Astrology And Happiness: “Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon”

satori writes:

I was looking through my notes to myself and found one I’d written when reading Dennis Elwell’s, “Cosmic Loom” a few months back. I love what he has to say about the interplay of the sun and moon. He classified the sun as an expression of gratitude: experiencing warmth from our center. The moon he calls hedonistic, the passive absorption of experience.

He likened the difference to that between active looking and blank staring. Because of this “the moon tends to highlight the faults of the sign. The moon placement can almost be regarded as the Achilles’ heel.”

I put that together with your wisdom– live your sun; satisfy your moon— and found a huge burst of “a-HA!”

Elsa P writes:

It was about 20 years ago I realized that to be happy a person basically had to figure out how they could both “Live their Sun and satisfy their Moon”. I do this on a daily basis; consequently I am a very happy person.

In fact as a bit of trivia for you, this is one of the roots of my alter ego , screen name, the satisfieddog.

Do you live your Sun? Is your Moon satisfied? Tell us.

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34 thoughts on “Astrology And Happiness: “Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon””

  1. satori – I also bitched you out over your email address as I recall. It was something denigrating. Or was that drevil your email?

    In whatever case you (and I) have come a long way baby!

  2. satori as I recall your address was something like satoripieceofshit and then I said something and you changed it to the current which incorporates the word “star” which I said was good for your Leo… 🙂

  3. Oh, and on the other… well I wrote about passwords long ago – I probably ought to do it again but at the moment we both sound pretty mixed up but maybe I am just mixed up. 😉

  4. !! as you know I used to go by “DoctorEvil”. one day you said something about labels reflecting who we are and I thought, hey, I’m not evil. it was a moment of satori… and thusly…

  5. isn’t that funny? I don’t remember. it probably was. but the one to which I was referring– I changed my username and said to you, “look, hey, I made a change!” and you said, “what, huh? I wasn’t thinking of you when I wrote that!” BAHAHAHAHA!

  6. oh GOD, just reading that makes me cringe… I’m pretty sure it was the doctorevil addy. I’m way too conceited to REALLY denigrate myself… altho I do love my bad-ass posturing. ::rollseyes::

  7. that’s it! I remember!

    hey Jennifer! I really don’t have mine figured out either. I just do the best I can and try to consciously think about it now and then. it seems like it’s three steps forward, two steps back, but eventually you get somewhere. well, hell, we’re always somewhere 🙂

  8. So when your sun and your moon are the same (in this case, Capricorn for both)…how does that work with this thought? I’m confused!

  9. I don’t know Carielle, possibly watch to make sure you’re balancing the cap characteristics so that the moon is not carrying the shadow side too much? hard to do with cap moon, tho, I know. I imagine that living your sun would automatically satisfy your moon in many cases. that’s a plus!

  10. Oh my god, the conversation between satori and Elsa is cracking me up here… and I’m in a library…

    I’m Cap sun/Libra moon so I just look for things that suit “us” both. Cap gets to handle the security and reality, Libra gets to flirt and maintain her sunshine images. I guess in some ways I look at these bits of myself as different people living in the same me! It helps!

  11. oh good, Shaina, whew– I was worried I was hijacking. I’m also feeling a little guilty cos I realized maybe I did have [email protected]. that would totally be something I’d do cos I have such strong leo that sometimes “I suck” = “funniest fucking thing I ever heard!”


  12. Aqua Sun, Scorp Moon.
    Intensity and detachment.
    Down to the depths and then analyze.
    Wash, rinse, repeat.

    I like intellectual relationships with people I feel passionately about.

  13. not enough on both counts. but i’m learning it. and maybe i lie more aries than i realize 😉

    but the aquarius moon is generally in a state of stir crazy. i keep joking about wanting to go hide in the mountains and paint but i’m not really joking. i just can’t, really… yet.

  14. Aries Sun square Cappy Moon. It’s taken me a long time to learn that balancing act. I still fuck it up sometimes.

  15. Aries Sun/Libra Moon – it’s very difficult. I’m rarely happy…add to that Pluto conj my Moon & in a way, you could say I’m happy being unhappy 😉

  16. hmm…I wouldn’t even know where to start, being that I am still trying to understand what it means to have a Capricorn Moon.
    I think there are a few similarities between Leo and Cappy, right? Like their organizational skills, their ambition, and the such.
    I think their differences lie in the emotional arena, right? Ahhhhhh…..okay, I think I understand now. Could be why I am an uber emotional being who tries so hard and has such the urge to contain these feelings. I have always struggled with my emotions. They are always right there beneath the surface. Leo Sun would like to express it, but Cappy moon says no. Leo Sun doesn’t mind expressing the goodness, but Cappy would rather bury the sadness.
    You did my chart a while back ago Elsa, and said my chart is full if contradictions. Could this be one of them?

