What Black Moon Lilith Signifies: Interpretation For Each House

Black moon lilith

Black Moon Lilith is the dark, wild, untamable feminine, represented by the mathematical wobble in the Moon’s orbit. Lilith is the anti-Moon.

Black Moon Lilith is of special interest to me. She is primal and unknowable, and she carries an energy that many of us could benefit from working with, both individually and as a collective.

As we work through the Lilith process, we follow the journey she takes in myth. We learn to identify our wounds, grapple with our natural outrage, accept our darkness, and finally carve out a space of our own. I’ve written extensively about this, which you can find here: tag – Black Moon Lilith.

I’ve also provided the interpretation of her position in the natal chart by house, helping you to get a head start on that important Lilith work. Check these links:

It’s my goal to provide a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about, please let me know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “What Black Moon Lilith Signifies: Interpretation For Each House”

    1. BL in the 6th.

      Your description of this placement is very familiar to my life experiences and purposes.

  1. I have black moon lilith in the twelfth house but in conjunction with my ascendant (to two degrees), in conjunction with my sun and mercury, all in pisces. Being in conjunction with the ascendant but in house 12 I do not know if it takes the meaning of house 1 or 12. I do not know if I have expressed my doubt well. Thank you very much

    1. Welcome, Rocio!

      In this case, I would read both, but it’s likely that that the 1st house will resonate more. 🙂

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    This was alot of work Midara. I have to admit it would have helped to get an idea of how Lilith might manifest itself based on its sign as well, maybe giving some examples of how a few signs would manifest as an example.
    You did a good job particularly with the 12th house which is a tough house for some people to understand since the 12th house tends to be misty and shrouded, Im sure it helped a few people understand someone in their life with this placement .

    1. True, or oscillating Lilith is in early Taurus, but she’s about to retrograde back into Aries. She won’t hit Uranus exactly until October. She bounces around like that. 🙂

      1. So is that another name for Black Moon Lilith? If not, where is BML now. Sorry I wasn’t clear before.

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    Debbie Debbie

    Lilith is in my 8th house. It is so spot on, that it scares me. I hope with time and work, things will get better. Thank you for your work, Midara.

  4. Very Good Thanks. Mine is in my First house Sag, I resonate so much with this. I always related my life experiences with my scorpio sun, mercury and saturn in the 12th house, but this description that you gave seems to explain alot.

  5. Mine it’s in the 1st house and it feels like it has a lesser effect for me? Maybe because it’s in a different sign from the ascendant or because it’s conjunct saturn and square pluto (cause it wasn’t really that dark already, charcoal black is the way) & mercury. Who knows, but I liked to read all of the interpretations.

  6. How do you think a grand trine between Lilith in the 1st house Pisces, 5th house moon/merc cancer and 8th house pluto in scorp would play out? I’ve never really looked at Lilith in my chart til this day.

  7. Third house Cassandra is a hoot. I keep my foresights to myself unless asked. But about stuff that really happens, I am not believed. My truth seems to be more unreal, than if I tell a tale that I was born with a tail that had to be surgically removed. People are all over that. In the past I made up tales like this, because people liked them. Now I do not bother. I guess the frustration comes when something is right before eyes that cannot see. And I am not so good at knowing about people all the time, the scheisters(sp?) I mean. But once spurned, that’s it.

    BML is conjunct Pallas, I don’t know much about her either.And sextile Crantor (?) yodding my natal POF by 2 degrees with natal mars rx at opp with POF. I don’t know if a yod needs to be exact or not. This will be a nice little puzzle to look at eventually. I love that about asteroids. I know they can be so confusing with so many discoveries in the last years. I am glad I printed them out years ago before the onslaught. I usually can find something in the puzzles that makes sense to my person. I love asteroids like I love yods. Not for the feint of heart.

    1. Natal BML Pallas * Ceres by 2 degrees makes sense. Not sure about that other thing. It’s not that I have any intuitive knowlege of the earth, but it does always interest me. here have been times when I told my tales about my earthly adventures and have gotten the response that they are too outlandish to believe. I think it’s the way I told it.

      And I do take trips down, obviously, and sometimes have to remind myself to resurface and take care of biz.

      1. Crantor. Sudden death. Yikes! That reads. But also photography. Hmmm. Along with Ceres. I have always taken great photos. My future focus narrows.

  8. This is so amazingly insightful, Midara! I have Lilith 2 degrees from my MC in the 9th at 24 Cap. In my Draconic chart that degree is my Ascendant degree. Still pondering that.

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