Uranus Transit Opposite Natal Pluto In Libra

ceramic libra angelHi Elsa,

A lot of people are going or will be going through the Uranus opposite natal Pluto transit. I wondered if you think this is more of a transit that will affect a generation in a big public way (hope that makes sense!) or can it affect people in personal ways too?

Thanks from Scotland!

Uranus is currently in Aries, so you’re talking about the affect on people who have Pluto in Libra. It’s a good question.

Generally speaking, transits from outer planets to outer planets play out in collective. You used the word, “public” which might cause some confusion.

Public things are associated with the Saturn-ruled 10th house.  Uranus and Pluto combine to give us things like sudden, unexpected death…or healing or whatever it might be.  Something you didn’t see coming, that’s intense.  So I would say this theme will be prominent for people with Pluto in Libra but there’s more.

Libra is Venus-ruled. Venus is associated with relationships.  Because of this, I do think this transit will play in the personal lives of people with Pluto in Libra. Sudden separations.  You might up one day and realize you (as opposed to them) are toxic in relationships.

I would not expect this to be an easy transit, but it’s often less painful if you rip the bandage off, quickly.

Is Uranus transiting opposite your natal Pluto in Libra? What’s happening in your life?


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  1. This is happening in my life right now. I have natal Pluto in my 12th @ 13degrees, and transiting Uranus has been in my 6th for 4 years now.

    Ever since then, my life has been in major flux: a death in the family, the surprise birth of a child, extreme upheaval in finances (of the negative variety), moving back 1k miles to “home”, being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, having one of my children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, many problems with my mother and sisters, and last but not least, major problems with my marriage. I could go on, but, I think you get the idea.

    It has been very difficult. But, I think Saturn transiting my Ascendant also played into this, and I do have Pluto transiting my 3rd house at this time. But as far as Uranus goes, there have been a lot of sudden starts and stops in my relationships during this time. A lot.

    As it stands now, I am still married, and we are trying to work proactively on our issues. At least I think so. We are still the same people, just trying to change our behaviors to things. Will this work? I have no idea. I’m trying to remain hopeful (Sag Moon), and I do feel that the worst is behind me and us, but there are still so many hurdles to leap, fences to mend, and wounds to heal.

  2. Goldie,
    I have a very similar chart:
    – Scorpio Ascendant
    – Pluto at 16 Libra in the 12th.
    But my Moon is opposite of yours, in Gemini.

    Your marriage issues and the outcome sound so much like mine!! Hard work, relationships.

    None of the other dramatic events happened for me though. I wonder if something else in your chart is doing it.

    1. Yes, I’m sure other aspects have to factor in with all that…plus, my husband had been going through a lot of those middle age typical transits too, and I KNOW that impacted both he and I.

      I once had a natal chart by the Edgar Cayce foundation and it said that towards my middle age, my life would be in danger (!) on many levels and if I survived all of that, I could expect increased vitality with age…lol, what the hell kind of a fatalistic thing is that to tell someone?

  3. I have got Pluto in Libra at 1 degree. I already had this transit in year 2008. And it was exactly what Elsa describes. A very painful relationship problem, that took me over a year to overcome.

  4. Hi everyone!

    This is a very nice question indeed… My natal Pluto is at 17 deg. Libra, so I have been feeling the pressure to change for some time now… Uranus in Aries has indeed been bugging me for a while …

    Since direct opposition has not occured yet (quite close, but still…) , and since some other points in my chart have already been affected by the recent Pluto and Uranus transits, I will try to isolate the effect of the opposition to the following:

    I think Elsa’s description about toxic relationships sums it up very nicely for me. The effect has been like a slow death of past relationship patterns – even a slow death of some part of me – which will hopefully bring something new. It feels like a rude, unexpected and unwanted awakening. But it’s like waking up to the truth.

    The force to change is incredible – although my resistance is equally strong. However, there really IS no other option for me but to change. It’s like, pressure – mainly psychological – is building up, then I take a small step to change, and then pressure is released. Until the next small step. Needless to say, I still have some way left with this opposition.

    But this change is not necessarily bad. It’s just necessary. And since it is bringing my life to the next level, I sometimes complain, but in the end, I welcome it. And hope for the better.

