Mars Opposite Uranus – Come On, People! Fun!

The Last Great Act Of Defiance

We have this extremely potent Mars Uranus opposition. If you’ve been following along, I am not into hiding under my bed, shaking in fear, especially when there’s this first class, Mars in Scorpio, knife lying around.

You’re looking at a poster from the 1970’s. You’d not expect a mouse to stand up to a hawk – well that’s what Mars Uranus is all about.  Go Your Own Way, under the new moon, for a new beginning/

What do you want to do that no one wants you to do, but you really want to do it?
How can YOU (Mars) change (Uranus) your situation?
How can you UN-bore yourself (and others)?

If  you really can’t think of anything, there is always fun!

You don’t think so? Well, I admit the powers that be don’t have want you to have any, but you don’t have to comply!  This is the whole point !

Here’s some Mars Uranus inspiration.  Like maybe turn off the news and dance!

Please tell me someone besides me is coming off the chain.  The sun is involved with this. SHINE!!!!  Or rather, f’in shine!!!!

21 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Uranus – Come On, People! Fun!”

  1. I feel it Elsa, and I’m so very grateful for it.
    I have had so much push back the last two weeks when I didn’t react as I was expected to. The behaviors weren’t even positive ones that I have worked really hard to change. I’m enjoying the clinical mindset (Scorpio) of accepting and changing when possible with my Scorpio rising and libra sun. It’s been three extremely hard Saturn return years. Now I feel like the opportunities to regain my soul and integrity are coming up rather quickly.
    Thanks for my annual chart reading to let me know it would eventually come.

  2. 😁🎉This is the best advice, ever!. Today, I pumped up the volume and danced. Man, I feel so much better for it. This will be my new daily medicine 🪩 💃.

  3. Living the life.1970 Summer in the sun. Had a new friend drive me to the airport after I had snuck out of the basement window with a softsider travel bag with my cloths thrown in it. Chris drove a Brand new SUPERBIRD!1970 4 speed 440 magnum Sun Yellow with white interior down to the Continental Airline drop off where I purchased my one-way student standby ticket. For $84.00. And off I flew to Hawaii with the $500.00 dollars that saved up from my first job at the Space Needle Restaurant. Three weeks in Oahu, Beach buming. Met a girl on the fight over and became a lifelong friendship. Beach Boys Three dog night The Richeses brothers. Planet of the apes. Spent the Fourth of July on the beach watching fireworks and drinking Spinnada wine with a freshly realest from service solder returning for NAM. All at the sweet old age of 17. Sincerely yours Taurus Areis Capricorn

  4. I feel the same way, Elsa. Thank you for such an energized post. (And that poster image is brilliant.)

    This resonated so strongly:

    What do you want to do that no one wants you to do, but you really want to do it?
    How can YOU (Mars) change (Uranus) your situation?
    How can you UN-bore yourself (and others)?
    If you really can’t think of anything, there is always fun

    As upside down as things are, the surprise is…’s like a little “sleeper agent” in me is awake and ready to rock 😄 felt this way the last week or two, so reading this post was marvelous. If you don’t step out of the beige square now…. I think my Sag planets are stepping politely over my Virgo stellium, ready to roar.

  5. Come On, People! Fun!

    I don’t need to add anything to that, absolutely agree, it’s needed!

    Although I did do something very radical and Uranian to my appearance yesterday. Well, they do say blondes have more fun! 😁

  6. My partner is away this weekend visiting his brothers, and I am already planning a playlist to boogie to whilst I prepare lamb kebabs with the strongest garlic sauce I can manage! It’s the little things!

  7. Fun? lt might be one of those times when l wish l had a different chart.
    This config. is squ my 6th Moon Leo exact. l have been doing financal stuff. Shoring up. NOT putting all eggs in same basket. Putting off some people (women are demanding and draining) l have been learning Libra diplomacy (N node 8th). Not very well atm but managable…catching it early helps.
    Cancelled a writing group which would have been fun…all ages and cultures. (l will be back!). Also avoiding ‘near death dealing chores’ not getting on a ladder to fix metal thingy on the awning. Fun?
    Go out and have excellent fun for me…those that can.Someone has to do it. l’d be dancing if l could– around a fire. Eating.Drinking. Casting a glad eye. (Better not have a fire–bushfire season)

  8. Mars power. Whoa, Mars conjuncts my natal
    Sun-close! with a solar return not long after the New Moon. My brand new granddaughter came screaming in a few days ago firing up her grandmother with generational Scorpio—I’m nicknaming her Zorra . This life oughta be something wonderful!!
    Uranus? The lightning has long meant excitement when the not-knots were making me too too serious about an incredible journey.
    Zorra, we have some living to live and love! Wow the revolution is an inside job, and costumes are encouraged (masks optional:)

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