Interpretation Of Planets Conjunct The Ascendant

zodiac-cosmic-soundsThese interpretations were written by, “Nota”. Love them!

Sun conjunct the ascendant – Genuine, Bright, Warm-Hearted, Sun Hat
Moon conjunct the ascendant – Moody, Changeable, Nurturing, Sweater
Mercury conjunct the ascendant  – Agile, Intelligent, Chatty, Cell Phone Charm
Venus conjunct the ascendant – Loving, Sensual, Artistic, Ornate Rings
Mars conjunct the ascendant – Active, Aggressive, Energetic, Sneakers
Jupiter conjunct the ascendant – Expansive, Open-Minded, Jovial, Dashiki
Saturn conjunct the ascendant  – Serious, Dependable, Dark, Overcoat
Uranus conjunct the ascendant – Eccentric, Experimental, Free-Spirit, Nude
Neptune conjunct the ascendant – Intuitive, Compassionate, Invisible, Gauze
Pluto conjunct the ascendant – Intense, Penetrating, Polarizing, The F Word

Do you have a planet conjunct your ascendant? Do you recognize yourself?


44 thoughts on “Interpretation Of Planets Conjunct The Ascendant”

    1. I would say planets conjunct the ascendant on the 1st house side are going to be expressed more overtly. The person would be more aware of the affect as well. But if we’re talking about a close conjunction…a degree or so, it’s not going to matter.

  1. Uranus and Pluto for me. Uranus, even I surprise myself, I can count on that! Pluto, intense, passionate, seething. I feel like Pluto protects me lots of times. But both of these do lead to a real PITA at times!

    1. Of course, this came to me at 3 a/m but I realized how these planets manifest themselves at times, for example: if someone starts barking orders at me, I’ll think, Fuck you (Uranus) then “kill” them off until I decide they can come back to life (Pluto). My moon is mixed in with this conjunction but it’s out of conjunction with my AC. It’s like a string of planets hanging from my neck.

  2. Cool definitions. Yes I do recognize myself in those descriptions. I have mercury, mars, and the sun close conjunct my ascendant and having a party there.

  3. Mercury conjunct the ascendant – Agile, Intelligent, Chatty, Cell Phone Charm

    I suppose… except it’s in Scorpio!

    [‘More F words.’]

  4. “Jupiter conjunct the ascendant – Expansive, Open-minded, Jovial, Dashiki” LOL – love it! I have Saturn conjunct my ascendant (which is great in an overcoat way). But with jupiter transiting my first house and chart ruler in Aquarius I could also go for Nude (uranus conjunct asc) or Dashiki :-)))

  5. I have Jupiter rising conjunct my Cancer ascendant. I’m thinking more of a cashmere sweater-dress… and since BML sits between the two (she’s technically my rising planet), it’d be one that accentuates the boobs. *grins and ducks*

  6. Yes. Moon at six degrees Virgo. Ascendant at two degrees Virgo. I am moody as hell. I’m an itchy tacky xmas sweater made in Korea. Trying to convince myself I’m a really classy ivory angora sweater. Dry clean only. Pair with creased charcoal colored slacks. Nurturing? I can be. But I do have sun and Venus in Aquarius so I mostly nurture my damn self.

  7. Although, it’s gotta be good for something! There must he a positive reading of this. Must put on my thinking cap…

  8. Not conjunct but Uranus square Asc..I do recognize myself in the eccentric free-spirit experimental stuff – but nude? Ha ha.
    Well it has not been easy to be this eccentric free-spirit self – the square..

  9. That serious and responsible Saturn describes me very well. Also, people may think I’m grumpy and serious, etc, even if I’m actually quite happy. It’s quite easy to hide my feelings (and fun, but incredibly vulerable Leo side) behind Saturn’s front of responsibility and maturity. Saturn at 11 degrees Virgo, ASC at 10 degrees.

  10. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto here. Funny, because Uranus is the only one in my 1st house, but I grew up as the only girl in a Catholic family and still have trouble being in the nude, even alone…but hey, maybe it’s time to live a little!

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s what this second half of life is supposed to be about for me…intensely free-spirited…

  11. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Cap North Node four degrees beyond Cap ASC — Saturn flavor makes me serious and frugal, wear overcoat over sweaters indoors rather than turn up the thermostat…

  12. Personally my big issue is not knowing what weighs more heavily as my ruling planet. Neptune is just scraping over 5 degrees from the Asc. But masses of Pluto and Mars, so as the higher register the Plutonic side is very strong. I was looking at the 2010 post about Lady Gaga, and I can see some character traits/placements there. But right now there is a huge fight it feels between Saturn and Neptune, both in the personal natal transits and on the macro level.
    I watched the news from Paris, of US hacking and the recent UK murder of a teen by a 19 year old cyber-psycho, all the stuff about the melting of boundaries and structures, that can come crashing into an ordered life, either of a person or a nation. Really feeling that square. Would someone just please cancel January?

  13. I love this topic.
    Yes I have Sun (1st house) conjunct ascendant , both Pisces.
    My Grandson has Moon conjunct ascendant – Taurus. Same degree as his mothers Sun sign. He is stubborn, moody and eccentric ( Aquarius Sun)! and loves his Mum: when he was little he told me: “Dad is super but Mum is extra super” !
    I have two friends with Sun conjunct ascendant, but one has Pluto there too. The one with Pluto has those Bette Davis eyes.

  14. Wow! interesting to see everyone with the Pluto Uranus conjunct on the ASC..It is a very intense aspect..But wow! when you come into your power life changing..always transforming

  15. What about a Ceres conjunct Ascendent in a Cancerian man’s horoscope? ( A Cancer Sun, Moon, Venus and Ascendent conjunct Ceres)

  16. LOL! I have venus and I have no less than 50 rings (mostly ornate) in my house right now. I used to wonder why I was so obsessed with rings. Lol. Two gold ones on today. I’ve never read this interpretation.

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