Mars In Virgo Does Not Suffer Fools

Mars enters Virgo on October 14th. To fare well, put your effort towards fixing and organizing things. It’s a good time to clean things up, to assert yourself at work or to offer assistance.

This combination describes a hero in the office. A brave servant. An energetic helper. A mental challenge.

Virgo is Mercury-ruled, so mouths will be on fire. Look for aggressive speech and distracted drivers as people rush around in their cars, using their phones to multitask in an effort (Mars) to be efficient (Virgo).

This placement does not suffer fools, so if you come in with your idiocy or slow-thinking, it’s possible you’ll be eviscerated.  But by in large, Virgo is a do-gooder. Just don’t piss one off too bad, because they will be armed at this time and hot to trot as well.

Thinking will be fresh at this time, and I’d think twice before complaining about this transit. Reason is that when Mars leaves Virgo for Libra in December, he’ll be stuck on the sign of his detriment until July 2o14. P eople aren’t going to like even one little bit!

What house will Mars be transiting in your chart? What would you like to accomplish during this transit?

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27 thoughts on “Mars In Virgo Does Not Suffer Fools”

  1. Yay Mars in Virgo! 🙂 Organizing and fixing is my middle name. And I love efficient systems. I pretty much balk at doing anything if the way it’s done is inefficient or wastes effort, time or money. Always looking for the “best” way to do everything.
    Mine is in the 12th so well, yeah. 🙂 My FB groups are all about organizing, cleaning, productivity and handy tips. One if them is for Planner Addicts (binders, Filofax that kind of thing).
    If a system is smooth though, there is no stopping me. I will knock out amazing amounts of work.

  2. I’m revisiting the idea of becoming a professional organizer. Mercury rules my 10th. It’s in my 9th though, so not quite sure how that translates. Talking about my ideas?? Going to classes or school?

  3. My daughter has this in her 9th, boy. She sure is a pat rack and stubborn, she’s been very independent since she took her own diapers off , I also contribute the fact that she’s Scorpio and has Pluto a degree away from her Ascendant from 12 , but that doesn’t scare the mommy scorpio, because she knows that deep down with all that drama displays to get her way, she has a heart of gold with Sun conjunct venus 0 degree

  4. Good thing I signed up for the Venus/Saturn workshop…This Mars in Virgo energy falls right into my 7th house…great time for working on my relationship(s)!

  5. 12th house home of my Sun. Don’t forget health regimens, folks. Good time to make war on your bad habits, if you put your will to it. I quit smoking last time Mars was in Virgo.

  6. Virgo is my 9th house.. I’ll be with my Virgo grandfather trying to reason with his dementia while attempting to clean and organize his hoarding tendencies – and also keep the warring family factions at bay. Fun for me!!

  7. Booo 🙁 Its all squares for me. 8th House squares. Harsh 8H transits are the worst. Although the opposition a few months ago was really easy. Last time it was conjunct I had to borrow around $2000, which was about 3 months paychecks for me.

  8. I’m looking forward to Mars in Virgo then. Well, Mars in Virgo will be going through my 6th and 7th houses, so I intend to work harder on my health, my work routine, and my relationships. This is perfect timing, considering the near-conclusion of Saturn conjunct Pluto and Saturn square Venus.

  9. Mars will also be in my 9th, and til now I had no clue what that might mean.

    The 9th house is religion, higher education, philosophy, okay. Shrug. Can’t see any connection to my life. BUT it’s also the house of “crisis”, the house of “faith”, right? Faith borne of crisis. So maybe that’s what I’ll be focused on. 🙂 Makes more sense now. I’m looking at my current life and seeing looming crises all around me. Maybe Mars in Virgo will give me some discernment as to what to do.

  10. 2012 mars remain 8 months to Virgo. It was a hell for me. I was praying and crying to get rid of that situation… there was fire fire fire everywhere … that was worst time in my life. break all my faith.. hurt myself badly , scar will never go away from me. This time I’m not scared because its staying in virgo for usual 2 months time frame.. it will be intense but not 8 months.

    This time its comeing to Libra for 8 months, that is my solar 2nd house and natal 6th house. I have 3 planets in Libra. I’m already working a lot in my daily life/routine. Whatelse Mars will do?? Saturn is sitting at my 6th house (early scorpio) too.

    1. thanks for the reminder Sona. Mars was not easily placed for me last year either. This time I think it might be better. Conjunct natal Virgo stellium (including Mars and Mercury!) in the 5th. I’m hoping for a creative energy rush and lots of key communication with contacts.

