Pluto In Capricorn vs Pluto In Aquarius: Not An Improvement!

Aquarius blue water

Pluto will ingress back into Aquarius in January, 2024. Roughly three months from now. Layoffs continue. More and more people are falling out of the middle class.

Yesterday, there was a chat in the forum about a person’s degree being degraded.  This was in the psych field… Costco intends to offer psychotherapy?

Of course the kids and others were all told to “learn to code”, but AI is quickly replacing those who did. Can you see what I mean by “bloodless”.  I started to write on this topic in 2016.  It’s pretty interesting.

How Society Views Violent Crime: Pluto In Capricorn vs Pluto In Aquarius

Back in January, I realized all the money was being vacuumed up.  This operation seems relentless from my perspective.  Considering this idea, nine months later, we are without a doubt, seeing the ceiling come down.

Life In A Cellar Box

The plug was pulled on independent writers like me and this trend has and continues to spread quickly. I’m not dead, I’m just obliterated from the “public square”.

I see very little independent content, anywhere. Nothing mom and pop. Nothing mom. Nothing pop. It’s all machined and I am asked to machine myself at this point.

“Dear Elsa Elsa,

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The competition is switching. Many of the biggest astrology websites have switched to our writing services to power their daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes.”


Pluto in Aquarius is going to be very hard on straight up, heart-ruled, Leo creativity. I expect it to block the light.

“Entertainment”, at this point, is almost all DARK.  I don’t care where you look, you’re hard-pressed to find a likable character, anywhere. Even if you do, two episodes in, they’re going to reveal their disgustingness.

It’s becoming hard to watch anything, simply because all characters are so repulsive.  It’s only good if you want to find your fave psychopath to emulate.  If you don’t care to be a psycho; if you have to have a sunshiny personality, I guess you get five minutes screen time before you’re killed.

I’m sorry this is negative, but please.  If you see something otherwise (outside of what you see in your imagination, or your wishes, hopes and dreams), please share it!

I’ve seen this as transit to signify the shadow side of technology since I started writing about in 2015.  Eight years ago! Dark Side of Innovation & The Internet.

I still believe this but I also think it will kill innovation for the individual. Again, I hope I’m wrong!

What do you see?

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    1. I don’t know that we know where it’s leading, it’s depends on how people exercise their free will. If things continue playing out as they have for years, we’re not going anywhere good.

      If you believe in God, then we are going somewhere good, but not necessarily in your life time.

      I mean, I’m sorry but you can see what I can see. I am asking / inviting anyone who thinks Pluto in Aquarius will heal rather than degrade, humanity, I’m all ears. But I need something non-imaginary to take it seriously.

      Can people around the world, sit in front of a screen and make it better?

      I don’t think so, but someone else may.

      1. I seen it too. Hollywood sold its soul long ago. A.I is becoming dangerous for all of us, but yeah, Creative people are coming up for hard challenges after 2024. There are ways around it though 😏❤

      2. Hi Elsa,

        When you said that the shadow side of Pluto in Libra trashed marriage, I thought about Pluto being the planet of death and rebirth. Pluto in Libra did bring divorce; however, it did bring a new form of marriage based on equality. I have seen many couples with Pluto in Libra who work as equals in their marriage and in raising their children. That’s much different than what I experienced growing up. I am part of the Pluto in Virgo generation. I see this as the light/positive side of the Pluto in Libra transit.

        In my opinion, I see Pluto as the one who tears something down, so that something better can arise from those ashes. I agree with you that the Pluto in Aquarius transit will expose the shadow side of technology. I also believe that the light side of the Pluto in Aquarius transit will usher in individual freedom within community (knowing that we are all one and at the same time honouring individual freedom), a coming online of our spiritual technology (i.e., other senses beyond the 5 senses such as telepathy), new free energy technologies, and living in harmony with one another and Mother Earth.

        I would love to hear your opinion about this. Bless you and thank you for all you do. I love your astrology blog.

        1. I regret my choice of the word, “trashed”, though it is what I mean, lol. I understand what you’re saying and we just may have a difference of opinion.

          For example, I don’t see “equitable marriage”. I see legions of people unpartnered against their will and relationships of all kinds degraded beyond belief.

          I have outlined what I think about Pluto transiting a sign, many times over the years. This post is consistent with the others.

          Here’s one

          I can’t immediately find others, but they exist.

          I do think we have free will and it does not have to be this way. But it is this way because we allow ourselves to be manipulated.

  1. Elsa, with Aquarius being the sign ruled by Uranus the revolutionary individualist, do you think there’s a window for the mom-and-pop independents to find maybe a smaller but more authentic audience?

    I ask because when reading the “let our AI write your astro blog content!” excerpt, particularly the part about all the competition jumping on board, my first thought was, “Good! Let ’em! Anybody I’d want reading my content knows how to appreciate real original work and ideas.”

    But then… my 5th house cusp is 28.30 Capricorn, so Pluto is on his way back into my 5th for a long haul… right when I’m gearing up to finish two novels about free spirits like us!

    Oh well… fate really is a thing, I guess… Anyway, I can’t imagine any AI ever learning to reproduce your kind of work! Cheers!

    1. The problem is the ptb (search) will not send you any traffic / or allow you to be seen (social media). So someone like me… I used to write and 100K people would read it and I had a booming business. Now 2K people read it; I’m ded.

      I have said this over and over. The internet is TV. Can normal people get on TV, put their ideas on TV? NO! The internet is a platform that is owned and controlled. I was able to do what I did here, because they were assimilating my knowledge, my intelligence into their machine.

  2. Like Leo, I associate Aquarius with creativity too, but more of a “think-outside-the-box” mentality.

    Maybe these situations seem dark because they don’t seem to have a solution–right now. But that doesn’t mean these problems can’t or won’t be dealt with. We just don’t know the solution yet. Whoever knows the solution will be thinking about the problem in a completely different way than we are.

    For example, I work in higher education, and AI is a huge problem. Most educators admit they don’t know what the solution is. Anyone who says AI is our friend is not being honest or realistic with themselves. But I haven’t lost hope, because some day someone will have a solid way to counter the effects of AI. And with technology, it’s usually the younger generations who solve the problems created by the previous generations. So, even though we are at a loss right now, I don’t think that means there will never be a solution.

    So, Pluto in Aquarius could mean that some problems will be dealt with in a way that is beyond our comprehension right now.

    Also, isn’t AI and current technologies a product of Pluto in Capricorn? Eliminating humans seems like an extreme of practicality. I’m sure that corporate leaders have dreamed about this for centuries. Climb your way to the top and wipe out your competition by building a robot to replace them. Get rid of your humans (workers) and replace them with machines. “It’s just business” is what leaders say when doing layoffs.

    1. Well said, Retains_water! I see the same kinds of stuff in my job on the fringes of academia. Some of these people are running out with arms open wide, welcoming their own destroyers.

      Teachers killing actual teaching. Librarians destroying proper libraries. Researchers “crafting” bogus studies and articles. They never seem to wonder what good they themselves will be once they get what they’re pushing for!

      Still, I don’t think decency, integrity, and common sense are close to dead yet. But suppressed, oppressed, driven away in exile — oh yes.

  3. I agree that there isn’t any good news right now, in the USA or much of the West…The good news is that it’s all coming down, though possibly not within most our lifetimes..Next time around, we’ll live in a far more human world..Based on the behavior of Aquarian Presidents, I expect that it will be an Age of destruction and rebirth….

    1. I couldn’t disagree more! But maybe you can elaborate, why you think this will be the case.
      Also, when does “next time around occur” and why “Aquarian Presidents”?

