for my sons sake. I have to say, I can feel that Venus/Pluto throughout the entire relationship. Love/Hate. I will never try to defy the charts… for me I would pass on it if I came across it again. But certainly, I feel you can be bigger than it… and learn to adjust your thinking within it. Once was enough for me… ; )

  8. My husband and I have sun venus in the 8th OPPOSITE Saturn, SQ the Moon no less!

    I am sure there are a lot of astrologer who would call this unworkable. They’d be wrong!

    I hope people can see what I mean by “defeatist”. This gal is obviously impressionable. You can’t substitute what an astrologer says, for your own experience, you’re having in real life!

  9. If both people want/need a certain kind of experience then they will pursue it. It comes down to the individuals. If a person likes challenge then they most likely won’t be drawn to an ‘easy’ chart. The chart(s) show the energy they don’t make value judgements about being ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

  10. I am not seeing the possible mean aspect to this answer at all, but whatever. I think it’s pretty cut and dry; don’t let yourself get hung up on certain aspects because free will conquers all. There is always more than one way to do something. There will always be more than one way to fix a problem. And no aspect is a guarantee for relationship serenity 100% of the time.

  11. See, I personally think the composite is impersonal to the the people in the relationship, and just an overall energy of the relationship itself, as sort of its own entity. I also kinda think challenging aspects in a Composite are a lot of times a good thing because it indicates a more dynamic energy about the relationship as a whole. Too many easy aspects in a composite would be boring. In my opinion, you can’t really work with them, they just ‘are’. But I don’t think Elsa was mean- telling an opinion isn’t mean, imo. What good does buttering something up do for someone who is confused?

  12. Avatar
    curious lilith

    …..Thank you @Elsa for taking the time to answer my question
    and thank you all above that added their 2 cents.
    much appreciated.

    curious lilith

  13. ok- i don’t see how the comment is mean. second, yes avoid doom and gloom interpertations, embrace the concept of free will and personal responsibility in dealing with energy available. and third, perhaps asking how this energy could play out in different ways to elsa- thats her job- explaining different ways the energy can be grounded with these aspects- all aspects can’t be everything- and that is what you are trying to figure out.

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