Interpreting Your Solar Return

I wrote a piece about solar returns in 2009 – Solar Return: As Far As I Can See, They Work Beautifully.  I had a cardinal grand cross in my solar return at the time. That was the year this blog became a structured business. My current solar return is also pretty heavily cardinal.

Next year’s solar return shows me working one on one with a tremendous focus on service. I will be helping “the other”, which I realize is also self-serving. I expect I’ll be doing a lot of consulting.

Do you track your solar returns? We have the solar return reports now which are good for study or for people who don’t want to study but I am wonder if other people mind them.

What does your current solar return look like and what is coming up?

22 thoughts on “Interpreting Your Solar Return”

  1. For the past few years, I have gotten more info from Solar Returns than anything else. It’s important to look at them on their own, and outside your Natal. Last year, what I predicted for a friend came true already. The Aries Stellium falls in my Natal 2nd for this year, and finding a job is a priority for the first time in 16 years. It falls in the 9th in the Solar proper, so I am looking for a foreign or global element, or a journalistic component to the position. I need to be my own boss, so I’m still trying to figure that one out.

  2. I’ve been looking at mine for the next few years. Not as hopeful as I’d like, but am glad to see Leo on my Asc for the upcoming year! I’ll be needing that, for sure.

  3. Cardinal Grand Cross (Houses 2,8,5,11)
    12th House stellium
    Sun/ASC conjunction

    This is already shaping up to be a crazy year. And I just got a CELL PHONE! I’m 34 and it’s my first ever! Uh, my boyfriend is paying for it. It’s the only reason why I caved, LOL!

  4. I like the idea of becoming really structured. I love my guy and we’ve got a lot of goals, mutual and personal, and it feels pretty grand.

    His Solar Return chart is pretty wild, too…is also dealing with a Grand Cross, it occurs on his angles…yikes. Uranus conjunct his late degrees Pisces ASC…

    But! His Leo Sun/Venus in his 5th! Meeeeeow!

  5. “This is already shaping up to be a crazy year. And I just got a CELL PHONE! I’m 34 and it’s my first ever! ”

    You crack me up. 🙂 I still don’t have one, but recently considered it. My Aries aren’t just got her first, too.

  6. *I mean “aunt” not “aren’t”. Ugh. I’m really not with it today. I’ve been doing things like putting on my bathrobe inside out, and wondering why the arms were on the wrong side.

  7. I haven’t in the past, It actually depressed me when I went back through the years, just recently, and I had to stop, because I could see all of the potential, and remembered either how fearful or excited I was at the time, what was going on…

    Two years ago, I have Venus retro, square Pluto and conjunct Uranus in my chart, and my self-esteem almost collapsed. I’m really pissed about that, actually – the usual upset over wasted time.

    This year, I have a packed 11th house, Saturn in the 5th, Pluto in the 8th. Sun in the 12th, if you don’t use Equal (I think that’s correct), otherwise it’s in the 11th. Moon in the 4th. This is mine, in Placidus:

  8. I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that there is always one stand-out planet that seems to dictate the whole shebang, despite any other things that are going on. No idea why.

  9. finally i got a good one! my solar return chart for this year has a grand trine – sun-venus in virgo, jupiter in taurus, pluto in capricorn. this falls in houses 4-8-12 for me. is this the last year of long distance for hubby and i? i hope so. there are some unpleasant aspects though – it’s also my mars return and mars is square saturn at the time. boo! but that big triangle in the middle of the chart felt good.

  10. The primary feature of my Solar Return this year shows a stellium in Taurus in the 5th house, with Pluto in the 1st exactly trining Venus. I am hoping this will aid my work on finding a relationship!

  11. The moon is a huge player this year in my Solar Return – conjunct my SR ascendant and natal moon. Also the IC features prominently too, another lunar aspect – natal is brought to the SR ascendant and my natal Jup/Sat is conjunct the SR IC.

    I also have lots of Cardinal energy this year (and feel it) along with packed 8th and 9th houses. EEEp.

