“It’s Like Talking Into A Fan…” Type 1 – The Know-It-All

fanYou know those people who you can’t talk to? The people you can’t converse with or transfer information to for whatever reason? We are calling them “fans” on this blog because when you meet someone like this and try to talk to them, your words are blown back to you in little bits. The fan person can just not take anything in so you are in fact completely wasting your time when you talk to them. I promised to outline the various types so here goes:

The first most obvious “fan” is the know-it-all. What the hell can you tell someone who knows it all, anyway? Re the soldier, it would sound like this:

“I was in Special Forces.”

“No you weren’t.”

“Yes I was.”

“You were not.”

Now how does that person know that? How do they even begin to think they would this when the person who does know the thing is standing right there in front of them with tattoos all over his arms?

And what should the soldier do about this person? Break his neck and prove it? No, he just quits talking. And what might this person had found out if he had kept talking?

I think know-it-alls are the stupidest people around and apparently destined to stay that way since no one can tell them anything. In a chart of a know-it-all I would expect to see Jupiter prominent. It’s a defense. All fans are defending themselves but in this form there is something inflated. The person thinks they are big. They are not big but they think they are… they are certainly bigger than YOU so you may as well walk away and leave them as you found them, knowing it all and blathering stupidly.

Alternately you can stay there and try to talk to them just to witness the phenomena. I have done both because I research this stuff and I like to have my mind boggled.

Do you know anyone like this? Are you like this? What the Jupiter situation in your chart?

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10 thoughts on ““It’s Like Talking Into A Fan…” Type 1 – The Know-It-All”

  1. Jupiter buried in the 12th . . . but I have great dreams!

    The two biggest know-it-alls in my family both have Jupiter trine Sun, one in Air, the other in Fire.

  2. I have known many…one who really got my back up was an Eastern Religion professor. I remember him asking “Who believes reality is non-existant, put up your hand” and when I put up my hand (I was the only person who did) he said:
    “No you don’t.”
    Excuse me?
    Or, he’d question us on something…anything, and never once did he agree with an answer. He became a caricature before our eyes.

    Even while quoting directly from his handouts, he’d say: “You’re wrong.” I once pointed this out and he was so arrogant he responded with “There’s an error on the handout.”

    Well, I googled him and although he is a professor of Buddhism and eastern religions, he writes extensively on his own religion, which is Christianity. Needless to say, I had zero respect for him but arguing with him was pointless.

  3. I have jupiter in a fire sign — involved in a grand trine and *blush* am a card carrying ‘know it all’… but natal saturn in virgo is square my sun so i’m not only NOT obnoxious about it, i write about it — the better to explain everything to everyone 😉

  4. Jupiter in Pisces in the 5th oppossing Uranus and Pluto in the 11th, squaring my Sadge Sun…

    I know that I am suppossed to have an over-inflated ego and a know-it-all attitude (because some know-it-all published Astrologers say so) but I cannot relate to that interpretation at all. I think that there are very few things that I know very well but am the first to admit I am ignorant about many others.

    I cannot imagine someone telling you that you did not experience this or do that thing. It does not compute in my brain.

    Someone I live with does this to me all the time. He has Jupiter in Taurus trine Mercury in Cancer. It is the least aspected planet in his chart making it a very prominent energy. 🙁

  5. I have Jupiter in 10th house AND Jupiter in… Gemini. *thud* *laugh* I arrive to most conversations pre-smacked for being a know-it-all.

    I’m so much better than I used to be, though. For one thing, I finally figured out that people can be wrong without my having to FIX it… (which of course is followed by my realizing after a while that they’re not as wrong as I thought they were)… and then there’s that thing that I mentioned some time ago, about how people who haven’t had their ass kicked a few times tend to know the answers to everything. My ass has seen its fair share of punishment, enough to force me out of some of my worser assumptions.

  6. I knew someone like this. A Sag with Jupiter and Neptune conjunct his Sun, and Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Libra. I had to break off the friendship because talking to him was SO.DAMN.EXHAUSTING.

    I used to think that anyone who had Jupiter conjunct their Sun was lucky, popular, etc. Now, after many years of studying astrology and observing people, it all depends on the person and how they choose to use that energy. This guy was the most arrogant SOB I ever met. He was always right, everyone else was stupid, and he had the most original thoughts on the planet. Geesh. See what I mean by exhausting? 😉

  7. I have Jupiter square the Sun in Leo in the 3rd house. I have 5 planets in Scorp, Libra Moon and Gemini rising.

    I feel like I can act like a know-it-all sometimes, but I am very much aware of this tendency and have learned to be humble and to listen and to keep my f**king mouth shut!(most of the time):)

    I will also say that most people, unfortunately, are pretty stupid. Sometimes, I do know things that others don’t, things that I consider to be fairly common sense. If they are open, I tell them what I think, if they are “fans” I don’t say shit because I don’t like to waste my energy.

  8. I have Jup in Leo trine my Sun but it’s retrograde!!! And Saturn squares the mess anyways. I think I can be a know it all, but I think mostly it masks a lack of self confidence.

  9. I have read this post many times over the years, and here I am, re-rereading it again. Thank you for the wealth of material of timeless value that you have posted over the years, Elsa, and for keeping it accessible.

    I sure as hell don’t know it all, and I know it! But I am sandwiched between two fans of this type at the moment… again!

    Need to reset myself and take care of myself.

  10. After re-reading the above, I have been working with the concept of the Know-It-All Fan the last few days, at work. I have mostly used the ‘avoid’ or ‘walk away’ tactics, but he’s my boss, so sometimes I have to stay and either at least listen to him, or actually engage in “conversation” with him. The thought occurred to me to turn MYSELF into a fan when HE talks!! As a defensive and self-protective measure. Basically, by making MYSELF a fan, the sh-t he is spewing cannot soil me. I deflect it right back at him. Silently. Without a word.

    Not my circus, not my monkeys.

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