  17. aw shell, I’ve got one too…
    here’s the leo/cappy convo:

    Leo sun (Auntie Mame voice): I want to LIVE LIVE LIVE! in fact, maybe I’ll just sing…
    Cap moon (Monty Python voice): NO NO NO, stop, we’ll have none of that!

    just kidding, sort of. I think leo and cap are compatible. leo can use a little control and capricorn can use a little showmanship. I think they blend.

  18. Gemini sun is easy to live… I just had to go back to school, and now it’s all totally happy. Pisces moon… *dramatic sigh* I’ve come to the conclusion that Pisces moon may just not be happy unless she’s unhappy. Hell if I know. Fantasy novels help a lot, though. 🙂 And Gemini approves of reading, so that seems a good comprimise.

    Lately it seems like my Leo Ascendant is the one that’s not satisfied. I want to perform again, or do something brave somehow, and I’m just not in a place to do that.

  19. Lilly– that makes me want to scoop you up like a puppy, but I don’t think your aries would like it 😉

    ewinbee– what about writing(gemini) fantasy(pisces)? your leo might get off on publishing it!

  20. Having just commented on the other post, what you write here Elsa reminds me of the Jupiter Neptune ascendant person. The new moon being like a sponge, soaking in experiences to quench such a thirst.


  21. Libra Sun 29th degree needs a relationship, and I’ve lived it because I’ve always had one. Gemini moon needs communication… that’s the tough part with the guys I’m attracted to (Mars in Cancer, Cap on 7th). I don’t think I’m there yet. But I feel like I could be.

  22. Aquarius Sun/Leo Moon, although my Sun/Moon are totally opposite, I live my Sun happily and my Moon is very much satisfied.

    I manage to find a way out by being me-centered yet help out other people. Really hard to explain but as long as I’m happy right?

  23. Leo Sun/Libra Moon. They go together nicely, except for one thing. I’m oh-so gracious and polite and well-mannered when I really want to rip into people. The cool Air tamps down the Fire just a bit…like a campfire on a windy beach.

  24. gemini 1st house sun opposite sag 7th house moon

    They actually seem to work pretty well. I travel when I can, take books to read (that usually end up flipped over with the pages folded because I got distracted by something else), check out EVERYTHING I can see, and remember stories for when I come home. And ‘blog via my mobile while I’m out …. *chuckle*

  25. Scorpio sun is a master of disguise. It can go from 0-80 in two seconds flat. Taurus moon wants everything to go slowly. Scorpio knows how to *mf hustle. Taurus on the other hand would rather… move at its own pace, greener pastures are sure to be found eventually ….

  26. I just got back from France.

    Virgo Moon: Christ on a cracker, could it GET a little more dirty in here? Why don’t they clean the damn mirrors?

    I’m happy with the balance.

  27. Sag sun 6th/Libra moon 4th.
    Pros: I love to work and socialize.
    Cons: I’d like to travel more often but I’m too lazy.

  28. leo sun/virgo moon do not mix!! Leo wants to be exuberant and virgo just is the most critical little voice in my head!! I’m always in the middle!

  29. My husband is Aquarius Sun/Cancer Moon. He seems to manage very nicely, although I would think that combination would be a toughy.
    He never seems to be, or claim that he is unhappy. But then again, sometimes he has passive agressive tendencies.

    I always wondered how he deals with his Sun and Venus in Aquarius/Moon and Rising in Cancer. I always ask him “Do you ever feel torn between wanting to be free, and wanting to be a family man?”
    He replies “I’ve never felt more free than when I’m with you and our kids.”
    Awwww……such a cassanova 🙂

  30. Miss Aquarius, we are opposites and I think you’ve got it down! Help when and where you can, but stay in your own head and be sure you’ve got your boundaries set and clearly understood.

    Now if I could figure it out in the wider realm that would be lovely! *lol*

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