Venus In Aquarius, Weird? Mars In Cancer A Wimp? Mercury In Sagittarius, Stupid?


Are Mars in Cancer people wimps who cant fight? Are Venus in Aquarius people weird and are Mercury in Sagittarius people have ADD and stupid and are messy? I have these things in my chart…


No I don’t think Mars in Cancer = wimps. I think anyone with any Mars in any sign that refuses to use their prowess could be called a wimp. Specific to Mars in Cancer… well my husband has Mars in Cancer and can and will kick just about any ass he comes across so that blows that theory.

Venus in Aquarius people do tend to be weird provided you don’t apply any judgment to that word. For some of us (like me with Uranus in the 7th), only the quirky have appeal. Anything else and I am bored about of my mind so…

As for Mercury in Sagittarius – ADD maybe but I would not consider them messy or stupid. Preachy and talk too much? Probably. And yes, they may not clean their desk as this would be seen as a pedestrian pursuit as compared to thinking big thoughts. Stupid? Here again, anyone can be stupid. If you don’t use your mind, (your Mercury in any sign) then you’re stupid I suppose.

Anyone else?

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23 thoughts on “Venus In Aquarius, Weird? Mars In Cancer A Wimp? Mercury In Sagittarius, Stupid?”

  1. I have Mars in Cancer, too. It’s like anything else – blessing or curse, in equal parts. You just have to learn to play the cards in your hand, you know? 🙂

  2. Mars in Cancer folk are mighty protective of their kith and kin, and of their nations, in my experience.. knew a chap with Mars/Saturn in Cancer who a) looked after his elderly parents and b) worked as a road safety expert. As for Mercury in Sag.. my friends and family with that placement are all fascinated by other people.. eternal students..wot was the other thing mentioned?.. oh yes..Venus in Aquarius.. I have that and yup.. am weird..ish.. although I think I’m ordinary!!

    1. Hahaha! Mars in cancer and im no engineer but i do have a thing for road maintenance and road safety. And im superprotective of my family.

      I used to not be a wimp. Shit id fight just for something to do when i was much younger. Channeled that into underdog assistance but im tired now. Dont really want to fight anymore and keep my mouth shut w my opinion more often than not. I could be a wimp now idk. At least on the surface, choosing my battles better.

  3. An astrologer on a message board told me (years ago) that people who have Sun conjunct Saturn tend to have an easier time in the second half of their lives than the first. Do you agree?

    I ask because I have that aspect, and things seems to be getting more difficult, altho I’m probably at the mid-point in my life, assuming I live to be 88 or thereabout. (Which is not unheard of in my family…lots of old-timers.)

    (I hope I didn’t misunderstand “submit an open question” and totally throw off this conversation.)

  4. “An astrologer on a message board told me (years ago) that people who have Sun conjunct Saturn tend to have an easier time in the second half of their lives than the first. Do you agree?”

    Yes, provided they are not stupid. If you are stupid then you just stay that way.

  5. @satori – my mom’s got her own dangerous hand and her own game to play.

    My cards. My game. No compromising on that one. *grin*

    @Lynne I find that to be very true of me – most of my family is that way, though. (the saying in my family is, if you step on my brother’s foot, I’ll holler) I wonder if there’s a Mars/Cancer pattern to the charts or if that’s just cultural. I may have to look. I know one sister has almost everything in Scorp, but I’d have to go look at the rest.

  6. I know what you mean about the stereotypes, expecially when they apply to oneself. Each chart is unique as a snowflake

    Plenty often, (too often) I have heard intimations that Mercury is Taurus people are S.L.O.W. I take umbrige with that. Dull, slow thinker, methodical thinker, blah blah, match that up with Mars in Gemini in the 3rd and plenty of other fire and air … no way slow. Too fast sometimes. So that is just an example.

    I would see Merc in Sag as an asset. I don’t know why, particularly, it’s more like just a hunch of how I feel about it. It may be in detriment or whatever, but I just don’t see it that way. I see it as an asset. I just would. Yeah, maybe a little preachy at times, but so what? If you don’t like em, don’t hang out with them, or change the channel, etc,

    Venus in Aqu does have a rep … but HEY, not as bad a rep as venus in Aries LOL. Either way, there are too many other variables to say anything about Venus in one particular sign.

    Mars in Cancer people are a great mystery to me and it is one of my most recent area of interest and study. I have several close people in my life who have that placement, a couple with that placement in the first house. It is very interesting to study.

    Hey, it’s snowing y’all. And yeah, unfortunately, I still have every square inch of my ass, or maybe even a little extra.

  7. My son has Mars in Cancer. He’s not the kind to start a fight, but he is by no means afraid or unable to defend himself. He’s actually quite athletic and sports are a big part of his daily life. And I mean rough sports. Of all the words I could use to describe him, “wimp” is certainly not one of them.