      1. Sorry for my rather cryptic response!…Your next time around is your next life on Earth, and when that happens is up to you..Aquarian Presidents are those with an Aquarius Sun or other strong Aquarius influences in their chart..Lincoln, Wilson and FDR are the main ones, and they were responsible for a large number of dead or crippled Americans resulting from their wars of choice…They were anything but pacific…..

            1. Being here is about our consciousness. It has a very different agenda (if you can even call it that) to our earth bound ego. To our consciousness being here is a very positive opportunity, but yes, to our ego, a lot of it feels like suffering. And yes at times it would be nice to stop this experience.

          1. You do not make celestial decisions with your very limited human mind, but with your higher self that knows God and remembers your lifetimes and reasons for incarnations. It is true that most people on earth now have been sidelined from their true planned paths and will by necessity need to return to finish up their goals despite their hilarious human intentions to never incarnate as a human again.

            1. “Intentions” implies a choice, as do “planned paths” and “celestial decisions,” all of which are merely theories or rationalizations since absolutely no living human has any irrefutable evidence of what happens after death.

  4. Hi Elsa,

    I hope you never let AI write your astro blog because what makes it unique is your personal insights into the convergence between life and astrology. I have a lot of Leo. Am I worried about 20 years of Tr Pluto, first crossing my IC in 2026, then opposing my stellium?

    I have to be hopeful. It’s in my nature to be. I should add that Pluto is my chart ruler.

    Anyway, entertainment-wise, which is not dark, but maybe you’ve never contemplated: kdrama.

    I re-discovered it back in 2020 with Crash Landing on You (it’s a heart-warming, at times thrilling, impossible romance set in North Korea) and have been gobbling it up ever since. A typical series is 16 episodes long. You will laugh heaps, cry heaps. Might even decide to try kimchi-everything at the end of it. The characters are well-developed and the most risque you get are meaningful looks and a peck on the cheek. 😂

    I read subtitles just like everyone else but I’m a speed reader. 😝

    Another titled I recommend (which I’ve watched more than once, just to laugh and escape) is Mr. Queen (about a modern-day playboy chef who through a freak accident winds up in the body of a Joseon-era Queen).

    Go check them out. 😁

    1. Glad to see another kdrama fan! 😃

      Check out #Celebrity as well, it’s a brilliant take on the dark side of social media, the ending is mind blowing too! Also The Glory, which tackles school bullying. And Tomorrow, which covers the nation’s severe problem of their high suicide rate – I like how they have approached it with sensitivity and compassion. Sell your Haunted House is another good one, if you like supernatural drama. And for romance, Familiar Wife… it’s romance, with time travel thrown in!

      I will check out Mr Queen (hope it’s on Netflix?). Been looking for other series to watch 🙂

      I agree on the kimchi part, best not to watch these shows when hungry!

      1. Okay just realised a lot of the kdrama series I’ve listed are still quite dark (maybe it’s my Pluto in 9th?) 😬

        But the main characters are still very likeable! Even some of the villains have a “dark glamour” to them thats hard not to admire.

        I also find it’s the females who are usually the lead character, and they are always the strong, feisty, hot-headed types. Or they are the cool minded strategists, Ice Queen types. The male characters are usually the supporting leads, and can come across either as a bit hapless, or immature player types.

        I think what sets kdrama apart from others is the emotion involved and levels of passion played out.

        1. That’s what I meant about them presenting views from all sides. Even the villains are well-developed characters. Even the side characters have back stories. There’s no moralistic judgement, just a presentation of a well-crafted story.

          I’ve probably seen most titles on Netflix. It’s my non-guilty pleasure because that’s when I fold loads upon loads of laundry or do hours of ironing. 😅

      2. Hello fellow Kdrama fan!!! I swear watching Kdrama is like therapy for me. 1) there’s the undeniable escapism – it just sucks you in and you forget about whatever your troubles are 2) it does make you ponder your life situation, relationships and interactions with others

        I’ve seen “Celebrity” and “The Glory” but not “Sell your haunted house” yet. Celebrity made me realise that I’m not cut out to be an influencer; just not interested in such a vacuous existence. I could relate to the main character in The Glory because I was bullied in school, but not as bad.

        I agree with you that difficult topics (neurodivergence, being bullied, poverty etc) are treated with sensitive and compassion by Kdrama producers and scriptwriters. They present views from all sides, not just the side you identify with and want to emerge victorious.

        “Mr Queen” is definitely on Netflix. If you love Joseon period dramas, “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” is also a must-watch. 😁

    2. omg Kdrama is fast becoming so popular in the west ^^ I loved “crash landing on you” and i highly recommend “black” series kdrama too, it’s more on the action-packed but there’s alot of emotion and romance. I can’t reveal much but it made me and my husband cry alot at the end. I also enjoyed “Glory” although super gory and traumatic. I agree with you and @mermaid that the kdrama seems to have more emotion and heart into it. I dont know what happened to the US series, and movies, but i try to scrape up some ‘romance” from there and even the tv romance series from the usa gets alot of top 20 likes/watches. I think the world needs love and escapism right now. I even try to look for any remakes of Jane Austin’s. There’s a series from kdrama ” little women” its not as romantic but i also find korean drama to have alot of “bad guys winning for a long time” then finally the ending was satisfying. Unlike USA films, you always see the bad guys get it fast. I always wonder if it’s a reflection of the korean war, the long war, where bad guys winning all the time and finally… relief. freedom. As for the usa tv series/films, they do cater to alot of horror and walking dead new series now. I think its the reflection of society; how we think, or fear, of what we fear. back in the 50s and 60s they had these wonderful happy shows like “bewitched” “i dream of jeannie” “giligans island” and many doris day movies. I hope they bring that back somehow. there’s happiness there and people making the best of their situation.

      everytime i’m watching kdrama i want to have kimchi lol and fried chicken and beer. I hate beer so i will get the 0% beer and get KFC lol although i heard korean fried chicken is awesome ^^

      1. Oh Elisa! Happy to meet another Kdrama fan!!!

        I miss all those shows from the 50s and 60s like “I dream of Jeannie” and “Bewitched” and “Get Smart.” They were funny and charming.

        My close American friend recommended US “Lucifer” and I only watched 1/3 of an episode, just to be able to report back that I’d tried it. It was very dark and I did not feel any empathy towards any of the characters. I’m not a fan of American remakes of Korean blockbusters like Money Heist either.

        I like watching the originals in original language, even though I have to read subtitles because I want that full “cultural immersion” experience. 😂 I know what you mean about “Little Women” the kdrama. I enjoyed that a lot; it had a very “meaty” plot.😝 As always, script, plot, acting, filming and editing were all on point. They are pros at what they do.

        Must be my Mars in Virgo but I appreciate proficiency and efficiency in every dimension.

        If you love food and have access to Netflix, go hunt down a series of gourmand-travel-doco called “A Nation of…” In the series is “A nation is broth”, “A nation of Kimchi”, “A nation of banchan”… I swear you will salivate your way through watching them all!!!

  5. It’s funny, for the last 3-4 years or so my whole life has been conducted via screens. And yet I’ve grown at a faster rate than ever before. I’m a well-being coach through a health insurance company, but I work out of my house. So I talk to a ton of people, but it’s always via the phone and a screen. I haven’t even seen my coworkers in about five years.

    The people that are around me in my new area (I moved to Northern California from Southern California in mid 2021) are hard to connect with and even to understand. So I connect with wonderful individuals like y’all through the internet. Some of my most meaningful and wonderful interactions have been in the comment section of this site or YouTube.