  11. I’m already fixing, cleaning, and organizing things!

    Mars will transit my 9th

    I was given a mess to fix. I started with the mess pile last week and now I’m almost done with the pile. I will have to make a list of what I’ve done. Then, I need to go through each state we have records of tax returns for, make sure I’ve closed all dead accounts, and gotten all the fees and taxes paid. (8th)

    After I finish with the pile, I will have to put in more papers to make sure the company is legally (9th) operating in the states left behind after I’ve closed everything. (9th)

  12. Organizing my life has never had such a calming effect on me before. I think my close contacts that are wallowing in having taken on too much and trying to tunnel their way back to sanity are further re-enforcing something I learned a long time ago when I found myself in that situation. In their stress, I have been getting some awful gnawing remarks about my person and some severe tongue lashings.

    And I finally figured out why I insist on doing all this canning and soup making and experimenting with new dishes all the time. It does me cancer moon good. It too is calming. So I am good with that. It takes the freak out of it for me.

    Mars in virgo is natal 10th (yeah, I gotta deal with that thing too :p), progressed 8th, and solar return 1st. I feel real good about my positioning astrologically as I understand it. But the timing (saturn) is a little off. So am going to ease into it to get back to ‘that thing.’ I am looking at it as a test run. And it has been written that virgo sun likes the testing.

  13. Avatar

    My natal Mars is in Virgo, 9th House. It would be great if I could get new work abroad again. In the past, this is how I have sometimes expressed that energy (Peace Corps, teaching English abroad, international research project, etc.) The other way I exert my Mars – pursuing a Virgo man – doesn’t have such great results. So hopefully will be the former this time around.

  14. This is starting out in my 4th house, and that’s probably where I need it most. This is an opportunity for getting some major decluttering done (which I have already started on) and helping out my parents with some home-related projects. When it moves into my 5th…well, we’ll see. Hopefully the decluttering work done in the 4th will free up some mental space for me to focus more on fun, creative things!

  15. I love Mars in Virgo! All of my Virgo planets will be energized. It will be in my 2nd/3rd houses. I plan on using the transit to put some energy toward getting more scientific with my writing and researching.

  16. I’m looking forward to it! Right now it’s conjunct my late Leo stellium and I’ve been feeling the effect for a while now.. It’s passed by my mercury and jupiter and now it’s hitting venus at 27 degrees leo and my sun at 2 degrees Virgo – I’m firing on all cylinders, lol!

    At 26 degrees Virgo it will hit my mars/ascendant conjunction, so I’m kind of wondering – Elsa, have you written or can you recommend any articles on mars returns? I haven’t been able to find much info on this and I’ve been working on accessing my 12th house mars in the “right” way – less mental analysis and more practical action, you know? I’d much appreciate it!

  17. mars has been in my 8H since 2 degrees Leo and will stay in my 8H until it reaches 13 degrees Virgo. I’m looking forward to it leaving my 8H as I’ve felt the pain of debt big time… but im also very close to being completely debt free – expect to be at the end of November. no savings, but no debt… gotta start somewhere. maybe mars in my 9H will bring travel, that would be great!

  18. Mars in my 2nd ascending house, in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, my 8th house.
    Can this Mars transit prevent things from going under water?

    1. Thanks. It will be interesting to see (and feel) this energy. I believe that perhaps the fire of Mars can bring some positive energy to fight and prevent the illusions and watery misguidance of Nepute under the 8th/12th energy in Pisces, but without losing the spirituality necessary to balance things. Let’s see.

  19. Hello,
    I am new here.. Can you please tell me how to figure out which house Mars will be transiting? I believe Virgo is in my 6th house? (sun sign Virgo also) thanks so much!

  20. When Mars reaches 2 deg. Virgo, I will have a Mars return in the 11th house. I could use the energy to move aggressively toward goals, maybe.

  21. Prayers for all Virgo’s…..I have started a written list of all the activities which will help me accomplish this particular transit in a learing/way….
    very best for all…
    tf tylor

  22. In looking at my boyfriends chart I saw that Mars in Virgo conjuncts his natal Saturn in 7th house. I was curious to see how this energy might play out, thinking it would be a relationship issue due to the 7th house placement. It was, just not with me, specifically, but with himself. He came down with the flu. I have been preaching to him to better take care of himself/health wise and take some time off. He has been overworked and stressed and doesn’t take care of himself properly. Virgo is in my 9th house – with him sick and grumpy he wants to be left alone so I have more time to write on my book and make a pot of homemade chicken soup. Virgo the healer always working wonders.

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