  8. One of my best friends is a Mars in Cancer. He’s one of the fiercest fighters I have known. If he believes in something, he’ll fight it to the end. If he’s being threatened/challenge, he’ll even take on the challenge…

    So “wuss” is the last thing I’d describe him.

  9. Loon, what is mysterious to you about Mars in Cancer? I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I love it, then I hate it 😛

    Whimps? HELL-To-The-NO!! I had my fair share of fist fights growing up. Never back down! And yes, it usually began by me defending/protecting a friend.

    (Thank God I matured):)

  10. Dad has Mars, Venus and Pluto conjunct in Cancer. There is absolutely, positively nothing wimpy about that man. At all. Pretty powerful and extremely virile and when he was in the house you knew who was boss.

  11. I have Venus in Aquarius sextile Mercury in Sag. I awoke from a strange dream last night thinking I was really stupid.

    So maybe there is something in what you’re asking, but I’m not taking it personally.

  12. dangerous to make any assumptions about astrology. anything can be expressed in such a broad spectrum of ways that judging it in such a cartoonish way seems dangerous.

    and no one better tell me mars in pisces is wimpy. so let’s not talk about cancer that way, either, K???

  13. i have mars in cancer and i think stacey hit the nail on the head. i’m not one to start a fight but i don’t back down from one either. and i’m persistent as h*ll once it’s on. maybe not as fast as mars in aries but i will show you eventually. mars is a cardinal sign after all…

  14. Mars in Cancer … never back down, I so relate to that right at this exact moment, I call him “bullet head” when he gets in this mode, from my mother he got the nickname “crazy” and it’s really difficult to get something like that out of my mother.

    correct, it’s super cardinal energy, and I find it to be a super aggressive mars, so my view (singling out one variable in the chart, which is controversial, I agree), my view is that Mars in Cancer is one of the most aggressive and fighting and offensive (versus defensive) mode of fighting…mars in Cancer there is. It is almost as if it is an over-compensation … I have seen this mars be stubborn to it’s own detriment also.

    I have seen it in the 1st house with the person having a soft appearence, but just tap the surface and pow.

    I mean Mars likes the water pretty much in scorpio I guess, where it is in it’s own sign or something like that, but cancer, it struggles, Pisces, I feel it struggles also, but I have known fewer of them. and by struggle I mean struggle with appropriate anger expression therefore it is over kill. or inability to be properly assertive to ask for something, then bottle it up and eventually vent it all at once, ewww, that right there is an ugly thing to see

  15. One of my best friends have mercury in sag. She is a deep thinker, writes and directs wonderful plays on stage. So I guess that pretty much busts the cookbook interpretations we usually come across.
    I myself have progressed mars in cancer. I’ve recently developed a passion for cooking! hehe.. so I’m learning all the tricks there is from my mom.

    I guess its a little late to comment. Still.

  16. Mars in Cancer : This placement fights defensively and the motivation to do or act on,for,or against anything or anyone, is based on their own subjective sense of safety and security . The issue with Mars in Cancer is that sometimes their defensive instinct keeps them stuck in a self protective cocoon. Mars in Cancer either be the fiercest protectors (especially of the vulnerable ones, animals or children) or very self centered lazy people, emotionally irritable in their fight against imagined foes,irrationally xenophobic.

  17. Mercury in Sagittarius is not stupid?! Robert Hand is a Merc in Sag example; Hand is a supurb historian and encyclopedic scholar, linguist, and generalist. Mercury on Sag tends to think they are more knowledgeable or informed about a subject than they actually are sometimes, and are great at emphasizing the idea or concept but have a hard time focusing on the detailed execution of ideas (technique and production) often losing interest engrossed in philosophical irrelvance. Any kind of Saturn aspect helps, As well a well functioning Jupiter.

  18. Venus in Aquarius can be as beautiful sleek and uniquely intelligent as they come; Aquarius’ universal nature means many are attracted and attractive to them .. Its hard for Venus in Aqua to personalize and stabilize or legitimately connect one on one. Sometimes if the Venus in Aqua is unique in looks or intellect , they attract those that idealize them for those desired qualities , but not value the emotional needs of the Venus in Aqua person. Or, Venus in Aqua will deliberately depersonalize , hide their needs behind a unique style or quirk , and not be open to the expression of ordinary needs from self or others one on one. hence this placement is known for sudden unions and abrupt separations.

  19. Venus in Aqua is revolutionary lover. They bring many open minded ideas on the table. Mars in Cancer are tenacious and will fight till the end. However, they never initiate the fight bcoz I think they are afraid of their own temper.

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