    It seems to me life is trying to teach us discernment. Yes, there are a ton of bots out there putting out meaningless content, but there are also a ton of people shining in their authenticity. I don’t think it’s so hard to find, because I think we’re guided to the right people. Even if it is long distance. It’s about using our intuition for guidance instead of the old ways (looking at what others do, doing what others expect us to do, following the tried-and-true path, etc.).

    One person I love to hear from on YouTube just said this today in a video: “there will come a point when this body of yours gets your attention energetically one way or another; it will either collapse and go into decline or it will push through the volcanic energy that needs to erupt inside you so that you can go to the next level of consciousness as a human being.”

    I feel that’s exactly what’s happening, it’s a Pluto helping us rise to the next level by purging. It’s just an ugly process as of course we all resist to a degree. I think the key is to do what I’m always advising my clients to do, choose one’s focus. There’s plenty of terrible stuff out there we can focus on, but in my experience it tends to be the most scary and confusing in the external/macro world.

    When I limit my focus to the people and things I deeply care about and those in my immediate area it looks very different. I see neighbors helping each other out, people overcoming huge challenges and coming out the other end stronger, healing their bodies by realizing that they need to choose a different approach – so many beautiful things.

    I’m still convinced that we will see significant improvements in our lifetime, possibly far beyond what we could hope for or expect and more quickly. Yes, I am an eternal optimist and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

    Much love to you all

    1. Love your perspective on Tr Pluto changing signs!

      I too have reaped the reward of the digital age (I have Uranus on my AC) as I can work from home and provide a service. My son uses Zoom for therapy and it has saved us the cost and time and angst of commuting.

      I buy lovely cloth from around the world for my “sewing therapy”; in days past, I would be constrained to what is available locally, that I know of.

      The internet has brought services and goods we all might not otherwise have access to. To a degree, it has democratised the availability of services and goods.

      1. So cool! Thanks for sharing Estella! The bad stuff is so terrible it gets all the attention, but the good stuff is there too.

    2. I love this! And I agree Kate. The internet has changed our lives. My husband works from home through screens and is doing better than ever.

      As a married couple this has allowed us to be together all the time as opposed to hardly seeing each other with the exception of Sundays. It was a hard adjustment at first, but today, we are more loving and stronger than we have ever been united together where we have had the time to see why we got married in the first place.

      Change is hard. I believe in our strong young people, and I believe this saved us. We too are in a new area meeting neighbors. Trying to mingle locally. It turns out everything is better. I think you have to find a way to adjust to the change which has been hard for me, but I am doing it. Having a lot of Pluto in my birth chart, I believe in it. Out with the garbage in with transformation!

      Also, I could open a pet business and make it profitable within 90 days. Using tech alongside good people. I know this for a fact as I already did it once. Rubbing my hands together thinking about doing again in my new area. Mom and Pop. And all that means, yes, I can do it. I appreciate your uplifting message! Thank you.

      1. Glad to see another pro-Pluto response! Change is always difficult but it’s what keeps humanity going forward. That and Jupiter, learning and hope. 😁

        I believe Tr Pluto in Aquarius will be a game changer for the youth and the masses, the way Tr Pluto in Capricorn was a game changer for established structures like government and the old. All over the world, it put wealth in the hands of Boomers with the price of real estate (usually a physical structure, hence Saturn) going up.

        Tr Pluto will put wealth in the hands of the young because being tech-savvy (Uranus) will be a prerequisite to participation in the modern economy. To reap the rewards of this transit, one will need to think outside the box.

        Of course I don’t deny that it can bring death and complications to the masses as well. But from death, and through death, humanity will be reborn to higher ideals and hopefully, greater tolerance for each other.

        1. This is lovely Estella. Thank you.

          You truly understand Pluto.

          If I can change (6 planets fixed) I know others can too. I used to leave claw marks on everything, not wanting change. Today I understand that error. Pluto does not care and in fact the harder you hold on and the more negative you are the worse it is for all. You just have to roll with it, adjust no matter how painful and learn a better way.

          We have a generation of people that just don’t like what is happening. And they are fighting it to the bitter end. But the end is here and now, and change will happen regardless. We can find a way to live our lives as best we can for everyone or hang on and be miserable.

          This change was very hard for my husband who is mutable and should easily accept change. Today he is so happy. I have never seen him more relaxed & happier since he decided that this is how it will be, so we have to adjust. No one. Not one person, can stop this change so we can either jump on and add good to it, or be left behind.

          A business savvy person will find a way around all of this using the skills they have also adding the new. People with experience are still needed. They just have to accept that their business will have to look different for them to remain in business. I have heard a lot of people say, I don’t care if I make money. Well, you have to care to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. So, adjustments have to be made.

          I think Aquarius will take some of the emotions out of this change which will benefit everyone.

          1. Wow soup you sound majorly transformed. A fixed Scorp, as am I, can appreciate the changes I hear when reading what life is like for you and your husband!
            Congratulations on the courage to change, and the work it took to leave shit behind.
            I think Aquarius will fuel revolutionizing and that may be the timing I count on as my Scorpion natal signature is progressed more deeply into Aquarius. Your example being a longtime Elsa spider woman is inspiration for me.

            1. Hi Moki!!
              It hurt so bad!!! Yikes! It hurt both of us. What a rollercoaster. But I have never had an easy Pluto transit. I struggle through them. I watched my poor husband go through Pluto conjunct his moon. And he did it with grace. I don’t know how.

              I have a couple more coming up and of course I have been told all the negative things that can be told, but I have decided what we think about we bring about and I just won’t hear of it. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to give anyone astro-anxiety, how does that help? If you want to help people scaring them to death certainly won’t help them be their best when they try to navigate it.

              I have to make the best of what time I have left. Saturn put me down, but I got back up and I plan on doing my best to stay here.

              We have to let these young people lead. It’s time.

              I have so much faith in these strong, bright young people. They will pave the way and I hope I get to see how it all turns out. When I see them step forward, I see people who are better than I was at the same age. They have courage. I am just so proud of them. I really am. Watching them look out for each other as a collective instead of the selfishness I watched and probably ignorantly took part in. In the end nothing matters more than love.

              So good to talk to you again! xo

              1. I have been saying this for some time. Let the younger people lead. I am almost 68. Pluto in Leo Generation is holding on too tight. Its difficult to give up the power but it must be done.

  6. You are right about it. I can’t see anything positive with Pluto in aquarius especially the way that Pluto in Capricorn has groomed humanity. Masses have been brainwashed with the most absurd beliefs going against common sense and logic. Is this the crowd that Pluto is going to empower? Pluto from Capricorn is going to leave a very dark legacy on all aspects of life

  7. We don’t want to destroy libraries (I work in one). A largely uncovered and true story is about how information is a commodity that is as profitable as oil and technology. Instead of buying paper books, libraries are literally leasing online content (ebooks, streaming videos and other types of materials). The companies (which are rapidly consolidating into a few major players) know how price access to their products just enough to choke library budgets without killing them, but this model can’t last forever. Then, the communities and organizations that libraries serve value them less every year in the form of no budget increases (while the companies gouge us) and doing less with more is a common thing in libraries.

    I really do see us getting replaced from an awful mashup of consumer preferences, technology and corporate cannibalism. Sorry, but we library folks tried to fight the good fight. My colleagues deny we’re fading but I sure don’t.

      1. Earlier in this thread, Elsa described how an AI firm offered to write her content after they scraped it, and that they’ll eventually learn how to write in her voice. What she describes about the sell and libraries / information is parallel: a business swoops in promising efficiencies, the creator somehow gives their work away, and then a business technically owns it and then sells it back to them. How they came up with this model astounds me.

