Saturn and Pluto Transiting Retrograde In The 12th House

Pluto copyrightI’ve got a late degree Capricorn rising. I’ve been tracking Pluto’s transit through my 12th house for decade, I think. I check a couple times a year. You can click the tag for some deep, meaty, reading.

At the moment, Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde and I feel I’m falling backwards into this dark(ish) abyss. It’s not scary. I’ve been here before!

That does not mean I wanted to go back but since this is what’s happening, I can describe it for you.

The surrounding are similar or familiar but I am looking at different thing from this position. To clarify, I mean the last time I was in this deep, dark place I was pretty concerned about it.  It’s like a secret (12th house) terror. But this time, I know I’m going to a certain depth and I know that once I begin to surface, I will never, ever, in  my life be here again!

So what do I see? I see you. 

I see the people swimming on the surface and more specifically, I see the people on the surface who know I am below them, gurgling.  Most of them ignore me, like the Germans who smelled the burning flesh and went about their day.

I hate to tell you this (because you may not believe me), but it’s comical. I guess I see it that way, because of Jupiter transiting Sagittarius. Or maybe it’s my own strong Jupiter & 9th house or a combination of both.

In whatever case, this what’s happening.  It’s a weird and particularly interesting view.  Good thing I’m not a shark.

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  1. Dear Elsa, thank you for your description of the dark. I have Jupiter and Mercury in the 12th house natally so I’ve seen some of it myself. Pluto and Saturn have been going back and forth across my IC. It’s a long trek. sending a hug and a candle in the darkness.

  2. I think we’re about the same age, Elsa, because I am also experiencing the Pluto/Saturn Rx in my Cap 12H. Thirty years ago, this transit was extremely difficult and depressing as I was raising two very young children and my marriage was in jeopardy. By the end of every day I felt sucked dry when all the while I just wanted to be left alone. Now, as an empty-nester, I am actually enjoying this alone time for study and reflection.

  3. I think Elsa, that I understand something of where you are at this moment. I am born with Pluto in my 12th house in Leo (Capricorn is on the cusp of house 5).

    (( ))

    1. And the longer I think about what you write “I see the people on the surface who know I am below them, gurgling. Most of them ignore me
      like the Germans who smelled the burning flesh and went about their day”.
      Wow! Elsa, this is what I recognize! This happens throughout my life.
      But let me tell you this: it maked me strong AND independent. AND
      I see it when this happens to other people, I do not ignore THEM.
      I love to be whith other, nice people, but I do not need them to be happy! : – ) I think that’s the reward.

  4. I am so sorry Elsa. I don’t know what’s going on with you but if its anything close to what My husband went through I can empathize .
    I have had a few months reprieve financially , I just hope this does not mean I will be back to counting pennies again. This is in my 2nd house.

  5. I’m not having that transit but I have been experiencing something similar recently…Pluto/Saturn opp 12th in my 6th. Opposite the T. Cancer stuff in my 12th. I think it’s comical too. Actually, it’s hilarious. I don’t know why, but it is.

  6. I am also Pluto & Saturn retro 12th house. I have lost all but a couple friends. One of them is in ICU w low odds of recovering. My phone doesn’t ring. It’s me and my Higher Power. Most people have moved on. I turn 60 next month. This passage I nearly lost my life. 30 years ago during this passage I was getting divorced, I got very sick (diagnosis only came 4 years ago), and there was the worry about becoming homeless (same as this time). What I know now is to hold on. This too shall pass. This time I will leave the passage with much better health than I went in. Progress!

  7. Elsa

    Is there Anything that would help or assist you? I would love to assist you but not sure how?


    1. I appreciate this. Thank you. What people can do, on the blog, is contribute. Leave a comment, start a thread in the forum, link something…

      Buy something. Hire me. Doesn’t have to be me – hire Midara. Because she is working hard on this site.

      Point is, I have an packed 8th house. If people don’t offer energy, I will have no energy, particularly when I am taxed in my real life which is the case and will be the case for some months.

      I mean, there is on way I am going to have this crap cross my chart in this way and not get hit by a brick.

      Will I survive?
      Will this blog survive?
      Probably. It’s seen a number of wars and it’s still here.

      But what helps is what always helps. Lend a hand.

      As for what not to do, you might want to hold your hate mail for the next year or so. Or don’t.

      But if you don’t, then don’t be surprised when you knocked down yourself some day because that day will come.

      1. Elsa

        Thank you so much 🙂

        What a lovely clear message!!!

        So the Best Way to Assist is to CONTRIBUTE 🙂

        * Writing a comment
        * Tagging something
        * Starting a thread
        * Linking something
        * Buying reports
        * Having a consult with yourself or Midara
        * Using the tip jar
        * Buying your book
        * Being kind and respectful especially in emails

        Everything you have said is really easy to do just by making small changes. Like buying a report for someones birthday gift or buying you, Satori or Midara a cup of coffee in the tip jar or buying solar return chart for a birthday gift to yourself or buying and reading your book and so forth. There are many little changes each of us could make that would make a big difference if we bring our awareness to it.

