Have Your Tastes Or Values Changed With Uranus In Taurus?

taurus stitched bullUranus is known to disrupt and/or change the status quo. Taurus is Venus-ruled. It’s about love and money and your self-esteem, but also about what or who you value and your tastes, in general.

At the moment, Saturn in Aquarius is slowing an individual’s roll, which may actually be a good thing. I state this because it’s possible to throw all your life into a state of total upheaval under a Uranus transit…and then come to find out you don’t like your new situation.

One thing I hear nearly daily, is people want to relocate.  They have just had it with their local area. City people want to be country people?

Spending habits have definitely changed.  Taurus is known for it’s good taste and for valuing that which is built to last. Worthless junk now looks like what it is – worthless junk!

There have also been dramatic changes in the stock market, investing and currencies.  Gamestop, Reddit, Bitcoin, etc.

Have your tastes or values changed with Uranus in Taurus?

27 thoughts on “Have Your Tastes Or Values Changed With Uranus In Taurus?”

  1. In Canada the giant rise in the price of real estate for rental income, highway development or new towns being created. It’s all about the land and using buildings for maximum profits. Retail and restaurants are really being mistreated and kicked out. It’s scary. Former offices may become condos. Regular people are locked out of the market for family style housing. Many are doubling up in living spaces. Even bankers are saying get used to renting your house and not owning it! Jeez.

  2. I’ve lost some weight this year, and my first inclination was to just put away the too-large clothes. I was surprised to realize though that I no longer like the styles and so opted to not keep them. I went through some smaller sized clothes I’d put away, looking for things that fit better, and I don’t like many of them either. I’d gravitated to this style for probably 10-15 years and I’m so puzzled that I don’t like it anymore!

  3. No change in style yet but it has been crazy times related to things of 4th house and it’s a bolt, too much to process. It’s an overload.

  4. Divorced in 2019 and my daughter and her boyfriend moved into a townhouse. I began a long distance (1800 miles) relationship, which I had look forward to continuing. Then Covid hit and air travel was dicey. My guy and I decided, instead of traveling to the other for a long weekend or a week together every month, that I would come visit for at least a month or two. I came in May of 2020 and never left except to return to the townhouse and pick up clothes, and eliminate possessions. I personally own very little, love my new location and, turning 70 in two days, find myself with a companion who has gone through his own shift in values and, as it turned out, match mine. Uranus has been transiting my 8th House.

  5. It’s bad in my area. I live in northern Michigan and we have had a huge wave of pandemic re-locators from all over the country who are looking to become “country people”. Was talking to a guy at the bar who drove through here last summer with his girlfriend and liked it so much they picked up stakes from VEGAS-of all places-and moved here. He just could not comprehend the concept of “below freezing” temperatures. He was truly baffled. As a construction worker, he asked his co-workers what they do when it’s 12 degrees outside. “We work.” Ha ha! A lot of these people gobbled up what few houses were available (terrible housing crisis here) so I can’t help but hope the shock of the cruelty of winter will send a few of them packing.

    1. Interesting. I am not sure how many of the people I talk to may ultimately move but I do think depending on where you’re from and where you go to; you may be astonished how different people are within certain regions.

      I have also heard about weather problems. People who are used to seasons miss seeing them when they move to year-round sun.

    2. There’s plenty of open space in Nevada. I wonder why they chose northern Michigan of all places. Oh wait, Uranus, haha. That said, people need to get out of cities and they know it. Expect more of this.

      Idaho and Montana housing prices are out of control from Californians from what I’ve heard.

  6. A complete 180 degree turn for me with Uranus in Taurus hitting my 5-planet Taurus stellium this year. I never imagined I would own real estate in the most expensive city Canada (not for rental income, James Slattery, but for stable housing for myself). I had cheap rent and a high tolerance for my run-down apartment’s many flaws. But my landlord was getting old and I saw the signs — the building would be torn down and snapped up for millions by a developer.

    Now that I bought my own little condo after 30 years of renting, I feel more self-value. It’s hard on one’s self-esteem and mental & physical health to live in a noisy, moldy, run-down apartment. I feel more secure as I age into my 50s. My housing costs have increased 200%, but I have always been thrifty, so I plan to pay off my mortgage by 64.