    I, too, think that the worst is behind us. Probably has to do with the last Uranus-Pluto square being history; although the effects may still be unfolding, there are no more squares to expect.

  5. How long will this tranist last? I have Pluto in Libra, 29 degree in 11th house and the last 3 years were very, very hard. But, it wasn’t all in vain. After my relationship suddenly ended I decided to change certain things about myself. I used to hold a gurdge for long time when someone hurt me, I wanted vengance ( AS Scorpio ) and I couldn’t forgive, but now I’m trying not to be such person anymore. It was taking too much of my energy and being like that never actually helped. So, I guess, it is a positive outcome of this transit.

  6. Elsa – do you usually go by 5 degrees or 10 degrees in orb? It would appear that I have Uranus opposing my natal Pluto, Sun, and Mercury. There have certainly been a lot of suddenly ending relationships, mostly by my own hand due to toxicity. I have also switched jobs quite suddenly twice over the last 4 years. My natal Sun is at 14 degrees, Mercury at 16 degrees, and Pluto at 9 degrees. All of them in the 9th house.

      1. Yeah, 10 degrees makes more sense to me with this transit because this stuff has been going on for about 4 years now. Thanks!

  7. I had this transit exact twice last year. My major “lesson bringers” over the last many years have been my Taurus mother and my Taurus ex-boyfriend, both with strong venus signatures. In both cases, I helped them through major transitions in their lives- surviving breast cancer and recovery from alcoholism, respectively. I learned firsthand what prefrontal cortex brain damage looks like and what it feels like to heavily invest in another person’s life only to have them turn their back on you when you need them. The time spent caring for them was washed away by brain damage. How can I hold someone accountable when they refuse to do so and honestly do not remember what transpired?
    In March of last year, when this uranus opposite pluto transit first hit, my mother made good on her end by paying off my $85K student loan for me. Over the second pass, my ex showed up after a year and a half absence to tell me that he missed me terribly, but had accidentally gotten his rebound girlfriend pregnant (this was a complete shock since he had left me claiming he didn’t want children) and he is “doing the right thing” by marrying her so his daughter can have her mom and dad in the same home. The encounter was extremely Uranian to the extent that our lives had completely switched places. He is now deeply in debt, having a complicated marriage and having a child, while I am out of debt, my child is almost grown and my marriage is ancient history. I gave him far more understanding, love and compassion today than he offered me when I was in his position. Life is hard enough on people and has its own consequences without me adding to the mix. I have a feeling the final pass of 12 degrees pluto square will have something more to say about that fiasco.

    In the meantime, I have a promising first date this evening. I do believe having Uranus in Scorpio placed a mere 2 degrees off my natal sun helps considerably with navigating all this bullshit.

  8. Just finished this transit recently. After that one….plus my Saturn Return and Pluto/ASC transit (both several years ago)….I can safely conclude that the person I was, is DEAD AND GONE!!! 🙂

    1. I get dead and gone from my experience with it too. The course of events cut me to my core so that I could not comprehend at the time. Had to crawl through it. But then again natal pluto is on the mh angle. And to be honest the amount of tension in my life was reaching peak so I guess I was due for a cleaning.

  9. My natal Pluto in Libra conjuncts my NN in Libra (NN is at the tail end of 2nd house and Pluto is at the very beginning of 3rd house). Natally, my Moon is in Aries (exactly opposite Pluto and about 2 degrees opposite NN). Of course, my SN is in Aries, as well. Uranus has been hovering over my Moon for a long time now and yes, I can absolutely say that I am NOT the same person I was before this transit started. I am definitely much more stronger. I want to say that I am not as sensitive as I once was but I don’t want that to imply that I don’t care for anything, it’s just that my response to them is much more mature and fulfilling (to me). I am not overwhelmed by it, anymore. Regarding other matters, my siblings have been going through much these past couple of months. I felt completely helpless because there wasn’t much I could do to turn around their situation, but I did give it a try. Things are beginning to wind down in that area. However, my motto is now this: Someone else’s definition of happiness does not necessarily mean that it is MY definition of happiness. That’s ok with me. Someone else’s definition of success does not necessarily mean that it is MY definition of success. That’s ok with me. On the scale of material happiness and spiritual happiness – I choose happiness. I know for sure that I want to be happy and that’s ok with me.