  8. I think the internet is a really good representation of Aquarius, a reflection of a human group/network. I think we can perceive it as an evolutionary vehicle, it would always have been created and had a life. In the beginning, and still now I believe it is a curiosity, because it provides a mirror for us as individuals and as a group to look into it and see and know something of ourselves. Previously we couldn’t connect so directly like this globally, so we are able to learn about our variety as a group which can help dispel prejudice and projection. However, we also get to know ourselves, and that means all facets good and bad. When I see people walking staring at their little box, I see them searching for something, beyond the surface of a media site or TV show, they are “looking” and trying to know. It may be unconscious other times more conscious. What we don’t like is seeing the parts of us, individually, and as a group that we wish to hide from ourselves, the hate and destruction, the illusion and falseness. But we keep looking and that’s the main thing. Part of being aware of our shadow side is how the internet as a whole is being used, manipulated, controlled, but again, this is what happens in human groups – power struggles, deception, greed, and peer pressure to conform or be cast out. We have yet to find balance in ourselves or as a group. Do we support individualism or is it more like – you can be free on our terms? We’ve had lifetimes of these group dynamics and now we see and experience them more clearly through the internet. The internet is our relationship to ourselves as a species, a group, and the question is, how can we be ourselves truthfully in that group without negative power issues and control. But it’s like we’re in the revelation stage, we have to see all aspects of ourselves first. I think Pluto in Aquarius will really change our relationship to the internet because in some ways it’s controlling us because we’ve become too immersed. As Kate said, there is this stage where you need to start discrimating in your usage/relationship, and that’s the same as discriminating yourself from a group, it’s a stage of maturing as a species. How can we be in a group without sacrificing too much, especially our hearts and minds. I would add that universal consciousness is also in the internet, and it is used by that consciousness to help evolve people towards connecting with their own consciousness. It’s not all human ego controlled. So there is room for a lot of development. I can see a phase where it becomes really unpopular and is maybe dropped by a lot of people, that could be starting already, but then maybe a rediscovery on new terms, based on our knowing ourselves a bit better.

  9. ive also been searching far and wide for some really good movies/tv shows on netflix and amazon prime. it’s so dark you’re right. i try to compare to alot of society/culture films. Indian films always has alot of dance and music. Some are really good storytelling, but i’m not always in the mood for dancing and singing. i think it brings their culture together with song and dance and smiles. I find british films/shows to be mixed bag. they’ve got everything from sweet romance to dark stuff. alot of dark stuff there too, with many detective solemn shows that seem to kill off the entire neighborhoods. I started watcihng east european films to wonder how they’re like, as i find culturelly it is a reflection of their society or current state of affairs. even as historically too, and many of them are so dark. Perhaps its the condition in the past for them, with the broken economy and poverty. It’s always so sad and dark with their sad endings. I asked my Capricorn sun/ stellium mother in law about how she thinks of east european films and she loves dark films very very dark and enjoys bad endings. I was actually not shocked, but she said its because it’s “real”. For a capricorn stellium it makes sense. The too happy happy is not very saturnic.

  10. The real challenge is the discernment of information. Now anyone with access to the internet can put out false information. Propaganda is more rampant than ever before. We can be drawn in emotionally or mentally from every corner of the globe.

    1. l am tired of the old …the same old, same old done in the same old way. Death to the old in with the new. Good l say. Just had someone hissy fit me. l suggested we do book club a different way. Everyone pick a book/movie whatever on a theme, and we all talk about it for a bit/or not…rather than have to read another mediocore book club book, pushed by someone, who has a love of the type of book always found in the bargain bin at airports. Her last was a shocker and she wants another pick. Only 3 people came to the first. Pluto Cap trans. still in the 11th here. Then l realised– l am not missing out on anything and l feel a lot better for it…freedom.!! Now, that might be a wiff of Aquarius. It is referendum day today. l hope something changes…l really do.

  11. Avatar
    Caryn MacGrandle

    Elsa, my two cents is that we need to use technology to actually get BACK IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER (like my app the divine feminine app). Last night, I hosted a Circle where a women who lives 40 minutes away came for the first time. She’s a herbalist and been reading tarot cards since she was 12. We’re going to get along fantastically. Covid and the past four years has allowed me to connect and be inspired by ‘conmadres’ who live all over the world, but NOTHING beats actually sitting heart to heart interacting with REAL LIVE people. THAT is what, IMHO we combat the heartlessness of AI is by actually getting back to being around REAL PEOPLE. And heck, let’s use technology (like my app) to do that, because how else would I have met this person? Also coinky dinky met my Partner online, but we’re not having a Virtual Relationship. 😉

  12. I don´t know, but if anything, this is the opportunity to be more unique and artisan, and less generic than ever, trust me, people WILL get tired of generic things.

  13. Avatar
    Claire Stevenson

    Elsa, have you heard of Alison McDowell, whose thoughts about precisely the dangers you have described are thoroughly analyzed on her website “wrenchinthegears”?
    She has paid a high price,personally, for speaking out about the ongoing destruction of creativity and freedoms, having her husband divorce her and her adult child now estranged from her.
    Her insights are both spiritually and intellectually profound.

  14. Your remarking about characters growing increasingly dark, in our entertainment, is spot on! I rarely try watching anything anymore because of how demoralizing and depressing it is. As you wrote, none of the people are admirable!
    The only “morality” that younger people seem to be able to relate to is situations that fit into a predictably “politically correct” scenario. In fact, such agenda-driven stories, in writing, or on the screen, are the only ones that seem to exist anymore. That is what gets published or produced, in cookie-cutter variations!

  15. Avatar
    Angel The Paranormal Mystic

    I def. see something different, but I am not as wise as you, astrology-wise lol… I am an Aqua stellium, Aqua sun too. I am not tech savvy! I actually don’t feel Aquarius rules technology, but rather… the electricity behind it! We are rather electric, & when energized, we can spark others to great heights. Aquarius is the electricity/energy behind tech ( my silly theory/ it’s just a thought not a “know”). I’ve always seen Virgo’s as so much better with tech, Gemini also, Mercury seems to help with that. IDK, maybe I am a weirdo. I also am not looking forward to Pluto in Aqua yet think it’s necessary… a storm to cleanse the field… I think that phrase is actually in the lightning bolt in my akashic tarot deck. I do think that there are genuinely evil people out there who have had astrologers in their pockets for thousands of years, while they tell the common man (thru religion) not to learn it, & they are attempting to use this energy to take over thru tech. I had heard some podcast recently where they mentioned too many people are/ have been attempting to manipulate how the age of Aquarius is going to play out, while we’re still at the end of Pisces & it simply won’t work as the energy isn’t available yet. They still have too many Piscean delusions clouding vision. I think the elites are doing the same with Pluto in Aqua, fearing more revolution, they plan on breaking the human spirit before its in full swing so we are too worn down to be as big of a force, but that in itself is their downfall. Their blatant abuse of power is only making the people see the truth even more & the evil elites will fall into their own trap… not without tremendous suffering tho I am afraid. I also think it’s to balance energy. When our ancestors came to the States, they weren’t as media/gov. teaches the world, trying to take over indigenous land or rule over them, they were refugees. They were being starved and had no rights to land in the UK. They were desperate. But like refugees everywhere today, they brought their problems with them & the elites followed. It was government leaders & the rich from Britain who pressed slavery, who set up wars to push Indigenous people west. My ancestors actually lived with the Creeks & I think it was Andrew Jackson who ruined that… The elites have turned America into the opposite of why our ancestors came. They simply wanted to have a home, of their own, to live off the land & pay nobody. To be free. Now, that is literally illegal. You are not allowed to have a home or land w/o registering it with the government & paying them, so we are forced into the matrix of the British monarchy we ran away from long ago. All my Irish, Scottish ancestors rolling in their graves. While the government leases out the national forests they claim are for preservation to loggers, miners etc. for profit. I think this Pluto return is judgement day for them. I also think the indigenous people, as well as my own ancestor’s ancient ways are haunting us as we long for the peace only nature can give. Tech can’t do that.
    This is just my 2 cents. It may not be completely accurate, but I sorta think we are forced to all only get glimpses & pieces so we have to communicate & work together, no man is an island unto himself. I also hope I am wrong at times, being wrong means I have more to learn. Spirit seems to force those of us, like me, who don’t want nor need people to come out & play… its life…
    I truly do think people have grown dark because they follow their leaders. Our leaders/government increasingly justifies trigger happy, paranoid, angry, crazy actions, the more debt the government gets in, the more the people follow, the more cops shoot death shots, not even attempting to shoot a knee cap, the more kids shoot at school, the more our government joins every petty war to make money off of it, the more people seem to spend money on dark entertainment… its sad and filthy. Scorp ascendant/ Pluto 12th house, I have never been good at being assertive ( also libra stellium/my Pluto is in Libra) & I do always see the underdogs, the voiceless, the ones that are collateral & nobody bats an eye… so I see the suffering yet am powerless to do much, I literally need about 5 surgeries after my last relationship… so I am pretty broken. I really think there are many things with blood on their hands that will pay the piper one day & being a mystic many things aren’t even human, spiritual energies that are taking advantage of this…. one of my gifts is downloads as I receive info in the gentleness of submission to circumstances rather than trying to force change all the time. In that peace, I see a story playing out, above anyone’s control, & if we can’t ride the waves, we’re doomed.

