Instant Trauma, Courtesy Pluto In Aquarius

lightning strike“I’d rather not know.” It’s common to hear people make this statement. Most people would not like to know the date of their death, for example.  It’s easy to understand.

Some people go further, drawing the line in various places. I’ve heard people say, they’d rather not know, if there is nothing they can do about it anyway.  Fair enough!  But when I consider our current conditions, I don’t know that this attitude serves the way it used to.

I say this because I’m encountering people who are traumatized due to the shock of an event. With Pluto in Aquarius, this could easily become a common happening. I’ll give you an example.

I started following job loss and lay-offs about a year ago. I written about this, I think.  The various dirty moves that are made, to try to get employees to quit (and lose severance).  Companies also telegraph their moves; lay-offs are coming. In some cases, they have to do this by law.  Either way, the employees don’t know which head is on the block. It’s super stressful.

I think this is a horrible situation, but then I speak with someone who goes to work, thinking they will be getting a raise. Instead, they are laid off. Out of the blue sky, okay?

This is what I mean by sudden trauma.  Maybe this has happened to you. If not, you may be able to imagine the shock.  You’ve got to be sitting in the chair, reeling, with your face, frozen.

It’s an example of a case where a person would probably be better off having some kind of inkling.  For all we know they just bought a new car, or whatever.  The loss is multiplied in my mind.

So this is what I’m seeing. The brick flies through the air and strikes someone.  You might want to at least know, it’s brick season out there.

If you’ll open your mind to this, you may very well see the brick with your name on it, in time enough to duck.

Even if you can’t, foreknowledge can significantly blunt the trauma, allowing you to get your bearings a lot faster.   The speed at which you can assimilate your loss is an important variable, especially when we get all this Airy energy going.

Have you seen anything like this?

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  1. Yeah, I can relate to this. Once you’ve experienced this, it makes it challenging to not *always* feel the rug is going to be pulled out/embrace the good times.

    1. Agreed, the instability you’re left with is a real challenge to overcome. I me, I would rather know that the hammer’s about to drop.

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        Hildegard's Noviciate

        Totally with you both on this. especially if it affect the lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
        let’s face it…it’s why we are all here reading Elsas blogs. Forewarned is forearmed and put your ducks in order to at least minimize the damage the hit will cause. learn to dodge in case that swing comes.

  2. What caught my eye in the caption of your article was “Instant Trauma”. Yikes!!! , Pluto will move into my 10th house for many many years. Not to long ago I lived through Saturn in my 10th house for three years. Seemed like it had been there most of my life. My sense is, due to Pluto opposing my 4th house Leo, squaring my 12th house Taurus,that this round of challenging aspects I will need to present my best game . I have been doing a lot of personal growth in the past three years and will need to access/glean what has changed on a personal level in a big way. On some level I am looking forward to this multi year aspect to see who I have become after my younger years of being a doormat. My voice is so much stronger.My words are stronger as well. Time will tell.

  3. Well, getting suspended from work pursuant to firing definitely did that to me. Not that I thought things were okay, but I didn’t think they were so fed up with me they were going to go that far. I’m still in shock and reeling and trying to figure out how to save my bacon here…somehow.

    I agree it’s better to not be shocked, for sure. I’m trying to make plans for when I am fired, plans to try to pause the firing (IF I CAN GET DOCTORS TO COOPERATE, which so far isn’t going well), plans to try to get hired as a disability hire elsewhere, plans to prove disability in the first place (see previous remark about doctors)….hooooooo boy.

  4. I don’t know what happened to that comment! In short, I’m stealing, “it’s brick season!”

    I’d say treat it the same way as the knives used to stab me… seize it and use it as my own weapon, shield, or multipurpose tool!

    Perhaps Pluto in Aquarius also means, “don’t only survive– thrive!” Make it an aim to be creative or use quirky means to get beyond Plutonian energy (that is, if it allows).