  10. ”Public things are associated with the Saturn-ruled 10th house. Uranus and Pluto combine to give us things like sudden, unexpected death” That just happened, a very dear colleague, so young. And a love interest just cut all communications (he is a strange one) suddenly. I find myself meditating about me ‘being the toxic one’ and I cannot find blame in me for this one. He is just not right for me. As always, you’re absolutely visionary, Elsa. : ) Thanks for this Heaven-sent Blog.

  11. Avatar

    I have Pluto in Libra 4th at 9 degrees and discovered on this day that everything i own was stolen out of the storage unit I kept my things in as i traveled out of state to pursue a new job. When i came back all my things, right down to my clothing and my kitchen items, were gone forever…

  12. both my youngest boys were born with the square nearly exact, and in both cases there was a sudden (shocking) unexpected death of a close friend (or their child) right around the time of their birth. gives me pause. also, coping with something like that when you’re about to have/just had a baby, well, maybe that’s the uranus on my pluto. but, eighth house. and ringing up a bunch of the rest of my chart too (eg, my saturn uranus square 🙁

  13. My pluto is at 19.56 on the 3rd house and my Midheaven is at 22.12 Aries so I guess the opposition will be stronger… Everything in my life seem stuck for a long time… maybe it was the Saturn transit to my 4th House (cusp in Libra) or it’s the transit to my 5th house which starts at 29º Scorpio….I have been trying so hard to move in my career and personal life…I’m feel so tired and drained…My Venus is in Cancer on the 12th house at 19.12 so yes it’s natally square my Pluto…Pluto transiting will also soon oppose it and will probably bring pain… I wonder if is somehow going to be better soon or should I expect something worse?

  14. This Uranus transit is soooo hard!
    I’m cancer/Virgo asc/cap moon.
    One month into it an unexpected death in 2010. Uranus is transiting my 8th. I dreamt of the death of this person a few months previous, but because it seemed at the time sooo impossible to happen to them, i didn’t ‘read’ the dream right at all – as the person who died was killing ME in my dream, cutting off my head! – it was a lucid dream, while i was dying i was thinking “hang on, i’m not meant to be able to really die in a dream but here i am dying!?!” (then i woke up – phew!)
    After THEIR death in real life as uranus hit my 8th a few months after the dream, i ‘lost my head’…
    A couple of years later, it squares my pluto in Libra (2nd house) which also trines my moon in capricorn which is opposite Jupiter in cancer and i’m completely ruined on all levels – couldn’t think, walk, eat, sleep…became bed-bound.
    Constant anxiety, nausea, vomiting, collapse, going into low Blood pressure shock sporadically…it was an extremely intense time.

    I have ‘come along’ since then…but it’s still intense in many other ways.
    I have transit pluto squaring natal pluto on top of these energies…pluto is retrograding to become a perfect square (again!)to my pluto…i’m kinda on tenterhooks at this point as to what shall be delivered next!
    There have been so many endings and beginnings i’m not sure who i am anymore LOL
    Liberation shall come from this, in some shape or form…that’s what i hold on to…knowing what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger…and IF it does kill me, then indeed the soul IS liberated infinitely, it’s win/win 🙂

    Hold on friends…it’s bumpy but worth it 🙂

    1. Edit – Pluto (in 2nd House) is OPPOSITE (not square as i originally posited) transiting Uranus in my 8th house Aries. (See, i’ve lost my ability to think! 😉 )

  15. Thanks Elsa – lovely website and blog you have – very informative, thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂

    I had to add something about Uranus in Aries in the 8th that has literally been translated in my life…it’s uncanny!
    This year there have been a couple of wild goats wonder onto my land.
    One female, one male.
    I thought they were originally sheep as the male one has huge curly horns just like a ram (aries)!
    They appeared unexpectantly..(uranus)…and they have been interfering with my electric fence (electricity-uranus)that keeps my animals within my land.
    It’s the male goat causing havoc, bringing down the fence, catching it in his horns.
    I don’t have the fence on at night, when they are out there secretly grazing, so he hasn’t been getting electrocuted!
    As this transiting Uranus is hitting natal Pluto which is squaring transit pluto in capricorn, it’s no surprise there are goats that look like rams messing with my electric fence causing unexpected havoc with my herd!
    I’m a newbie to astrology but cannot get over the literal translation in this case of the cosmic energies over-laying real, physical life with the very pertinent astrological symbolism.