    1. Hello fellow Scorpio rising with Pluto in 12th!

      I have the same thing too, but I think the chief difference between us is that you have an Aqua stellium and Libra stellium and I have Cardinal water planets, a Leo stellium, a Mutable Earth singleton, making my chart ruler a Cardinal Air Singleton. If you have Singleton planets you have to work hard to express them. They absolutely can be expressed but you need to put in 110% every single time.

      Pluto in Libra in 12th can manifest the way you have described, among many other possibilities, or, like me (and I should add it aspects my natal luminaries), you can be both in the medical industry and a consumer of services from the medical industry. You may feel that you aren’t assertive, but trust me, assertion is more certainly possible.

      I think people forget that the Chaldean ruler of Aquarius is Saturn. The modern ruler is Uranus. It isn’t pure Uranus. This is like trying to fly a Lamborghini with your brakes on. Depending on the chart, some Aquarians are very much more Saturnian than Uranian.

      My former astro buddy was an Aqua Sun Merc Rx opposite Saturn square Uranus. She claimed that I was cold (I prefer to think of it as being detached), an unsympathetic listener (or rather that I didn’t listen when all she wanted was someone “to teach” and to hear her compare herself against ancient contacts) and furthermore, she also claimed that I am strange…

      I have Uranus in the 1st conjunct AC, aspecting luminaries and other planets. I am pure Uranus.
      She only thinks she is Uranus ruled. 😬

      I like your insights into self. Grasp your power (that’s not a dirty word) and connect with the Uranus in your chart. 🙏

  16. An area of interest to me at the moment in the Industrial Revolution, so I’ve been reading about it. It’s particularly interesting to me to look at it some 250 years later. I see similarities between the Industrial Revolution and the revolution we are having now … perhaps historically it will be known as the Technological Revolution. There were people who fought hard against the introduction of machines and later, factories, and many were incarcerated for their rebellion (think, machine breakers!). I look back and see the beginning of what has lead us to cataclysmic climate change, and can’t see a quick solution to that. Interesting to note that scientists believe that some of the answers lie in technological solutions. As for AI? Well, I’m a writer and an artist, so it is a very real threat to me. I wonder if we will see a strengthening of the emergence of a new ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement, where personal creativity will be held in higher regard, and possibly more highly valued? (I’m laughing here, because we all know artists in general receive the lowest incomes!) however, that is just a hope. If I take a lesson from history (the Industrial Revolution) it is more likely that life under the Technological Revolution may become ‘more convenient’ for many (let us – using AI – do all the hard work for you!) but it will come at an enormous cost: quality and accuracy of product, people out of work, economic control of many by the few, lack of accountability … I could go on, but I’m making myself, and probably you, miserable.

    1. Interesting parallel you have drawn there. 🤔

      Did you know that there’s now apps or sites that let you, as an artist, see if your work has been ripped off and misappropriated by others?

      If we follow the tangent of the Industrial Revolution, we will see that there have been many new jobs that replaced the old ones. The challenge for us in the workforce is identifying what these new jobs are and up-skilling for them.

      The future is now. No point bemoaning what we cannot change.

  17. Last time Pluto hit Aquarius we had the French Revolution, just to name one. The people became the rulers of power. For a time.

    The Kingdoms need to fall. That’s Leo, by the way. So yes, definitely a dark period for the Leo’s out there.

    How to use the shadow for your own benefit? Well, what does Pluto teach?
    Truth. Death. Power. It takes away the power you THOUGHT was your power, and shows you what your REAL power is.

    So, for that, Leo will have to see their own shadows. A Leo/King needs an audience to actually BE a King.

    So, Leo… work on finding your real audience. Work on who you want as an audience. You gotta be a rebellion and do things the other way.

    I am currently rewriting the focal goal for my future career. I was once a writer, then a SEO person, and now I am going coding.

    AI will be able to replace my skills in a jiffy. So, my thoughts these days is…. how to be truth. How to be your heart. What is my heart? Where can I build a true, authentic heart for me?

    Pluto has transitted my 12th house since 2012.
    I had no power left. No career left. I am starting from Scratch. I am “The Fool” card in tarot. We are all “The Fool” card actually. We make up a grand scheme and illusion to entertain at a banquet, yes? Just like a Leo would.

    But Aquarius is also dark and ego driven. Leo is the shadow side of Aquarius. Work on exposing and digging for your Leo shadow side with Pluto in Aquarius, and you can’t go wrong. Pluto only hits us because he wants us (the collective) to work on our shadows. He is not the shadow.
    YOU are.

    1. Actually, I think that to really break up the AI and online and whatever else… We need to get back to basics. We need pen and paper. I actually think the books and paper I dustry will become a key to free ourselves from the internet slavery.

      I have started drawing this Summer. I enjoy analogue hobbies like coloring books, (pencils and paper are made from trees, right?), knitting, yarn dyeing etc.

      I have been hearing the “We know the way” song from the Disney movie Vayana for some time now. It’s about honouring our natural resources (a Leo’s jungle perhaps? Also with Uranus in Taurus, a reforestation on a global scale?)

      Likewise, the asteroid Humeia has begun its journey in Scorpio now (earth resources like soil, woods, oil etc). Humeia was an Hawaiian goddess, ruling over the elements, earth, natural resources and childbirth.

      Pluto will square her several times when he hits Aquarius. It all points to me as a Phoenix process of doing things in a new way. A unique and unified way. The organization removing plastic from the seas?
      They will only grow in size.

      The mining of Earth’s resources? That industry will certainly become even more volatile while ugly power consumption and constellations will be eradicated, for the people to be given back their rights (hopefully). We don’t know yet, but I have crossed my fingers.

      1. As for mining, with electric cars coming online, the demand for petroleum will fall in certain parts of the world. First cars, then buses and long-haul trucks…one by one, they will be converted over.