        I think its fantastic that beautiful Mokihana has already taken this message on and I truly hope everyone who enjoys this site is able to show their genuine appreciation for all the hard work and energy by contributing!

        I personally will be looking for ways from here on to contribute and share the ((((Love))))

        Thanks again for Everything you do!!!

        You All Are Amazing!!!

      2. Hi Elsa and Readers,

        I’m born with moon exact on my 12th house cusp. conjunct pluto and uranus (in 12th). So I know a little bit about the topic.
        Thanks to my interesting chart, from all possible pluto-transits one can have during a lifetime on his planets and points, I had more than 2 third. maybe, because have 8th house north-node and south in scorpio. So looks like I decided to learn even more about pluto-topics in this incarnation.
        So far, pluto-transits seem to be like all others, in the way that working with the transit rather than against it, is a good way to handle it.
        I will check what could be a topic that we can take a look at, and then I’ll book a consultation.
        take care. hear you soon. and thx for your awesome work. Angie

      3. Thank you Elsa! As you know, I never comment but it always makes me happy and I smile when your blog pops into my email, as if it’s new and wonderful every time that happens….. even when there’s the not-so-nice stuff within. Saturn and Pluto are transiting my 6th house and have dealt me a few blows, opposing my 12th house Mercury, maybe that’s why I’m finally writing. Anyway, I shall now go buy a report, see what’s in store for me 🙂 What I really wanted to say is, thanks for all you do xx

  8. What an excellent description of being in the deep, dark abyss. Finding humour amongst this is gold. Yes, the gurgling ones are very lucky you ain’t a shark ?

  9. Oh yes how I can relate … I am zero Aqua rising so we have a very similar process with the 12th house transits. I am falling back and fighting the same old chronic illness problems that have been there for a decade now but I am choosing life each day, fighting, transmuting, healing … I have become a trained shamanic practitioner and that’s what I do, I practice 12th house healing methods – jounreying into the Underworld for my lost soul essence. Piece by piece … we will resurface. I am totally in the same boat Elsa, feel free to reach out for support and sharing / caring. <3

  10. Thank you for describing this feeling so precisely. This is what I go through as well and have been the last decade. My asc is on 2 Aquarius so I get the full juice all of this is bringing.

    What others are going through here as well seems recognizable to me as well. No friends calling, just me and my higher god and faith.
    It’s hard to have faith when you’re knocked down by your own fears. Jupiter transits my hope and dreams sector and I realize I have almost no dreams left. I just want to get through this transit and live again. Someday.

    Sound travels fast underwater… Movement does not. That’s what I am reminding myself about these days. After the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January I will be forever thankful that I will never in my lifetime experience this phenomenon again.

    But it’s

  11. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Saturn and Pluto hitting my 12th cusp of 28′ Capricorn soon. I’ve turned 60, seems like scary times ahead. It might be my health because I seem to be aging quickly now with a lot less energy and have pared down my social interactions. Hair greying, poor eyesight and stiff joints!

  12. Thank you, Elsa. Your words assisted me in understanding my daughter Angelle. My oldest daughter yet again cut off communication with me in March. Saturn and Pluto are also transiting her 12 house where her natal Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are. Her Asc is 26 Cap. She had her first Saturn return. She has 7 cardinal planets in the mid to late degrees plus her Asc but you already know all that from our consultations. The cat I rescued, bottle fed and gave her when she was 18 died late May. When she put it on social media, she gave specific instructions ‘that the news not be shared with her mother’. Her long time friends know her ‘shark-like’ tendencies and of course told me. On June 10, with Saturn retro, she had a 2nd exact Saturn return. She knew of my spinal surgery from my 90 year old mother but has not reached out after calling my mother to see that “I lived”.

    I wait patiently as she is being especially challenged.

    I will be talking to you soon and am praying for you.


  13. I wish I could paint you a deep navy blue sea and show you off heading to the top but still be Nice I wish I could paint your scales to be as soft as feathers and show your curl; the way I wiggle my tail too! as I too ready to breach
    Swim girl push push push that tail
    Your bubbles get there first
    And you can taste the yellow and green blues been given,, by the deep blue you

    1. I’m chuckling. Same thing w my daughter. I’m out again. It hurts yet she might heal as she ages or not.

      1. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this. Recovering from this surgery, I have spent the last 10 weeks sorting photos, making sure each child gets the right ones. Now I’m watching the VHS tapes. I am almost done with the one with her from 9 to 18 months. I laugh, cry and miss her so much.

