Pluto Transit Through Sagittarius: Shadow Side Of Religion

I used to do astrology consultations in my home. I had a gal come over was very interested in collective trends. Pluto was in Scorpio at the time and I explained to her that Pluto exposes the shadow side of whatever sign it is transiting. Pluto rules sex among other things. I used incest and repressed memories as an example.

Obviously incest is not a twentieth century phenomena. But it was barely spoke of prior to Pluto’s transit through Scorpio and when the whole business erupting into the collect was very painful for a lot people. But productive! Where it used to be “none of your business” what went on at home, there are now laws requiring teachers to report suspected abuse, etc.

So anyway, this gal asked what was next. What would Pluto in Sagittarius bring.

“The shadow side of religion,” I said. “For one thing. The shadow side of the church.”

“What?” she said. “How could there be a shadow side to church?”

Ha ha ha. Famous last words.

Next thing you know the sexual habits (Pluto) of some Catholic priests (Sagittarius) are unmasked (Pluto) and broadcast (Sagittarius) all over world (Sagittarius). Never mind the people blowing themselves up (Pluto) over their beliefs (Sagittarius). Dying (Pluto) for their religious beliefs (Sagittarius)…dropping bombs (Pluto) on foreigners (Sagittarius), holding the bible.


I also told her we would see the shadow side of the Sagittarius-ruled legal system which interested her, because she was an attorney. The OJ Simpson trial kicked that off. And that was a double whammy because Sagittarius also rules sports. And do you remember what an icon Simpson was? He was a super star! Remember his commercial running through the (Sagittarius ruled) airport? Hah! Look what he does in his spare time.

And what about Barry Bonds and the various Olympic athletes? Are steroids new? Hell no! (no pun ;))They’re just out of the closet with Pluto in Sagittarius.

And do you remember when what happened in the jury room was secret? Not anymore! These days, people on juries get book deals! No surprise since Sagittarius also rules publishing, as mentioned in my blog about blogging, “Blogging is not a fad..”

And the latest?

Well how about the Page Six scandal? The reporter recorded saying something like, “we ruin people…it’s what we do,” as reported on Drudge. A reporter soliciting a bribe with the threat of blowing up a person’s life (Pluto) with the power (Pluto) of the publishing (Sagittarius)!

So there you go. Pluto in Sadge. Can you add to this? Please do.

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  1. I can see how it related to my own personal life at the time (religion blown apart, violently, in the end of 1995, right around my bday and the start of the transit) and also exploding sexuality (I just turned 17 and now had less restrictions, that last for quite awhile and now is kicking back up). I also moved away from home a year after that (more freedom).

  2. I’m going through two pluto transits atm…one conjunct my ascendant (sag) and one square my moon. The Sag one (I have a ton of Sag ladies in my family, and my baby daughter is a double sag so I imagine we’re all going through some major stuff atm) has had me speak my truth (sag), and my philosophy (sag), which I have been reluctant to do for years. This is doubly so with the ascendant thing, because that’s all about how you present yourself.

    Also, on a more global note, there is a lot about immigration and that impact in the news (and I don’t even watch the news), and I think other cultures/travel/etc are Sag ruled?

    I guess we’ll see about all this, eh? 🙂

  3. National Geographic just did a documentary about the Gospel of Judas, which just surfaced after years of being hidden away and sold on the black market.

    It finally got into the hands of people who could restore it and translate it. It took them 5 years to do so. And Judas’s side of the story kind of turns the whole story of the crucifixion on its ear. Talk about Pluto in Sag!!

    A news/blog site I frequent showed a clip of a guy on Fox news just freaking out with the kind of reaction they must have had in the old days the first time someone presented the idea that the earth was round instead of flat. Very very emotional, very Plutonian how he fought the idea as if his existence depended on it.

    Here’s the link to the NG page:

  4. I am also going through some major pluto transits. Right now Pluto is square my pisces ascendant, and in the middle of March it will conjunct my Midheaven. WOuld the exposing the shadow side description of pluto apply to aspects with natal planets?

  5. I just finished reading an article on escalating dualism of anti clericalism in Russia.., turns out that the very own fundamentalists are puling on church brick by brick and establishing their own social order.., also -them saying something on the beginning of the end of days in may 2008- but that I guess is the Pluto in Capricorn..!

  6. The transforming transit of Pluto in Sag, yes, we’ve seen many of the darker manifestations…but what of the huge light ones? Al Gore has finally made the world wake up…..masses of people are turning to meditation, inner truths to soothe their addictions to external impermanent and unreliable fixations. All these, I believe are extremely healthy moves in very appropriate directions.
    The coming transit of Pluto in Cap, I feel will just firm up the excellent changes that have taken place in the Sag transit. Selfish activities will give way to compassionate ones, poisoning the earth will stop, habitual blame and egocentric grasping will give way to responsibility and wisdom.
    What more could we ask for?

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