  5. In reading the recent posts in the last few weeks on Pluto in Aquarius it got me thinking why aren’t we engaging in the possibility that Pluto will cut AI/ advance technology as opposed to increasing it(?).
    Death to AI in traditional Pluto sense- maybe out of the blue in a Uranus fashion.

    There is a saying that the Amish live in the future!!

    That would be instant collective trauma.

    1. I like that. I’ve always secretly wanted to live like the Amish, minus the religion.
      I’m all for death to AI, and a massive decrease in electronics

    2. did pluto in cap mean death to skewed patriarchy and institutions? what I see is ai manipulated information in the hands of the patriarchy eluding and controlling the various people groups, already devised, turned into gangs and mobsters… it’s happening already since the first dip of pluto into aqua last year. I always think where there’s a war there too will be resistance, though. dual universe.

  6. If you think someone’s pulling that rug, put your arms out tend to glide I’m mean it is an option and the part about being fired or quit let them fire you they owe you so much time of payments.

  7. Not wishing to invalidate anyone else. But in my personal life jobs suddenly ending has not been a shock, in fact the last time it happened it felt like divine intervention; I might not be living if it had not. But I did have a close friend kill herself during lockdown. I literally talked to her every day for two years. I think suicides were higher than will ever be reported I heard of so many suicides.

    What I did think was interesting during lockdown though, and by lockdown I mean the effects of Saturn – Pluto. Is that a lot of the fluff that companies tell themselves went out of the window. A lot of people have commented on “customer service” going down the toilet and it seems to me that the reason this is is because before lockdown, the only thing corporate management could do to improve sales was promote customer service and everyone believed that that’s what they were doing. That it was almost like a spiritual mission and personal gift to serve the customer.

    Then lockdown comes along, two weeks and every government on the entire planet locks the population down. Now THAT is a shock. Even if it was not immediately acknowledged.

    But along with the imposition of government authority came, a new priority. Now it didn’t matter if you served the customer. “Oh you want some customer service? too bad we are unbelievably inconveniencing you with a COVID policy that makes no sense.” Some businesses and people within those seemed to get positively turned on by signalling how utterly loyal to the government they were.

    So after, and of course including cost cutting from inflation and other factors. All of a sudden the illusion is broken. COVID taught management they could cut costs and simply overload workers. Something somewhere broke, the core illusion of emotional empathy from authority; the corporate idea that “we are all a family” suddenly ceased to have the backing it once did. It was, in my belief, always hypocrisy. But now suddenly, it is obviously hypocrisy.

    This is the culture shift under which this (lay offs and such) is happening. The corporates have been taking liberties and have earnt themselves the contempt they now have from gen z which was obvious in the 2010’s. And now, they have even managed to make it worse!

  8. Holding thumbs… It will be squaring my sun at 0 deg Taurus on the midheaven… No, I have not been popular lately, and neither am I feeling warm and fuzzy… Trying very hard to make professional and financial breakthroughs..

  9. Elsa, honestly I don’t know anymore. I was born with Pluto and Uranus conjunct my MC. This unexpected chaos, upheaval, stress, hell and brick-throwing has been a constant. Luckily I have sag AC and Jupiter in Leo for some guardian angel luck. It has helped me more than once. But I will say, not looking forward to Pluto in Aquarius. I’m not an Aquarius fan for personal reasons. When I was younger and a people pleaser, I was a big fan girl of Aquarius. No more. Aquarius is never happy with anything or anyone because it’s never good enough for their high ideals. They hurt people and unless they have a well placed earth or fire sign in their natal, they are oblivious, and sometimes knowingly. I look at Pluto in Aquarius and see the depths a darkness of it. I’m going to try to keep my privacy. We’re heading for a very cold time.

