I’m Flattered By The Insult

pluto-moon.jpgA gal wrote to say that Pluto was transiting her Moon and ascendant… she wanted an interpretation. She got a polite form mail back explaining the question did not fit the format of my blog (I write advice rather than general astrology) and she wrote me back to say this:

“you dont seem to be into serious astrology at all,just the tea bag variety.I’ll contact Liz Green.”

I laughed when I read it because I am sure Liz Greene (spelled with an e) is standing by waiting to read this woman’s chart because she says to. But as I thought about this more I realized it was flattering to be associated with Liz Greene in any way shape or form. You’re going to write Elsa P and then contact Liz Greene? Well alllll right. Sounds like Elsa P is clear and Liz Greene has a problem and you want to know the shocking part? This woman is near 60 years old.

How do you get 60 years old and still act like this, that’s what I’d like to know.

She ended her mail with a passive aggressive “thank you” and her original mail was about having no relationship. Well gee, I wonder why.

I also want a new nickname out of this. From now on just call me, “Teabag”. Or should that be teebag?

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  1. I think it’s a reference to reading tea leaves and it’s not original. I have been called a tea leaf reader before… half a dozen times I suppose.

  2. Her response sure sounds like she has Pluto transiting her moody moon and ascendent. (And going through her 2nd Saturn Return.) Nice that you gave her a wide berth, Teabag.

  3. “you dont seem to be into serious astrology at all”

    If she were serious, she’d pay for a reading. People who ask for free readings have no right to get mad. It’s a fair exchange of energy after all. Geez.

  4. Who said she asked? Here is the entire original mail:

    >>Transiting Pluto conjunct my moon/ascendent.?
    I would like to have arelationship but haven’t so far.
    People don’t seem to see who I am.
    I’m thinking of making a bigger comitment to Buddhism.

    ??? Seems like a command to me.

  5. You have a great attitude. Something very similar happened to me yesterday (my work also involves consultations/advice although in the publishing field, not astrology) and I was very offended and had planned to respond with a scathing email. It’s been a terrible and depressing week for me and I just felt like spreading the misery. Thank God I stopped to read your blog this morning before shooting (the email). Now I’ll just delete this woman’s insulting message and consider myself flattered on the comparison she made between me and a much respected elder in the publishing community.
    Thanks for your fresh take on things. Reading your blog and the comments from your contributors is better than therapy. I have learned so much about myself and gained a new sympathy, respect and understanding of others’ motivations through your insight.
    Anna the Gemini

  6. Sounds like someone did not research your style before asking you for a reading. And/or, perhaps you “failed” to say what she wanted to hear and/or did say something she didn’t want to hear. People like her are the reason why I am an not am astrologer per se, (I am an astrological researcher.) Sometimes ‘bad behavior’ is just bad behavior across the board and I won’t use a chart to excuse it. An aquaitance of mine once said “My mother has Mercury conjunct Neptune so her versionn of the truth is not the same as other peoples.” The fact of the matter is that her mother lies a lot, and it is problematic, and so quit excusing it with mercury/neptune!

  7. Hey, I got flattered by an insult yesterday, too. Seems some guy I didn’t want to have a second date with had thought we had alllllll kinds of chemistry going on and got pissed that I didn’t want to pursue things with him, sent a scathingly passive-aggressive email. It’s the second guy this month who’s done that. When are these guys going to stop mistaking breezy friendliness for panty-flinging desire?? When?? But I’m gonna take the high road like you and just step aside.

    But what exactly is “tea bag astrology”?

  8. >>Transiting Pluto conjunct my moon/ascendent.?
    I would like to have arelationship but haven’t so far.
    People don’t seem to see who I am.
    I’m thinking of making a bigger comitment to Buddhism.

    Sounds like someone from Boulder to me…there’s something going on up here. I’ve had half a dozen similar situations in the past week or so…none with astrology though…just mundane life.

  9. yep, teabagging, drop your balls on her head, Elsa. :p

    I don’t think people have ANY IDEA about the amount of complete HORSESHIT you field on a regular basis. it’s as though a whole section of society has mistaken your place as a waystation for the dump. ooooooo, it makes me so angry…

    however, you never seem to get any on you– you just wave them on, “noooooo, sorry, you have it wrong– the dump’s over yonder…”

  10. I think it can be easy for someone to confuse the focus of your blog (I know I’ve sent questions, gotten the form response back, and asked myself why — though I hope I never came across the way she did!) because they are looking for general astrology rather than applied astrology (i.e. relationship advice in terms of the astrology behind it).

