Complex Charts – Complicated Lives

I have a client today, her chart is super complex as is her situation. It’s a real challenge to get a lasso ’round a chart like this and communicate clearly in a way that will help. I see a chart like this and think to myself, I’ve just got to do it.

Contemplating how I’m going to manage this morning, it occurred to me that my chart is not at all complex nor is my life complicated.  I never realized how fortunate I am on this front until today.  What about you?

Is your chart complex and your life complicated? Can you outline why – the astrology?

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  1. Why is her chart so complicated? (Can you say?)

    My early life was very complicated. I went through a Pluto opposition to all my 8th house planets when I was young. It’s much simpler now.

  2. my chart is complicated and right now so is my life. i have hard AND easy aspects, multiple aspects, to every planet in my chart.

    eg. i have sun trine moon. easy peasy. except sun squares saturn and moon squares pluto.


  3. AstroFix – it’s just very hard to resolve and there are many, many ways this can be the case. People who can’t function without a relationship yet can bear the restriction one brings for example. Security freaks who like to flit would be another.

  4. Yes, I have a very pronounced freedom theme (Sag/Jup/Uranus) with a very pronounced merging theme (Neptoon/Pisces/Pluto/Scorpio. And none of it touches my Sun ::sigh::

  5. I think mine’s complicated enough to keep me busy trying to figure it out for years! I’m not going to say my life isn’t complicated, because I know that as soon as I do, Pluto will stir things up and I’m trying to lay low…

  6. I’m not sure if I have a complicated chart. I do have a very pronounced stellium and sometimes it feels like my entire life is being affected by transits.

    I have some very nice things in my chart but also things that make me fight against myself. In the end I guess I take these complexities to be gifts, because they make me an interesting person.

  7. Absolutely,from day one.I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic?Complicated chart=complicated life.Would I prefer to be a happy simpleton,blissfully unaware?Not neccesarily.I only wish I could undo some of the damage that can’t be undone.I wonder about the possibilities of a placebo effect where astrology could be applied.For example,what if you were told you were about to encounter some crazy-good aspects.when in fact that was not the case.Do you think you might have a less trying experience?
    Just thinking out loud.

  8. I have lots of trines,but difficult placements magnified by Pluto’s influence. Peregrine Saturn in the 6th house adds a handy relentless struggle in day to day stuff.Oh,and let’s throw in a Hades Moon for good measure! 🙂

  9. My Saturn is at 28o 25′ Aquarius. It is in opposition to Jupiter and Mars. It is also square Mercury. That 29th degree thing does happen sometimes. I experience that push and pull in spades. My Jupiter is retrograde. It is something that I feel rather than express. I wish I had a better handle on Saturn.

  10. I’ve a chart demonstrating why I’ve always been at odds with myself (I elaborated on the ‘are you are war with yourself?’ thread) and a suitably complicated life, which now I’m approaching old age I’ve simplified down to the bare bones.

    Short story: my Taurus Moon trines almost everything inc my Cancer Mars/Saturn and Cap Venus/Sun. But they are all four opposed, and all four in hard aspect to my Libra Jupiter/Chiron. You can imagine the internal conflicts.

    My mental landscape is as complicated as ever though, and my needs and wishes just as complex and paradoxical. But reducing my life to the minimum keeps trouble at bay, and I’m tired now – tired out.

  11. no, not complicated just requires stamina which can be in conflict with my chart ruler, venus and the sun/moon pisces…i would rather float on a lily pond all day with my dream lover but emphasis on 6th house service, saturn in cap and north node in virgo.. just won’t have it!

  12. I wouldn’t say my chart is complicated. It’s compact and nearly everything hits at least three other things, but compared to someone else with a grand cross AND a grand trine AND a t-square, it’s rather easy to parse. 🙂

    My life isn’t complicated, either, because I’ve structured it that way. I don’t relish drama and complications, so I steer clear as much as I possibly can.

  13. Melody 1971, regarding the placebo effect, “For example,what if you were told you were about to encounter some crazy-good aspects.when in fact that was not the case.Do you think you might have a less trying experience?”

    Well, I can tell you that an astrologer did that to me once, saying I’d have crazy-good luck for a while (though I’m positive she wasn’t trying to use a placebo effect – she really believed it was true – obviously, I’m not talking about Elsa or anyone on this site!). And I believed it. Then when it didn’t happen – nay, when the reverse happened, and thing after thing that could only be seen as one terrible fluke after another, a whole string of strikingly bad luck happened – well, I can only tell you that having the positive prediction definitely made me handle that time period much worse than I would have without the ‘good news’. In fact, at first I couldn’t even believe it was happening, and thus didn’t protect myself as I should have. So, uh, no… please don’t try to give me a placebo or sugar-coat anything. Life has a way of intruding on one’s delusions.

