Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – Venus Ruled But Beware The Scorpio Mars

barbie valentineI should be embarrassed by this but instead I am amused which just proves I am a psycho-mom I suppose. But my son who is a Taurus with a Libra Moon and rising (all Venus) went to his friend’s house yesterday to do his Valentine’s Day cards for school. Why do them alone, right? Libra.

I picked him up later in the evening and he comes running out to the car with “Jesus”, his partner in crime.

Getting in the car he gleefully informs me that while he is giving away Spiderman with pencils valentines this year, the boys who he really, really, really hates are getting Barbie and Bratz valentines, which he got off one of his friend’s sisters.

Psycho Mom laughed slightly and wondered what to do. Tell him it’s not nice? He knows it’s not nice that’s why he’s planned it. I know my son has a long fuse… the boys must deserve it.

But in the morning, sanity prevailed. He is opting to give the boys nothing rather than the girl valentines and I am sure this is the better choice though it’s worthy to note he’s got this in him. Reminds me of someone else I know… now what was her name again?

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  1. Damn, he’s a lot more evolved than I was at that age. I can remember when I was 8 I stood up on a bus full of bullies (this was Tennessee in the 1960’s so there was a lot of inbreeding going on at that time) and screamed, “I hate you ALL and I hope that you all DIE!” Mercury in Sadge square Jupiter in Pisces. I’m quite sure that I was completely within my rights to wish this, although it was a little extreme as wishes go. ALL of them?
    Well, maybe just the preacher’s daughters would have been a good start. 😀 Now that I think back to those times it kinda reminds me of ‘Salem’s Lot’. And to think that this was Al Gore’s hometown…..scary shit!

    Elsa, you have a wise soul and it appears it runs in the family. 😉

  2. Your lad’s considerate decision not to subject the boys to their no-doubt-deserved fate was very cute, but I do wish it wasn’t still such an insult for guys to receive female-oriented things.

    That said, perhaps the issue centred more around what’s considered cool or not. Personally, I’ve always found Barbie intensely annoying – gimme Spiderman any day. 😀

  3. I know, I know. An ambitious and overly sentimental statement. It is sad to say that thinking about this even today I derive quite a bit of pleasure at the thought of that bus plunging over a cliff never to find the bottom of the pit. I would have gladly driven that bus to hell myself! 😀

    I am still working on subtlety…..Nah! Eff subtlety.

  4. Ah, but subtlety can be *phenomenally* satisfying. Especially when you perfect the art of slicing some evildoer to bits and they don’t even realise their spleens have been salivatingly salted and sauteed to perfection. 😀

    Hm. I wonder how many karmic points this little aside will cost me…

  5. *chuckling*, Ninth Immortal, at the thought of this, but, I regret to say, I prefer to “serve it up” with them being conscious of who is doing the serving. Just my Scorpio Moon square Mars in Leo talkin’.

    The drama appeals as well as the retribution but thank the “Source of all knowing” that I merely fantasize (Neptune conjunct Venus AND Moon) such nonsense!

    Everyone is safe around me unfortunately. Some people just BEG for a good old fashioned ass kickin’ and I am impotent in this area. I wonder if they have something akin to Viagra for people with my problem?

    I would not worry about losing any “karmic points” on this matter. It is just wishful thinking we are talking about. Elsa’s son wished to give these boys what they deserved but his higher mind won out in the end. Just the mere act of refraining from giving what was due is certainly going to win him many friends in high places as well as good “karma points”.

    “salivatingly salted and sauteed to perfection”, indeed. *still chuckling* 🙂

  6. My husband, a Taurus, also with a long fuse, had a few guys in his college dorm that finally managed to set off his rage. My husband had a cherry of a dorm room, and when he found out that two of these jerks were going to be getting the room when he graduated at the end of the fall semester, he hid slices of cheese in the ceiling, under the carpet, everywhere. The heat was off over the winter break, so the jerks moved into the room without suspecting anything, and…then a few weeks into it. The stench!! The grossnes!! They had to move out. Husband was never caught out.

    It was wrong, but…well, sometimes revenge tastes sweet.

  7. Rkkggg, great story – we should introduce your husband to a Taurus I went to school with. Our band director was a real drill sergeant of a man (used to be an Army band director), picked on several of our more spirited boys relentlessly throughout the year, one tuba player in particular. Tuba Guy’s parting gift to the band director when he graduated was to piss in the tuba, put it back into the case and leave it in the locker over the summer. You can imagine what the whole building smelled like once we returned in August. And the tuba went to salvage or tuba heaven or wherever pissed-in tubas end up.

    Vidroid is some kid if he can already transcend his urge for a well-placed thrust and parry!!

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