  10. Totally agree – the shock of knowing it could be brick flying through the air with your name on it … lessens the trauma and buys time to think how to react and to begin to put plans in place – me & a friend/ acquaintance both had bricks with our names on it flying a few years back – she didn’t see hers coming, I had a sense mine would be coming shortly after & even before that was uneasy that it could be brick season … she was really traumatised, I was supporting her on the phone a lot of days, she then ‘reacted’ (Good job she has aries energy!) … I was also traumatised when mine came, but had more time to ‘react’/ plan/ investigate/ get something else solid in place in advance’ … which my Taurean & probably even Aquarian (thinking of saturn) energy, much preferred!! …. lol just thinking … isn’t these why we do astrology???!!! lol!

  11. I think the reason why this will prove to be shocking and upsetting events, is because we have had the Pluto in Capricorn mantra of “hard work always gets results” drilled into us constantly by the PTB for the past 15 years. Work hard, work smart, work longer, be committed, put in the hours, show ruthless ambition, you will be rewarded handsomely and reap the benefits. Hard work always wins. Be bossing it.

    But. It didn’t.

    No matter how hard we worked, how long we worked, the ones who were lucky got pitiful scraps masquerading as “pay rises” since 2008, but most didn’t even get that at all. Bills, accommodation, food, essential costs of living had skyrocketed, but wage rises haven’t matched it. Most people have had to put in overtime to get something that just about covers the costs of living. Working (Capricorn) to an early grave (Pluto)

    And all that time, services have been getting bad to worse. Well, pay peanuts and cut costs, cut people numbers, cut corners, rely on shoddy technology and what passes for chatbots, close down offices and stores that are the foundation of community, what else can we expect? But the CEOs at the top still keep the millions to themselves (probably for a fraction of the work), so that’s okay, am I right? As long as YOU do all the backbreaking legwork for them, under the guise of “getting ahead with hard work”. THEY wanted you to do the hard work, so THEY could get the good results!!

    And now, Pluto in Aquarius. When robots will replace you eventually, not much need for human hands. Will they replace the greedy CEOs though?!

    1. So right on. The rich have gotten way richer, and us serfs are much worse off. And when my overtime was cut, I was put in another scary precarious place of not having the money to pay the absolute necessities!! I am so damn tired of this shitty rollar coaster. Voting anyone in or out does absolutely NOTHING. No one is trying to rein in landlords abject GREED. Homelessness is skyrocketing and nonprofit aide is maxed out. Maybe Pluto in AQ will be the end of all us pee-ons. Though honestly, the Tower was supposed to fall in 2025 or thereabouts.

  12. I have come out of the shadows to comment on this.

    I knew we were all going to be let go when our department was bought out. I knew when I got my work-at-home position that it would only last six months (and it did, almost to the day). My daughter knew she would be taking apart my computer equipment soon after just setting it up. Our intuition was spot-on. It did not change anything – just prepared me.

    I was working in Customer Service from home in 2019 when, after my first call, they called us into a meeting. They told us we were no longer needed. Even though my boss was in New Mexico, the Ohio office was closest to me so I got let go also. I typed in our chat that we were all getting fired, and someone came on and told me to “stop reaching out.” My Supervisor was yelling for me to call her, but they had already cut off the phone connection, and then cut off my internet. Meanwhile, back at the physical office, they were all called in a meeting, told to get their stuff and get out. They were not allowed to linger. There were cars waiting outside to take anyone who did not have a ride out of there immediately. The Manager had to take her son to school late, and they would not even let her go in the building to get her personal items. When people received their items that were boxed and mailed to them two months later, many items were broken.

