Internet Mommies Obsessed With Reforming Me (Transiting Venus Conjunct Pluto in Virgo)

There’s been a slew of women who have interacted with me on the blog or on facebook over the last week. They’re pretty obviously upset, though I have no idea who they are. I  don’t know them in real life or anything.

Luckily, it’s not been bothering me. I’ve become so remote or detached or whatever it is, I’m able to observe without overreacting, or in some cases, reacting at all.

There is theme that’s emerged. These women seem obsessed with reforming me. The think something is wrong with me that they need to fix. They’re like an angry mom or something…which is surreal to me.

For one thing, I left home when I was fifteen years old. I’m definitely someone who’s going to run their own life. But the other thing is I am so old. I am way too old to have an Internet mommy, tell me to go clean my room…or how hopeless  I am, or whatever it is, they want me to know.  It’s made me wonder if these are women who don’t have children.

I wonder that, because if a woman does have children, I think she’d be able to differentiate between me and them. I have no idea, of course. I don’t know them, so this is sheer speculation.

What I can say for sure, is that attempts by a stranger, to tear me down (and leave me on the ground), are going to fail. Attempts to tear me down and then make me a better, in their eyes, will also fail.  So what’s the point, really?

I’ve been (freakishly) busy, but I knew there had to be a Venus Pluto thing somewhere. I finally looked today. I see that Venus in Virgo is transiting my natal Pluto, as well the natal Pluto of my whole generation.

You really ought to fix your life and leave mine be.  ‘Cause I was raised by Aquarians and I’ve got a rebel streak a mile wide.

I’m hopeless, okay?

If you want to help me, pray to God. He may actually be able to do something.

Do you have Pluto in Virgo? What’s happening?

51 thoughts on “Internet Mommies Obsessed With Reforming Me (Transiting Venus Conjunct Pluto in Virgo)”

  1. WHAT? What the heck? I’m mad for you. Ridiculous. What the heck is wrong with them?!

    I have Pluto in Virgo. I would NEVER do that. Of course, my is conjunct Uranus, so I don’t know if that would contribute to the live and let live thing.

    Boy, what nerve.

  2. Not in reply to your question, just a reaction to your wondering if the criticism might be coming from women without children.

    Egads! I never wanted children, among other things to avoid having to format them – too much reponsibility. Who would want to try to modify an adult?????

    (Not to mention a rebel such as you!!!)

  3. Haha, oh my god, Elsa, what the hell? Banish the trolls!!

    That said — I have Pluto in VIrgo (at 0). I am like you, Elsa, raised myself, took care of myself. I worked my butt off. And I am not ready for advice and meddling from the fields and streams and bleachers. People trying to judge, comment and tell me how to live…nope, nope. I ignore them. I used to be more polite about it but lately I have had my fill. Maybe because my natal Saturn is in Sag…and we know what’s on the horizon…but I am speaking my truth lately, and my truth is “step off!” and I’m going to be me.

    1. …and when Venus transited my Pluto (in VIrgo) a few days ago, there was a kaboom of junk and attempts to tear me down. I stood so solid, so calm, so “are you KIDDING?” that I impressed myself, haha. It was almost a kind of good thing because I turned away feeling strengthened.

          1. …so I mentioned this to a friend. She said, “I think it’s because of the drive to sameness in the world. We should all have the same house, dress the same, think the same, like the same popular things, use the same phone, want the same car, be the same — there is safety in sameness, especially for people who don’t have a spark within themselves to see that there is more in life and more TO Life. They fear the spark. So they jump on people seem to show that there;s something else out there to think or do or be!” I like this!

  4. Haha, I have Pluto conjunct Uranus at 15 Virgo.. My mother and my sister have been on a campaign to reform me for more than a month now. I also have Moon in Aquarius and a rebel streak a mile wide. Don’t they realise what a hopeless task it is? Haha

  5. I have this transit in the 7h with natal pluto/uranus there and am finding a few people in my environment wanting to ‘re-educate’ me about how they think I should think and what they think I should be doing. Ugh.

    *Raises hand* Also no children and feel absolutely no compulsion to tell Elsa what to do.