        Ironically, wealth will be seen by how much you can do without technology, not in how wired you are. That’s because our lives are so intertwined with technology that to “go off grid” denotes a lost in productivity and income.

        In some quarters, there will be a nostalgic return to physical things like cash, pen and paper; old ways like mending and homesteading.

    2. pluto has affected your 12th and 6th (employment) axis, both houses were impacted. I too had pluto in my 6th since 2008 and it’s a very vile transit, not much one can do .. As for Pluto transiting aquarius I can’t see it too optimistically. Global elites have too much power/control nowadays with the advancement of technology and AI and have divided our societies into so many subgroups turning them against each other. there is no cohesion and unification like there was during the french revolution were people had one enemy, the bourgeoisie. Pluto will transform our societies, not sure about the outcome though..

      1. I agree with you that the French had a bit more… narrowed down enemy/enemies at the time 😉

        But yes, my work axis has been affected. Tremendously!
        I have had so much time AWAY from any work related affair that it’s laughable… But on the flip side, my creative pursuits have received an ongoing expansion. Win some, loose some, I guess?

        AI will be able to steal so much from our society before someone wake up and smell the coffee… I am constantly surprised by how many from my professional area of work can’t seem to grasp they are digging their own grave. But let them do that, perhaps it’s a collective shadow thing…

        If you want your work to not be copied, stolen or adopted, you need some good old fashioned papers and pen and other analogue stuff. So I guess we could call those people “The Secret Society” perhaps? 😉

    3. I love your take on this! 👏👏👏I agree that Pluto will show you what your real power is and opposite Leo, who your real audience is.

      I have a Leo stellium but am a Cancer Sun Jupiter. Pluto is one of my chart rulers. I won’t say I’m immune to Pluto but Pluto is a collective planet, as is Uranus, which is natally in Scorpio, conjunct my AC.

      With Pluto in Aqua people of my “vintage” will come into their own. I’m a generation X, late 70s baby btw. Some of us will be inheriting from our boomer parents, some of us will be taking the places vacated by our boomer parents.

      Those of my “vintage” mostly have Pluto in Libra natally, so our approach to relationships are v different. We will forge different relationships with AI, the older generation, our children, between ourselves, to harness this new transition of power.

      I also agree that Aqua can be dark and ego driven. They say it’s an intelligent sign, a humanitarian sign etc etc but I know at least 4 Aqua Sun gold diggers AND not a single Leo gold digger. Say one thing about Leo, no matter how much they have, they will always be generous. It does tell you something about the workings of a debilitated ego.

      I agree that Pluto wants us to work on our shadow. Unfortunately most don’t realise they have such a side, much less how to address it.

      1. Thanks! You are absolutely right about the aquarius dark side and I had a good taste of it so far. They are such intellectual snobs it is so obnoxious. They believe in their own mental superiority as if they have that privilege but no one else can have it. They also tend to be cliquey people, not all but I have seen it happen in adulthood.. I do hope Pluto makes them face their dark side. Pluto is about masses and aquarius is a collective sign. We have to see how their energies blend..

        1. My former Astro buddy is an Aqua Sun and Merc. We had a 15 year relationship until she started projecting her issues onto me. Eg. I bought 2/3 of her boys what she called “a cheap watch.” She said I valued her youngest, then in Autism kindergarten with no concept of time, less than his brothers because I didn’t get him a watch as well.

          It was she who regretted having him, having all 3 of them in fact because they are ND, and not contenders in her great competition (she’s an Aries rising) against people from her past who hurt her. Yet she said I made her feel that her youngest was NOT as worthy as his brothers! 🤔How about thanking me for the 2/3 who each got “a cheap watch”???

          She had to bring this up YEARS after the fact and made me apologise for it.

          Her mother, who she can’t stand and bitches about all the time, received a cancer diagnosis. Yet she chose to say that I was “cold” for pointing out that she had already anticipated her mother’s passing astrologically.

          She has only air and some fire so things she’s the arbiter of what is appropriate behaviour. I should point out that I was her closest and only friend for 15 of these years. Yet she said that from now on, she will impose “better boundaries to keep strange people away” as I came in to her like Pepe Le Peu.

          Come on, why are we building boundaries when there is NO one to keep our??? Where is the line of most ardent admirers age thinks she is protecting herself from???

          She couldn’t stand it when I told her that Uranus, a collective planet is in my 1st, conjunct my AC and hence mine personally!!! I project Uranus. Uranus May deposit her Sun and Merc but these two are opposed by an anaretic debilitated Saturn! Uranus is but a bit player in her chart!

          She is full of oppositions and disowns her I
          inability to balance ANY of them.

          I wish she would wake up to herself with Saturn going through her 12th but I’m not holding my breath out for some personal realisation. She will blame anyone else for her misfortunes but herself.

            1. hi estella
              just reminded about debilitated suns like aquarius and libra. i wonder if thats why they need partnership. i noticed that with my mothers debilitated sun sign and needing others and partnership. i had always wanted her to divorce my father because they are toxic to eachother but i see now her debilitated sun needed partnership but also her scorpio stellium fixed stubbornnes wouldnt leave. could be the debilitated capricorn moon too suffering 😢😫 alot im seeing suffering from debilitation. i wish there was a way out for their suffering despite the stars. my mother is elderly now and has dementia but i have seen the difficulties of debilitation.

              1. it is a good point. i have seen many aquarius and Libra natives not having the courage to do things on their own or confront difficult situations. they rely heavily on a team, a partner for the hard stuff. i believe mars placement/aspects is also important as it can balance things out.
                i had the experience with an aquarius friend, when we needed to get ourselves out of a difficult situation I had to figure out everything even ask a lawyer, she just attended the appointments and never expressed her opinion of what would be the best option. i had to decide which action to take and fortunately I made the right decision. I didn’t like that she was just there listening.

              2. Good morning from Oz, Elisa!

                All debilitated planets are asked to act in ways contrary to their best natures. Can they not be good? Of course they can, but they have to be conscious of their own behaviours, how this affects them and the choices that they make.

                Libra Suns want partnership to the point they will put up with pretty much anything. I should know. My father is a 0 Libra Sun. He was disowned by the family he financially supported and helped raised for marrying my mother. My mother asked me back in 2014 if I could see from my chart when he would pass – and I don’t think she asked out of great concern for him!

                Just to show you the extent Libra Suns will go to stay partnered! I recently told my son’s Libra OT that she should aim for a healthy relationship with herself because she gave too much the last time!

                Aqua Sun have that whole, I know best, I don’t need the lot of you dumb nuts! Sometimes they come across as wanting to have their cake and to eat it too; let’s remember that the sign is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, not just Uranus! People forget that all the time and attribute Uranus only to them. So it’s like they want the status of Saturn and the freedom to detach of Uranus.

            2. hello Estella, i couldnt respond to the other reply, so i replied here. I’m sorry to hear about your Libra sun father. I have heard so many times about that, they sacrifice alot, but they get angry that they aren’t getting the “fairness” back, i think it’s just that its hard for them to accept that some people can’t do as much as they. not everyone is a powerhouse. they kind of reflect their opposites/aries in a different way. thanks for the insight.

          1. That was really bad, the attitude the inability to face her own dark side. Aquarius are such cowards and they project. A lot. I remember my aquarius friend giving me such inspired advice -not- when I had clearly a pattern of picking wrong guys, no filter at all I was open to anyone. She then said I should be more open to people and allow others into my life.. She’s the one who never allows people in her life apart from her childhood friends.
            Don’t forget they are also fixed energy it doesn’t change that easily. You need the right placements for deep introspection or flexibility to be able to change..