    My eco-anxiety is slightly relieved by having secure housing in a (hopefully) relatively safe area with respect to climate change. Young people are being forced to find more rural real estate because this city is so expensive, but the rural options are becoming more and more limited due to forest fires, landslides, and floods. So I feel very fortunate and privileged to have secured myself a little condo that I can afford in the city.

      1. Thanks Elsa! You were right when we discussed my chart during a consultation in Dec 2020. Expect the unexpected with Uranus conjoining my Taurus stellium. Things can change fast!

  7. I did in fact relocate halfway across the country this fall, after wanting to do so for several years. Uranus is transiting my 4th house too. I’m very happy with the move so far! But frustrated as I am probably heading back into a fairly locked-down pandemic style of life, just when I thought I might cautiously open it up a little bit.

  8. I would say my love (venus) energy has shifted ~ who and how i love and why.

    Love in the form of ‘my conscious heartfelt outputs of energy’ has been picked up and put down in other areas and to other people. I have pulled it away from some for my own sanity and shifted it elsewhere. This has allowed my ‘love energy’ to take hold in other areas (innovate) as well as be put on the back burner for now.

  9. I’m a Taurus rising and Uranus has been hanging out in my 12th house. I have a lot of fixed placements, so my values rarely change. But I’ve had the biggest battle with my own self-worth in the past year.

    It’s also a midlife crisis thing, big periods of feeling like my worth is questionable. I have a job that thrives on in-person contact, and the pandemic work from home has really made me feel useless (my coworkers are going through the same thing). And now the field I work in (higher education) is convinced that “everything can be done online,” so there’s a big question of what my job will look like in the future.

    I think that Uranus is playing into this in that I have a hard time understanding how lots of people seem totally OK with these permanent changes. I worry that libraries and other public spaces will be shut down now that supposedly people do not want or feel the need to leave their homes for work, or school, or anything! This is the attitude I’m hearing. It’s like the value of public spaces and in-person contact has disappeared. So, Uranus is really playing with my fears right now. (And hopefully, it’s just “playing.”)

  10. Actually, yes! I’m one of those city people who moved to the country. Also going through my Uranus oppose Uranus right now so that probably has something to do with it. It’s been a wild ride this year and I still have a few more months of this transit. ?

  11. I discovered that if I want to engage in a relationship, I want security and stability. It’s a need for me at this point considering the past few years have been unstable.

  12. I’ve wanted to relocate for years to the country. Begged my husband to move since 2014. He finally bought us some land. However, we won’t move there full time. But it’s a step. So that changed for him.

    For me, I never liked materialism and consumerism but participated in it plenty. It’s astonishing how much less I participate in it now. I’m bare bones at this point, giving thought to every purchase and attempting to find it second hand if I believe it truly necessary.

  13. The last time Taurus was at these degrees of Taurus was 1937 – 1938. Just before the official start of WWII. Does anyone else think this is weird? The things we are experiencing today…Is there a correlation? Maybe I’m reaching. Uranus is really messing w/ me lately.

  14. I have 5 distinct Uranus transits underway, with my Taurus Ascendant and 5 Aquarian planets. Plus 2nd Saturn Return, Saturn conjunct Sun/Venus…once Saturn is done with Aquarius we get Pluto. My world is pretty much at a total standstill. All attempts at action in the world are hilariously thwarted and seem to result in self-isolation. If i meditate i’m ok. If i think about how i am going to earn money to survive and keep the house going I am lost. If i think about being sixty next month and the total lack of career status, evaporation of work opportunity etc i get the heebeegeebees. This is what i signed up for? I want to see the manager.

  15. My Taurus Sun is in the 8th house. For the most part this Uranian transit has ‘stifled’ if not muted the erratic unpredictability of Uranus influence.
    Much of what was ‘predicted’ just hasn’t manifest for me. However INTERNALLY (8the house deepness) many changes/reevaluations/reconsiderations have been happening.
    In fact I’m thankful to Saturn because while the normal instability of Uranus lurks Saturn has made these changes ‘usable’. Like steel in the midst of chaos. Since fixed signs are involved the changes are like waves you navigate when you’re in choppy waters.
    But you’ll definitely ‘get there’. Just ride the rhythm.

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