    The Credit Dept had been bought out by a company through manipulation of Goldman Sachs. I told the manager at that time that our Credit Dept would be sold. She asked me, “You don’t trust Goldman Sachs?” Haha – the naivety. They had already blackmailed the CEO because he didn’t want to sell, at their recommendation. I asked the two reps to their faces why they needed to keep us while we were being trained if other people were already doing “our” job. I also asked them how long our building was being leased by them. They obfuscated, so I knew right then my intuition was correct. They wanted our prime accounts, but not us. They ended up letting us all go in 1.5 yrs. I knew it was going to happen, was telling my coworkers we were toast, but no one believed me. I had been looking for another job but was not successful. It was a shock when it happened even though I knew it was going to happen, because it happened sooner than I thought it would. I tried to be prepared, but still was not totally. Although, that allowed me to almost shed half a tear when it happened. I immediately threw away all of my notes, dismantled the computer, and sent it back to them.

    I said to myself, “That’s it! I’m done working for the man!” I am home with my handicapped child while my older child goes to college on a scholarship and uses my car 90% of the time. She needs to be out there. I need dental work, but Medicaid would rather I not be able to eat, I guess. It has not been easy. I made that company pay me every cent they owed me. It was a relief not to have to work for a corrupt company anymore. It was sucking my Soul. So, there is still a silver lining here coming up, I know it.

      1. Thank you, Maria. That company was so overboard when they brought us on. They threw us a big luncheon and everyone was so excited, except for me! I just knew it was all a pile of crapola. They were so callous, the way they fired everyone. I was glad it happened when I was working from home. But, I have Saturn in Aquarius conjunct Venus in the 12th with Venus exactly conjunct my ASC. Things have to work out for me in my senior years, right?

    1. Thank you, Fixed Cross. Elsa’s article just hit me between the eyes. I had to comment. I am still amazed at all of the money and time it took to be so cruel. I can’t wait to see these companies fall.

  13. It must be my uranus venus opposition (venus AQ 4th uranus Leo 10th) – Uranus is about individuation or stepping up to be your own boss in every sense of the word. We will lose jobs, yes. Machines will take over work that people used to do, yes. But there are so many things that a machine will never be able to do, these will become important skills and well paid, much better paid than now. I am so very tired of the notion that we are born to work our ass off in some hierarchy doing senseless work, producing crap that no one needs, spending time to market stuff what makes people shut up and consume mindless entertainment and thereby poisoning and otherwise destroying the world we live in. What a waste of creativity, ideas and initiative this whole system is, beginning with the education system, the health system, the insurance system, the entertainment system – all of them are not serving us, they bind us, blind us and keep us – well, in the system. It can not get worse than it is – Pluto in Aquarius is the singleminded Nerd who finds a way to hack everything and thereby discovers some formerly unknown correlation or pattern that changes our understanding of education, health, safety and having fun, including changes to the current world ruler – money. And for all I know the young people, they are capable of ideas, initiative and have courage. I understand every young person who says they do not believe anymore in ‘hard work pays’.I know plenty ‘rich’ people who are depressed and in constant misery, I know plenty ‘poor’ people beaming with joy and gratitude. Paradigm shift will be long and painful, granted, but absolutely necessary to save us and the planet. I will not complain, I will not wish things would stay as they are or should go back to where they were when I was young. Sag sun here, with Jupiter in the 1st and Mars in Scorpio. 🙂

  14. That is a pluto effect I haven’t thought but so accurate!
    Another thing that came to mind is that Pluto in aquarius is going to overemphasise the mental/spiritual aspect of life, treating possessions and material life as if it were the root of all evils, the same way that Pluto in Capricorn has turned our societies too materialistic. We need a balanced of both aspects material and spiritual and I am worried that Pluto in Aquarius is going to make everyone get rid of their possessions. Didn’t Elon musk say you will own nothing and be happy?? Is that the doctrine of the coming years?