            1. Aquarians are such ardent advice givers – that I wholeheartedly agree. They fail to see anyone’s viewpoint but their own. 😩

              1. I have Aquarius rising, but 4 personal planets in Scorpio. …. People I know intimately is usually attracted by my quirky side – and then suddenly find themselves in deep emotional waters with my Scorpio planets… I have gone through several years of therapy, and being able to empathize without handling emotions rationally + speaking about them rationally is still something I am working on (lots of childhood trauma from abusive Dad).

                But I try to own it when I project things onto people and “call back my shadow” after discovering my subconscious pattern. Pluto is my home buddy after all, and I strive to be one of those who doesn’t own their sh*t.

                So, not all Aquarius people and all that jazz. I think it comes down to elements, modalities and aspects. But in general: No, Leos are typically generous. A lot of them are. I think it’s the Sun’s influence. But there still are nagging, annoying Leos. Just like there are Aquarius people who have worked on their shadow – aka their Leo part – and to bring that part of them forward, and is learning how to be generous in the original meaning of the word. And to lead with their heart as well as their mind <3

            2. hi Sofie, this is in response to your reply, on debilitated sun/placements. You mentioned it would take a strong mars to balance that.I’ve seen a strong sun sign (Aries/Leo/Sag) with even Libra mars and they’re debilitated from indecision. >_< its this debilitation that puts them in sorrow and i wonder if it's saturn because saturn is restriction and thats the suffering. my mother had a very strong mars and i saw that Aries mars become a power house with her creativity and passion to create things, she was a talented seamstress and decorator. she was just a powerhouse that i never got to really appreciate all those things when i was younger because when you see it all the time you take it for granted. of course appreciation is always there, but human beings take things for granted, as we have to keep reminding ourselves hey, always appreciate everyday. So there's this debilitation i see and im observing it in people's lives, both family and friends and outsiders. Astrology has made me understand these placements alot better and have more compassion.

              1. it depends as I have seen weak mars placements still giving strength and force. but Saturn in a bad aspect to mars is a weak one.
                my mars is in Taurus not a good placement conjunct my sun in 10H so its energy is supposed to be very weak but I have the strength to face difficulties and take action. it’s a slow energy.

            3. Sofie, i know astrology deems taurus mars detriment too but for some reason many people who have that mars are powerhouses and while slow, slower than scorpio or aries mars for sure, they get things done. look at Madonna and now, president Biden has that mars. SO many others, i dont know why it’s detriment besides being slow; it’s such a strong mars. Taurus to me in any placement is really strong, like a big powerhouse super supportive energy. i think “air” has difficulties alone, which is why needing support. Even gemini who is not debilitated, always needs “the other” as their twin symbolism suggests.

              1. you are right. air signs are too much talk but no action!
                they are good at theory but when they need to make things happen they just can’t.
                Geminis also need someone to reassure them they are on the right track, they tend to get distracted easily or not finishing tasks out of boredom
                Air signs are not leadership material.
                maybe Pluto might give them a positive transformation..
                i too wonder why mars in Taurus is considered weak. taureans have strength and stamina. fire signs don’t have stamina

      2. The Aquarius shadow is clearly clearly leaders of a (sometimes humanitarian) organisation who has become corrupted and fanatical in their approach. Do we know someone like that? Oh yes!

        I guess one could say that at some point every organisation or leader becomes corrupted by their own ideas and power. Why do people do evil things?
        Well, at first, it’s not evil per se in their own eyes. The Catholic Church, for example, during the middle ages, their torture devices and the ability to say “Ok, if you did it because you didn’t know God, we can forgive you, if you become a Catholic” or some such nonsense.

        Was it cruel in their eyes? Not in the least! They made sure everyone feared the power of God, so they acted in *his* stead.

        Today, we are wiser and the power plays are more advanced or intricate, at least sometimes.

        But why do people become this way?

        Because they can. That’s it. Because no one is watching and no one dares to step in, so their power grows and they become corrupted.

        The fanatical/idealogical Aquarius leader is just as toxic as the Leo King with absolute power. They become each others’ shadow, and switch places, as I see it. Leo ruled masses, that succumb to an idea or manifestation of their own creative powers (the borgeuse movement for example), and Powerful fanatics in and out of organisations.

        (luto will reveal all of those soon I expect).

        But the higher octave of these signs is generosity, integrity and ability to take in others’ viewpoints, and have the public verdicts in your decision. Think Leo leaders who acknowledge and take in the opinions of people they govern. It’s probably a sort of pure form of democracy, eh?
        But as we all know, democracy has its own shadow too!

        Integrity is key to both Leo and Aquarius, in each their different expressions.

        My BF is from 1980, so what you describe for your own generation, I can see being present his/mine too (I am 40 years, so have the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Libra myself).

        The best thing about my BF’s work is his continuous focus on digital security (he controls what happens on a company’s digital platforms and software solutions).

        He has taught me a lot about keeping your own digital imprints on the internet limited and acting in a secure fashion. He is also making me aware of how easy it is to slip in a banana peel, figuratively, online.

        So I am totally on board with you on this. We cannot go wrong with generosity, but we need to have a discerning eye as to who we are giving it to.

        1. Agree with you on why evil people do evil things.

          I think we have already seen technocrats flex their muscle with the massive IT layoffs. They do so because they can, not because it will put a dent in their billion-dollar net worth.

          True Leo, as you aptly describe, consider the opinions and needs of others. They can do this because their ego is not threatened by the “otherness” of those around them.

          Aquarians can too, in a humanitarian and detached way. But they would have to overcome a debilitated (Sun) ego first. They would have to acknowledge that for some reason, they have a self-esteem problem. If they don’t, they will become like my astro buddy of 15 years, hurt by every single perceived slight. No amount of tip-toeing around their feelings can help.

          Like I said, your preponderance of Scorpio makes you a different breed of Aqua. Aqua is the gate to your first house and chart ruler, but the capacity to transform is there. The capacity to connect deeply and the desire to connect deeply is there.

          You see value in water, in emotions.

          Because my astro buddy has no water, she cannot recognise her own knee-jerk emotive reactions. She cannot connect to her emotional motivation to act, which is very much alive, despite all that air, much less fathom the emotional motivations of others.

          Everyone is the enemy when there is no common language.

          Ditto a lack of earth.

          So because all she has is air and some fire, it is thought of as being superior to the other two. There is a distinct myopia.

          Do I regret our relationship? No, I can never regret what and who lead me to astrology. It’s been the great love of my life from get go. But do I wish I could have spoken for myself earlier? Yes, most definitely.

  18. @Anette Glad to hear that you have consciously worked to overcome the challenges in your chart. 🙏👏We all have them. It takes a lot of awareness and on-going effort to improve.

    I think ultimately, with you having 4 personal planets in Scorpio, there is scope for radical self transformation . I don’t think it’s easy when one has no Scorpio planets and allocates Pluto to “other people.”

    1. It’s a huuuuuuge task and Sheesh, I’m tired of pyramids and the desert!
      But apparently I’m not allowed any resting, because Pluto is who he is. He demands the truth and my Scorpio Mercury is a P.I.T.A in being a psychological surgeon, so phew!

      But yes, I wouldn’t want it any other way, it’s become a way of living, I guess? To probe deeply and deeper still. Sometimes you get lost in your own subconscious though, and need an expert (a therapist, LOL) on all things emotional.

      But yes, my Aquarius can sometimes be pretty annoying, as it’s not ME they see at first, while the brilliance of my mouth and brain talks a good game – and I go all silent and broody/probing. No one likes the party to end, I guess!
      But if I go emotional and deep with you, it’s quite frankly a pretty big compliment that I trust you.