    Anyway, to the topic at hand: I think my chart’s not super-complicated, but it is (and I am) *quite* subtly complex. A lot of different energies have to be merged, but in my case it seems possible. Others have a hard time understanding all my different aspects, but I don’t. So, to me… my life is relatively simple.

  14. @Sea.Thanks for that.I wasn’t suggesting that anyone should try it in a deceptive way.That would be unethical.It was more of a theoretical question.I’ve always asked readers to please be perfectly honest with me as to their assesment of the situation.I just have a nervous disposition lately,more so than usual.I’ve worried myself so, over upcoming Pluto and Saturn transits.I’ve heard and read so much about positive versus negative thinking,and how much of a difference one’s expectations can make. manifesting one or the other energies into full blown reality.So,yeah,I was thinking along those lines.Sorry if you found my comments irritating or naive.I’m trying my best to find a way through this maze that is my life.

  15. @Sea.I just sent a lengthy response to your comment that did not post.Computer glitch?I really didn’t mean it in that way.Of course it would be highly unethical to purposefully mislead a client.Who wants to hear a load of B.S.?I was thinking more along the lines of positive versus negative thinking,and how a persons expectations might alter or create a new “reality.”

  16. @Melody 1971, I didn’t take anything at all amiss in your speculations on this! It’s a good question, and I’m sure that one’s expectations have a lot to do with so much that happens. …Just thought I’d share the one (accidental!) real-life test-case of the good-news placebo. Doesn’t help if things go south, at least not for me! But It’s also not helpful to worry about future ‘bad’ transits. Many of those have been pretty good for me, actually, so the worry beforehand was completely needless, an absolute waste of energy (for me).

    Which reminds me – back to the topic of this thread – that a more complicated chart might in fact make it easier to navigate a lot of difficult transits, because of the range of natural talents and attitudes available in the natal chart, even if they are contradictory…

  17. @Sea.Thank You.after re-reading your 1st response,I felt pretty selfish for not addressing your unfortunate experience w/a misguided interpretor of the stars.I didn’t want to keep posting,and clogging up the thread.Sorry for over reacting.I’m really emotionally raw rite now.I’m in a hyper-sensitive,every one dislikes me mode.Hopefully It will pass,or i can find a way to better deal with the insecurity.I’ll say goodnight for now.

  18. I’m not sure…I have Leo ascendant that opposes my venus and mars (and sun sun-wise though not degree) and a t-square involving all my outer planets except one (Neptune in Scorpio which, of course,squares my Aqua and Leo! Actually, I guess that’s a t-square too!) And I have an opposition that feels “heavy,” Saturn Pisces opposing Virgo Uranus and Pluto (and squaring Jupiter in Gemini.) I – I guess that’s it? I pretty much like it, at whatever complication level it may be. I do find though that I “crave” Cancerian energy – more and more all the time – to balance out the lone set of Capricorn placements at moon and mercury. They’re lonely all by themselves! A Cancerian stellium with a Libra or two in there – I’d feel complete, LOL!

    I do tend to complicate things of my own accord; I hear myself telling people a lot, “You know me, nothing’s ever simple.” My life’s probably been hugely complicated in some ways but I insist on downplaying it for whatever reason.

  19. In the aspect grid, of the 45 possible boxes (full if every planet aspects every other planet) from the Sun to Pluto, I count 33 aspects and despite several t-squares, I don’t think I’m that complicated and I do my best to keep life simple.

  20. I’d say I have a pretty complicated chart, and my life has always been an internal struggle, I live in fight or flight mode.

    I have a mutable grand cross: Venus in the lovely sign of virgo…sigh, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus

    Also a t-square: 1H scorp Pluto/libra SN, 10H leo Sun/cancer Mercury, 7H aries Moon/NN

    Although I’m very lucky in that I don’t have any bad Saturn aspects!

  21. Mine is complicated because I have strong Pisces / Virgo opposition. Planets are all focused in Virgo and Pisces. Very little action happening in any other signs. And it’s a 12th House / 6th House opposition too. So they too are (as I understand it) ruled by Pisces and Virgo.

    I have a constant battle between tidy, rational, devoted self and creative, carefree, attracted to other women’s beauty self.

    My life is so complicated all the time that I’ve just decided it’s how life is for me. Guess it keeps things interesting.

  22. Crazy virgo I can relate I have sag. and pisces. Pluto in Sag. was not kind. Clean sweep. Starting over from scratch with a lot of bumps and bruises and knife wounds and bullet holes.

  23. Oh I’m glad I’m not alone toomuchpluto – though sorry you too got stabbed and shot …

    Sometimes being constantly ripped apart is good for developing strength, resilience and determination, though.

    I think it stops me from falling into any ruts. And I never know what the next adventure will bring 😉

  24. LOL Elsa! You once told me my chart was quite challenging, and I would definitely agree! So many unusual squares and uncomfortable Pluto placements. And then another astrologer pointed out the quintiles and the yods… I guess that balances out all the “bad” but it definitely complicates things!

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