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Taurus Art BullYesterday, I complained about Mercury going into Taurus in my newsletter. Mars is already in Taurus and I’ll tell you what I appreciate about Mars in that sign. People tend to react slowly.

One of the reasons the sale of the first house we were shopping fell through was that the seller was extremely reactive. I knew this right away when I found myself sitting on the tarmac at the airport, ready to fly home. I was frantically texting him, trying to talk him off a ledge.

This was even more remarkable in that I don’t really know how to text. It’s not something I do; I’m certainly not good at it. Just think about my fat, illiterate mom-fingers trying to make a point before the plane took off.  Not fun!

I had to do this about once a week over the six or seven weeks. If you work in real estate, you know what I mean. I kept telling myself to stay calm and live the role, even though I didn’t like the role.  It’s not like I’ve never overreacted myself. I know what it looks like.

Long story short, he finally threw his last fit. I doubt he knew it was his last fit. But I knew it was his last fit because this time he was on speakerphone. My husband was there to hear him and quickly signalled to me – CUT!

I don’t know why so many adults act like babies. It may be that we let children act like babies, when they are supposed to be maturing. Then they turn into teenage babies and so forth.

I wrote about this in my book – my mother used to tell me not to have a “conniption fit”. Boy was that good advice.

Do you notice yourself being less reactive over the last couple weeks with Mars in Taurus?  Do you feel relieved by any chance?

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    I keep saying ‘I need to sleep on it’ I need to think about it. When I reacted I cut off the guy who lied to me and lied to me and caused me problems down the line at work. He is no longer a supplier because a) he cannot perform b) he communicates with little to no specificity when I need numbers, dates, tracking numbers etc. and last but far from least c) he lied and continued to lie. I don’t think I over-reacted but boy did I get to the point of being cold-pissed (Taurus with that pluto I drag through life)

    I like being an adult and being able to say “I need to sleep on it” I have a much better read on teh situation and figure out other good questions to ask to solve the problem before I act when I sleep on things. It is… a really nice way to operate and I feel so much better about my decisions when I give myself the room to think, go for a walk, talk it over with my mentor(s).

  2. I didn’t think of this, but actually, I have noticed the change in my house since Mars entered Taurus…knee-jerk reactions are the norm here, and I believe I have had a reprieve lately. I couldn’t explain why, but now I know and am hitting my palm on my forehead .

    And yes, I DO feel relieved. As much as people think earth signs can be boring and droll…isn’t that how some animals clean themselves? Dirt baths?

  3. I love the firmness and stability. I found I have had enough time to think before making a decision. Boy would I like for planning to come back in vogue. I have a Taurus Jupiter

  4. Yes, definitely less reactive lately & thank the heavens for it! That shit was driving me insane. I had a few situations where it seemed like I was talking someone off the ledge as well, and I got sick of it real quick. My desire to change their mind died & I gave up a couple of weeks ago (maybe 3 or 4?). I’m just glad it’s over & I’ve moved on.

  5. I have the potential to be an over-reactor (Mars in Aries aspected by Uranus/Mercury on the MC). It’s typically a sudden, pop out of my mouth kind of situation, and I can’t believe I let it happen.

    Mars in Taurus has been very good for me. A BUNCH of stuff is going on in almost every aspect of my life. Slow and steady sure-footed plodding is good right now.

  6. No I’ve actually been pretty reactive lately. I’ve always been like that though. I Have Mars conjuct uranus.

  7. I have been a real estate broker for many, many years. I talk to my best friend, also a broker in another state, often. We now discuss how buyers are more short tempered, sellers are uncooperative, lenders are frustrated, all the way up and down the food chain. Real estate used to be enjoyable as buyers were so happy to find their perfect home and sellers were happy to sell. Not now. Sellers are not happy that they now are taking less and getting little or no profit. Buyers are demanding and want the big mansion at foreclosure prices. Its a jungle out there and hard to just remain calm and easy going with all clients who are fragile. I still try to make any sale smooth and fun if possible but even other agents are crabby and desperate. The prosperous world I knew in 2007 is now destroyed and no longer visible. I am working with the scraps of myself that are left but starting over in a new state with new everything and barely getting by. I am always optimistic but I just don’t have much to start over with, emotionally, physically, and monetarily.

  8. I haven’t been reactive lately and it’s a welcome reprieve. My Mars in Capricorn in the fifth tightly trines my Virgo moon in the first. My Leo ex-husband and my Scorpio best friend have talked me down from numerous ledges. My Capricorn ex-boyfriend had zero tolerance for my fits. He has a Taurus moon and Mars in the second.

  9. I LOVE this point of view of Mars in Taurus. Less reactive. Oh, that satisfies my North Node in Taurus, longing to be soothed and not inflamed by all that Scorpio! I’m working on a big NEXT step. Last night I pushed the button on a new site so my son (who is on the other side of the world) could help me with graphics and offer feedback. My husband said something SMALL just before we went to bed. “He couldn’t access the site.” I tried to explain it away. But, Mercury and Mars in Taurus itched at my action. I should have slept on the decision to ‘push the button’.