  15. Absolutely! Back in the day, before our 2nd daughter was born, Mr. Leo/Libra exited the military. He found a new job, we moved and settled 3months before she was born. It was stressful, him learning a new job, being gone so much. But we were making due, hoping to build a house (one of the perks of his new job), actually settle down a bit to raise our girls, etc. Then 4 months after she’s born, he knows the end of a quarter is coming, it’s extremely stressful, so I take the girls and go to visit my parents, to give him space to get the job done, without the pressure of family needs for the week and to give me some help. A few days into our stay, the phone rings in the middle of the afternoon and I can remember as clear as day, I was sitting in the living room chair, having just put the girls down for a nap and I KNEW it was Mr. Leo/Libra and I also KNEW he’d just lost that job. I knew both to the bottom of my being, before my Mom walked into the room with the phone to tell me it was him. Talk about instant trauma, and yet, the instant I got on the phone with him and he said those things, I just didn’t care. I was in this stressful situation, but I was blessed, as I was in this situation with my person. I was positive that this was for the best, I was actually happy and told him so on the phone, cause now I could get my partner back and we’d start over to get him another job. Two weeks later, we were staying with my parents, 6 months later he was working for the VA (he’s a vet himself) and we’ve never looked back.
    Stressful? Yes! Unmanageable? No! Would a heads up have been helpful? Sure!

  16. Even though I saw it coming, it was better to see it coming, rather than be unexpectedly sideswiped. It still hurt when it happened, but maybe it hurt a little less since I was prepared for it. They were probably confused why I was smiling instead of giving them a reaction that would give them satisfaction.

  17. Well, here in Massachusetts, as the whole country is required to haveQ my son helped me pay off my second mortgage immediately my health insurance group canceled me I then got a letter saying Realestate recovery you are required by law to attain an attorney to see how this affects you and your Ayres every dime they paid, which literally is dimes I’ve had it for eight years. I had eight set of blood test because my doctor wouldn’t sign off on a thyroid medicine which cost me and Walmart $10 for three months but my pharmacy without insurance after they canceled me cost me 57 for three months when I went into talk about the letter that

    Health insurance company called mass health sent me saying they wanted to recover what was spent in my behalf. When I spoke with the representatives, they told me I needed a lawyer I said I don’t have 7000 for a lawyer I went to the pharmacy to ask what it was that the insurance company paid on my behalf in the last eight years it was $1400 of which I paid $700, when I called the hospital to find out what was the cost of eight years of bloodwork they told me $30,000 I have been working at calling whenever possible the doctors office that signed off on my script for the last eight years they won’t return calls or give me any information. I’m guessing they bill the insurance company 5 to 10,000 a year just guessing why are there homeless because when healthcare got mandatory and people signed up they couldn’t afford it the payback is your house and land. That’s why you have homeless they’re everywhere. My sister is in Alaska they’re on the streets of Alaska why did we all of a sudden have homeless people? It has nothing to do with being lazy or fighting work their parents and grandparents land and houses were taken from them at the time of death , my friends father she was taking care of in his 90s. The doctor said it’s important to be around other old people after three weeks in the old age home. He died overnight. They empty his bank account of 120,000 sold his land in the house of which his daughter got zero dollars , your homelessness is a result of the fact the federal government has made it mandatory to have health insurance and how they get paid back. Is they take your land in your house? Let’s just leave the hospital doors open if the federal government wants to fund some of those cost go for it but let’s stop taking grandma and mama‘s house away so all the children from now on out and live on a street or in a car Your federal government has screwed you good

  18. My mantra has been “The Jews that survived saw what was coming and got out” and I am talking specifically about Germany in the 30’s. They did not wait.

    I have gone through so many mergers, aquisitions, and layoffs and closures over the last 30 years. So many. three facilities I have worked at have closed completely. This is what happens when everyone goes to Walmart to buy “Cheap Chinese Goods” and I am serious when I say that. Your buying choices have consequences that affect people’s jobs.

    Now there is some leeway in that now. Honda, Toyota, BMW, Volvo manufacture in the USA – so if you buy one of those, likely someone in the USA made it.