  12. Wow, there are a lot of rather good factors in my solar return for this next year. Jupiter will be almost exactly trining my natal Jupiter, Venus will be conjunct my natal sun, Neptune trining natal Neptune, Uranus trining natal Uranus. Then, there is Saturn squaring Venus, Moon, squaring Moon. Oh, and mars conjunct natal venus. Cancer will be rising…..
    Wish I could put it together as succinctly as you can Elsa

  13. Avatar

    Yep yep, have been keeping track of them for years. They are eerily accurate, and they really do begin a couple of months before your birthday, and get more and more intense until you get used to the new energy. All of my planets started “activating” about a month ago, and to a tee!

    This year I have Pluto in the 1st with Mars/Venus in the 6th, and I feel I might finally lose the weight I’ve been wanting to for years. I also have Saturn in the 10th, and I’m beginning new careers, but trying to slow myself down with jumping in. Jupiter in the 5th-already had about three lovers in the last three months. Sun/Merc in the 7th, and I can feel a new person coming, and i’m almost afraid to go out because I know it’s about to happen. I don’t know about aspects yet-I’ve always focused on houses with solar returns since I don’t know how intricate to get with them. I also have enough of a time trying to figure out my transits!

    Anyway, and yes, you can travel to mess with them, and using is an easy way to do it. Just change the location of your solar return. But that only changes houses.

    I didn’t travel this year because I’m tired of slacking off with my weight loss and work issues.

  14. This is my first year studying my Solar Return, and it seems like a really good one. Sun conjunct Jupiter, hooray!!! However, they’re opposing Saturn, but that might be a good thing in terms of stability. They all make a cardinal T-square with Pluto. Moon in 10th, figuring out career. It all seems pretty right-on.

    Only thing that worries me: Mars conjunct Uranus. That sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

  15. The SR Moon is conjunct my SR AC, and they’re both conjunct my natal Jupiter. There’s a stellium in my SR 7th house with SR Mercury, SR Venus, SR Mars, and the SR Sun. SR Mercury, SR Venus, and SR Mars are conjunct the DC and the SR Jupiter. This SR stellium is being sextiled by SR Neptune and SR Chiron in the SR 5th house, and trined by SR Pluto in the SR 3rd house. I’m ready for true love if it’s ready for me.

  16. You know how on astrodienst, they use blue for “positive” aspects and red for stressful squares and oppositions? My current solar return is only red. There are layers of T-squares, so it’s got a three-dimensional look.

    The one starting in a few months reintroduces blue to my world. And just one T-square, where natal planets would fill in for the missing leg. Until I consult Elsa about this next return, I’m going to simply regard it as an easy visual indication that things will get easier. And right now, from my sea of red, that seems like something to look forward to, indeed.

  17. Blerg, my upcoming solar return ascendant is exactly conjunct Saturn in Libra. Sun in Cancer completes the grand cross, and it looks like I’m also having a Venus/Mars/Merc return (they’re all in 2º-4º of natal). I kinda wish the moon would bugger off from my natal 8th, but this could be fun it’s 11th opp Neptune and conjunct my natal Lilith in Leo. I’m not sure if I should be worried or throwing a sexy party.

  18. I have been ‘relocating’ for my Solar Returns since 1996 (have my own software). When the planets deal me a lousy hand I travel to a place which promises the ‘least destruction’ but some years I can ‘tweak’ my chart to set up really favorable conditions! Some things have been right on target while others have never materialized. It is fortunate that I work for an airline and can fly to wherever I need to go. Found the perfect ‘set up’ for 2012 but the one drawback is Sag on the ASC & Taurus on the 6th cusp! I have always had a weight problem & fear combination Jupiter/Venus ruling the 1st/6th! This is a double whammy that I don’t need. I deliberately placed Jupiter in my 6th for 2011, thinking of employment security & completely forgot the danger of weight gain! I have been drinking wine every night and stuffing my face full of pasta & cream sauce in enormous portions… enough to feed the 6th fleet! I KNOW this is Jupiter at work!!! (totally out of control). Don’t EVER put Jupiter in your 6th house! My question would be (and I’m afraid I know the answer)… Would the house RULER (Sag/Taurus) produce the same effect as having the actual planet (Jupiter/Venus) posited IN that house? Any thoughts???

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