  6. Presumptuous, pompous and preponderous. That type of attitude makes me ill. Sorry for anyone subjected to the homogenization of society. You are unique in all the world. Shine on. Those people throwing stones live in glass houses. You live in a solid abode of titanium. It is utterly rediculous to imagine the perversity of it all. Iam nothing but rebellious as well. I love to see one who stands to face off against hipocracy.

  7. Some people are just know-it-alls that think their sh*t don’t stink (pardon the phrase). They don’t realize what a bunch of pompous, condescending a$$es they are.

    I get stuff like that from time to time. My Uranus in the 10th house is a natural born rebel and they can’t stand that I won’t do things the “right” way (which is their way, of course).

    When they start going down that road, I let my Scorpio Mercury square Pluto set them straight. Problem solved!

    1. Yes, that’s absolutely right.
      And Elsa gets targeted because she delivers the news. I have zero tolerance for assholes. No one slithers away so easily–thanks, Karma!
      People are idiots, stop reading the blog if it doesn’t do anything but offend you! If said ladies want to stay in their little toxic box of preconceived backwards notions, go find something or someone that supports that! The world wide freaking web is full of people like you. Speaking of slithering, did you know that medicine for snake bites are made from the poison of snakes? There are a least a few good analogies in that.

  8. By progression, pluto is in virgo now. I don’t know if that counts.

    The mom thing that usually bothers me is the nagging and muscling. I am doing a job assignment in a open cubicle type environment. I train off and on with another new person and she likes to back seat drive. However, she sits next to a trainer, and today I heard her telling the trainer to back off and give her some space. :DDDD So now it’s a joke and great fun. We over play it when it happens. It’s a good group and I am very lucky that it is.

  9. There is a woman at work that I have worked with in the past, she’s a bully. She’s been writing people up on a bully power trip with great glee. I told my boss and he emailed the Vice President.

    One man she wrote up quit on the spot, he has worked there 15 years, they brought him back today and placed him in another department. I’m not one to report someone normally but she’s having a negative impact on moral and there is no sense in that shit, work is hard enough.

    1. That’s really good, Tam. Heroic. Boy it’s nice to hear a story like this. Someone taking up for someone else, putting a bully down.

      1. Thanks Elsa! I thought about it for 24 hours to make sure it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction. It just really really bothered me and I thankfully have a good reputation.

  10. OMG!! The light comes on for me! I’ve experienced something similar. My mom was visiting recently and she was nothing but critical and mean – brought back painful memories of my childhood. My boss (a woman) has been the exact same way with me and my staff. Elsa I wish I had your fortitude in dealing with people like this. I’m trying but it’s just been sucking me emotionally dry.

  11. One of the most valuable lessons i learned on this blog- when someone throws you a bunch of Virgo (or insert any other sign) SHIT, give em back the opposite sign. Throw a bit of Pisces their way and see how they handle it. Classic Elsa.

  12. I think it’s the opposite of physical childlessness, they have a mummying complex. They say some women act out as mommies and some act out as children. In my experience it’s especially women who either have a desperate need to have children, and / or once they have them they then think they are God’s gift to the world, omnipotent, as if childbirth has given them some cosmic extra insight, that they are ‘real women’. Its particularly a financially comfortable band of women too. What’s annoying is that they never accept help or counsel themselves, as that would make them reliant on others – and therefore less of a mommy! Casting their wisdom like pearls upon their less fortunate sisters. Save us from these patronising ‘yummy mummies’ (British slang) and let us just be ourselves. 20% of women my age dont have kids and those mothers really just like to rub it in for the rest of us.They generally only relate to their other power moms and look down on the ‘childless’. It’s their failing that they have to mommy the world in order to feel they have power, when they are no more or less than any other woman. I look forward to when their children leave home and the empty nest will maybe allow them to look inward, but the main problem with people generally is their own lack of self-searching and emotional intelligence.