  16. Uranus started transiting in my 9th directly opposite my 3rd house Pluto back in April. (I re-enrolled in school!) But it’s been in orb all year and will station direct opposition again (exact 0′) during a cardinal full moon conjunct my sun in December. We’ll see how that goes ?

    But I will say this: I’m definitely not the same person I was. This past year has been massively transformative internally in a great way. But I’ve also had to let go of a lot to get there. And a lot of that was very painful.

  17. Thank you Elsa for bringing up the topic and having everyone share their experience!
    I am looking for some advice as it is a hard transit! Uranus is transiting my 12th opposing Pluto in 6th.
    I strongly identify with what has been said here – step by step is the only way to progrees. There is a lot of tension accumulated and I am learning to change in order to let it go. One step a time.
    As it is an opposition and concerns relationships, the lesson has come from a very uranius person. I am changing my way of living a relationship, before it used to affect directly my health and work (6th house libra) now I am starting to see how I can work on a subconscious level through dreams and alternative techniques (12th house aries?) and directly with people(pluto is the ruler of my 7th house as well) to at least minimize and if possible prevent the damage to my body and work balance.
    I have also noticed what are the reasons (outgrowing old relationship patterns) behind my everyday (6th house)decision-making and what made me especially glad is that I managed to do that even in situations which need a split-second (uranus)decision! It is very important for me as I have mercury in cancer in 3rd!
    it is really hard work and it takes a lot more effort now to do what used to cost none!

  18. Hello,

    I could use some advice. I have natal Pluto conjunct my ascendant within three degrees, in the first house and in Scorpio, opposite my moon (with Saturn and Mars [conjunct] in first house Scorpio also… yikes, I know). My transits to Pluto are clearly more personal than most people. Sometimes destructive. For example, two days ago my mars return was occurring and crossed my Pluto. I was a passenger in a car wreck.

    My question is how an upcoming triple transit by Uranus, first opposing my ascendant, then opposing my Pluto, then conjuncting my moon (still within orb opposing my Pluto) might affect me. My Saturn return was hellacious, as one might predict, and I am concerned Uranus is going to also be destructive in new and unimagined ways. Any thoughts?

    Most people dismiss this Uranus opposite Pluto transit as generational. I cannot.

    Thanks for any help.

    Ps- Uranus will also eventually oppose my natal Saturn and Mars long before my midlife crisis transit, Uranus opposite Uranus. Any insight on all this would seriously be appreciated.

  19. Transiting Uranus, which is 16 degrees presently, is opposing my Sun/Pluto conjunction (20 and 19 degrees, 5th house). Also to note is that Eris is also at 14 degrees Aries. I can see how this has been affecting me for some time. I feel often as though I am at the edge of some disaster. Like someone is about to die. I was a very lively and happy child and very free. I feel this transit has been making me feel caught in some kind of snare. So it is interesting that you mention ripping off the bandage quickly, because all I have been doing lately is avoiding the pain and it seems to make it worse. I met my husband in 2010, 6 months after the death of my first love whom I had reconnected with after a 5 year separation for only 9 days before he passed away very suddenly. This changed so much in my life. My husband has a serious heart condition that we discovered after being together about a year. I worry about him every moment. He has decided not to have life-saving surgery.
    My career has changed as well. I am a full-time fine artist and after doing my work for 18 years, I had the best selling year of my career netting over 100k in sales. But it seems to have slipped through my fingers. And I no longer feel fulfilled by it all.

  20. Transiting Uranus in Aries and Second House Oposition with Natal Pluto in Libra Eight House. Finances upheaval? But my finances are in very very bad situation from 3 years ago….. I am working as a freelancer for big companies, I developed a very nice online marketing system but I don’t have luck to find big client and starting make real money.