        (((Mary D)))

  14. Even when in difficulty you keep your sense of humour, which is great! Not only in the written post but also with the message on the picture- plutonion…pluto just like the onion, it has layers and makes us cry.

  15. Avatar
    Franklin Atherton

    You might not be a shark, but the sharks are out there swimming in the same dark waters. Great description. Important observations. Even though nobody wants to know about the dark, they should take note.

  16. Amazing topic and my favorite! I can empathize will all of you here.

    I have a Natal stellum in my 12th and the big guy is there along with several personal planets – Leo / Virgo 12th house (16.02 deg Leo 12 house starts).

    Planets – Pluto, Mars, Venus and Mercury (Mars & Merc in Leo) Pluto & Venus in Virgo) Mars, Venus and Pluto are conjuct too!

    Also Mercury in 12th house is Conjunct with Uranus in thye 11th house!

    My life has been a wild ride with strange unexplained fears, but also a grit to get thru anything. The dark side of everything attracts me – I don’t have a choice! My friends in this particular topic, please rest assured that we are the toughest of the lot, whether we have natal planets in the 12th or transits!

    Divine grace is with us all the time!

    Good luck and God bless!


  17. Sorry to hear that..around 2013-2014 there was a big cardinal cross in the skies. Lots of people felt those effects in different ways. Hope you will find your place very soon! Best wishes~ ‘A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.’

  18. I love your writting!!!
    I can partly relate. Have 0 deg Aq. Asc with Mercury at 15Cap and Sun,Venus at 25Cap.
    With a packed 12th I am used being underwater, have been like this nearly all my life. The past two years my moods strongly fluctuate, I get on the surface for a while, everything is sunny and goofy and I love life, until something pulls me to the bottom again. Now that started again a bit after Mercury went retrograde. Can’t manage to complete any task.

    What helps me is movement. Doing sports. Ironically swimming?.
    At least for some hours afterwards I am willing to improve my situation.

    I am scared of the upcomming Sat/Pluto conjunction in January at 22Cap. It is only 3deg away from my Sun Venus conjunction happening 4 days before my birthday. Don’t know what to expect. Will see…

    1. Just figured out that my mood changed during the eclipse on 16th July. Was exactly on my Sun and Venus…
      Went back to my messages to a friend during the eclipse and I was sending him crying emojis… I remember being on my bed that night and just crying. Without any apparent reason…. Wasn’t aware of the eclipse. Thought it was just full moon.
      I don’t know what will happen when the axis of the eclipse will be reactivated during January from Pluto/Saturn…

    1. Love this perspective Elsa. Wow-that’s something to realize with this dear transit of mine. Get all i can from it and it’s opportunity to claim my empowerment.

  19. I’m a cancer born on 7/16 and I feel exactly the same as you described about people swimming above me knowing I am gurgling. I endure day after day believing in karma. Thank you, Elsa.

  20. Hi Elsa, I’m wondering how you’re going with your Saturn and Pluto transit? My Saturn went into the 1st near the start of 2020 (Ascendent 26 Cap) and it couldn’t come soon enough ( the lack of energy I found with Saturn in the 12th was near depressing). Responsibility has soared with Saturn in the 1st as well as the need for a strict exercise and rehabilitation program to fix long term injuries that have risen to the surface (Pluto square sun transit too doesn’t help that too). Has Pluto moved into your first? Pluto transiting the 12th is brutal, plus my moon there. I’m looking forward to, as you say, being washed onto the shore, out of the ocean. I really hear you when you say that you’ve been working everyday round the clock this last ten years or so – Pluto does not let one rest in the 12th house of rest. But we both will soon be pluto’s Ambassador for great personal change for self and others when it transits into the first, and that is surely due to the foundation sown from the unending work put in during this last 10-15.

  21. Yes seems like we’re hanging on – just coping day by day. And with Mars coming into the picture over the next six months, it looks like this grand conjunction transit will be ever more extreme.

  22. I had a weird experience three weeks ago on a friday. Ran into a good friend triple scorpio and a pisces. Scorp said come for drinks and bite to eat. I wasnt tidy and she said dont worry. I am a gemini and do talk when in company. Thepisces started to stare and screamed at me to shut up and seek help. I had just mentioned a movie scorp and I had seen. Saturn is about to go into my 12 house in aquaruis 26.27′ havnmt heard from either of them since. Just curious I have pluto conjunct jupiter in descendent 27′ saturn scorpiio midheaven 26.26′ mars pisces first house and moon virgo 24′ in 7th or 8th house cusp. mars roughly opposite pluto/jupiter in leo 26′ I seem to get bad treatment from women and stir them up without doing anything. I try to be quiet and polite but something still gets them riled. any clues. 15/06/56 sydney 9.45p.m. birthdate.

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