    One of the companies I worked for had acquired Rival in Missouri (remember the Crockpot? I worked on that for years). They moved all the manufacturing to a factory they owned in China – now I joined after that had been done because of another layoff. We were owned by Berkshire Hathaway – remember Warren maximizing Value? – I did that for years – Project Engineer – manufacturing – teams in China, Engineering and Design in USA. Well, Warren decided it was time to sell us and he did to American Household – named Jarden Consumer Solutions. Well, they had acquired Sunbeam, and when four engineers I worked with heard what happened, they immediately left as they knew what was coming.

    To his credit – the owner said he wanted to build things – rebuild business in the USA.

    But there is a REALITY of Wallstreet and Earning numbers, and one August we MISSED our EARNING NumBers and the CEO was FORCED by the BOARD to close the facility in Milford, Massachusetts. We wept when he made the announcement, as he did not want to do it.

    I would still be in that little job if this had not happened. As it was it is how I ended up in Maryland, and then it happened again. Earning numbers not hit, massive layoffs and closure of the facility – 2500 people. I went into Government Contracting after that. At least you know the end date of your job so you can PLAN for it.

    If it is not a privately owned business when a CEO helming it who thinks in the LONG TERM then this is a reality. The first time it happened to me was the IBM layoffs. A 6000 person facility closed. Gone. Total number of layoffs – 200,000 people. We have all sorts of IBM alumni out there and are connected on Linked in. I was 32 years old. If Lou Gertsner had not done that – he would have had to declare Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of IBM. Think about that.

    Wall Street drives behavior. You – as a collective you – your buying choices buy behavior. It matters where a product is made – look at the level. It is OK to buy a “Foreign” car–as many of them are made in the USA with parts imported. Know who makes things.

    Yes- you do develop a spider sense. You cannot be naive in this current system. However, you don’t have to be mean about it. Just save your money, don’t get over leveraged and be willing to move for a job if you are still in the game. Constantly develop your skills and do not rest on your Laurels – you never know when the next layoff is coming. Relationships matter – keep your network in place. If you are publicly owned and traded on walls street – READ the ANNUAL REPORT and KNOW how your company is doing. You can tell if you are in trouble.

    Sorry if the tone comes across as too much. This is something I have lived and it is something I know about. Wishing all well.

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      Yes. Buying decisions have consequences. Even for us manufacturers. Because we need to sell x amount to keep employees and x amount to keep our suppliers minimums met. Too many people buy cheap stuff, made overseas, walmart was the big one but now amazon and then temu just steal customers.

  19. “It’s brick season”

    I love this term!

    And also: I would recommend the book “The Subtle Art of not giving a f*ck” and “Everything is f*cked – a book about hope” by Mark Manson.

    They are not new, but he has some really good points. No matter what you do, humans will have problems. If they don’t have any problems, they will find problems. People are happy when they solve problems.

    The main key here is, those problems arrives from your decisions. If you want to solve interesting or better problems, you need to take better decisions. Thanks to Aquarius we have SO MUCH INFORMATION already available at our fingertips. The Pluto in Aquarius have already been brewing the past couple of years or more, just like in 2006-2008, before he hit home.

    If you’re rich, you will have problems such as others wanting to know you that need those money. Or, you are nervous about someone breaking into your house and steal everything you own. You have much but obsess about getting more (addiction) and how and comparing yourself to others. If so, your self worth will be affected.

    If you’re poor, you have problems in a heavy duty class, just trying to survive. Pluto is not driving these problems. Pluto only care about truth, power and energy exchange. He is like a hot steel knife, removing the dead tissue from the bones (untruths, lies, deception etc).

    Money is energy. Power is energy. Love is energy. Problems are a sort of energy too. There will ALWAYS be problems. With all the information available today and online, how to start working towards the problems we *want* to solve instead of the problems we have right now (that suck ass)?

  20. It’s not just “brick season”. It’s fixin to be “Black Swan season” – and there’s going to be an entire flock of them. They will be the ones shitting said bricks upon us! Kevlar umbrellas are looking like a good investment, since well-stocked bunkers are out of budget for most of us..

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