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my ringThe website has a feature that calculates solar return and lunar return charts automatically. The solar return shows the year’s solar energy as the sun returns to its natal position. Likewise, the lunar return is a monthly happening, where the moon meets its birth placement, relating to the emotional body. While the website doesn’t automatically calculate such things, charts can be done for the other personal planets as well.

I’ve always been interested in my love life and relationships so I like to look at my Venus and Juno returns. It’s been as much an academic interest as anything pointed but over time I feel as though I’ve seen some things of note. The way I do this is to find my exact Venus and Juno degrees and the general time they’re approaching their return, then I play with the “birth time” in calculating the chart until it reaches exact.

My Juno return happened in early August this year and it looked all right but I didn’t really think about it all that much. A month later when my man and I got engaged I realized that transiting Juno was hitting my Juno return vertex and that the vertex of my Venus return chart was conjunct my natal Juno. I don’t think they are necessarily anything I would have pegged ahead of time as “oh this particular thing is going to happen,” but the energy certainly was there to see. It’s pretty clear that commitment was an issue, though I’m pretty sure it could have gone either way. Still, it’s an interesting thing to note and I thought I’d pass it along!

Have you looked at your planetary return charts? Have you noticed any interesting synchronicities?

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  1. I would love to if I could understand exactly how to do this Satori. How do you find the exact time of the transit of astroids? Is there an planetary guide?

  2. Dawn, it’s rather painstaking. I just find the general day by ephemeris (you can google “name of asteroid” ephemeris and find one), then put in times into “birth time” until that position is exact. I even toggle it minute by minute to see how long it takes to change degrees so I know the rising sign is in reasonable range. if there’s a better way to do I would sure like to know. :p I probably need to buy some good software.

  3. Glad you wrote this post! Planet return charts are pretty reliable for me. I use them for general themes, but they are excellent for timing actual events in my life. (In conjunction with everything else of course, but the return charts have been amazingly precise for me.) I use Win Star and just speed up or reverse the calendar until the return planet matches the natal degree, exact.

  4. So I figured out where my Juno is in my natal chart (Gemini, 10th house) but I don’t know how to figure out when the Juno Return is. How do you figure that one out?

  5. LAgurl11997

    I just checked now. Juno was in Gemini in April- June 2010. Next time will be June- August 2014.

    For more information just type ”Juno ephemeris” at google.. and you will find the exact degrees.

    For example.. if your natal Juno is in 14th degrees of Gemini,- then check the dates of when Juno will be in 14th degrees of that sign.

    I hope this helps

  6. the day i first contacted my new love interest, transiting venus was exactly conjunct the ascendant of my venus return chart.

    also eros in my venus return chart is exactly conjunct partner’s juno.

    i’m going to look at my juno return now.

  7. Does your venus return go from the time your return starts to your next or from the time it starts till that time next year?

    i.e. april 1st 2010 to april 1st 2011 or april 1st till your next return May 1st

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