“Pisces Likes To Confess”

swedish fishElsa told me that, and I love it. That was a few years ago and I think about it often. Why? Why do I like to confess? First of all, a highly functioning Pisces will try to keep their soul clean. As “they” say, “confession is good for the soul.” Secondarily, the secrets I keep from others I also keep from myself.

If the machine is not functioning as you’d like you have to understand how it works in order to fix it. I use astrology as the schematic to how the machine (the self) functions. Facing hard truths is primary to routing out self-defeating behavior. Lately I’ve had to face some hard truths about my own nature. I like to think that when something doesn’t work out for me it’s someone else’s doing. In reality, if I’m truly conscious, I have had to face that it is my own unacknowleged shadow that’s whanging me into a brick wall.

Confess (Neptune/Jupiter) your shadow (Pluto) and you have an opportunity to integrate it. What you don’t know (tell yourself) can hurt you. A common shadow theme is, “if they really knew me they wouldn’t like me.” The home truth behind this is, “if I really knew myself, I wouldn’t like me.” It’s scary but the benefits are staggering.

Elsa is the MASTER of this. I don’t know anyone else on earth who could tell me the stark truth about myself and have me thanking them. It is truly a gift. In fact, when I am down and I don’t want to talk to anyone, I still pick up the phone for Elsa. Her brilliant energy operates on all levels; it lights up the room even on a bright day and just as easily navigates the depths of a dark one.

Want to plumb your own depths? Address your shadow? I suggest signing up for Elsa’s new Colosseum class, Blood And Guts Astrology.

Do you tell yourself the truth? Can you relate this to your natal chart?

20 thoughts on ““Pisces Likes To Confess””

  1. I *have* to tell myself the truth all the time. It’s that Saturn on my Sun.

    My best friend is a gay Aries guy who lives in another state. He’s the perfect person to tell secrets to because 1) Who’s he going to tell? and 2) He almost instantly forgets it. 🙂

  2. Ya, so how about when you have a stellium in Pisces (and want to confess) and yet that Scorpio Moon/Rising (that would rather die than share)??

    Glad I signed up for the class… Maybe that will be my question for the group… (thinking out loud)- Thanks, Satori- I’ve been struggling with what I should attach to my chart, this helped a lot!

  3. I can relate. 😉 in my case “I’d rather die” turns into a self-fulfilling prophesy and I decide I’d rather live. 😀

  4. YES! I try to keep my Soul clean, lol @Satori! I don’t want to have things going on that’d I’d feel I have to have to confess about. Also, sometimes confessions can do more bad than good. You as the confessOR may feel better afterward, but the confessEE may not!

  5. “A common shadow theme is, “if they really knew me they wouldn’t like me.” The home truth behind this is, “if I really knew myself, I wouldn’t like me.”

    Very well put. I’ve been coming to this realization recently and these sentences have crystallized it for me.

    Pisces stellium in the 12th house.

  6. Great stuff Satori

    At the moment allmost each sentence of this feels uncomfortably personal..

    I have becomed a liar. And I can’t stand it , and it’s pushing me towards nointegrityland and I don’t know if it’s possible for me to stop this and go strait. I don’t know how. But most of all I am fooling my self, and not for the better either , like reality -if I get back to it …is much prettier…

    Thanx Satori

    I am def going to sign up for class, but don’t have money before the 20, and I know it starts then ,will I still be able to sign up the 20th?

  7. you can sign up at any time! even after it starts. 🙂

    I say this stuff because I need to hear it too. I don’t want anyone to think I’m lecturing or anything. I totally need a regular dose of reality.

  8. I am a Piscese who recently learned alot about her shadow and had to not confess, but apologise. But the experience, taught me to recognise something in myself from the past that I can now understand and heal. In a nutshell, it is learning to ask questions rather than stew, let things build and explode. I was able to apologise about my behaviour, recognising something in me had not yet healed and the recipient of my actions, a fun loving Gemini, was so warm and loving was willing to discuss the matter with me, with understanding and forgiveness and now we are able to move on, as hopefully even stronger friends.

  9. @Satori, does a pisces Mc count? Do I want to keep my soul clean and come clean and confess and be a good person and be clean and be good and… *phew*… yes?

  10. Yes, we Pisces like to keep our souls clean, but we also like to take the moral high ground, and though it might seem a bit twisted, is there any better way of showing off your moral rectitude (and, let’s face it, superiority) than by confessing freely to your sins?

  11. I’m constantly at war with myself. Pisces moons wants to fess up while Scorpio pluto say to just keep my mouth shut.

  12. That’s a wonderful post Satori! 🙂
    I totally relate.. Sometimes I tell my shadow to people and I feel bad about it and sometimes regret it but I can’t seem to help myself… (especially with the jupiter-uranus conjunction on my Pisces stellium and Neptune transit on my Sun!!) but like Elsa wrote before, I grow on people and I believe I grow on myself too also.. I like myself better with time.

  13. Thanks for another inspiring post (i enjoyed the ones on qnx & asc/mask).

    imho, you touch deep ground when mentioning _this_: A common shadow theme is, “if they really knew me they wouldn’t like me.” The home truth behind this is, “if I really knew myself, I wouldn’t like me.”

    so, what about…, if all these people in my life, that deep down in my heart, i _know_, they’re draining, inhibiting, abusive – are just the shadow-puppets on a drama-stage i’m so eager to create… keeping me busy & enthralled, just to avoid: “hey, i’m worthy of love.” 🙂


    i liked Sweethiez, “I like myself better with time.”

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