    1. Yep. I agree. But I’m childless at 41 – by my own choice and do not consider myself a mother nor a child. I’m a woman. And have fought for my survival and independence too hard, too allow anyone to criticise it. I extend that same consideration to others. Honestly, I don’t like children. I’m perfectly happy with a clean home, peace and quiet to reflect, think. And in my late 20’s when all around me women were popping child after child, I realized I didn’t like not for the sake of their own condition (being a child), but because of what their arrrival made of a woman’s life (actually the mother allows the children to trivialise her life. A kid can’t even think at that level, they’re innocent). I realized that what I really disliked was the Mother, the archetype and stereotype, the place in society they quickly usurp from anyone who hasn’t anything come out of her vagina screaming. So at 27 I decided not to have children. And I’m very happy I made that choice.

  13. Pluto 10 degrees Virgo 4th house… I have watched friendships end because I have boundaries. I think I’m down to 2.5 friends. I’m also in orb of my 4th and 5th Neptune square my Mars in Sag… I’m really looking forward to see what this all breaks into… breakthrough… this too shall pass. I’ve been given an interesting story to explore in this life. Gratitude.

  14. Very much enjoyed this insightful post and the comments. Also feel that Sept. 8 full Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron opposite Virgo pushing some controlling personalities to feel their own areas of pain, but they can’t or won’t leave their comfort zones; hence their focus remains external “If only you would (whatever), I’d be ok.”

  15. Elsa and readers, that shit’s in the air! I just came back from an event I organized and old ladies were being extremely agressive (think lynching mob) and completely off the handle, to the point of calling me kid (I’m 41)!! I’m a Cappy raised by an double Aquarian (sun and asc), so I ran away at 17. And I tell ya what, my Mommy detector is impressive. The first lady I encountered and I just knew it ‘bitch’s gonna give me hell and gather some forces’but I?m not caring much about anything these days, so when one of them called me child I told her ‘woman what the hell are you talking about? When you were my age -41- you had one too many children, a mortgage, too many problems and one bad husband, turned around and let everything fall to pieces. I’m quite happy I did. From the safe corner of my bookstand I saw them pickin’ up another victim. Like my childhood well taught me, there was nothing wrong with me and, if I did disapeared, they would pick someone else. Your newsletter Elsa, golden! Never truer. People were practically ripping heads off at….a book fair. Mommy Police can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    1. Bravo!!!

      People have way too much time on their hands…if they have time to obsess about an astrologer living in Aurora, CO. What a joke.

  16. I think my whole world is divided between controller/manipulators and independent/eccentrics! Must be that square in the sky between these two transiting my 11th and 1st houses. I really get your 8th house feeling, having Jupiter and Neptune (my 2 Asc rulers) in the 8th natally. Love reading your dailies, so real and so fun!

  17. I’m older than you (Pluto in Leo) and I have no children. I have Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius so I am naturally inclined to accept people as they are, i.e., my natural tendencies are to not be judgmental. If I don’t like a person, I don’t hang out with them. However, I’ve also been one of those people who others want to change. I had that self-important crap shoved on me all my life so I know how demeaning and demoralizing it can be. As I got older I became stronger, so now I can tell people to clean up their own house and leave mine alone. I like what you’re communicating, so I read your blog. If I didn’t like or approve of you or your message, I would unsubscribe. Anything other than that seems pointless. I’m thinking that maybe these women are bored and need a project. Evidently, you have become their project. (P.S. My dad was an Aquarius and a total rebel all his life!)

  18. Just transitted my Venus/moon and have the Venus transit Pluto coming up this week it’s also will transit My Uranus and then MC

    Had my family members knocking me but rolling with it…was hoping I might get a job opportunity!

  19. Elsa, I’m tellin’ you, you’re their project. “Who can I fix today? Oh, I know. I’ll fix Miss Elsa. She’s different and we can’t have different, can we?” I have met so many people like that in my life, most of them women. I guess when you haven’t been anywhere and you haven’t done anything, you figure that everyone needs to be just like you. And, gosh darn it, you’re gonna make that happen even if it kills you, LOL. Make us all clones. Oh well. Rebellious ladies of the world, unite! Can you imagine if everyone on the planet was exactly the same? I’d probably have to blow my brains out.

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