What Is The Upside To Saturn Transit Square Venus?

saturn vintageHi Elsa:

Is there any upside to a transit of Saturn Square Venus?

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Hi, Smiley!

I would say there is definitely an upside, but you’re not going to realize it without make an effort. I’ll give you an example using a common scenario.

People often feel lonely under this transit. They feel deprived of love or unworthy or something along those lines.

It may be because someone left them, or because they looked in the mirror and saw their age, or because all their friends are getting married, or whatever.

A person can have these bad feelings, endure them, and eventually the transit will pass. For this, they’ll get some minor benefit. They might say, that did not kill me so now I’m stronger.

But another person might have these same feelings and really feel disgusted.  They may come to realize that love and partnership really do matter to them, so they are going to do something about the lack of love in their life.

  • They may get themselves into shape, go out more, clean their house…work (Saturn) on being social (Venus).
  • They may think long and hard about how they behave in relationships and how they might be contributing to their own failure.
  • They may go over their criteria for partnership to make sure it’s realistic and current with the times. (What you want in a partner at twenty changes when you are forty).
  • You get the idea…

This transit might suck. But it might also be the (painful) catalyst that sees you completely alter your life so that you might enjoy real (Saturn) love (Venus).

If you’re having this transit, and you’re plagued with love problems, I would seriously consider investing in two things I created precisely for people who want a new outcome in their love life.

First – Finding Love With Astrology. This class will get you thinking differently. It may be all you need. But if not, or if you have a Venus Saturn signature in your chart, of any type, move on to this: Finding Your True Love And Soulmate, which is specific to these problems.

Bottom line, you can do extremely well with this transit, but you must make an effort to push back against the force pushing you down.

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “What Is The Upside To Saturn Transit Square Venus?”

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    I have Venus-Saturn trine natally and I see this planetary pair as quality of relationships over quantity. I’ve never cared about being popular or social very much, one or two close friends with who I can steal horses with and I am pretty ecstatic. Do not need more or event want more. There is only so much attention to go around and do not want to waste it on superficial acquaintances when I can explore depth and intensity with a few.

  2. I have this aspect right now, it started on january this year, and it will be all this year.
    Saturn in Cappricorn (transit 5th house) square my natal Venus in Aries (8th house)
    Mmm.. when it was exact on march i notice that people around me (friends on collage) are bit cold.. like they dont listen to me when im talking , or interrupt me.. but nothing big or special (or it was just for me like that).
    But.. something big happened. I fall in love with some guy (i think it is first time in my life that I fall in love like that and im 25 years old)
    That guy (from opinions of others) is not for me , as… I am waay to much for him, better in everything..I do not pay attention to such things because everyone is equal to me..
    The most important thing of this story is that he wasnt interested in me!!! He was so cold! And even i told him about my feelings , he was ok and said “thats nice , we will talk more, i will call you these days” but he never call!
    And after that when we met on collage he wont even look me in eyes.. he ignored me totally
    That was soo painful for me.. i could not believe that someone could be that cold, it never happend to me before!
    I want to know what is the lesson of this transit, what i need to learn, i want to understand that! Please if someone can tell me
    Sorry for my bad english..

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