    No harm, no foul. I WAS NOT OVERREACTIVE (okay, there was that midnight croissant), caught my error, stopped the presses, and am now plodding through the details, found a better name for the site; and no longer living in a vacuum.

    Astrology in real life, love it! Thanks Elsa.

  10. Yeah. Funny. My boss said, I’m just so slow to react. That same workday, he said, I’m just so focused all the time. It’s funny. That same day, many people made customer service feel like a trek up mount eucalyptus. Even the other salesman from other shoe stores that do their deposit with us at Champs Sports at Woodfield Mall, said that their day was rough as well. They told stories of customers with unreasonable requests, and angry people taking frustrations out on the employees. I had to walk off on 3 different sets of customers-this is the most of my entire career with Champs. One customer took 5 minutes to tie his shoes, another told me exactly what they wanted then bought none of it, and the last told me our shoes were overpriced and our store is against the private sellers who want to shop with us. The last guy argued with me and a coworker, stormed out. Some came in pissed that our prices were matched with amazons. Others lied about working for the company, in a failed attempt to try to get discounts. One particular father-son group left the store three times in disbelief that we had what they wanted in their size and in their color. Why do people run away from their desires? Is this america or everywhere? Is this human nature? What kind of psychology is this, if not abnormal?

  11. Scene: two coworkers, high level people, screaming and throwing f-words about in the middle of a department something they secretly caused on their own against all logic or common business sense. So as usual, they’re randomly screaming at everyone else. Red faces, blazing eyes. Enter third coworker. Calm, steady. Assesses the situation, quietly brings them to heel, figures out a good solution, goes on her way. Great? No. I heard she was then reprimanded by HR because the two screamers reported her for making them feel ashamed with her calm approach.

    I’ve heard three variations on this true story in the last month from people. Is screaming and being a giant baby the new thing?

  12. I only overreact or throw a fit when I plan in advance for it because it looks like it might be effective. In your case, Elsa, it was a bad strategy -IF it was a strategy (I guess not)
    Otherwise, my internal operating system just does not go off like this. My hair-dresser gave me a bad haircut the other day. The hair-dresser I have had for years, she knew my hair, she knew me and my taste. When I left the salon I said nothing but I sensed that something was wrong. The next day I realized how bad it was – that is how I work, in retrograde, first I feel and can’t articulate and then I express verbally.

    A classic conniption fit is very hard when your brain doesn’t process fast enough. Or maybe a conniption fit is exactly someone like me that is flooded by emotions at first but, unlike me, they verbally express them – badly.

  13. Hit the nail on the head with the letting children and teens act like babies! Teaching middle school and high school since 1989, I have seen a few transitions, and over the years there has been a trend of caving to tantrums.Parents have tantrums to get me to change a cast list or a grade, students throw conniption fits to try and make me change their seat or my lesson. It is exhausting and ridiculous! Try to watch that I don’t match their energy and I help my own children to learn other ways to get what they need or want.

  14. ‘conniption fit’. 😀 My mother is the only person I’ve ever known to use that phrase. I remember it slid out of my throat once at the lunch table in high school and everybody was like hunh what. 😀 My sister told me ‘you talk like a sausage’, another mom-ism, fell from her mouth onto the table at a staff meeting once and got a hunh what from her colleagues. Too funny.

    It is time for me to work the jupiter saturn thing so I have been working to reign my jupiter in from overinvesting. Natally jupiter opposes mars by a few degrees so the mars transit might play into that too.

    1. Ha ha on me. I had it arse backwards. I do believe I am moving beyond the constructs. I am much better with that. Had to laugh. Meant to write rein not reign. 😀

  15. “conniption fit” Ha ha, it even sounds funny. That’s the best way to neutralize inappropriate behavior. Shine a light on how silly it makes a person look. It makes a person police himself.

  16. When I came to work at noon on the 14th, I observed a co-worker seemingly in a manic phase: everything was exaggerated from laughter to conversation and all done at warp speed. When I sought help for something (I’m in training)this person over emphasized her vast experience and knowledge over mine to the point where I felt like a microbe. Instead of asking further questions, which had seemed to inspire extreme defensiveness and dismissal, I clammed up and waited for the manager to return from lunch to help with completing the problem. Later in the afternoon, this person slowly wound down to a more normal pace, which was a great relief. This person is an early Aquarian with a late degree mercury in Aquarius and a saturn-moon conjunction in Leo opposing. She is generally defensive, opposed to new ways of doing things and has absolutely no sense of humor, but this was over the top. Glad it’s over – for now.

  17. As an adult who tends to overreact in relationships (Pisces Moon + Neptune on Desc), I’ve been asking myself lately: when is it really overreacting? For example, if you’ve just heard about a huge betrayal, isn’t it kind of normal to freak out? Not sure.

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