      I can fully relate to what you say about the Pluto shadow. Had a friend like that once, she had tr. Pluto opposite her sun. Everyone was the problem, not her of course!

      1. Keep up the good work! 💪💪💪 You are working on yourself and improving everyday.

        Some people find journaling helps. I find practising astrology to be a good workout for my Merc sextile Pluto. 😁

        Whichever house cusp you have Scorpio on is where you will have to continually transform and the nature of that transformation can be seen from where Pluto is located in your chart and by sign. Just gotta get with the program! 😅

        Keep at it! 🙏👍

        1. Well, it certainly benefits my partner’s (Libra Pluto) but sometimes can be one hell of a PITA too, as they are usually not that self conscious or self aware and thus creates issues from their own shadows. And the thing about Scorpio is we want control, but you can’t MAKE the other person see their own issues or go to therapy. You have to be very very conscious of WHY are you doing this (staying in the relationship), and accept your own role in either not taking responsibility for your own flaws or shadow (I have an 8th house Libra Moon for example, in square with Cap Mars from the 12th house), so I KNOW I got issues around codependent relationships, and I need to be very aware of these traits in ME – regardless of what my partner wants or not.

          I have met so many idiots out there, but I think the partner I am with now, is probably one of the most self aware. It also helps that both of us have had our ADD/ADHD sorted out, we are being correctly medicated and are learning how to be aware of these challenges such a diagnosis adds to a relationship.

          In addition to your comments, then I’d say, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, all people have toxic traits, the key is to find compability, not perfection, and then work on your own shit from their, together. Because we are all FLAWSOME in the best way possible, but straining, education and self awareness can go one hell of a long way, psychologically and emotionally 👀

          1. Hi Anette!

            Thanks for sharing. 🙏It’s certainly more challenging to have a satisfying relationship if you don’t have your issues worked out.

            I have noticed a propensity for ND to partner up with other ND. There are two ASD and 2 ADHD in my household of 4. You can take a stab (Scorpio😂) at which one I am.

            When all is said and done, it all comes down to how conscious are we of our issues and whether we want to address them or not. Scorpios are not known for bending to the will of others, but then we can say that of most fixed signs. Certainly hard aspects from Pluto to the inner planets will increase this need for control.

            I had a chuckle when I saw your FLAWSOME in the last paragraph. For a moment my eyes tricked me and I thought it was FLAVOURSOME!!!😂 Taurus DC adventures.

            1. I love the word FLAWSOME (or Flavoursome – depending on the Taurus or Scorpio influence, I guess! :p) – saw it in a movie once and used it right away. It really coins imperfect human beings I’d say 😉

              I say you’d be right in regards to Scorpios – but the influence of Libra *does* make it a bit harder to stand your ground. I mostly try with grace to get others to see my POV or bend to my will, but if not, I can feel SO dejected. I think it’s the Libra in me. I have to remind myself to not take it personally and that we are all on a different journey.

              I think you are right in regards to the ND trend. It can be a bit easier to understand and find each other after a misunderstanding – but it can also be a trap, because not everyone is ready or mature enough to take personal responsibility. That’s where our individual planet constellations and personal responsibility comes in, I guess.

              1. I was told, by a second cousin who tracked me down through 23andMe, another term for ND is “Neuro Spicy.”🤔😝😂

                I only have Pluto in Libra, chart ruler, but I can see what you mean about wanting to persuade others to see your POV. Libra planets try to do it diplomatically but sometimes only a certain level of bluntness will get the message across.

                Then again, I’ve learnt to pick my battles. I don’t need to convert everyone, suffice to say we can agree to disagree.

                One of my close ADHD friends, taught me a magic word called, “No.” As in No I cannot and will not do that. 😅With my Virgo Mars chart co-ruler, I used to hate saying No without at least giving it a go.

                But I’ve learnt that quite often people don’t want help or insight. They just want to moan endlessly. 😬 Case in point when I convinced two of my friends to roll out the welcome wagon for my former astro buddy (yes, the Aqua Sun and Merc opposite debilitated anaretic Saturn) who had just moved to Sydney. Former astro buddy, herself autistic, was forever complaining how she had “no social capital”, was a “social orphan” etc etc so I thought I’d “do her a solid”, as we sat down under, and make the introductions.

                Did she appreciate it? No, not an iota. Instead in her parting letter to me, she said that she didn’t need a “proactive” friend, she only wanted a listener. Oh Gawd. 😳

                So now after all this, I’ve learnt that maybe I should have always said what was on my mind, that she was a xenophobic bigot (forever bashing me with the so-called appropriateness of behaviour in Australia) and the only reason we were friends for 15 years was because 1) she had no one else 2) I absolutely love astrology

                She, who initiated me to astrology, now totally hates it because Tr Pluto is soon to go over her debilitated Sun and combust and challenged Merc RX.

                So in midlife, the hunt for a suitable tribe continues. Lately I have been attracting other water Suns. I’m a Cancer Sun Jupiter. It’s very bizarre.

                Previously I attracted many Aquarians (Uranus prominent, Aqua IC), before that, many Capricorn (packed 10th)…there are many Sag Sun and rising in my extended family, also quite a number of Libra Sun and rising. 🤔

                You need to see what sort of Davison you share with your BF. It’s highly illuminating. I could have fabulous synastry with someone but if our Davison is problematic, I feel that more keenly than our synastry.

  19. Anette I couldn’t agree more with you. we are more than our sun sign, all other placements in our chart define how we think and behave.
    it is very inspiring that you have grown so much spiritually/emotionally and still working on your self to become the best version of you.
    i have a Scorpio moon and i have to say it gave me so much pain but the ability to go into deep introspection and face my darkness without fear as well. with a Taurus and Sagittarius stellium I couldn’t have done it without my Scorpio moon.
    Taurus is too stubborn and Sagittarius too dogmatic

    1. Hi Sophie, I am glad to be the one who got away (from the typical Aquarius I mean).
      I have natal Mars in Cap,so it’s in its exaltation, but – in my 12th house. At least the elements of earth and a water house is compatible energies.

      I do agree with you on the Taurus thingy… And yes, Sag is definitely pretty dogmatic, while Taurus is a real pain in the …. due to its stubborn nature. Had a BF once and he had 3 personal planets in Taurus, including Chiron too.
      To say that he was destined to shoot himself in the foot with his Taurus issues would be an understatement of the year. 12th house is, after all, the place where you will produce your own subconscious undoing…

      I think your Scorpio moon is a real bonus for you. It will help you achieve big things with the incredible Spidey senses.

      My current partner and I have a progressed composite Aries Venus in the 12th, and transit Chiron is exact our progress. composite Ascendant.

      Boy, is this shit taking its toll?
      I bet! It’s an ego carnage, and trigger reaction carnage!
      I try hard to be as conscious of this as possible, but man it’s an uphill battle with so much hurt in the air at the moment. Saturn transitting Pisces does not make things easier either… *sigh*

  20. On the topic of machine learning… I’ve used Bing’s AI search to look up the meaning of a transit. It is frighteningly quick to scoop up everything ever said on the web about this transit. Convenience, at the cost of authentic individuality I suppose.

  21. i know very well how the dark side of Taurus is such a pain for everyone and himself and a stellium there amplifies the energy -good or bad. 12H is a tricky one as well and I m relieved I don’t have planets there but it does indicate our karmic wounds. mine is in cancer and did not have a good mother.. its ruler is in 4H and I bring spirituality at home!
    your composite aries venus can indicate a spiritual/ emotional connection meant to bring growth.

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