    1. What do you think about this situation. This opposition mean finance reversals…but in last 3 years my earnings was almost at survival rate 🙂

  21. Transiting Uranus in 4th opposite natal Pluto in 10th coincided with the most traumatic time in my life. It came very close to killing me. Although i’m not sure which transit to hold most responsible….. I also had transiting Pluto conjunct AC & square natal Pluto. Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Uranus & a nodal return at the same time…
    During this period my lover & favourite brother were killed in 2 separate accidents, & as a consequence of my lover / business partner dying without a will i lost my home & $4mill of assets in the ugliest possible legal battle, had my reputation suddenly trashed in the papers [unfairly, i had done nothing wrong!] and lost a lot of my faith in the general integrity of our culture. On the positive side i bacame a lot more proficient in astrology in all my free time 🙂

  22. Pluto in Libra speaks to liberation movement of the 1970s. Bra burning. Gay Rights. Birth Control Pill became more widespread. Roe V Wade. Sexual freedom. All of that energy is in natal charts of that era. Uranus is pushing on that internal energy. Am I really free? How do I need to find my independence for additional strength. The houses of course personalize everything.

  23. Hi Elsa,
    You mentioned that Libra is Venus-ruled, thus associated with relationships, and because of this, you think this transit will play in the personal lives of people with Pluto in Libra. As in sudden separations. However, wouldn’t that depend on the house that pluto occupies is your individual chart? For someone who has natal pluto in 9th house this transit might be about sudden changes, death, rebirth involving travel, higher education, religion or faith. It wouldn’t play out in their marriage or love life (that would be 7th & 5th).

  24. I have Uranus opp natal.Pluto transit now till.end of march..and husband filed for divorce… when he was having same transit.some 2 yrs back I tried to go back and stay but returned 4 times. That time he has pluto opp moon and his.mother’s influence in hoa.life caused all problems worst. I was expecting Pluto opp moon and Pluto square Pluto will change his attitude and someday he will realise about the family but he filed divorce. Anyways…

      1. Elsa..composite transit with Pluto square sun . And natal sun conjunct Pluto in composite. Can I hope that after turmoil it will improve or what your experience suggest?

        1. I don’t know. It sounds like it but it’s hard to judge something like this with isolated info so I’d take that with a grain of salt.

      2. Is sorry all you can say when the situation doesn’t fit your description? You also ignored my comment (back in 2016 when I called you out on your flawed interpretation of that transit:

        Hi Elsa,
        You mentioned that Libra is Venus-ruled, thus associated with relationships, and because of this, you think this transit will play in the personal lives of people with Pluto in Libra. As in sudden separations. However, wouldn’t that depend on the house that pluto occupies in their individual chart? For example, someone who has natal pluto in 9th house, this transit might be about sudden changes, death or rebirth involving travel, higher education, religion or faith. It wouldn’t play out in their marriage or love life (that would be 7th & 5th).

  25. I will have transiting pluto in 7th house capricorn opposite natal Uranus in cancer 1st house in a few years..suden death sounds about right because of the age of family members and my husband and self…I do like spontaneous things, or like you say, ripping the bandage off in case of something bad happening.

  26. I know this is an older thread but I will soon have transiting Uranus crossing my ASC at 4 degrees Taurus. My natal pluto is at 2 degrees Scorpio in the 6th but obviously near the DSC. Can anyone speculate on the significance of this transit when it sits right on the ASC/DSC axis? I’ve read up a bit about it meaning things to do with ‘authenticity’ ‘being yourself’ ‘freedom’ but I have a pretty plutonian chart so in my experience change isn’t usually gentle and Uranus is all about change. For reference natal Pluto squares my sun/mars conjunction that sits just before the IC – so Uranus will square these at the same time as opposing Pluto. I’ve had chronic health issues for several years too so the 1st house Uranus thing has me wondering – Uranus in Taurus is a weird energy combo, no?

  27. Hi, i also have a question
    I am starting to feel this opposition already. Natal pluto in my 6th (close to my venus in 6th, both in scorpio) and is geting opposition from uranus in 12th.
    I am not sure, but it is connected with my work and my parents. I had moved from home 7 years ago when I was 25 yo, but my parents are still requesting that I should return home. In the mean time, ive been in a relationship for three years with this girl, and we have been living together ever since. I really do want to move back home with her, we are planning a family, but this situation with my parents is getting pretty rough. And then I saw this opposition first starting with pluto and then venus.
    What should I expect next?
    Thank you.

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