    That said, she sounds like the Aesop’s fable of sour grapes — the fox checks out the grapes because they look delectible, but upon finding that he can’t reach them, decides they must be sour. 😉

  11. “Who said she asked? …
    ??? Seems like a command to me.”

    Oh good grief, Elsa! I just had a long email from my Pluto transiting Sun friend who pretty much took the same tone justifying why she thinks I’ve been disloyal.

    One thing I’ve learned from all your blogs about Scorpio is the value of amputation!

    Had Pluto crossing my Asc years ago – I hope I wasn’t half as self-absorbed. Pluto going over my Moon in 17 years. I’ll bear this one in mind!!! What is astrology if not self-awareness?

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. You just got to laugh at these things, it’s unbelievable. The email is almost puzzling, she doesn’t even request anything in particular, just throws a bunch of questions marks at you.

    But yeah it’s good, she chose You first, Liz Greene only as a 2nd option. I have a feeling she won’t be as understood if she “contacts” Liz Greene for a “serious consult” for free…ha ha

  13. tee-hee bag?

    eh, funny.

    you know, she could have googled it can come up with all kinds of interesting stuff.

  14. You don’t seem to be into serious astrology. What????

    hitchiker72 ‘It’s a fair exchange for energy’ Yes, and this woman’s energy is going to keep kicking herself in the butt.

    Avery- ‘Taking the high road.’ Absolutely! I was copied in on some e-mails today that would surely make the recipients blood boil. A very similar personality as the woman dissing Elsa today. Both of these woman have something in common = ‘I would like to have a relationship but haven’t so far.’ The most important relationship you will have is the one you are having with yourself! And if this one isn’t working what are the chances that all of the other relationships will work? The woman at our office thinks that everyone is out to get her but is so atrociously rude and has no idea that she is daily creating her own negative reality. God as my witness I have taken the high road as much as is humanly possible. I wish her the best, but would be quite happy if she moved on. After the e-mails today, she might be moving on quite soon.

    ‘I am thinking of making a bigger comittment to Buddhism.’ Wishing that you could make a comittment to any ism, religious, spiritual or otherwise will not make it happen or make your life better. A comittment to anything like this should be as easy and come as naturally to you as opening your eyes when you wake up in the morning… and thanking god or buddha or the great spirit for being alive and the chance to live this new day to the fullest.

    Becca- bang on about the questions!

    Carielle- right on about the sour grapes!

    hitchiker72- What is astrology if not self awareness? So true!

    Dear ‘people don’t seem to see who I am’ Have you ever thought of cracking open a soggy tea bag and reading your own ……. tealeaves?

  15. AAckk, I wonder how bad I was when Pluto was transiting my sun, but I was a teenager!! Now it’s nearly done with my moon and I couldn’t be happier. I am glad as well that somebody explained teabagging because I was laughing so hard to myself at work this morning that I’m sure someone thought I was going postal, ha ha. It’s been that kind of year.

  16. This is exactly why I don’t do paid readings. I’m doing my tarot show and chat so I can practice an art that I love, but I’m not willing to try to build a client base of people who want me to tell them what they would like to hear.

    It’s very very different from what you do of course, but the idea of being able to serve and do something I love came from watching you do it here. I love the format of your blog.

  17. Oh, geez. What’s so hard about fixing the question? Most people who get into this blog had to do it at first, until they picked up how you do things. What’s so special about her?

    Reading tea leaves…:snort: I’d like to see her find someone else who’s going to tell her what she wants to hear. 😉

  18. wow.. wad an uncalled for reaction! hahaha.. i got ur polite form e-mail back whn i was jus starting out on astro too.. It’s really not too big a deal for a 20 yr old me (and she’s 60! *gasp*).. in fact, it spurred me to go searching for ans! HAHAHA!

    BUT one thing tht she did, which i did not (or rather did not know I COULD!) was to reply to tht polite form e-mail.

    So here: Thanks Elsa P! *muacks*

  19. People never fail to astound me with their selfishness. The teabag thing is..funny I guess but it always feels like a twist of the knife when people aim like that. I’m entirely too sensitive.

    Of course…this makes me wonder how someone can’t see the answer is written in her attitude!

    I got knocked over sideways by a vicious insult yesterday…and I got an apology about 2 hours later–a very sincere one with a ‘I was projecting my shit’ thrown in. Told her I always appreciate a sincere apology with self-awareness thrown in…but the shock hasn’t worn off. Just trying to forget it happened at all.

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